Vm media kit-2011 (stacked)


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Vm media kit-2011 (stacked)

  1. 1. Prestigious in print and powerful online – distinct advantages well above other publications targeting the regional marketplace.MEDIA KIT 2011- 2012 venumagazine.com
  2. 2. Offering distinct advantages well above otherpublications targeting the regional marketplace.Who We Are & What We Do When we set forth to create VENÜ Magazine in 2010 our goal was simple; to produce a fresh, original and eduring publication that believes in the intelligence and diversity of its readers, and rises to the challenges of surprising them visually and editorially. Foremost, it is designed to appeal to a certain mindset rather than a specific demographic. This intention radically sets it apart from the abundance of regional magazines available today. Responding to a need for a title that would have a genuine purpose, VENÜ is a publication that captivates its readers – something that can be kept and enjoyed time and again; a carefully crafted periodical that is coveted, collected and appreciated for it’s exceptional design and alluring content. VENÜ offers its readers an eclectic blend of editorial. We win their attention with the latest in architecture and design, motoring, boating, style, sport, travel, food and wine, art, film, music and so much more. We further tantalize our audience with provocative profiles and exposés of tastemakers and urbane influencers. What is VENÜ About? 1. Quality is First and Foremost... quality of creative, quality of editorial, and quality of the manner in which we present every advertiser to our readers. 2. Our publication is designed to inspire, entertain, educate and help our audience acquire the finest in products and services. 3. We enjoy working with our advertisers! We listen to them, learn from them and partner with them for success. 4. We are content rich, and won’t over-fill our magazine with advertising. VENÜ’s goal is to maintain a minimum of 75% editorial content. 5. We will grow and extend our brand to satisfy the ongoing needs and expectations of our readers, and our advertisers. 6. We publish VENÜ with a passion, and deliver a far superior publication targeting high-net-worth consumers more aggressively than our competitors.
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  4. 4. A premium environment for maximum brandawareness and marketing communication. Who shouldAdvertise with VENÜ? Local, National and international brands that desire access to a viable audience who appreciate the finer things, and have maximum discretionary income to spend. VENÜ targets an elite audience located in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and Westchester County, New York— which is home to some of the wealthiest people in the United States, including many Fortune 500 CEOs, Wall Street professionals, hedge fund managers and celebrities. Within these regions are some of the “top-earning towns” in the country. these include but are not limited to: • Westport, Darien, and New Canaan, CT, with incomes ranging from $365,861 to $871,581 and above. • Greenwich, CT, dubbed “Upper Hedgistan” because of its concentration of hedge fund managers. • Lower Fairfield County, CT, nicknamed “The Gold Coast” and The New York Post considers this part of the State to be the “epicenter of American wealth.” • Scarsdale, a posh New York City suburb with a median household income of $219,317 (national median $46,242). • Chappaqua, another plush suburban community with a median household income of $289,741.
  5. 5. MOtOring i BAtteries inCluded: teslA MOdel s
  6. 6. Position your brand in front of an affluent marketthat purchases your products and services.Circulation & Distribution Six times a year, 15,000 copies of VENÜ are distrib- uted throughout Fairfield County, Connecticut, and Westchester County, New York, targeting affluent residents and visitors with the highest discretionary income and spending power. Published bimonthly (six times a year) VENÜ is timely and timeless – it ventures beyond the average delivering an illuminating glimpse into our contemporary culture and bearing witness to the exceptional talent that surrounds us. VENÜ is distributed through a proprietary Site-Based and Venue-Specific distribution model. Each issue is consumed and celebrated by patrons of luxury hotels, exclusive salons, high-end residential buildings, art galleries and museums, fine restaurants, spas and health clubs, upscale boutiques and retail stores. Our readers frequently share and discuss their issues with friends and colleagues — an average of 3.2 people see each issue. VENÜ is also hand-delivered to high-end, luxury lifestyle, and cultural events, and generously distributed at our exclusive promotional events. showcase your brand and increase your market share. • Frequency: Bimonthly (6 times per year) • Distributed: Monthly • Print Run: Currently 15,000 impressions • Audience/Readership: 48,000 • Readers Per Copy: 3.2 • Paid: Subscriptions $39.95 (6 Issues) • Non-Paid: Site-Placed/Event Distribution
  7. 7. trAvel i CulturiOus: COstA riCA
  8. 8. ultimately we are about informing our readerswhere to go in their quest to find the best.Who will you reach? • n audience with a vast disposable income, diverse tastes, and distinct interests. A • A targeted group of unique, affluent and influential decision-makers that recognize and follow market trends. • Consumers who are difficult to attract through conventional mainstream marketing efforts. • Readers with an average household income of $100,000. Why Advertise with venÜ? At its core, VENÜ is about giving our readers insight to all that’s original and inspirational – and for our advertisers we provide a premium platform to market their products and services to the high-end luxury market. VENÜ is fresh and unique! Our readers are consumers of means, they demand qual- ity, and they desire the finest in luxury products and services. VENÜ is THE premium contemporary culture publication designed to increase brand awareness... ... you are leaving money on the table by overlooking our audience. did You Know? • VENÜ readers trust us in their quest to find the best products and services. • Most magazines are read and disgarded. Not VENÜ! Our readers tell us that they are collecting and proudly displaying VENÜ on their coffee tables, nestled atop their favorite hardcover art and other collectible books.
