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asKQAnce 2012 Middle School Finals


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Finals of the Middle School Quiz for classes 5,6 and 7 at asKQAnce 2012 by Rajagopal PS and Venkatesh S

Finals of the Middle School Quiz for classes 5,6 and 7 at asKQAnce 2012 by Rajagopal PS and Venkatesh S

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  • 1. asKQAnce 2012Middle School Quiz FINALS Quizmasters:Rajagopal PS and Venkatesh S
  • 2. Written Round – 8 questions Clockwise – 12 questionsAnti-Clockwise – 12 questions Pounce – 8 questions
  • 3. Write Here, Write Now! Written Round 8 visuals +5 for each, no negatives+10 bonus if you get all right
  • 4. 1. What isbeing shown?
  • 5. 2. Who is the inventor?
  • 6. 3. What is he famousfor?
  • 7. 4. Identify either of these Nobel Peace Prizewinners
  • 8. 5. In which famous temple in India will you findthese?
  • 9. 6. Who is this a tribute to / where will you findit?
  • 10. 7. Name this game – be very specific
  • 11. 8. Walt Disney after winning the Oscar forwhich movie?
  • 12. Submit your sheets Answers follow….
  • 13. 1. What isbeing shown?
  • 14. Etch A Sketch
  • 15. 2. Who is the inventor?
  • 16. JC Bose
  • 17. 3. What is he famousfor?
  • 18. Heart Transplant
  • 19. 4. Identify either of these Nobel Peace Prizewinners
  • 20. Al GoreRK Pachauri
  • 21. 5. In which famous temple in India will you findthese?
  • 22. Jagannath Temple, Puri
  • 23. 6. Who is this a tribute to / where will you findit?
  • 24. Rahul DravidChinnaswamy Stadium - Bangalore
  • 25. 7. Name this game – be very specific
  • 26. Angry Birds Space
  • 27. 8. Walt Disney after winning the Oscar forwhich movie?
  • 28. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • 29. Scores…
  • 30. Clockwise12 questions on Infinite Bounce +10 for direct and pass No negatives
  • 31. 1“I came in with _____ _____in 1835. It is comingagain next year, and I expect to go out with it. Itwill be the greatest disappointment of my life if Idont go out with _____ _____. The Almighty hassaid, no doubt: Now here are these twounaccountable freaks; they came in together,they must go out together.‘”A few months later, in his 76th year, Mark Twaindied.What is he talking about?
  • 32. ANSWER
  • 33. Halley’s Comet
  • 34. 2This word comes from the Greek term for “of firstor primary importance”.When it was recognized in the 18th century as adistinct class of molecules, the examplesincluded albumin from egg whites.Early scientists believed that it was the mostimportant nutrient for maintaining the structureof the body.What?
  • 35. ANSWER
  • 36. Proteins
  • 37. 3This is the red panda. Another name for this isclaimed to be a direct translation of its Chinesename. What on the internet gets its namethus?
  • 38. ANSWER
  • 39. Firefox web browser
  • 40. 4This is one of the oldest mosques in India(located in Hyderabad) and is called ______Masjid, since soil from this place was brought tobuild this.What name?
  • 41. ANSWER
  • 42. Mecca (Makkah) Masjid
  • 43. 5This happened for the first time in 1992 atKingsmead, Durban for the South Africa vs. Indiaseries, and involved this player getting run out.What happened?
  • 44. ANSWER
  • 45. Third Umpire decision
  • 46. Unbiased at least he was when he arrived on his mission, 6Having never set eyes on this land he was called to ________Between two peoples fanatically at odds,With their different diets and incompatible gods.Time, they had briefed him in London, is short. Its too lateFor mutual reconciliation or rational debate:The only solution now lies in separation.The Viceroy thinks, as you will see from his letter,That the less you are seen in his company the better,So weve arranged to provide you with other accommodation.We can give you four judges, two Moslem and two Hindu,To consult with, but the final decision must rest with you.‘Who and what is this poem about?
  • 47. ANSWER
  • 48. Cyril RadcliffePartition of India
  • 49. 7This place was originally a large swamp settled byfishermen. In the 14th century it was known asthe "sea town" and the East India Company laid aclaim for it in 1819.The present day name came about when a visitingprince encountered a strange looking animal,which he mistook for a lion.How do we know this place today?
  • 50. ANSWER
  • 51. Singapore
  • 52. 8• The Cobra• His twin brother, Derek• The Clay Camel• The Brass Monkey• Aleena, the EnchantressMain villains for which famous fictionalcharacter?
  • 53. ANSWER
  • 54. Mandrake, the magician
  • 55. 9What is common to all these films?
  • 56. ANSWER
  • 57. All movies based on novels byIndian authors
