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Inno strail brochure_v3

  1. 1. street meets rail. -/ the price advantageous alternative. LEVEL CROSSING SYSTEMS for highest demands
  2. 2. innoSTRAIL -/ the price advantageous alternative. page 2 01.-/ APPLICATION innoSTRAIL, the high-strength and durable covering for level crossings. We recommend using innoSTRAIL for level cros- sings with medium to high traffic volume (> de- pending on the track structure). Compared to STRAIL® , this system - which is independent of sleeper spacing - is made up of bigger, 900 mm wide inner and outer panels, featuring a textile enforced tongue and groove area. 02.-/ ADVANTAGES innoSTRAIL is a high-strength and durable co- vering for level crossings, which can be ma- nufactured very economically due to the larger panel measurements. The system also does not require the use of filler blocks. The system, consisting of full depth rubber pa- nels, has an integrated, narrow flange groove and is connected to form a complete package using the lock tight system. innoSTRAIL can be delivered suitable for any track superstructure. The system thus combines cost advantages with a wide range of applications.  price advantageous system  independent of sleeper spacing innoSTRAIL, the particularly economical system.
  3. 3. 6 3 3 6 6 1 2 3 3 4 5 innoSTRAIL -/ the price advantageous alternative. page 5 In case of special types, an outer panel - distance from outer side of rail / T-kerbstone: 591 mm - can be delivered (e.g. for short sleepers, concrete longitudinal beams). innoSTRAIL road connection: version without T-kerbstone with short outer panel for distance from outer side of rail / road connection: 591 mm wear-and-tear layer (possibly poured asphalt) binding layer bituminous supporting layer substrate innoSTRAIL -/ the price advantageous alternative. page 4 03.-/ DATA innoSTRAIL – the highly economical system. innoSTRAIL inner panel 900 mm wide, for 1,435 mm gauge (deliverable for all common gauges) innoSTRAIL outer panel 900 mm wide, distance from outer side of rail > T-kerbstone: 713 mm innoSTRAIL lock tight system (see page 7) > all parts heat treated steel and galvanised / rolled thread innoSTRAIL road connection > version with 713 mm outer panel, kerbstone and prefabricated concrete subbase T-kerbstone made of high-strength concrete C 70/85 (1,800 mm or 900 mm), special mortar and prefabricated concrete subbase 1,500 mm tongue-groove connection > textile reinforced 1 2 3 4 5 6 713 mm 1,800mm = 70.87 inch 1,500 mm = 59.06 inch 1,435 mm = 56.49 inch 900 mm = 35.43 inch 713 mm = 28.07 inch 591 mm = 23.26 inch mm in inches glossary: 591 mm
  4. 4. innoSTRAIL -/ the price advantageous alternative. page 6 innoSTRAIL -/ the price advantageous alternative. page 7 05.-/ LOCK TIGHT SYSTEM simple, intelligent, patented.  patented, consistent, compatible locking system for all panel types belonging to the STRAIL® family  simple application  position stability in case of diagonal traffic > no gap formation standard rod   center rod   movement stopper   deflection plate   innoSTRAIL panel 04.-/ INSTALLATION innoSTRAIL quickly installed using an excavator. Once the track has been brought to the pro- per height and width, the position of the level crossing is determined and the track super- structure is prepared. Subsequently, the kerb- stones may be installed according to manufacturer‘s instructions. The bitumen road connection is made up of se- veral layers. Afterwards, the bitumen road connection is con- structed. Attention needs to be paid that it is made up of several layers, each of which needs to be compacted individually. Then use the excavator bucket to push the panels together, until the lip can slide under the rail head. Next press the panel downwards. Installation of the panels starts in the center. Alternatively (if there is no excavator on site): For inner panels, press the edge of the panel to- gether using the installation lever and then hit it with the plastic sledge hammer, forcing the lip under the rail head. With the help of the lock tight system, the panels are secured longitudinally into a gap-free package. Guarantee / Maintenance When properly installed according to instal- lation instructions, we offer a guarantee on innoSTRAILwhichgoesbeyondstatutorywarranty. innoSTRAIL requires no regular maintenance. Service life of the level crossing depends on the respective traffic load. 15 years are the rule. Extreme increases or reductions in traffic can affect service life. Detailed assembly instructions are included with delivery or available for download from !
