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Evaluation Question 5
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Evaluation Question 5


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How did I attract/address my audience? This presenation looks at various case studies I used to base my own recreations of a poster, website and Facebook page on.

How did I attract/address my audience? This presenation looks at various case studies I used to base my own recreations of a poster, website and Facebook page on.

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  • 1. Evaluation Question 5
  • 2. Social Networking Every film has a Facebook page With several hundred million Facebook users online, this is an easy way to spread word about a film.
  • 3. Facebook Page  As part of the distribution for Gaia’s Army I created a Facebook page for the film opening I used it to advertise the coming of the opening, to create a buzz. Once the Youtube version was uploaded I used this page to get it around to contacts on Facebook and distribute it  This aided in collected viewer feedback and views on the video – Youtube and the types of people who liked the Facebook page also confirmed our predictions on the target audience.
  • 4. Website Another must-have for every film is a website  I researched the sites for ‘Woman in Black’ and ‘Source Code’  Both films are thrillers, and could be said to have detective elements – like Gaia’s Army
  • 5. www . Gaia’s Army . com As part of the research into websites I created a mock home page for Gaia’s Army on Photoshop Contains the usual website content (based on the website screenshots on the previous slide) A video tab, layered menu (the source code video tab covers this menu) release date, key image and of course, name of the film.
  • 6. Website The website, if it were real, would be a suitable medium to attract the viewers for Gaia’s Army. The audience is addressed through the website via the interactive video – viewers can literally interact with the film through the trailer.
  • 7. Film Posters Layer Cake  Losses  Spiderman Sex themed screenshot which  Very small American  Distributed by Columbia was only on screen for about 20 independent short film Tristar/Sony Pictures seconds  Produced by Triune Films  Big budget, successful Successful poster  An effective poster, but distribiution not so well distributed
  • 8. Gaia’s Army poster  I mimicked the style of taking a screenshot from a film and ‘jazzing’ it up to make the post image  Text created in After Effects to achieve the electric blue filling  The Earth hovers in the background as the plot of the film rotates around the planet (no pun intended)
  • 9. Trivia The link is Army/366865616674997 The release date advertised on the website and poster is the 15th July 2012 (I chose this date based on the release date for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2)