asKQAnce 2012 Middle School Prelims


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Prelims of the Middle School Quiz for classes 5,6 and 7 at asKQAnce 2012 by Rajagopal PS and Venkatesh S

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asKQAnce 2012 Middle School Prelims

  1. 1. asKQAnce 2012 Middle School Quiz PRELIMS with ANSWERS Quizmasters:Rajagopal PS and Venkatesh S
  2. 2. 1Identify this Bangalore landmark
  3. 3. ANSWER
  4. 4. Vidhana Soudha
  5. 5. 2The author described this character as the wayin which Jesus Christ may have appeared in afantasy world – mysterious, benevolent,compassionate and magical.The name of this character is the Turkishword for lion.Which character?
  6. 6. ANSWER
  7. 7. Aslan, the lion from Chronicles of Narnia
  8. 8. 3• Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore – 2008• Anju Bobby George – 2004• Leander Paes – 2000• Pargat Singh – 1996This is the list of the last four people who held a certain honour for India.What did they do?
  9. 9. The answer is….
  10. 10. India’s flag bearers at the Olympics
  11. 11. A best-selling author, this 4nervous mild manneredmouse is a resident ofNew Mouse City onMouse Island.He is also the journalistand editor for thefictional newspaper TheRodent’s Gazette andkeeps getting involved inadventures with his sisterThea, cousin Trap andnephew Benjamin.Who?
  12. 12. ANSWER
  13. 13. Geronimo Stilton
  14. 14. 5*This is called the Bosphorus Bridge. It is found in aworld capital city and connects two regions.Where can you find it OR which regions does itconnect?
  15. 15. ANSWER
  16. 16. Istanbul; it connects Asia and Europe
  17. 17. 6The character that Brad Pitt is playing lends hisname to a part of the body, and is also used torefer to the principal weakness of any person.Which character?
  18. 18. ANSWER
  19. 19. AchillesAchilles Heel
  20. 20. 7In the phonetic alphabet, A is referred asAlpha, B as Bravo, C as Charlie and so on.One alphabet is referred to by the name of acountry.Which alphabet and country?
  21. 21. ANSWER
  22. 22. I - INDIA
  23. 23. 8Which 5-letter worddescribes themetallic part at theend of yourshoelaces?
  24. 24. ANSWER
  25. 25. Aglet
  26. 26. 9Name either the character or the TV showthat this Google doodle is celebrating
  27. 27. ANSWER
  28. 28. Cookie MonsterSesame Street
  29. 29. 10*This is Simon Bolivar; name the two SouthAmerican countries that are named after him
  30. 30. ANSWER
  31. 31. BoliviaBolivarian Republic of Venezuela
  32. 32. 11George de Mestral used to go for a walk withhis pet dog daily. One day, in 1948, he foundthat some seeds were hooked on his clothesand on the fur of his dog. He observed theseseeds under a microscope and found somehook like structures on them. Based on this hecreated a new item that is now used commonlyacross the world to hook/stick on to objects.What did George de Mestral invent?
  33. 33. ANSWER
  34. 34. Velcro
  35. 35. 12Complete this proverb“A ______ ___________ is a dangerous thing”
  36. 36. ANSWER
  37. 37. A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing
  38. 38. 13In India, it is known asKorphad and by variousother regional names. InIndonesia, it is known asLidah Buaya (or "CrocodilesTongue"). In Thailand, it isknown as the "CrocodileTail".Name this medicinal plant,which is named because it isthe “true” or genuine one ofits genus
  39. 39. ANSWER
  40. 40. Aloe Vera
  41. 41. 14If it is scurvy for Vitamin C and rickets forVitamin D, what is it for Vitamin B1?
  42. 42. ANSWER
  43. 43. Beri Beri
  44. 44. 15*What are the two blanked out units?
  45. 45. ANSWER
  46. 46. DecametreDecimetre
  47. 47. 16What is the name of the dish? Use the movie as aclue
  48. 48. ANSWER
  49. 49. Ratatouille
  50. 50. 17Name the author whose statue you see here, orthe fairy tale that’s being depicted
  51. 51. ANSWER
  52. 52. Hans Christian AndersenUgly Duckling
  53. 53. 18In 1679, an associate of Robert Boyle, Frenchphysicist Denis Papin, better known for hisstudies on steam, invented the digesteur, anairtight vessel, in an attempt to reduce thecooking time of food.This invention is today found in almost everykitchen in India.What?
  54. 54. ANSWER
  55. 55. Pressure Cooker
  56. 56. 19This state in India has a name that means “landof the hill people”. They periodically have amautam famine, caused by flowering of thebamboo, which in turn leads to an increase inrat population, who destroy all the crops.Which Indian state?
  57. 57. ANSWER
  58. 58. Mizoram
  59. 59. 20*There are only two non-Indian citizens whohave won the Bharat Ratna award.The first person won it in 1987, for hiscontributions to the Indian freedom struggle.The second person is a world leader who won itin 1990.Name both
  60. 60. ANSWER
  61. 61. Khan Abdul Ghaffar KhanNelson Mandela
  62. 62. 21Locally known as Sahyadris, this mountainrange has been recently declared a UNESCOWorld Heritage Site, even though lots of peoplehave protested the same. It has over 5000species of flowering plants, 139 mammal species,508 bird species and 179 amphibian species, plusmany more unknown species!Name this mountain range
  63. 63. ANSWER
  64. 64. Western Ghats
  65. 65. 22Which Karnataka city getsits name after this asurathat you see on the right?
  66. 66. ANSWER
  67. 67. Mysuru, after Mahishasura
  68. 68. 23Their motto is “Nabha Sparsham Deeptam”,taken from eleventh chapter of the Gita,meaning “Touch the Sky with Glory”. Givenbelow is their crest. Identify them
  69. 69. ANSWER
  70. 70. Indian Air Force (Bharatiya Vayu Sena)
  71. 71. 24The name of which creature that was madepopular by books and movies in the 1990s,means “terrible lizard”?
  72. 72. ANSWER
  73. 73. Dinosaur
  74. 74. 25*“Touch Play” is abook about whichfamous Indiansportsman?
  75. 75. ANSWER
  76. 76. Prakash Padukone