KQA Bangalore Quiz 2013-14


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The written quiz on Bangalore conducted at KQA by Vivek Karthikeyan and Venkatesh S

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KQA Bangalore Quiz 2013-14

  2. 2. SOME GROUND RULES  40 questions, all-written, for Teams of 2  Multiples of 5 are *-marked questions to resolve ties  No negatives, please take guesses  No half points, all parts carry a point each  Prizes for the Top 3 teams
  4. 4. 1. This is a Chennai-based magazine, Inbox 1305. If the same magazine were to be launched in Bangalore, an appropriate title would be Inbox 1258. Explain
  5. 5. The Answer is….
  6. 6. Latitude of Bangalore
  7. 7. 2. Whose statue? Where will you find it?
  8. 8. The Answer is….
  9. 9. DV Gundappa (DVG) Bugle Rock
  10. 10. 3. This 73-year-old building in Bangalore was originally constructed to fulfil a specific purpose for an immigrant community. It is a circular, raised structure, that had to give away 600 sq. metre of space to the National Highway Authority of India in 2011. The building caters to a population of 700 people in Bangalore, being used a few times a year. Identify this building and its location
  11. 11. The Answer is….
  12. 12. The Parsee Tower Of Silence / Dokhma on Bellary Road
  13. 13. 4. A quote by Dr S K Aruni, Deputy Director of ICHR, “There is something called ________ Circle in Jalahalli. I used to travel in a certain bus daily and one day some passenger asked the name of a particular stop. The driver humorously said ‘________’, indicating how remote the place is. And today, it is known by the same name!” Fill in the blank with another place name from India
  14. 14. The Answer is….
  15. 15. Nagaland Circle
  16. 16. *5. Oriental Cuisines Private Limited, founded by foodie, professor, restaurateur & entrepreneur M Mahadevan in May 1994 runs three restaurants serving different cuisine styles in the same building in Sivanchetty Gardens in Bangalore. - One of them means iron plate and refers to a style of cuisine that uses an iron griddle to cook food. - The second is a word derived from “five colours” and refers to a kind of porcelain. - The third name gives you a sense of ownership for a state in India. Name all three restaurants.
  17. 17. The Answer is….
  18. 18. Teppan Benjarong Ente Keralam
  19. 19. 6. Fifty six years ago, two brothers VP Francis and his younger brother VP Thomas, worked in George Oaks, which was a Ford Motors showroom. In the evening, they worked in various food outlets which gave them the idea to start their own place. So in 1957, on August 15, they started out in a tiny shop on Leonard Lane. It was at that time that a statue of Our Lady of _____, said to be miraculous, came to Bangalore from Portugal. The brothers were then inspired to name their new business after the same. Name this establishment.
  20. 20. The Answer is….
  21. 21. Fatima Bakery and Super Market
  22. 22. 7. This statue was erected by His Highness the Maharaja of Mysore and the public, including the citizens of the Civil and Military Station. It is a white marble replica of a statue at Worchester, and is enclosed by a circle of ornamental railings. The sculptor was Sir. Thomas Brock, and it was unveiled on 5th February 1906 by HRH the Prince of Wales. Further North in the same premises, is the other statue, almost opposite the rear gate of the Central Telegraph Office. It was built by public subscription, and unveiled on 28th September 1919, by His Excellency Baron Chelmsford. Name both the people in the statues and where will you find them?
  23. 23. The Answer is….
  24. 24. Queen Victoria King Edward VII Cubbon Park
  25. 25. 8. Built on the plan of the Lariboisière Hospital in Paris and formally opened in 1868 by Mr. Lewin Benthon ___, the then Commissioner of Mysore, this hospital was the only civil medical institution of Bangalore till 1890, and had over a hundred beds in the late 1920s. Additional accommodation for female patients was provided by the donations contributed by philanthropic citizens and by the Government of India. This additional wing was given a different name, till later, when both the premises were administratively unified. Give the full name of the hospital
  26. 26. The Answer is….
  27. 27. Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospital
  28. 28. 9. Lawyer KBK Rao based in Kurnool was an avid book collector. In the 1940s, auctioneers in Bangalore would send word to him, whenever books were being disposed of by American or British families leaving the city. This collection spawned a book store that started in the garage of an Englishman called Robertson, on St Mark’s Road. It has known several incarnations since – one in Malleswaram, and then along MG Road, behind the old Lakeview Milk Bar, before coming to rest in this quiet alleyway. Name the store.
