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Advanced Selling Skills
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Advanced Selling Skills


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  • 1. ADVANCED SELLING SKILLS For Sales Trainers----Sales Person-----AND…Customer!!!
  • 2. If you are in life insurance . .
    • Bet on the fact that your customer has heard this : “ There are worse things in life than death. Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman? ” In fact, she ’ s probably heard it more than once (and wonders if it ’ s true about YOU).
  • 3. If you are in the business of selling . . .
    • ……… ..Know that your prospects are not interested in doing business with you………… but
    “ All things being NOT QUITE SO EQUAL,people STILL want to do business with their friends” “ All things being equal, People want to do business with their friends”
  • 4. Customers are now more intelligent and knowledgeable than ever before!!!
    • “ ?” are more effective than statements in engaging a customer,particularly during the early stages of a sales process.
  • 6. NO:2
    • Create a printed agenda and share it with the customer
  • 7. No:Three
    • Stay flexible and responsive to your audience’s interests.
  • 8. ::::::::::::::::4:::::::::::::::::::::
    • If you have a written proposal, a price quote, or other printed material,don’t hand it out until the end of your presentation
  • 9. five;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Welcome interruptions, objections, and questions from your customer.
  • 10. … ..SIX^^^
    • Use visual aids in formal presentation.
  • 11. SAVE ……..n
    • Practice important presentations using videotape.
  • 12. Principle of Selling
    • First, the approach—identify the customer’s problems
    • Where are customers losing money?
    • What goals are they failing to achieve?
    • What gaps in their current capabilities are keeping them from being successful?
  • 13. Principle of Selling Contd…
    • Second, the proposition—develop a specific value proposition. Identify
    • the specific areas where losses are occurring, and quantify them.
    • Summarize the losses and show the potential for increased profitability in concrete Rupee term. The more you know about the customer’s business in detail, the more convincing your value proposition will be.
  • 14. Principle of Selling contd….
    • Third, the demonstration —
    • show how the solution fits. Summarize the customer’s problems and the potential for increasing profits. Then show how the solution works.
  • 15. Principle of Selling
    • Fourth, the close—ask for the order. Assume that an intelligent customer will want to Buy. If the customer has objections, answer them and close again.
  • 16. Latest Business Networking Strategy
    • Linkedin,Face Book,Twitter
  • 17. Connection Strategy
    • Before Connecting:Ask YOURSELF:
    • Why am I making this connection?
    • How am I going to make this connection?
    • Why would this person want to connect with me?
    • How am I going to keep this connection once I have made it?
  • 18. MAKE A NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • REMEMBERING CUSTOMERS Name will in turn fetch ……………
    • …………… .More ………………..Incentive………………………………………………………………
  • 19. Top 4 Ideas from world’s greatest Salesman:Joe Girard:Listed in Guinness Book of world Records
    • Honesty is the Best Policy :
    • You never get caught by telling the truth
    • Girard’s Law of 250
    • Every time you turn off just one prospect ,you turn off 250 more(Reverse is also true)
    • Time and Money well invested will build your business tremendously.Always look for new and better ways
    • Selling the Smell: Think of what excites you about a product or used to when you first bought it.Then use that experience to sell the excitement,the thrill of owning the product
  • 20. …………… Learn more To earn more………………