How to get people to attend your event by Kim Hesse

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How to get people to attend your event

How to get people to attend your event

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  • 1. How to get people to attend your event
  • 2. 1 Entreé Setting the scene
  • 3. Have a killer event title
  • 4. 1 2 3 Guest Speakers Right Venue Designed Invitation Event Brand
  • 5. I’ll promote that!
  • 6. 2 Main Meal Getting others to help promote your event
  • 7. 8 - 12 WEEKS PRIOR
  • 8. List of potential distribution partners 1. Who do you want at your event? 2. Who has these people on their database?
  • 9. PARTNERSHIP PROPOSAL o Event background o Proposed partnership o What you will get in exchange o What we will provide o The audience o Previous partnerships o Contact us
  • 10. No less that 6 weeks before your event call potential partners
  • 11. “Hi we are holding an exciting event in a couple of months and have identified you as an industry leader and someone we would love to partner with on this project. I am wondering if you may be able to send our event invitation to your database and in exchange we can promote you at our event. I have a document I can email through which details everything”
  • 12.  Online acceptance form  Master spreadsheet  Send invitation (email subject, copy, images, individual booking link)  Checklist of what you need from them DELIVER WHAT YOU PROMISE + MAKE IT EASY
  • 13. Average 5 – 8 people per distribution partner
  • 14. 3 Dessert Getting people to turn up
  • 15. 1 2 3 Immediate Confirmation 4 Personal Email Old Skool Mail Follow Up
  • 16. 1. Who do you want at your event? 2. Who has these people on their database?
  • 17. 1. Who do you want at your event? 2. Who has these people on their database?
  • 18. PURPOSE o What are your objectives? o Who do you need in the room? o Select the right date, time, location and length of your event o Contra and Sponsorship templates, emails and checklists
  • 19. PLACE o How to select the perfect venue (venue brief, email templates) o Learn to understand venue proposals o Negotiate your final contract and get value for money
  • 20. PEOPLE o Everything we covered today (emails, templates, documents, what to offer partners and checklists) o Create a well worded invitation o Online registration platforms o Follow up emails
  • 21. PREPARE o 19 topics (AV, presenter management, catering, run sheets, name badges and more...) o Ensure no vital step is missed with checklists for each section
  • 22. DUCK o Seamless event o Deal with unexpected problems o Lead your team and remain in control
  • 23. PROVE ROI o Did you meet your objectives? o Did guests leave with the right impression / take the right action? o Data to increase sponsors / partnerships for your next event
  • 24. The Blackman Tuesday 29th April The Olsen Monday 5th May o 2 Full Days o Manual, checklists, templates on USB o Familiarisation Tour o Private Group o Fun Events
  • 25. @venues2events #fillmyevent