The 2013 parivadini lec dem series final


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The 2013 parivadini lec dem series final

  1. 1.     Parivadini  Lec  -­‐  Dem  Fest  2013         PARIVADINI Music,Art & Culture     Sub:   Requisition   of   Sponsorship   and   advertisement   for   the   Parivadini   Lec-­‐Dem   fest   to   be   conducted  in  Chennai,  25th  Dec  2013  -­‐  31st  Dec  2013     Dear  Sir,     Parivadini  is  a  channel  on  Music,  Arts  &  Culture  on  digital  platforms  such  as  DTH,  YouTube,   FB,  iStores,  Amazon    etc.       The  aim  of  Parivadini  is  to   produce  quality  content  in  the  fields  of  music,  arts,  culture  and   traditions  of  our  rich  heritage  and  distribute  it  for  free  to  its  end  customer  as  visual  digital   content.     Other   than   production   for   its   own   content   library,   Parivadini   is   also   into   LIVE   broadcast   of   cultural   events   such   as   concerts.   This   broadcast   is   done   with   the   use   of   Parivadini’s   proprietary  broadcast  encoding  technology  at  a  fraction  of  the  cost  faced  by  the  incumbent   people  in  the  business  of  television  broadcast.         A  lecdem  event  which  is  broadcast  LIVE  across  the  globe  attracts  the  attention  of  qualified   and  targeted  prospects  on  your  product,  service  and/or  brand.  Parivadini  events  are  beamed   live   on   internet   through   its   social   media   presence   like   facebook,   YouTube   channel   and   is   accessed  by  a  truly  passionate  demography  having  a  high  propensity  to  spend.     As  a  part  of  its  launch,  Parivadini  will  be  showcasing  a  series  of   lecture  demonstrations  by   experts  in  their  respective  fields    between  25th-­‐31st  of  December.  This  lecdem  series  will  be   organized  in  Chennai  and  will  be  broadcast  live.  
  2. 2.         Parivadini  Lec  -­‐  Dem  Fest  2013           The   purpose   of   this   letter   is   for   your   esteemed   organization   to   consider   Sponsorship,   branding  &  advertising  opportunities  at  this  event  for  your  esteemed  brand/organization  (as   per  enclosure  annexed).       We  look  forward  to  your  valuable  patronage  and  support  in  making  the  above  event  a  grand   success.     Thanking  You       Co  Founder                                                                    
  3. 3.     Parivadini  Lec  -­‐  Dem  Fest  2013                            Date              Speaker                  Topic       25th  December     Palakkad  Sreeram     26th  December       Dr.  B.M.Sundaram     27th  December     HMV  Raghu     28th  December     Dr.  R.Kalaikovan     29th  December     Keshav  Venkataraghavan     30th  December     Dr.  S.A.K  Durga       31st  December     Dr.  Jayanthi  Kumaresh       Laya  for  the  Lay  Man       Composers  among   Nagaswaram  and  Tavil   Vidwans       Recording  the  legends  -­‐   Observation  as  a  technician   and  a  musician       Thalicheri  Inscription  on  life   and  times  of  Dancer’s  of   Thanjavur       Experiments  with  Krishna       Folk  Music  and  its  influence   on  Carnatic  music       Styles  of  Veena                                      
  4. 4.         Parivadini  Lec  -­‐  Dem  Fest  2013         Laya  for  the  Lay  Man     Even  for  regular  concert  goers  –  laya  is  a  mystery.  While  a  listener  can  traverse  in  his  musical   journey  through  ragas  and  songs,  except  for  the  natural  attraction  to  beats,  the  appreciation   of  rhythmic  elements  of  Carnatic  music  remains  elusive  for  a  lay  listener.  This  is  an  attempt   to  demystify  laya  to  the  lay  listener.  After  all,  understanding  can  only  enhance  appreciation.       Speaker:         Palakkad   Sreeram   is   a   truly   multi-­‐faceted   musician   who   has   made   a   mark   in   the   fields   of   Carnatic   and   Film   music.   Having   been   a   part   of   several   successful   film   songs   (Padaiyappa,   Anniyan,   Uyire)   as   a   vocalist   as   well   as   an   instrumentalist,   he   has   also   continued   to   demonstrate   his   innovative   forays   in   classical   music   through   his   renditions   and   compositions.            
