KQA Bizkashi Business Quiz 2014 prelims with answers


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KQA's Annual Business Quiz conducted by Karthik and Venkatesh

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KQA Bizkashi Business Quiz 2014 prelims with answers

  1. 1. Bizkashi 2014 Prelims with Answers 09-MAR-2014 KQA’s Annual Business Quiz by KARTHIK SHASHIDHAR and VENKATESH SRINIVASAN
  2. 2. 1. Amul advertisement from February 2014. Fill in the blanks with the name of an Indian company (2 words)
  3. 3. The Answer is….
  4. 4. India Cements
  5. 5. 2. This company whose name might remind some people of travelling by BMTC, was founded in 1856 as a saddlery manufacturer in Australia. In 1908, it started making cars, and got acquired by General Motors in 1931. With the rising Australian Dollar, however, the company’s products have become uncompetitive of late, and it announced in December 2013 that it would cease production in 2017, leading to comments that Australia would join Saudi Arabia as the only G20 countries without a car industry after that date. Which company?
  6. 6. The Answer is….
  7. 7. Holden
  8. 8. 3. In February 2014, Sudipta Sen was sentenced to three years of Rigorous Imprisonment, because he had failed to contribute to the provident fund of the TV arm of his now defunct company. Which company was Sudipta Sen the Chairman of?
  9. 9. The Answer is….
  10. 10. Saradha
  11. 11. 4. While this official name of this Act passed by the United States on March 23, 2010 is a three letter acronym, most people refer to it by a nine-letter moniker. Interestingly, the TLA is a substring of the 9-letter name. What Act? Example of substring: kARThik
  12. 12. The Answer is….
  13. 13. obamACAre
  14. 14. *5. Portfolio of which gaming company? And fill in the blanks. Bubble Witch X Diamond Digger X Farm Heroes X Papa Pear X Pepper Panic X Pet Rescue X Pyramid Solitaire X ____ _____ X
  15. 15. The Answer is….
  16. 16. King.com Candy Crush Saga (X is saga in all names)
  17. 17. 6. The success of this clothing company based in La Coruna, Galicia is attributed to its fast and super-flexible supply chain. This allows the company to respond to trends quickly, and the inventory costs thus saved more than make up for high labour costs (on account of plants being in Europe). Which company, which retails in India in single-brand stores in partnership with Tata’s Trent?
  18. 18. The Answer is….
  19. 19. Zara
  20. 20. 7. The Economist headlined their story on activist investors as “Anything you do, ____ do better”. Fill in the blanks
  21. 21. The Answer is….
  22. 22. Carl Icahn
  23. 23. 8. What financial instrument historically looked like this?
  24. 24. The Answer is….
  25. 25. Bond Bonds come with attached “coupons”, which you tear away for every interest payment. Hence the term “coupon” to refer to the intermediate payments of a bond
  26. 26. 9. Which company’s stock price is represented here?
  27. 27. The Answer is….
  28. 28. Zynga When Facebook was private, investors used Zynga as a proxy to track Facebook. Once Facebook announced its IPO, investors started moving out, and Zynga’s stock tanked.
  29. 29. *10. In 2013, Shagun Gogia applied to join the board of this company to represent the 12% shareholding originally owned by her late father. Her application was rejected, saying that “she was considerably short on important criterion/expertise in any particular area prescribed by RBI and did not have an adequate proven record”. The matter is now in court. Which company?
  30. 30. The Answer is….
  31. 31. Yes Bank
  32. 32. 11. This Chinese smartphone company has a name that means “millet” or “little grain”. The CEO, however, says that the first part of the name also refers to the Buddhist concept that “A single grain of rice of a Buddhist is as great as a mountain”, and the second part refers to “mobile internet”. The company is reputed to make Android phones that look like iPhones, but are much cheaper. The company launched in India in November 2013, selling through platforms such as olx.in. Name it
  33. 33. The Answer is….