  9. 9. MusiC i PrOFile: JOse FeliCiAnO
  10. 10. Our readers will spare no expense when acquiringluxury goods and services. graphics & PshycographicsDemoOur desire to educate, amuse and entertain isn’t exclusiveor predjudice, and we don’t think that age or income alonedictates who has an interest in contemporary culture...deMOgrAPhiC: PshYCOgrAPhiC:Our reader is between the ages According to results of a recentof 35-68 and earns a minimum Readers Survey completed in 2011,salary of $105K individually per VENÜ readers are: • Engaged with the publication gender Our readers spend approximately 45% 55% Male: 45% 60 to 90 minutes reading an issue. Female: 55% • Loyal Readers 97% of our readers have read every education issue. 78% have read at least 5 of College Graduate: 85% the last 6 issues. 85% 98% Some College: 98% • Action-Oriented 98% told a friend or colleague Marital status about a story they read in VENÜ. 48% 52% Single: 52% 51% visited an advertisers website. Married: 48% • Satisfied with VENÜ Magazine 93% rate VENÜ as “Excellent or Good” 68% rate VENÜ as “Excellent”Median Age: 42.5Pass Along: 3.2Average Household income: $175K SOURCE: Readers Survey, January-March 2011
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  12. 12. Ratesrate Card 1X 2X 4X 6XFull Page* 3,785 3,406 3,217 3,028Half Page 2,125 1,912 1,806 1,700Quarter Page 1,085 976 922 868Two-Page Spread 5,275 4, 747 4,483 4,220Cover 2 (inside Front) 4,385 3,946 –– ––Cover 3 (inside Back) 4,155 3,820 –– ––Cover 4 (Back Cover) 4,585 4,126 –– ––Cover 2 + Page 1 6,895 6,205 –– ––Page 1 4,295 3,865 –– ––*Preferred position +15%Please inquire about our Ad-Valü Packages, and Special Sections – We’re an easygoinggroup of marketing professionals, and we don’t like pushy salespeople either.Closing datesissue Closing date Materials due AvailableJanuary/February November 5 November 15 January 1March/April January 5 January 15 March 1May/June March 5 March 15 May 1July/August May 5 May 15 July 1September/October July 5 July 15 September 1November/December September 5 September 15 November 1NOTE: Should the Reserve Space, or Materials Due date fall on a weekend or a holiday, the deadline is the previous Friday.Production requirementsAd size trimmed Full-Bleed non-BleedFull Page 9” x 12” 9.25” x 12.25” 8.125” x 11.125”Two-Page Spread 18” x 12” 18.25” x 12.25” 17.25” x 11.125”Half Page (Horizontal) – – 8.125” x 5.5”Half Page (Vertical) – – 4” x 11.125”Quarter Page – – 4” x 5.5”Saftey: To avoid clipping, all type and elements on full-bleed advertisements must be inset a minimumof .375” away from the trim on all sides, and .5” from the gutter.File Type: Print-ready PDF files ONLY. Two-page spreads should be separated into single pages with cropand bleed marks indicated. NO spot colors, convert all colors to CMYK.image Resolution: Minimum 300 dpi, CMYK format. Line Art Resolution: Set to a minimum of 1200 dpi.Mail Ad Materials to: email Ad Materials to:VENÜ MAGAZiNE advertising@venumagazine.com840 Reef Road, 2nd FloorFairfield, Connecticut 068241 203 333 7300 Tel 1 203 333 7301 Fax