  5. 5.     Parivadini  Lec  -­‐  Dem  Fest  2013         Composers  among  Nagaswaram  and  Tavil  Vidwans     Nagaswara   and   Tavil   vidwans   are   known   for   their   contributions   to   Raga   Alapana   and   mathematical   virtuosity   in   Tala   Prastara.   Their   contribution   to   music   as   composers   (Vaggeyakaras)  is  not  well  known.  Here  is  an  attempt  to  throw  light  on  at  least  a  few  of  them   from  the  past  and  the  present.     Speaker:         Singer,   Musician,   Musicologist,   Composer,   Scholar   –   these   are   all   only   attributes   of   this   man   but    doesn’t  necessarily  encapsulate  his  width  and  depth  of  his  prowess.  An  illustrious  son  of   the   illustrious   father   –   Needamangalam   Meenakshisundaram   Pillai,   globally   acclaimed   Dr.B.M.Sundaram   is   popular   for   bringing   out   the   unknown   facets   of   music   and   musicians   to   light   through   his   publications   and   lectures.   A   winner   of   several   prestigious   awards,   his   monographs   and   profiles   of   several   musicians   and   dancers   are   the   only   existing   documentation  on  the  artists.          
  6. 6.         Parivadini  Lec  -­‐  Dem  Fest  2013         Recording  the  Legends     The   advent   of   recordings   is   an   event   of   great   historical   importance.   While   the   initial   recordings   could   only   show   the   tip   of   the   iceberg,   the   later   day   long   play   records   and   the   audio   cassettes   became   sources   of   perennial   enthrallment.   Very   little   information   is   available   on   what   happened   ‘behind   the   screen’   during   the   recordings.   In   this   lecture,   Vidwan   HMV   Raghu   shares   his   experiences   as   a   musician   and   a   technician   while   recording   five  musical  legends,  viz.  M.L.Vasantakumari,  Veena  S.Balachander,  Voleti  Venkateswarulu,   M.Balamurakrishna  and  P.Susheela.     Speaker:         K.S.Raghunathan,   popularly   known   as   HMV   Raghu,   is   considered   as   the   foremost   audio   engineer   of   the   country.   Despite   starting   his   career   several   decades   ago,   he   maintains   his   top  billing  even  in  a  technologically  advanced  present  day.  His  success  can  be  attributed  to   his   sensitive   and   analytical   approach   in   understanding   the   musical   elements   of   the     recordings  he  undertakes.  Vidwan  HMV  Raghu  is  also  an  accomplished  composer.  
  7. 7.     Parivadini  Lec  -­‐  Dem  Fest  2013           Thalicheri  Inscription  of  Thajavur  Brihadeeshwara  Temple     Thalicheri   inscription   at   Thajavur   is   a   meticulous   documentation   of   the   lives   of   dancers   of   attached   to   the   Brihadeeswara   Temple.   400   dancers   among   the   best   in   the   Chola   country   were   handpicked   to   create   a   centre   of   excellence   (Thalicheri)   in   Thanjavur.   This   lengthy   inscription   lists   the   dancer’s   names,   their   salaries,   their   support   cast,   their   performance   schedules,  musical  instruments,  details  of  their  residences  etc.  This  lecture  aims  to  provide   artistic  as  well  as    sociological  insights  into  art  and  lives  of  the  dancers  of    Thanjavur  under   Rajaraja-­‐I’s  regime.         Speaker:     Dr.   R.Kalaikkovan   is   an   eye   specialist   by   profession;   But   he   is   renowned   globally   for   his   pursuits   in   historical   research.   Credited   to   bringing   out   several   inscriptions   to   the   public,   Kalaikkovan’s  work  are  known  for  their  systematic  studies  leading  to  logical  conclusions.  He   is   among   of   the   very   few   that   could   provide   a   holistic   perspective   thanks   to   his   firm   grounding  in  classical  literature,  inscriptions,  iconography,  arts  and  architecture.  Winner  of   numerous  awards,  he  is  also  a  captivating  speaker.    