  29. 29. The Answer is….
  30. 30. Select Book Store Off Brigade Road
  31. 31. *10. A non-commercial Centre dedicated to the arts, it is an organization that actively promotes art and cultural activities, for children and adults. Located off Palace Road, the institution was started by the noted Hindustani Classical singer seen in the picture, with her husband. They also organize the Yuva Utsav every year, which showcases Hindustani Classical musicians under the age of 25. Name the organization OR the founder
  32. 32. The Answer is….
  33. 33. Smriti Nandan Lalita Ubhayaker
  34. 34. 11. Temporarily renamed Yousufabad (in the 18th cent.) by the most famous person born here, this area was part of Gangawadi and later came under the rule of Rashatrakutas, Nolamba, Pallavas, Cholas, Hoysalas and the Vijayanagara rulers. During the time of Vijayanagara rule, Malla Baire constructed the initial mud fort in 1501 AD. The present fort ascribed to the same person mentioned above, finally fell to the British in 1791. Where can you find it?
  35. 35. The Answer is….
  36. 36. Devanahalli
  37. 37. 12. After representing Mysore/Karnataka for 79 matches, he retired from first-class cricket in 1985, and set up the JP School of Cricket, a coaching institution that has grown over the years. Best remembered for a decisive role in another Bangalorean’s achievement, name him.
  38. 38. The Answer is….
  39. 39. AV Jayaprakash
  40. 40. 13. This high priest, mentor and advisor to Harihara and Bukka, identified the location and time for them to set up the Vijayanagara kingdom. An Advaita proponent, he authored one of the most important texts, ̇ Sarvadarśanasaṅgraha. North Bangaloreans will be familiar with his name. Who?
  41. 41. The Answer is….
  42. 42. Vidyaranya, after whom Vidyaranyapura is named
  43. 43. 14. Complete this list with two names from the world of business and tell us what this list is about: i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. viii. ix. x. xi. xii. xiii. K Jairaj Ashwini Nachappa Prasad Bidapa Stanley Pinto Charu Sharma Harish Bijoor Harish Narasappa Kalpana Kar Nisha Millet Nooraine Fazal Prakash Belavadi Vani Ganapathy Revathy Ashok
  44. 44. The Answer is….
  45. 45. BPAC – Bangalore Political Action Committee TV Mohandas Pai and Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
  46. 46. *15. Arguably the oldest temple in Bengaluru, many historians believe it is a Chola temple. It is widely believed that Kempe Gowda I and II made substantial additions and changes. It is located in the same area in Bengaluru, where the reigning deity is Goddess Kempamma, who was also the family deity of the Kempegowda clan. Named after Lord Shiva, identify this temple and its location.
  47. 47. The Answer is….
  48. 48. Someshwara temple in Halasuru
  49. 49. 16. Fill in the blanks in this list of Seven Wonders of Bangalore according to a newspaper poll some years ago. The missing place is located in Harohalli on Kanakpura Road, 35 kms. from Bangalore. The features of the place include, the World’s Largest Meditational _____, hills, valleys and water bodies, and art galleries with Buddhist themes. 1. Vidhana Soudha 2. Bull Temple 3. Jamia Masjid, 4. Lalbagh Botanical Garden 5. Bangalore Palace 6. St. Mary’s Basilica 7. _________
  50. 50. The Answer is….
  51. 51. Pyramid Valley
  52. 52. 17. Where, in Bangalore, will you find the following: Gulmohar, Mahogany, Badami, Tala, Ashoka, Nilgiri, Silver Oak, Amra and Arjuna.
  53. 53. The Answer is….
  54. 54. Routes in the Indian Institute of Science
  55. 55. 18. DBHA, established in 2001 on St John’s Road, usually selects players in the 15 to 21 age group and provides specialised training in sporting skills, physical fitness and mental skills. Recognised by the national and state sports federation, the SAI and the KOA, which two Olympians founded DBHA?
  56. 56. The Answer is….
