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Venlube(2) ii presentationf ull copy

Venlube(2) ii presentationf ull copy



PDF presensation for venlube2

PDF presensation for venlube2



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    Venlube(2) ii presentationf ull copy Venlube(2) ii presentationf ull copy Document Transcript

    • VEN-LUBE IIA drilling fluid lubricant used in water basedmud systems Nonpolluting Readily biodegradable Solid Nontoxic (LC50 on Mysid Shrimp = 960,000 ppm)
    • VEN-LUBE IIIs primarily a “solid” drilling fluid lubricantHas good secondary properties for seepageloss controlNovel in that it filters and concentrates inthe wall cake where a lubricant is needed
    • VEN LUBE II PATENTU.S. Patent No. 4,356,096Assigned to Venture Chemicals, Inc.
    • What Is VEN-LUBE II?Surface modified,micronizedcellulose fibers, whichhave been pre-treated withan environmentally safe,oil lubricant
    • VEN-LUBE IIAllows the lubricant to be carried to andconcentrated in the wall cake as the fibersare filtered
    • VEN-LUBE IIThe cellulose fibers provide the additionalproperty of seepage loss control in depletedsands where di erential sticking is apotential problem.
    • VEN-LUBE IIBenefit: The ability to place the lubricant into the interface area of the borehole where it will provide the most benefit
    • VEN-LUBE IIWill concentrate intothe critical interfacebetween the formationand the mud column.
    • APPLICATIONSElimination of Di erential Sticking Problems
    • APPLICATIONSControl Of Torque & Drag Problems
    • APPLICATIONSE ective in Freeing Stuck Pipe when Mixed with Oil or Spotting Fluids
    • APPLICATIONSWall Cake Conditioner– Reduces Surface Permeability– Increases Strength– Increases Flexibility– Reduces Thickness
    • APPLICATIONSReduces Collar & Stabilizer Balling
    • ECONOMICALSeepage Loss Additive
    • TREATING METHODSPretreatment: 4-8 lb/bbl to entire systemsPeriodic slug treatments: 10-30 lb/bblHigh liquid loss LCM pills: 80-100 lb/bblHole Sweeps: 10-30 lb/bbl
    • E ect of Heat Aging on the SealingCharacteristics of VEN-LUBE II 125 lb/bbl Slurries of VEN-LUBE II were hot-rolled In Tap water at 400 o F After hot-rolling 84 ml of aged VEN-LUBE II were to 235 ml of prehydrated bentonite slurry
    • E ect of Heat Aging on the SealingCharacteristics of VEN-LUBE IIResults: Sample Blank Initial 24 Hr 48 Hr 72 HrTime to Blow out 32 19 12 8Initial Seal,sec.
    • VEN-LUBE IIUtilized in most drilling areasthroughout the world
    • Case HistoryLocation: O shore LouisianaDepth, ft.: 5,100 vertical depth with angle built at 4° per 100 to a total angle of 65 oProblem: Excessive Torque and DragSolution: Utilize 3 lb/bbl of VEN-LUBE II through the Mud System. In addition, occasionally a 25 lb/bbl (25 bbl) sweep was run.Results: Well was logged and casing was set with minimal torque and drag. As a result, the operator has decided to incorporate VEN-LUBE II into the mud program of all future wells as a preventive measure.
    • Case HistoryLocation: Upper TexasGulf CoastDepth, ft.: 12,300Problem: Low pore pressure, Frio sand formation at 12,300 (As determined by 2 reference wells in the area.)Solution: Utilize 20 lb/bbl sweeps of VEN-LUBE II. In addition, a 40 bbl sweep as soon as the sand was encountered, and 40 bbl sweep after drilling through the problem sand area.Results: Successfully drilled through the problem sand area.A dynamic leak-o test to 17 ppg. Equivalent was then run. Pressure and circulation was maintained for ten minutes with no loss of mud. Normal drilling was continued. The mud was weighted up to control pore pressures encountered.
    • Case HistoryLocation: Upper Texas Gulf CoastDepth, ft.: 11,525Problem: Di erential Sticking while making a connection. Three joints of drill pipe and eight drill collars were left in hole.Solution: Utilize 10 lb/bbl sweep of VEN-LUBE II (25 bbl pills) during washover operations. In addition, 25 bbl sweeps per tour while drilling to prevent future problemsResults: Drill string was recovered. Sweeps were run for 3 days with no problems. After the sweeps, of VEN-LUBE II, were discounted the pipe became stuck at 11,782’. Once the pipe was jarred free, sweeps were reinstated and the well was drilled to T.D. (13,000’) without any further di culties.
    • VEN-LUBE IISummary
    • Summary Ven-Lube II is a novel, nonpolluting, solid drilling fluid lubricant used in water based mud systems. Ven-Lube II can reduce hole problems: – Lubricity – Seepage loss/Fluid Loss – Stuck pipe – Wall Cake ConditionerImprove your next well profitability GiveVen-Lube II a try!
    • This is aVenture Chemicals, Inc.PowerPoint Presentation Available on 3.5 inch Disk or CD on Request 2012
    • THANKS for YOUR time, YOUR attention and YOUR interest inVEN-LUBE II