  8. 8.         Parivadini  Lec  -­‐  Dem  Fest  2013         Experiments  with  Krishna     Krishna,  an  ancient  yet  an  ultra-­‐modern  character,  is  an  unending  stream  of  inspiration  for   creators.  Here  we  present  Painter  Keshav’s  creative  experiments  with  Krishna.  You  will  find  a   pharaoh,   a   Kungfu   master,   a   peacock,   some   graffitis,   some   Chinese   brush   strokes,   even   a   wall  with  some  missing  paint  –  all  connected  through  one  common  thread  –  Krishna.  These   paintings  are  already  famous  in  the  digital  media.  This  is  the  first  time  the  creator  opens  up   to  public  on  the  creative  process  behind  the  experiments.           Speaker     Artist  Keshav  is  a  well-­‐known  as  a  cartoonist  for  The  Hindu.  While  he  is  not  doing  cartoons   he   indulges   in   artistic   experiments   creating   brilliant   contours   through   a   multitude   of   mediums.   His   fusion   of   classical   themes   and   modern   portrayal   places   him   on   a   unique   pedestal.      
  9. 9.     Parivadini  Lec  -­‐  Dem  Fest  2013           South  Indian  Folk  Music  and  its  influence  on  Carnatic  music     The  terms  Classical  music  and  Folk  music  are  not  often  seen  in  tandem.  An  occasional  folkish   phrase  when  singing  a  raga  is  more  of  an  exception  than  a  rule.  However,  the  present  day   interpretation   of   ragas   has   a   strong   linkage   to   the   traditional   folk   music   of   South   India.   In   this   lecture   Dr.S.A.K.Durga   presents   her   inferences   from   her   scrupulous   study   on   this   subject.         Speaker:     Dr.   S.A.K.   Durga  is  a  distinguished  musicologist  who  has  pursued  deep  rooted  research  on   several   areas   in   International   music.   Widely   known   for   her   research   in   Ethno-­‐musicology,   her   work   on   the   voice   culture   for   Carnatic   musicians   is   a   pioneering   effort.   Her   training   in   Indian   classical   music   under   several   legends   combined   with   her   long   stint   outside   India     results   in   a   holistic   portrayal   of   the   subjects   that   she   takes   up   for   research.   Having   won   several  accolades,  Dr.  Durga  continues  to  contribute  through  various  illustrious  positions        
  10. 10.         Parivadini  Lec  -­‐  Dem  Fest  2013         Banis  in  Veena     How   often   one   hears   the   term   ‘bani’   when   a   Vainika   plays   it?   Do   we   really   understand   what   it   means?   Can   we   differentiate   between   the   styles?   Is   the   Mysore   bani   different   from   the   Thanjavur  bani.  Has  the  styles  changed  over  time?  Has  one  style  drawn  from  the  other?  Do   we  have  individualistic  styles  that  stand  unparalleled  till  date?    Is  the  term  ‘bani’  even  valid   today?   Questions…questions….questions?   Vainika  Jayathi  Kumaresh  makes  an  attempt  to  address  them.         Speaker   Dr.   Jayanthi   Kumaresh   is   an   acclaimed   Vainika,   performing   worldwide   for   over   twenty   five   years.  Hailing  from  a  family  of  musicians,  she  was  one  of  the  youngest  musicians  to  achieve   the  A-­‐Top  grading  from  the  All  India  radio.  Her  analytical  study  of  different  banis  and  playing   techniques  of  the  Sarawathi  Veena  earned  her  a  Doctoral  degree.  Apart  from  traditional  solo   Carnatic  concerts,  she  collaborates  with  many  of  her  contemporaries  (including  her  husband   Kumaresh)  for  Jugalbandhis.  The  Indian  national  orchestra  is  her  brainchild  that  showcases   some  of  the  best  musical  talents  in  the  country.      