  34. 34. Xiaomi
  35. 35. 12. Newcastle United striker Papiss Demba Cisse created a fuss about wearing a shirt endorsing this brand, because it is “anti-Islamic”. Named after a casual British slang for money (and also an aboriginal word), this company indulges in payday lending, sometimes charging interest which annualizes to 5000% The Cisse situation was defused when pictures of him at a casino surfaced, and he was forced to agree to wear the shirt with this brand on it. Which brand?
  36. 36. The Answer is….
  37. 37. Wonga
  38. 38. 13. It can be said that X was among the first providers of low-cost transport. Aaron Ogden had a monopoly to operate ferries between New York and New Jersey. X decided to challenge the monopoly by starting illegal low-priced ferry services on this sector. Ogden took him to court, and the US Supreme Court ruled that the New York government had no right to grant monopolies on inter-state transport, and so Ogden’s monopoly didn’t hold water. Who was X?
  39. 39. The Answer is….
  40. 40. Cornelius Vanderbilt
  41. 41. 14. After PS Subramanyam was appointed Chairman of this entity in 1998, they embarked on an advertising campaign titled “Trust is our middle name”. Which entity?
  42. 42. The Answer is….
  43. 43. Unit Trust of India
  44. 44. *15. This quote has been doing the rounds of the internet in the last couple of months. Fill up the blanks Big data is like _______ ____: everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they are doing it...
  45. 45. The Answer is….
  46. 46. Teenage Sex
  47. 47. 16. Abba Ke Zamane Mein alert: Which pharmaceutical company (now merged into a larger entity) used to sell supplements in these iconic boxes in India?
  48. 48. The Answer is….
  49. 49. Sandoz
  50. 50. 17. This company started by X and his father Amarappa Naidu, and named after the latter, first came into the limelight in 2006 when it won the bid to construct and operate the Sasan Ultra Mega Power Project. By 2011, it was India’s largest private sector power producer. In 2013, however, the company filed for debt restructuring. The main reason the company is in the news is due to a certain act in parliament by its founder X in February 2014. Name X and the company.
  51. 51. The Answer is….
  52. 52. L Rajagopal, LANCO Lagadapati Amarappa Naidu and Co
  53. 53. 18. This square-shaped glass conference hall is located in the headquarters of this Indian dotcom company in Lower Parel, Mumbai. The founder, Pranay Chulet is apparently a big fan of a company/its founder and has designed the conference room as a tribute to a company. Name the Indian company and the company it is paying tribute to.
  54. 54. The Answer is….
  55. 55. Quikr Apple’s Fifth Avenue Store
  56. 56. 19. Neither term was new to this country’s rhetoric, since a man of steel had occasionally used them in the past, as had his successors. But it was in a speech of Dec 1984, four months before his elevation to the top post, where X first identified them – and a third term, "uskorenie" (acceleration) – as key themes. Uskorenie, with its unfortunate connotations of working faster, fell by the wayside, but the other two terms gained in importance and substance after 1986. Give the two terms.
  57. 57. The Answer is….
  58. 58. Perestroika (Restructuring) Glasnost (Openness)
  59. 59. *20. Clayton Bennett, along with Aubrey McClendon of Chesapeake Energy Corporation, Tom L. Ward of SandRidge Energy Corporation, and G. Jeffrey Records Jr. of MidFirst Bank, concluded a transaction in 2006, where he made a purchase from Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks. A controversial location (and therefore name) change followed, which was finally resolved in 2008. What was thus born, its name ensuring that it joined a unique list of 4 among such entities?
  60. 60. The Answer is….
  61. 61. Oklahoma City Thunder Franchises whose names don’t end with S
  62. 62. 21. Located in and bearing the name of this town in Cuddalore district in Tamil Nadu, this Navaratna company, also supplies a large quantity of sweet water to Chennai from the artesian aquifers it uses in its operations. Name this company that now operates another project in Barsingsar, Rajasthan.
