360 School Paper (Second Edition)


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360 School Paper (Second Edition)

  1. 1. VOL. 6 ISSUE 2 THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE PHILIPPINE INSTITUTE OF QUEZON CITY MARCH 2011PIQC EXCELS IN MATH AND ENGLISH TILTS Matthew Lim, Joanna Nicole Yu, and Nathanael Joshua Balete with Math coach Mr. Arvie D. Ubarro ISEC winners pay courtesy call to Mrs. Lee Shu Hwei Mrs. Lee Shu Hwei ISEC winners and mentors pay courtesy call toPIQC finishes 3rd in MTAP Sectoral Finals PIQCians, mentors bag awards in ISEC tilts By Nathanael Joshua Balete (HS I – Pearl) Contest after Saint Stephens High By Nathanael Joshua Balete (HS I – Pearl) both tilts, 6 brought home the bacon. In School and Saint Jude Catholic School. Level III Grammar, Alexis Vianca Tan L a s t F e b r u a r y 2 4 , 2 0 11 , t h e The I Speak English Club (ISEC) (HS II - Jade) and Hanz Kiefer Tan (HS Their win ensures their spot in the held the English Grammar Quiz Bee II - Jade) won 1st place and 3rd placeannual Metrobank-MTAP-DepEd Regional Finals. and the English Spelling Quiz Bee respectively. In Level IV Grammar,Math Challenge Sectoral Finals were Competitions on January 18 and 19 Sean Austin Lim (HS IV – Diamond)held at the La Consolacion College Nathanael Joshua Balete and his respectively at the SM Fairview Annex and Derrick Kingsely Yu (HS IV –in Caloocan. The competition date younger brother Immanuel Josiah Activity Center. The contest levels Diamond) won 2nd place and 3rd place were Level I (Grades 3-4), II (Grades respectively. Nathanael Joshua Baletecoincided with the date of PIQCs Balete also qualified for the Individual 5-6), III (1st year and 2nd year), and (HS I – Pearl) and Micah Tan (HS I -school field trip, so the qualifying Contest held at Stella Maris College. IV (3rd year and 4th year). Pearl) won 1st place and 3rd place inteams had to miss the trip in order The former got 7th place while the Level III Spelling. The top three contestants into compete. This sacrifice definitely latter got 10th in their corresponding each level and category received a Three of PIQCs own English medal with a holographic image. The teachers were also awarded by ISECpaid off when PIQCs first year team levels. for their outstanding support and champion was awarded P1000; the 1st(composed of Nathanael Joshua Balete, The team from Grade 6 (composed runner-up, P700; and the 2nd runner- training. These were Mr. Harold Peñecerrada (PIQCs EnglishMarvin Lim, and Joanna Nicole Yu) of Janine Michelle Yu and Steven Go) up, P500. Coordinator), Mrs. Celina Bustilloswere awarded 3rd place in the Team also made it to the Sectoral Finals. Of the 25 PIQCians who joined and Mr. Linbergh Ching.Election Day at PIQC A day with the soldiers By Jean Liao (HS IV – Diamond) Enhancement) was at Camp Capinpin headed by Matthew by Janelle Ann de Guzman (HS IV - Diamond) L a s t F e b r u a r y 1 5 , 2 0 11 , t h eMeeting de Avance for School Year Lim. From Grade 4 to PIQCs annual field trips were2011-2012 was held in the PIQC 1st Year, eight students held last February 24, 2011. This was ran for positions as one of the few instances wherein theAuditorium. It was an important day high school and elementary field tripsfor voters; students from Grade 4 to batch representatives, occurred on the same day. The high3rd Year High School were given of which four would school students had their field trip atthe chance to hear what the Student ultimately be chosen. Camp Capinpin, in Tanay, Rizal, while Each was given a fair the elementary pupils headed off toCouncil candidates had to say. The Kampo Trexo in Cavite.Meeting de Avance started at around enough time to voice out their opinion. The Camp Capinpin is nestled in theten o’clock in the morning and was due mountains of Rizal. It serves as the audience listened Junior candidate Darryl Villanueva answeringto end at lunch time. a question during the open forumclassrooms to officers went to each training ground for the Philippine attentively to what each candidate had preside over the Elections. The tallying soldiers, and it is also a landmark of Gillian Jeremie Pua, the outgoing to say. of votes was