  11. 11.     Parivadini  Lec  -­‐  Dem  Fest  2013             SPONSORSHIP  OPPORTUNITIES       Sponsorship  Type   Amount   Benefits   Title  Sponsor   250,000   The  event  will  be  called   “your  name”  LecDem  Fest   and  your  brand  will  be   prominently  displayed  in  all   our  official  communication   and  invitation.  We  will  also   invite  a  representative  of  the   brand  for  the  press   conference.  In  addition  to   the  above  FCT  (of  240   seconds  will  be  given   through  out  the  live   broadcast  of  the  event  for   commercials,  brand   communication  and  brand   display.   Platinum  Sponsor   150,000   Platinum  Sponsor  -­‐   Mention  in  all  our  publicity   and  campaign  material  and   FCT  of  120  seconds.   Gold  Sponsor   100,000   Gold  Sponsor  -­‐  Mention  in  all   our  publicity  and  campaign   material  and  FCT  of  90   Seconds.   Silver  Sponsor   50,000   Silver  Sponsor  -­‐  Mention  in   all  our  publicity  and   campaign  material  and  FCT   of  90  Seconds.  
  12. 12.         Parivadini  Lec  -­‐  Dem  Fest  2013     Hospitality  Sponsor   50,000       Hospitality  sponsor  -­‐   Mention  in  all  our  publicity   and  campaign  material  and   FCT  of  90  Seconds   Artist  Appreciation  Gifts   50,000   Sponsor   Mention  in  all  our  publicity   and  campaign  material  and   FCT  of  60  Seconds   Catering  Sponsor   50,000   Mention  in  all  our  publicity   and  campaign  material  and   FCT  of  60  Seconds   Stalls  at  Venue   25,000   Mention  in  all  our  publicity   and  campaign  material  and   FCT  of  30  Seconds   Banners   10,000  /  5,000   Banner  display  at  the  venue   and  FCT  of  10  Seconds.                                      
  13. 13.     Parivadini  Lec  -­‐  Dem  Fest  2013         USAGE  OF  FCT  (  FCT  =  Free  Commerical  time  on  air)   1. For   the   branding   purpose,   the   usage   of   the   punchline   for   the   product   shall   be   allowed   in   the   v/o   for   branding.   For   the   purposes   of   branding,   the   producer   /   marketing   agency   shall   be   allowed   not   more   than   10   seconds   for   the   usage   of   the   punchline  of  the  product  in  the  voice  over  for  branding.   2. Advertisement   of   10   seconds   or   in   multiples   of   10   seconds   duration   shall   be   accepted.  Advertisement  below  10  seconds  will  not  be  accepted.  If  the  duration  of   the  spot  is  above  10  seconds  and  below  20  seconds  then  it  shall  be  charged  for  20   seconds.   3. In   some   Platforms   such   as   DTH   additional   charges   as   applicable   by   the   broadcast   platforms  is  also  recoverable     4. All  advertisements  and  commercials  subject  to  statutory  guidelines.   5. For  customized  in-­‐brand  placements  contact  us.     TERMS  AND  CONDITIONS     1. The  Lecdem  fest  is  organized  by  Parivadini  and  its  well  wishers.   2. The  aim  is  to  highlight  on  topics  relevant  to  the  common  man  and  reach  him  on  a   language  and  medium  that  is  comfortable  for  him  to  consume.   3. Parivadini  has  the  right  to  reschedule  the  event   4. All  events  will  be  webcasted  live  and  will  also  have  a  post  produced  version.     5. Parivadini   may   use   the   content   of   the   lecdems   in   its   future   webisode   or   other   production  as  deemed  fit  by  their  content  team.   6. The  views  and  content  expressed  by  the  participants  of  the  lecdem’s  are  their  own.   Parivadini   neither   endorses   nor   is   responsible   for   any   inaccuracy   in   the   content   (if   any).