  63. 63. The Answer is….
  64. 64. Neyveli Lignite Corporation
  65. 65. 22. Which three-word term with relation to goal-setting, and popularised by Peter Drucker in his 1954 book The Practice of Management, shares a common abbreviation with a form of acquisition where a company's existing managers acquire a large part or all of the company from either the parent company or from the private owners?
  66. 66. The Answer is….
  67. 67. Management by Objectives (MBO) Also, Management Buyout
  68. 68. 23. Which location in India mired in controversy and billed as India’s first _____ _________ since Independence, is stylistically planned after the town of Portofino in Italy? Portofino Proposed location in India
  69. 69. The Answer is….
  70. 70. Lavasa
  71. 71. 24. This is the Nike ___ VII predator. Nike has designed the shoe skin print with multiple predator patterns mixed together – the Leopard, Great White Shark and Black Mamba. Which famous sportsperson lends his name to this shoe range?
  72. 72. The Answer is….
  73. 73. Kobe Bryant
  74. 74. 25. Name this flavour of Paper Boat
  75. 75. The Answer is….
  76. 76. Jaljeera
  77. 77. 26. Which country’s consulate in Bangalore has the following address: c/o Biocon Limited 20th km, Hosur Road Electronics City PO Bangalore 560 100 India
  78. 78. The Answer is….
  79. 79. Ireland
  80. 80. 27. Which company had a joint venture with Godrej in India, which it has since broken off from, and markets the Nutrine brand in India post an acquisition in 2006, apart from brands like Jumpin’ and Sofit?
  81. 81. The Answer is….
  82. 82. Hershey’s
  83. 83. 28. Considered the worst building collapse disaster in Bangalore, the September 1983 crash of the seven-storeyed ______ Complex on Subedar Chatram Road saw as many as 118 people dead, while 67 others suffered injuries. Who was the owner of the building complex, a familiar name for Bangalore bibliophiles?
  84. 84. The Answer is….
  85. 85. Gangaram
  86. 86. 29. These are various popular brands of which category that can be sold legally only in one state?
  87. 87. The Answer is….
  88. 88. Feni
  89. 89. *30. A phonetic variation of the initials of the pre1911 parent company of this oil company, gives the name of its international brand, often epitomised by a feline. Name the international brand.
  90. 90. The Answer is….
  91. 91. ESSO Exxon Mobil -> Standard Oil -> SO -> ESSO
  92. 92. 31. This brand name has Dutch roots. The product was imported by a Dutch company, Dada & Co. In the early 1930’s, when this international company wanted to start manufacturing this product In India, Dada & Co, insisted that the branded product should reflect their name. The international company, in a bid to establish their ownership of the brand managed to prevail and introduced a letter into the name. Today owned by Bunge Limited, name the brand.
  93. 93. The Answer is….
  94. 94. Dalda Dada + “L” for Hindustan Lever
  95. 95. 32. Which brand, a drink created by the Pure Drinks Group in the 1970s, has now been re-launched in India with Orange, Lemon and Mango Juice flavours, apart from their flagship variant?
  96. 96. The Answer is….
  97. 97. Campa Cola
  98. 98. 33. The Kobe earthquake, occurred on January 17, 1995, and caused approximately ten trillion yen ($100 billion) in damage, 2.5% of Japan's GDP at the time. Its tremors were felt as far away as England, and caused the insolvency of an institution founded in 1762. Which institution?
  99. 99. The Answer is….
  100. 100. Barings Bank The Kobe earthquake impacted the Asian financial markets—and with them, Nick Leeson's speculative investments in the markets collapsed.
  101. 101. 34. Seen in the picture is the co-founder and first Chairman of this Indian institution from 2001. Name the business tycoon who succeeded him as Chairman of the same institution in 2011, and the institution.
  102. 102. The Answer is….
  103. 103. Adi Godrej – Indian School of Business
  105. 105. Good Luck! Prelims Results in Progress