Soft Skills for MBA's


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An outcome of a empirical study conducted during 2011 shows that soft skills are very important for career success.

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Soft Skills for MBA's

  1. 1. Importance of Soft Skills in Management Education Paper presented by Mr. Venkataram Bhat Assistant Professor in Commerce Government First Grade College, Shankaranrayana, Karnataka state – 576227 E-mail: Mobile -91-9900199644 8th and 9th April -2011 International Conference on Re-engineering Management Education Karnataka State Open University, Mysore.
  2. 2. Introduction• Need for re-inventing and re-engineeringmanagement education.• 75 percent of long term job success dependson soft skills and only 25 percent on technicalskills.• Progress and profits of any company dependon soft skills (marketing and consumer service)• Soft skills play a vital role for professional andpersonal success• Quality issues with business schools.• Reason for employability deficit is lack of softskills among management graduates.
  3. 3. Objectives•What is the importance of soft skills inmanagement education?•What are the important soft skills formanagement graduates?•What are the suitable methods ofteaching the soft skills in managementinstitutes?
  4. 4. MethodologyPrimary data collected from the•management studentsPrimary data collected from•management educators•Descriptive data collected frombooks and prior survey reports ofindustry associations and researchinstitutes.*Subject to limitations of time, resources and samples survey.•
  5. 5. Findings - AnalysisStudents :-•Soft skills are most important for employabilityand success.•Agreed that at present academic environmenthad highest impact soft skills learning level.•Communication skills and attitude are mostimportant soft skills.• Academics stress on teaching technical aspects than soft skills.•They suggested that team projects,corporate visits, guest lectures andseminar presentations are methods toinculcate soft skills.
  6. 6. Findings - AnalysisBusiness Educators :-•Soft skills are most important for employabilityand success of their students.•There is limited scope for teaching soft skills inmanagement courses due to the presentacademic policies.•Every teacher has his own method of imbibingsoft skills amongst students beyond theuniversity syllabus.•Industry wants management graduates whoare “job ready”, so that the training costs canbe reduced.
  7. 7. Important soft skills•Have a "winner" attitude•Be a team player•Communicate effectively•Exude confidence•Hone your creative skills•Accept & learn from criticism•Motivate yourself & lead others•Multitask & prioritize your to-do list•See the big picture
  8. 8. Suggestions•Suitable academic policies.•Structure programs to simulate theworkplace.•Outdoor Learning Programs.•Feedback and mentoring.•Two parts in soft skills training • Developing attitudes and attributes • Fine-tuning communication skills to express attitudes, ideas, and thoughts well
  9. 9. ConclusionSoft skill is the ability required and expectedfrom persons for finding a suitable job, itsmaintenance and promotion.To conclude, soft skills training is about enablingand empowerment of management graduatesfor individual and organizational success.
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