  5. 5. innoSTRAIL -/ the price advantageous alternative. page 9 innoSTRAIL -/ the price advantageous alternative. page 8 06.-/ INTERESTING POINTS 07.-/ REFERENCES Quality / Approval Major Railway companies all over the world are users of STRAIL products, e.g. Through our internal quality assurance, we are still able to trace back individual components of our products years after delivering them. All components are thoroughly tried and tested in a hands-on manner: raw materials in our pilot plant and innovations, as well as product chan- ges using our test bench. Our products are exa- mined on a regular basis by the LGA Nürnberg. We also collect long-term data on the develop- ment of the SRT values in cooperation with the Federal Highway Research Institute. Germany Deutsche Bahn Austria ÖBB Spain ADIF / Renfe Italy RFI Australia Victrack & others We closely examine our suppliers in so-called supplier audits to ensure documented process and product management. Since 1994, we have been certified in accordance with DIN ISO EN 9001, in addition to being a Q1 supplier of the Deutsche Bahn AG, as well as an A1 supplier of the SNCF. All products belonging to the STRAIL® family have been approved and installed in nearly all major railroad countries. We are happy to answer any specific questions you may have concerning this subject. Japan JR New Zealand Kiwirail Brasil MRS, Vale United Kingdom Network Rail Switzerland SBB France SNCF Belgium Infrabel Hungary MAV India Indian Railways Sweden Banverket / Trafikverket Currently we installed test crossings in Vietnam, Russia, Kazachstan Responsabile della procedura: Antonio Nigro - e-mail: P.le Curiel, 10 - 15100 ALESSANDRIA Tel. Telecom: +39 0131 281130 - Fax +39 0131 281130 Tel. FS: 959 – 32130.- Fax FS 959 - 32130 Cell. 313 8041086 Rete Ferroviaria Italiana - Società per Azioni – Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Sede Sociale: Piazza della Croce Rossa,1 – 00161 Roma Società soggetta alla direzione e coordinemnto di Ferrovie dello Stato S.p.A. a norma dell’art. 2497 sexies e del D.Legs. n. 188/2003 Cap. Soc. € 32..853.697.107,00 Iscritta al Registro delle Imprese di Roma Cod. Fisc. n..01585570581 – P.IVA 01008081000, R.E.A. 758300 Class.: RFI-DPR-DTP_.GOT.UT/TO AL/000015/11 Alessandria, 04/05/2012 Oggetto: Attraversamenti per Passaggi a Livello Tipo “ STRAIL” . . Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Rete Ferroviaria Italiana has been using STRAIL level crossings systems since more than 20 years (dal 1992) in all kind of level crossings. Quality of products and Service were absolutely satisfying during this long business relation. Usability and durability of STRAIL panels meet our specifications and expectations. Most probably we will use STRAIL products also in our level crossings. Antonio Nigro Direzione Territoriale Produzione Torino S.O. Gestione Operativa Territoriale Unità Territoriale Torino Linee Centro Sud Il Capo Unità Reparto LV 1 Alessandria
  6. 6. innoSTRAIL -/ the price advantageous alternative. page 10 innoSTRAIL -/ the price advantageous alternative. page 11 09.-/ THE STRAIL PRINCIPLE We connect street and rail. fast. Traffic needs to flow, freely and quickly. With STRAIL® you simply are fast – for planning, building and maintenance. Our offers are typically drawn up within 48 hours. Your level crossing leaves our factory as ear- ly as two weeks after placing your order. Using a crew of 4-6 people and no additional machines, you can install a 9 m long crossing in merely three hours. In case of track maintenance, STRAIL® can be removed and reinstalled quickly and without much effort. In addition, our experts are available virtually around the clock. STRAIL® is profitable. From the outset. safe. Wherever safety is concerned, we accept no compromises. STRAIL® is different - ranging from its technically simple, yet fast and safe