  • 58. 10This was the first movie of an actor. Name hisnext 8 movies!
  • 59. ANSWER
  • 60. Daniel Radcliffe played Harry in theHarry Potter movies
  • 61. 11Give one word and connect
  • 62. ANSWER
  • 63. ChetakRana Pratap’s horse, HALhelicopters, Bajaj Chetak scooter
  • 64. 11What is common to these comics? Explain
  • 65. ANSWER
  • 66. Based on real life people – SunilGavaskar and Amitabh Bachchan
  • 67. Scores…
  • 68. Anti-Clockwise12 questions on Infinite Bounce +10 for direct and pass No negatives
  • 69. 1This is the magazine ofthe American VeganSociety.The person who startedthis wanted to linkVeganism with theprinciples of a religionand so, gave the taglineto the magazine.Which word isblanked out from thetagline?
  • 70. ANSWER
  • 71. Ahimsa
  • 72. Who died because of injuries he got at a 2lathi charge in 1928; what was heprotesting?
  • 73. ANSWER
  • 74. Lala Lajpat Rai, while protesting againstthe Simon Commission
  • 75. 3This symbol is one of the recent entries into theEnglish Dictionary.In many early religious texts, it was linked to thesoul. As early as the 15th century, it wascommonly used as one of the suits in a deck ofplaying cards.Its use in modern popular culture, can be tracedback to the wildly popular slogan designed byMilton Glaser as a tourism logo in the 1970s.Which symbol and which tourism campaignmade it popular?
  • 76. ANSWER
  • 77. The heart symbol for ‘love’
  • 78. 4The person on the left is the son of David and one of thegreat kings of Israel. On the right is the Egyptian greatroyal queen who was the wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten.In which comic strip would you find their namestogether?
  • 79. ANSWER
  • 80. Solomon and Nefertiti, the dolphinsin Phantom
  • 81. 5While the five rings in the Olympics logowas chosen to represent the five continents,why were these colours chosen?
  • 82. ANSWER
  • 83. At least one of these colours was onthe flag of every country in theworld in 1896
  • 84. 6The Great Trigonometrical Survey of India startedon 10 April 1802 with the measurement of abaseline near Madras. The East India Companythought that this project would take about 5 yearsbut eventually it took more than 60 years! Theproject among other things, measured the heightsof various geographical entities.Who was the leader of this survey throughmost of the 19th century?
  • 85. ANSWER
  • 86. Sir George Everest after whom themountain is named
  • 87. 7In 1882-1883, Rabindranath Tagore stayed at_______. According to a story, he went on a boatride upstream along the river Kali; inspired bywhat he saw and experienced, Tagore wrote“Prakritir Pratishoota” or Nature’s Revenge, adramatic poem, and his very first play.Which place in Karnataka?
  • 88. ANSWER
  • 89. Karwar
  • 90. 8The deer in ‘Bambi’ as originally written byAustrian author Felix Salten looked like this. Itwas changed in the Disney movie release.Why was it changed?
  • 91. ANSWER
  • 92. Roe deer do not inhabit the US, so theychanged it into a deer that audienceswould identify with
  • 93. 9The story is set in a small village of HimachalPradesh, where a little girl, Binya, trades herleopard claw necklace for a pretty, frilly __________. The shopkeeper in the town becomesenvious of the _____ and employs a boy to stealit. One day the girl finds her ______ missing.Soon after the shopkeeper gets a similar ______in red. With this, the centre of attraction shiftsfrom Binya to the shopkeeper. Finally, she gifts itto him.Name this short story made into a featurefilm and the author
  • 94. ANSWER
  • 95. The Blue Umbrella by Ruskin Bond
  • 96. 10The Batu caves, a limestone complex near KualaLumpur contain some remarkable temples fromthe 1860s. They are the site of the famous ThaiPusam festival.At the base of the caves stands a 43-meter goldstatue of ________, the largest in the world.What / who’s statue?
  • 97. ANSWER
  • 98. Lord Muruga
  • 99. 11Why was the village of Haradanahalli in Hassandistrict in Karnataka, in rapturous celebrationson May 30, 1996?
  • 100. ANSWER
  • 101. HD Deve Gowda, who hails from therebecame India’s 14th Prime Minister
  • 102. 12Spread over 156 acres, it is arguably the largestfunctioning Hindu temple complex in theworld. In the Vaishnava parlance, the term"KOIL" signifies this particular temple.With 7 enclosures and 21 towers, this 236 feettall gopuram here is the tallest in Asia. Mythhas it that the coast of Ceylon can be seen fromits top.Which is this place?
  • 103. ANSWER
  • 104. Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple -Srirangam
  • 105. Scores…
  • 106. Final Scores and Winners!
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