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  • 1. Gavino, Arvenz C. October 4, 2012BSIE-ENG204 S415-10:00-11:30-M/Th OLD MUSIC AND CONTEMPORARY MUSIC AUDIO I never really imagine that one day I will see myself inside of a room listening to thevoice of a soprano and tenor. What more if those voices are famous in the field of Music? Ithink it is really cool! Both artists are famous in their field, Ms. Jovita Fuentes as the HighestFemale Voice, Coloratura Soprano and Mr. Lucian Pavarotti as the Highest Male Voice,Tenor. While I was listening to the voice of Ms. Fuentes and Mr. Pavarotti, I feel the suddenchange of emotions. It is like traveling back to the past that I have never seen. Now, I amproud that once in a lifetime I hear they voice and it is historical for me because I have beenseeing them just only in books. I have also observed that they songs are slow but they havea full tone of their voice, it is not fake and it is natural gift of God. Kundiman is a genre of traditional Filipino love songs. The lyrics of the Kundimanare written in Tagalog. The melody is characterized by a smooth, flowing and gentlerhythm with dramatic intervals. Kundiman was the traditional means of serenade in thePhilippines. I really have no idea how serenade conducted in ancient times, how they willsing the song, how they will prove they love to a girl. I am very interested in this part so Ilisten attentively to appreciate the old way of singing love songs. When Ric Marique, Jr singthe ‘Bituing marikit’ and ‘Mutya ng Pasig’ I am not too impress with the way they sung it.
  • 2. The lyrics for me are really sucks! I can’t understand some of profound tagalog maybebecause I’m not born that time to appreciate how they express their feelings in songs. This is one of the reasons why people liked Disney. If they do not have this, Disneywill be totally incomplete. As I listened to the songs, I remember those times that I’m a kidwho’s very addicted to fairytales. Im glad I heard ‘Beauty and the Beast’ once again,because of that song I remember the epic love story of Belle and A Prince turned beastbecause of his attitude. I accompanied even those tunes. These are fun songs, jolly, andloud. It is all of Broadway Music or Walt Disney Productions also known as the DisneyTheatrical Productions Limited is the flagship stageplay and musical production companyof the Disney Theatrical Group, a self-contained division of The Walt Disney Company . It isFounded in 1993, as Walt Disney Theatrical, the division has gained a reputation within theindustry for creating professional and popular (both critically and financially)performances, starting with the acclaimed Beauty and the Beast in 1994 and most recentlywith Newsies in 2012. The company is a division of Disney Theatrical Group, led by ThomasSchumacher. Visayan or Folk Dancer and Song can wake up the other side of my soul even thoughI don’t really understand the lyrics because it is in Visayan dialect. On the other side,Visayan songs are one of the main reasons why you should be proud of your hometown. Itis very creative in a way of using beats, tempo, melody and combining it together in a song.These are the kind of songs that will lure you attention. These are the types of songs thatwill induce you to listen and before you knew it, you will see yourself moving and swaying,enjoying. Filipino love songs are another type of our music here in the Philippines. It
  • 3. contains patriotic lyrics for our country, it showing nationalism with every lyrics of thesong. It is very classical too but has beautiful meaning. I want this kind of songs. From the rock and roll music of today, to the jazz and big band music of the thirties,all the way to tribal drums and the chanting of monks, music is ever present in society.What is it about music that allows it to transcend time? Music is not something that can beeasily explained. How would one define the way simple rhythms and melodies can createan entire world? Music is free and undefined. It is not hindered by language barriers, andits only boundaries are within the imagination of the musician or composer. Music is theessence of passion and contains endless possibilities. I can’t imagine world without musicor any beat and sounds. Technology is one of the biggest things today that can be seen inevery aspect of our lives. We use it every day and almost in everything. Music presents inalmost every part of our everyday lives. For some people, music is the center of their livesand it is the foundation on how they live. Everybody knows what music is and they all haveheard a form of it but most people underestimate the value and power music has in oureveryday lives. Whether they know it or not music can affect the mood of people andinfluence their behaviors as well. Music is so much more than it is made out to be and it is acore aspect of life itself. It leads our music gracefully with dulcet andantes and fierceprestos.