so fast that results werePhilippine history. The students finallyStudent Council president, was there arrived at the military camp afterto give her parting speech, after which After giving out their speeches, ready to be released before noontime. roughly three hours of traveling.she served as the events emcee. Also 2nd and 3rd Year candidates were The Senior SC Officers of SY 2011- Coincidentally, computer teacherpresent at the Meeting de Avance were given their time on the stage for the 2012 are Daniel Ratilla, Charlton Dy, Mrs. Ruby Ongs birthday fell on theoutgoing SC officers Michelin Ang, open forum. SC advisers were the first Matthew Lim, Marigold Sy and the same day as the field trip. To celebrateTealle Ayangco, Jean Liao, and Jannusz ones to ask the candidates questions, Junior SC Officers are Karli Ang, continued on page 5Tan, along with SC advisers Mrs. De followed by faculty members, outgoing Darryl Villanueva, Denzell Ching andGuzman, Ms. Wee, and Ms. Bustillos. SC officers, and the students. The Kiefer Tan.There were two parties, YOUTH Party event finished with a year-end video Surely, the next school year(Young Optimistic and Understanding production of the outgoing Student will be a special one for all the winningTe a m f o r H o p e ) w a s h e a d e d b y Councils projects. candidates. The best of luck to the newCharlton Paul Dy and VOICE Party Elections were held the next batch of student leaders!(Vision of Innovative Change and day. On February 16, the outgoing SC The aftermath of the boodle fight
  2. 2. 2 MARCH 2011 MARCH 2011 3 PIQC celebrates Science Week Seniors Staged Plays in Playfest 2011 Piqc Pre-school Pupils’ Achievements MESSAgE with Amazing Science By Bernadette Ong (HS III - Sapphire) Each play was interesting and By Janette Ty (Pre-school Coordinator) them to become better in what they excel in. great in their own way, but there were “Train up a child in the way he should go: and Again, for the pupils it’s an achievement; forRun the extra miles! By Sarah Jessica Wong (HS IV – Diamond) through them. The Juniors excited murmurs filled several students who were singled as when he is old, he will not depart from it.” us, its a fulfillment. Last February 1, 2011, the Amazing In the magic eye exhibit, chairs were the auditorium as they awaited the start the best. The award for Best Actress - Proverbs 22:6 By Mrs. Lee Shu Hwei Science exhibit returned to PIQC for the placed in front of stereograms, which are Many educators, like me, would quote For the Coloring Contest, the Pre- annual Science Week celebration. This years optical illusions of depth that are formed by of the 4th year batchs English Playfest went to Janelle Ann de Guzman from Student life will always be the most conquests and struggles, triumphs and this verse whenever we want to impart our Nursery winners were Ayanna Sofia Sy,necessary part in every persons growth. And defeats—your ten years of elementary and Science Week celebration was facilitated two-dimensional images. A student would last February 18, 2011. The English Lifes Greatest Lesson, where sheI say “every person” for life itself is the real high school have surely painted in your heart by FORCES (PIQCs official science club) more often than not sit and stare at one Playfest is a tradition that first started played Sophia, the bossy queen bee zest for teaching. But don’t get me wrong; Jessica Letran, and Mun Louise Leungschool and our daily experiences our mentors. invaluable lessons. under the guidance of Math and Science stereogram for the rest of his free period, for 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place, as a project requirement by Mr. Harold who always gets what she wants. being a teacher is not easy having a lot to The flow of life as a student is not always So soon a new episode of your life’s Coordinator Mr. Arvie Ubarro. Students trying to find the hidden image.easy-going. There are strong currents ready story will be opened. The hardest part of it started lining up at the auditorium at 8 a.m. Peñacerrada, the English coordinator. Johnglenson Pronaci won the Best consider in just one person, like their age, respectively. The Nursery winners wereto