  57. 57. Dhanraj Pillay Ashish Ballal
  58. 58. 19. This road, SH87, begins from the Adugodi cemetery and goes through Jigni, and finally reaches Anekal town. It was originally named Anekal road, but later renamed after the most popular tourist attraction on the way. What is the name of the road today?
  59. 59. The Answer is….
  60. 60. Bannerghatta Road
  61. 61. *20. Born in Kolar on May 9, 1908, he started out as an editor of magazines in Kannada like Vishva Vani and Katha Manjari. He was a novelist, play writer, critic, thinker, connoisseur, journalist and a devoted Kannada activist. In 1962, he memorably protested against MS Subbulakshmi singing in the annual Ramotsava festival, saying, ““Iddu Ramotsavana Alla, Iddu Tamilotsava”. He was so popular that Maasti Venkatesha Iyengar once introduced him saying “I am a Tamil Kannadiga, Mirza Ismail, a Muslim Kannadiga and X is a pure Kannadiga’’. Who?
  62. 62. The Answer is….
  63. 63. A N Krishna Rao (Aa Na Kru)
  64. 64. 21. After independence the Maharajah of Mysore chose not to stay at this place, although he was entitled to it by virtue of being the first to hold a post. He preferred his own palaces. The building then became a guest house, and an occasional adda for the Congress party to hold its meetings. After many years of disuse/misuse, General Srinagesh moved in (1964), and revived it. Which building?
  65. 65. The Answer is….
  66. 66. Raj Bhawan After independence, the Maharaja of Mysore was made the first Raj Pramukh (Governor) of Mysore
  67. 67. 22. Three parts to identify in the picture that follows… (1) Artist (2) The building shown in pic (what it was, not what it is today) and (3) The name of the artist’s collection, called ‘A Gallery Of Curious Illustrations’ in Clarke Road.
  68. 68. The Answer is….
  69. 69. 1. Paul Fernandes 2. BRV Cinema, on Cubbon Road, which is an Army Canteen today 3. aPaulogy
  70. 70. 23. Miranda-esque illustrations. Where?
  71. 71. The Answer is….
  72. 72. Mangalore Pearl
  73. 73. 24. Born in Doddaballapur, Rumale Channabasavaiah was a freedom fighter, satyagrahi, a nation builder and ascetic, all rolled into one. He loved another field however, and by 1960, when he probably had enough of politicians he started ____ and got into his other passion full time. What did he found?
  74. 74. The Answer is….
  75. 75. Chitrakala Parishath
  76. 76. *25. The design of the logo of this direction-based transport service launched in 2008, is brilliant. It looks rather plain at first view, and one can read the name of the service in English. A closer look however will show you that, on the diagonal, it reads the same in Kannada script as well. What creative design are we referring to?
  77. 77. The Answer is….
  78. 78. Big 10
  79. 79. 26. The spaces that they have built have so much in common, and yet they are different. One stands in “English Bangalore” where the owner’s farmhouse once was. An evening of entertainment here can be rounded off with a meal at the adjoining Fat Chef. The other one built by her namesake offers mainly Kannada fare, and it also aims to be a bridge between various regional languages. Rounding off an experience here is the nice food at the homely Anju’s Café. What are the two pairs – full names and the places they built? No part points for a wrong name-place pair.
  80. 80. The Answer is….
  81. 81. Arundhathi Raja, Jagriti Arundathi Nag, Rangashankara
  82. 82. 27. Nadir Maneckjee founded this company to make specialised headgear for the British and Indian armed forces. What used to be a small establishment back then, is now a glamorous retail space on Cunningham road, selling garden accessories and outdoor furniture. The house has an exquisite 20 ft.-high Burma teak double ceiling with charming panel doors and windows. How do we know it better?
  83. 83. The Answer is….
  84. 84. The Hatworks Boulevard
  85. 85. 28. If Shoolay : Football, fill in the blanks that follow: Akkithimmanahalli : ______ Sampangi : ______
  86. 86. The Answer is….
  87. 87. Akkithimanahalli : Corporation Hockey Stadium Sampangi : Kanteerava Sports Complex
  88. 88. 29. Called ATCAG, these terminals installed by Kerberon Automations can be found at a few places around the city, especially in the CBD around MG Road. What are they for?
  89. 89. The Answer is….
