Venuz White: Archivo de pintura 2004 - 2006


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Venuz White: Archivo de pintura 2004 - 2006

  2. 2. VOYAGE TO THE CENTER The biological poetry of Venuz White By Eduardo SerranoThe pictorial work of Venuz white has an eloquently contemporary in its conceptions andimplications. The artist express herself with painting but her canvases lack of referencesin the history of styles, and even thought her purposes can be qualified as abstract inthe procedure she uses, her images remind us immediately of an inner world, a biologicalone, in which like amplified cellular membranes, meticulously cover the total surface ofthe canvas.It can be said then, that her work splits in two complementary directions, one in which herinvestigations mainly regards the behavior of color in acrylic painting, in reference to itsessence and chemistry, and the other one in which imagination leads to a poetic approachof the unseen, as if penetrating natures epidermis, uncovering a microscopic universe,invisible to the human eye, but at the same time vibrant and vital.
  3. 3. Regarding her chromatic investigation, even thought her work begins with a predeterminedpalette of colors she allows the relationship of colors to conform a composition, in whichthey react according random acts of chance. For instance her experiments of the behavior of colorunder different chemical reactions ends up in expansions and contractions within the colors,creating intensities and aura type of surrounding when they merge with each other.As to metaphoric implications of her scientific inspiration, her work invites the viewer to make avoyage to the center, towards his inner self, as if announcing the chance of discovering, in thesame way when traveling visually the surface of her paintings, infinity of tinny universes, smallcellular forms, all of them part of a harmonic and stimulating whole, however each one with itsown particular life.
  4. 4. Title:N04 36.738 W074 04.050Acrylic on canvas170x130 cm2006
  5. 5. Title: N04 36781 W O74 0457Acrylic on canvas160x130 cm2006
  6. 6. Title: N04 42.867 W073 55.422Acrylic on canvas60x130 cm2006
  7. 7. Title: N04 43.215 W073 58.020Acrylic on canvas180 x120 cm2006
  8. 8. Title: N04 43.302 W073 56.889Acrylic on canvas130 x130 cm2006
  9. 9. Title: N04 38.665 W074 03.723Acrylic on canvas130 x130 cm2006
  10. 10. Title:N04 42.988 W073 56.554Acrylic on canvas130 x130 cm2006
  11. 11. Title: microsmoide1Acrylic on canvas130 x130 comes2005
  12. 12. Title: microsmoide 2Acrylic on canvas130 x130 comes2005
  13. 13. Fernando Botero Award 2005 Title:Cosmoides traveling inside magma1 Acrylic on canvas 150 x150 cm 2005
  14. 14. Fernando Botero award2005Title:Cosmoides travelinginside magma2Acrylic on canvas150 x150 comes2005
  15. 15. Title: Aerial view 1Acrylic on canvas150x150 cm2005
  16. 16. Title: Aerial view 2Acrylic on canvas150x150 cm2005
  17. 17. CONVERSATIONS BETWEEN LOVERS In the first three seconds a new universe comes into construction; the chemical magnetism creates the map of an internal landscape.In a liquid atmosphere a chemical dance begins, they attract each other, they repel each other,they expand, they are so intimately close and at the same time so far away. Ssolitarily they conform into cells that move through space, occasionally melting with each other,and tuning in the same wavelength finally finding their place .A biological topography appears into the eye of the viewer, or even an aerial view of a cellularterrain, where the chemistry of an emotion materializes, and its chromatic vibration allow toescape a hidden sound in fragments of color.In a voyage to a foreign world, a conversation between lovers begin to take action, like a genetic code where information becomes life, thought becomes matter,and the invisible, visible.
  18. 18. title: conversation between lovers6.00mts x 180 comesAcrylic on canvas 2005 available
  19. 19. Title: conversation between lovers - detail
  20. 20. Title: conversation between lovers - detail
  21. 21. Title: conversation between lovers - detail
  22. 22. Title: conversation between lovers - detail
  23. 23. CHEMICAL LOVE Fragments of an interview related to this work 2006Whats this all about?It s a metaphor of human love…a chemical reactions between human beings.How do you do it? The falling dropA drop falls into a substance, liquid in form.The drop falls deep inside…Then it starts becoming out of a voyage of absorption.Different in shape and color.She (the drop) comes from inside impregnated of a new substanceA bit of it just become a part …Just an aura reveals a fusion between two universesthat melt inside each other with in a second.Why do you do it?Cause I like the metaphor of human being behavior as a second of chemicalCreation. Just a matter of time.
  24. 24. Light boxes 35x 40 cm -2006