crush and break you. And yet these are perhaps is expressing words of goodbyes to “You could tell that the exhibit was a Students entered the auditorium during their Now, it is held annually, usually Actor award for his portrayal of Romeo their emotional capabilities, how they react David Jemaine Ongching, Larissa Zhang,the ones that have made men and women of your very friends who were there through and success,” says Michelin Ang, FORCES Viceold great. Times in your student life in PIQC through, believed in you, those who never gave math and science periods, but were allowed President for Academics, “from the fact that toward the end of the school year. from the comedy R+J: Its Not What socially, and how they can absorb lessons and Jared Aimery Ty. For Kinder 1, theare such moments when you would have no up on you. The people who made you feel your to come back during the recess and lunch students kept coming back.” While previous playfests were attended You Think.resolve but to be gone with the wind and worth. There are also these mentors who have breaks. intellectually. Not to forget that we should winners were Tamara Denise Floren (Kinderlearn how it dances: papers to scholarly write become like second parents who prepared you by several of the lower batches, 1 – Cherry), Sofia Loraine Go (Kinder 1 –about, projects to rush, class presentations to to look beyond what there is. The exhibit, which also came to Edward Anthony Sia from the also consider each student individually asmasterfully deliver, hard-to-please teachers, the audience for this playfest only To the graduating batch you have reached PIQC the previous year, featured many they are very different from one another. Apple), and Lourdes Juliane Arevalo (Kinderand a lot more have challenged you all these so far a milestone in your student life and I scientific set-ups such as the plasma ball, consisted of mostly 3rd year students suspense drama Perception wonyears. assure you that you will reach more if you the title of Best Supporting Actor However, teaching is also lots of fun! It’s like 1 – Apple). a magnetically levitating ball, the shadow for the purpose of noise control. But despite all these there were times you keep on and arm yourself with faith. PIQC has for his role as Heath, the brooding playing a mystery game wherein every day readied you to chart your new course, and you freeze booth, the head-on-a-plate mirror In the Kinder 2 Drawing Contest,would not learn to forget: the joy of reaping This years panel of judgeshigh grades and being recognized for the bear the hard works of your parents, teachers station, and fiber optics. However, the two and mysterious artist. Sarah Jessica we get to solve different sorts of puzzles in consisted of PIQC alumni Lizbeth the winners for 1st place, 2nd place, andefforts you invested both in academics and and classmates who have helped you attain this exhibits that were by far the most popularextracurricular; the bittersweet joys of having far. May you not forget PIQC as the nourishing Karli Ang, Nathanael Joshua Balete, and Joanna Wong, also from R+J: Its Not What dealing with each student’s personality. We 3rd place were Charlene Co (Kinder 2 – mother who have helped you run the extra were the closed circuit exhibit and the magic Nicole Yu received recognitions at the Youth Yap and Yna Tolentino, as well asfriends; the discouragements from not being eye exhibit. Excellence in Science (YES) awarding ceremony You Think, won the award for Best also learn with them, share things with themunderstood somehow by your Chinese or miles. Napoleon Ching, a favorite face in the Orange), Albert Jorge Aquila (Kinder 2 –English teacher and being required to follow In the closed circuit Supporting Actress for her role as Lady and the best part of it is when you know thatunreasonable tasks; the tears and laughters, Happy Graduation Batch 2010! panel for many school contests. Two Orange), and Thea Marie Cua (Kinder 2 – exhibit, students formed a Capulet, the snobbish and arroganthighs and lows, strengths and weaknesses, of PIQCs own English teachers, Mrs. after days (or even months) of hard work Grapes), respectively. circle to allow a