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AngelList General Solicitation Day Presentation
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AngelList General Solicitation Day Presentation


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business

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  • 1. AngelList
  • 2. A platform for Startups
  • 3. Recruiting
  • 4. Kiran Divvela HIRED BY 42Floors ALUM MIT and Apple Tina Nguyen HIRED BY Locu ALUM Stanford and eBay Zack Onisko HIRED BY Creative Market FOUNDER BranchOut
  • 5. 37,300 candidates designers4,100 product managers6,200 developers13,100 3,000+ hires
  • 6. v Over 800 companies have made a hire
  • 7. I never thought I'd WANT to spend my Monday night recruiting until I met @angellisttalent. Addicted. Alexa Andrzejewski Founder of Foodspotting
  • 8. I've been extremely happy with the experience. Frictionless, bullshitless, I've talked to companies I've never heard of just 2 hours after finding them on AngelList. Jeff Hull Hired by Fitocracy
  • 9. The quality of employee candidates via @angellist vs @linkedin (or anything else really) is orders of magnitude better. Matt Milosavljevic Founder of Bugherd
  • 10. This seems to be the mother lode, and I'm having to worry about getting the candidate list under control. Bram Cohen Founder of BitTorrent
  • 11. Fundraising
  • 12. $1.25M Seed Shervin Pishevar Over 1,300 startups have successfully raised Over $300M AFTER ANGELLIST $1.3M Seed Brian McClendon Over $44M AFTER ANGELLIST $3M Seed Aayush Phumbhra Over $14M AFTER ANGELLIST
  • 13. DuckDuckGo Over 1,300 startups have successfully raised
  • 14. $200M raised all-time via invest online$16M via introductions (est.)$184M
  • 15. Invest Online
  • 16. $384k raised 29 investors $525k raised 25 investors VIA INVEST ONLINE VIA INVEST ONLINE $453k raised 55 investors VIA INVEST ONLINE
  • 17. investors1,380 currently active41 $ 42M annual run rate successful campaigns70
  • 18. No Fees · Just Carry Investors pay 10% carry to AngelList $0 cash fees for investors Free for startups
  • 19. A platform for Startups A platform for Accelerators
  • 20. Accelerator applications on AngelList
  • 21. 145 accelerators with applications applications11,600
  • 22. Accelerator Funds ANNOUNCING
  • 23. $1,032,000 raised 12 companies CL OS ED $440,000 committed 10 companies IN PROGRESS
  • 24. A platform for Startups A platform for Accelerators A platform for Angels
  • 25. 21,000 investors seed fund3,400 VCs3,400 angels13,900
  • 26. Syndicates ANNOUNCING
  • 27. $3.0M $1.4M Direct Invest Online $12.1M Incubator Funds Syndicates LAUNCHED AUGUST
  • 28. 29 reservations $280k total in 24 hours Sundeep Ahuja $10k $250k Sundeep syndicated 15% carry to Sundeep 5% carry to AngelList No mgmt fees vvv$260k allocation N E W C O
  • 29. $369k total 46 investors 20% carry $628k total 51 reserved 20% carry IN P R O G R ES S $192k total 49 reserved 20% carry IN P R O G R ES S $220k total 23 reserved 20% carry IN P R O G R ES S
  • 30. No Fees · Just Carry Investors pay 5% carry to AngelList $0 cash fees for investors Free for startups Investors pay 5-15% carry to Syndicate Lead
  • 31. A platform for Startups A platform for Accelerators A platform for Angels A platform for LPs
  • 32. Backers ANNOUNCING
  • 33. 10 @ $25,000 per SyndicateEach backer commits $275,000 per SyndicateSundeep’s total liquidity $25,000 per SyndicateSundeep typically commits Sundeep Ahuja gets backed by 10 investors
  • 34. Syndicates Leaderboard
  • 35. No 10-year lockup Hire and fire partners anytime No management fees Invest in a partner, not a firm Partners have real skin in the game
  • 36. Public Fundraising ANNOUNCING
  • 37. $1.75M committed Monday September 23 $530k committed$320k committed
  • 38. 1000+ companies publicly fundraising with over $100k in commitments70
  • 39. Startups can still can only raise from accredited investors Higher standard for accreditation verification AngelList will collect the evidence of accreditation
  • 40. Our Financing ANNOUNCING
  • 41. $24M raised 116 investors 70% via Invest Online Previous stats about Invest Online don't include our financing. Of course.
  • 42. DFJ KPCB SV Angel Floodgate Yuri Milner Mitch Kapor Chad Hurley David Sacks CrunchFund Max Levchin 500 Startups Michael Birch Evan Williams Matt Mullenweg Charlie Cheever Brian McClendon Jonathan Abrams Joshua Schachter Jeremy Stoppelman & 97 others
  • 43. AngelList remains a neutral platform VCs have no board seats or control VCs have no special access
  • 44. Thank You