installation, to its ability to bear continuous loads on a daily basis without any gap formation. The tongue and groove connection prevents - especially in case of diagonal traffic - the drea- ded “sudden collapse” effect, well-known from other single-panel systems. Products which are part of the STRAIL® family have the smallest, permissible flange groove. veloSTRAIL eliminates this gap entirely. And the patented surface of the STRAIL® rubber panels achieves the same skid resistance as asphalt (even when wet). STRAIL® . Safety for your level crossings and for your investments. reliable. Building level crossings is one thing. Keeping them in excellent condition is quite another. ”Fit & Forget” is our motto; as a result: Maintenance-free level cros- sings. Over 30,000 crossings under varying climatic conditions on five continents form the basis of our reliable technology and materials. Besides, your experiences help us to continuously perfect STRAIL® . You benefit from the long service life of our pro- ducts and with the support of the worldwide operating KRAIBURG group we have been your reliable partner for over 40 years. STRAIL® fulfills your expectations. 08.-/ FAQ What you have always wanted to know.  What are the STRAIL® products made of? (difference to other rubber panels) All level crossing panels belonging to the STRAIL® product family are made of rubber, while having the smallest, permissible flange groove. A special feature is that the entire panel is fully vulcanized, according to a patented production process. On the basis of this complex production process it is possible to achieve outstanding product features and a significantly longer service life.  Switches In consultation with our design department, special, dimensionally accurate panels are ma- nufactured for the full-surface covering in the area of the center and end parts of switches.  Radii On principle, full-surface covering of radii is un- problematic. Very tight radii are covered with a specific number of special radii panels.  Application of STRAIL® , pontiSTRAIL, innoSTRAIL, pedeSTRAIL and veloSTRAIL Depending on road and rail load, as well as indi- vidual local conditions, a perfectly suited product can be undoubtedly found within the STRAIL® portfolio. It is generally recommended to consult the responsible STRAIL® representative, who will gladly assist you in finding the right product for your respective area of application. 08.-/ REFERENCES Country Number of STRAIL crossings First installation Country Number of STRAIL crossings First installation STRAIL - ReFeReNCe LIST STRAIL reference list ¬ page 1/1 last update: september 2013 Argentina 2 1997 Aserbaidschan 8 2012 Australia 216 1990 Austria 825 1979 Belgium 608 1988 Belarus 20 1995 Bosnia-Herzegovina 51 1998 Brasil 7 2008 Bulgaria 157 2000 Croatia 308 2002 Czech Republic 2130 1986 Denmark 1.151 1986 Estonia 29 1995 Finland 137 1985 France 5.820 1989 Germany ca. 15.500 1976 Greece 106 1996 Great Britain 1.774 1983 Hong Kong 50 1997 Hungary 1618 1992 India 3 2011 Indonesia 23 1987 Ireland 290 1996 Israel 47 1996 Italy 1574 1982 Jamaica 2 1992 Japan 351 1985 Kazakhstan 1 2011 Lithuania 59 2001 Luxembourg 123 1987 Malaysia 2 1988 Macedonia 5 2013 New Zealand 2 1996 Netherlands 345 1988 Norway 246 1985 Panama 2 2013 Poland 341 1993 Portugal 95 1993 Romania 272 1998 Russia 52 1994 Serbia 104 2002 Sweden 898 1980 Switzerland 2519 1978 Sierra Leone 1 2012 Slovenia 286 1993 Slovakia 80 1996 Spain 887 1990 Taiwan 146 1991 Thailand 2 1996 Turkey 29 1999 Ukraine 22 1996 Vietnam 2 2010 total 39.360 edition 09/2013
  7. 7. We connect street and rail. fast. safe. reliable. KRAIBURG STRAIL® GmbH & Co. KG STRAIL level crossing systems & STRAILastic track damping systems D-84529 Tittmoning / Goellstrasse 8 phone. +49 (0) 8683 | 701-0 / fax -126 / (September 2013) STRAIL & STRAILastic are brands of the group.