Charismatic Priyanka Gandhi


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Charismatic Priyanka Gandhi

  1. 1. 1. Basking in the limelight these days is the charismatic Priyanka Gandhi, who calls herself a 'Half-Politician'. Priyanka is currently campaigning for mother, Sonia Gandhi who is contesting from Rae Bareli in UP, and her brother, Rahul Gandhi who is seeking re-election from Amethi, UP. Congress Party’s star campaigner has been in news in her own way with her quotable quotes. Read on... In photo: Security personnel flank Priyanka Gandhi, center, daughter of Indian Congress party President Sonia Gandhi and poll manager for the party as she arrives at a polling station in Rai Bareli, India. (AP Photo/Rajesh Kumar Singh) 2. When asked if she would join Politics full-time, Priyanka had this to say- 'As I am growing older I have realised 'never' is a bad thing to say... I am not going to say 'never'... but I don't think that is what I want to do.' In photo: Daughter of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, Priyanka gandhi Vadra with her children at a function to commemorate the 61st birth anniversary of her father, in New Delhi, India. 3. Responding to Modi's comment, calling the Congress Party a '125-year-old woman', Priyanka had said this in Hindi - 'Do I look old? Does Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi or I look old to you? If elderly people feel young it is good for their health. ' In photo: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, left, daughter of Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi, and her husband Robert Vadra, right, leave a polling station after casting their votes for the Delhi state assembly elections in New Delhi, India. (AP Photo) 4. Commenting on SP's manifesto that wants to curb the use of Computers and English-medium education, Priyanka said - 'This is a very strange manifesto coming in the 21st century. I would definitely like to meet the person who has prepared the party's manifesto.' In photo: Priyanka Gandhi, daughter of India's main opposittion leader Sonia Gandhi, arrives at Jinnah International Airport a day before the ODI cricket match between India and Pakistan in Karachi, Pakistan. (AP Photo/Mohammed Ali) 5. Commenting on her cousin, Varun Gandhi's alleged hate-speech; Priyanka had a word of advice for him - 'Varun's comments are against the traditions and principles of the (Gandhi) family and he has gone against what the Gandhis have lived and died for... It made me very sad to see him saying those things on TV. I would advise him (Varun) to read the Gita and try to understand it.' In photo: Indian lawmaker Rahul Gandhi, left, and his sister Priyanka Vadra, right, pay homage at the memorial of their father and former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi during a ceremony to mark his 17th death anniversary in New Delhi, India. (AP Photo/Mustafa Quraishi) 6. During a meeting with a party worker, a youth asked Priyanka why people should vote for the congress. She replied saying - 'If I promise you a job will you stay back (in Rae Bareli)? Meet me after the meeting and I assure you help.' In photo: Priyanka Vadra, right, daughter of Congress party president Sonia Gandhi, smiles as she sits before the students of Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee or BRAC run pre-primary school at Charabag village in the outskirts of Dhaka, Bangladesh. (AP Photo/Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee, HO)
  2. 2. 7. At another rally in Amethi - * Making a pitch for brother Rahul, Priyanka had this to say - 'Make sure he wins by an even bigger margin than the victory margin in Rae Bareli (Congress president Sonia Gandhi's constituency)' * Also, lashing out at people joining politics for money or power, she said - 'They don't get the same respect that is given to those serving the people' In photo: Priyanka Gandhi, center, daughter of India's main opposition leader Sonia Gandhi, holds an Indian flag with her brother Rahul Gandhi, right, and her husband Robert Vadra, left, as they watch the ODI cricket match between India and Pakistan in Karachi, Pakistan. (AP Photo/Shakil Adil)