  90. 90. Bicycle Sharing
  91. 91. *30. The periodic publication of this establishment is called Dovecot, after the name of one of the cottages set off from the main building. Though the cottage was an isolated one, it did not have nests for doves. Presumably, the men chose to call it Dovecot since the cottage was meant for the exclusive use of the ladies prior to 1899. Which establishment?
  92. 92. The Answer is….
  93. 93. Bangalore Club
  94. 94. 31. With a name that starts with the local word for “Bull”, it is set in a sprawling 1890 Bungalow that also houses a unit of India-American Hybrid Seeds, and the Rogue Elephant Café.You can buy saris, fabric, bags, pouches, a display of furniture, and jewellery, home linen, wallets, belts and so much more. Which south Bangalore shopping destination?
  95. 95. The Answer is….
  96. 96. Basava Ambara
  97. 97. 32. This is from the website of a fairly recent Bangalore based initiative. Fill in the blanks. Why are Indian streets filthy? a. It’s the ‘system’, stupid. b. Oh, it’s the uneducated people c. It’s our corrupt government d. Because we are all ____ _______
  98. 98. The Answer is….
  99. 99. The Ugly Indian
  100. 100. 33. Shri Eshwarsa _____ established the manufacture of a soft fine yarn and fabric business a long time ago in 1906. His sons Venkusa, Lakshmansa and Krishnasa, inherited not just his business but their father's dynamism as well, and the business has since extended into many other fields, such as engineering, bottle manufacturing, construction, Reality (sic, from their website) and jewellery crafting. Which business aptly headquartered at “Brewery House”?
  101. 101. The Answer is….
  102. 102. Khoday’s
  103. 103. 34. A painter himself, he came to be interested in the architecture of the buildings of Bangalore when he was the Chairman of the Bangalore Arts Commission from 1976 to 1988, and wrote these two books, and one other book called “Blossoms of Bangalore”. Who is the ex-Chief Secretary of the state?
  104. 104. The Answer is….
  105. 105. T.P. Issar
  106. 106. *35. Your last chance to taste their Brain Bhoona or Suleimani Chai was two Christmases ago. This place started in 1955 but shut down in 2012 due to rent related issues. Which Central Bangalore landmark?
  107. 107. The Answer is….
  108. 108. Kohinoor on Brigade Road
  109. 109. 36. The sprawling 12-acre area comprises an elegant two-storey white structure built in the colonial style as well as an annexe. The colonial structure played host to several Residents for a time after 1831, till the post was abolished in 1843. Hopeville as it was known, was purchased from Charles James Green, a retired Major General of the Madras Army for Rs. 30,000, when a well-known entity opened a branch in Bangalore in 1864. Which entity, or what will one find as part of the Hopeville estate today?
  110. 110. The Answer is….
  111. 111. Madras Bank The local HQ of State Bank of India, on St. Marks Road
  112. 112. 37. Where will you find the Kempe Gowda Museum?
  113. 113. The Answer is….
  114. 114. Inside Mayo Hall
  115. 115. 38. Bangalore has had these places for many years, much earlier than other cities that got into them as a fad in the 2000s. Prime Time in Indiranagar was a good one. There was Tom’s on MG Road, and Phani’s in Koramangala. And some were special rooms attached to watering holes. What places?
  116. 116. The Answer is….
  117. 117. Pool Parlours / Snooker Parlours
  118. 118. 39. This is a T-shirt brought out by a popular hangout. The writing says “Ink art on paper by Sandeep Bhagera, 1993. Nine years of chaos and bliss” Which place?
  119. 119. The Answer is….
  120. 120. Pecos
  121. 121. *40. The festival has an interesting ‘origin’. This legendary Jaipur-Atrauli musician was brought to the Bangalore Kidney Foundation Dialysis Centre with complaints of renal dysfunction. During treatment when he recovered slightly, against all medical advice he decided to give a concert and he generously donated the entire proceeds to BKF. The Foundation has been holding a festival in his memory ever since. 2013 was the 10th year. The name of the festival itself means ‘music’ or ‘melody.’ Who was the musician (his son Rajashekhar follows his dad’s steps)? Which festival?
  122. 122. The Answer is….
  123. 123. Dhwani Pandit Mallikarjun Mansur