Rev Up Your Small Business and Nonprofit Revenue with E-marketing
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Rev Up Your Small Business and Nonprofit Revenue with E-marketing

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Are you wondering which e-marketing tools will work best for your organization? Nonprofit leaders & entrepreneurs can tailor online marketing to their specific needs with tips from Ventureneer.

Are you wondering which e-marketing tools will work best for your organization? Nonprofit leaders & entrepreneurs can tailor online marketing to their specific needs with tips from Ventureneer.

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  • 1.
  • 2. Rev Up Your Nonprofit, Small Business Revenue With E-marketing
  • 3. Agenda
    • The basics on how to chose a medium
    • 4. Email: an oldie, but a goody
    • 5. Search
    • 6. Social media: can we talk?
    • 7. The big picture
    • 8. Start with the basics
    • 9. Online surveys
    • 10. Measure, tweak and try again
  • The Marketing Landscape Is Changing
  • 11. Don’t Surrender: Choosing a Medium Hasn’t Changed
    What do you hope to achieve?
    Whom do you want to reach?
    Where can you reach them?
    How much can you spend?
  • 12. Email: An Oldie, But a Goody
  • 13. Poll
    Do you follow email best practices?
    Do list maintenance (if you subscribe to a service, chances are they do it for you)
    Have a call to action or solve a problem in the subject line
    Have subscribers opt in
    Segment and test
    Short subject line
    Use your from line
  • 14. Why Email?
  • Email Marketing Tips
    Build your own list by offering free things
    Focus on your headline
    Keep your list clean
    Segment and test
  • 21. E-newsletter Case Study: Scotts Miracle-Gro Company
  • 22. Questions
  • 23. Search
  • 24. Poll
    Do you optimize your website content for the search engines?
  • 25. Fish Where the Fish Are
    The big 3 reach 85% of Internet users:
    • Google 63%
    • 26. Yahoo 19%
    • 27. MSN/Bing 13%(Source: comscore)
    75% of traffic is from organic not paid links
    Paid 25%
    Organic 75%
    Source: MarketingSherpa & Enquiro Research
  • 28. Search Engine Optimization: Tips
    Use words prospects would use to search for you
    Ensure Web pages are accessible to search engines
    Incoming links, especially from heavily trafficked sites
    Fresh content that’s not duplicative
    Use target keyword 4 Xs on a page with 500 words
    Add media: images, podcast, video, pdf/word docs
  • 29. Search Engine Optimization Tips
    Not enough to be high on search engine to page, people must click through to your page. Write meta descriptions that entice people
    Use different pages to target different keywords
    Think upward and to the left
    Use keywords in title, subheading, links , bolded words and image, video alt text
  • 30. Meta Data: Tips
    Title tag: 90 character tops, 65 with keywords on the left
    Focus on 1-2 keyword phrases per page
    Meta description: 150 characters. Used to describe the site in search results. NOT used for rankings. Helps with click through
  • 31. Search Has Gotten More Complicated
  • 32. Do It Yourself Online PR
    • 64% of journalists report that they use either Google or Yahoo! online news services to follow the news.
    • 33. PRweb, a paid service that gets picked up by the online news services
    • 34. News releases helps with backlinks. These are free services:
    • 35.
    • 36.
    • 37.
    • 38.
    • 39.
    • 40.
    Source: EKgroupInternational/Bulldog Reporter Study September 2008.
  • 41. Questions
  • 42. Social Media: Can We Talk?
  • 43. Social Media Landscape
    • Spread the word
    • 44. Enhance creditability
    • 45. Create a community
    • 46. Build connections
    • 47. Advertise
  • How Does Use of Social Media Between Small Businesses and Nonprofits
  • 48. Questions to Ask Yourself Before Moving Forward
    Is your target market using social media
    Which ones?
    Who will be doing your social media tasks?
    How much time do you have to devote to social media?
    Can you eliminate anything to make room for doing social media?
    Can you stand the heat, if you get unfavorable comments?
    Can you tolerate failure, if things don’t go as planned?
  • 49. Before You Leap, Listen
    Who’s talking?
    What’s being said?
    How is it being said (tone)?
    Are there patterns in what’s being said?
  • 50. Why Blog?
    Quick and easy
    Search engines love blogs
    Establish credibility
    Manage reputation
    Appear accessible
    Builds awareness
    Differentiates you
    Exploits a niche
    Builds a community
  • 51. Blogging Tips
    Post 1 to 3 times a week
    Original articles
    Comment on news and other blogs
    Encourage contributions by asking questions
    Be unique: Let your personality and company values show
    Write content that people will reference
    Be patient
  • 52. Why Twitter?
    190 million users
    Tweeting 65 million times a day
    Generates traffic and leads
    Gets you in front of high profile people
    Establishes you as thought leader
    Engages your market
    Improves search engines rankings
    Market research
    Get answers to questions
    Reputation management
  • 53. Why Facebook
    500 million+ users
    Build brand
    Engage customers
    Drive traffic to your site
    Lead generation
    Increase customer loyalty
    Viral effect
    Advertise to niches
  • 54. Why LinkedIn?
    70 million users
    Business tool
    Increase your visibility
    Use for prospecting
    Establish creditability
    Conduct competitive intelligence
    Improve search engine results
    Get recommendations
    Check people out before you meet them
  • 55. Why YouTube or Other Video Service?
    Exceeds 2 billion views per day
    Demonstrate your product
    Multi sensory
    Reinforce your message in a different format
    Improve search engine ranking
    Viral effect
  • 56. What Are You Afraid Of? use the chat
  • 57. Hungry for More Feedback
    Determine purpose of survey
    Determine your sample
    Determine sample size
    Identify sponsor or not?
    Write a questionnaire that gets answered
    Organize the questionnaire
    Increase response rates
  • 58. Questions
  • 59. Measure
    Visits, page views
    Connections, Followers, Friends
    Review, comments
    Inbound links
    Engagement and Influence
    Click throughs
    Number and quality of comments
    Action and Insight
    Customer satisfaction level
  • 60. Measurement Guidelines
    Focus on measuring what matters
    Focus on what can be counted in a practical and affordable manner
  • 61. Questions
  • 62. Resources
    Social Media for Your Nonprofit: Take Charge
    E-mail Marketing Best Practices
    SEO Best Practices: 20 Questions
    LinkedIn for Nonprofit Organizations
    Small Business Owners, Freelancers, Consultants: Keep Your Project Pipeline Full Using LinkedIn
    The Twitter Guidebook
    Surveys Are a Great Marketing Tool: Ten Tips for Doing It Yourself
    The 10 Social Media Metrics Your Company Should Monitor