continuous flow electric current, causing Celina Bustillos and Mr. Lindbergh matriarch of the Capulet family. you see them grow physically, emotionally The winners for the Kinder 1 a sharp tingling sensation. The Ching, also joined them. The winners for best playwright and intellectually in front of you. TeachingPIQC Runs for Fun Amazing Science facilitators A total of five groups presented and best director were Gillian Jeremie may be one of the least appreciated jobs but, Writing Contest were Krishalyn Athena Ong even presented the FORCES (Kinder 1 – Apple), Sofia Loraine Go (Kinder By Jean Liao (HS IV – Diamond) officers with a challenge: they their plays on stage. The two groups Pua (Perception) and Sarah Jessica believe me, it is one of the most fulfilling. 1 – Apple), and Charlize Leann Lim (Kinder Last January 30, 2011, PIQC, were not allowed to open their from HS IV – Opal presented Not Wong (R+J: Its Not What You Think). One of the best proofs of this was whentogether with Saint Jude Catholic mouths (meaning, they werent Over Yet and True Love Meets; the But in the end, it was the comedy R+J: the pre-school department brought out the 1 – Apple). The Kinder 2 Writing Contest allowed to scream, shout, orSchool, joined in the Run for Fun, complain about the tingling) three groups from HS IV – Diamond Its Not What You Think that moved winners were Shania Rianna Sayson (Kinder best in each pupil’s talents this school year.Race for Place held at the grounds of while the current flowed Many students spent their free periods staring at the stereograms presented Lifes Greatest Lesson, the judges and the audience to tears 2 – Grapes), Sherry France Ongching Some may have just discovered their innateSM Mall of Asia. The Fun Run was a Perception, and R+J: Its Not What You of laughter, earning it the title of Best (Kinder 2 – Orange), and Christian Noel Play. capabilities while some is slowly developingproject of the alumni association and Think. Jocson (Kinder 2 – Orange).was done to help out in the scholarship Daniel Ratilla and Colwin Tanhehco show offfunds of the respective schools. The their hard-earned medals from the 5K run Myth of the Human Bodyrun started early in the morning (6 a.m.) join the Fun Run for free. By Daniel Chen Ratilla (HS III-Sapphire) cardiovascular system. According to theto avoid the heat. guide, preserving the blood vessels was At the end of each race, medals On February 25, 2011, our schools one of the hardest parts, since they were Many people joined the Fun Run were given to the first 500 finishers. science club, FORCES, went on a field trip sometimes small and fragile. The most to a museum in Taguig City called “Myth expensive exhibit could be found here – theand even invited their families and Some PIQCians who won medals of the Human Body”. This two-building Red Man, a preserved specimen that wasfriends. Students were given a 100- were Dunielle Louise Ongogan (3K), museum was no ordinary museum; it entirely of blood vessels. Jasmine and Randys wedding in showcased different bodies all preservedpeso discount for whichever course Richelle Mica Ching (3K), Raymond True Love Meets The Eros Hall contained exhibits of using a technique kown as plastination,they chose: prices for the 3-km and Daniel Lao (5K), Colwin Tanheco (5K), wherein synthetic resin is injected into the reproductive system. Proceeding to the5-km routes were 400 pesos (300 pesos Daniel Ratilla (5K), Lawrence Chua the specimen, this preserves the tissue Zeus Hall, the group saw exhibits of the and other organs. The process can take brain and nerve system. There was evenfor students), while the price for the (10K), and Emmanuel Lusterio (10K). an exhibit that showed a five-part cross- 6 months to a year. This method was10-km route was 500 pesos (400 pesos Despite all the leg cramps and patented and conceptualized by German section of the head. The group was thenfor students). Students who were able foot aches, the Fun Run was true to doctor Gunther von Hagens in the late directed to the Multimedia Room, where 1970’s. they were treated to a short film, The Birth.to convince at least five non-PIQCian its name. It was truly a great bonding The feud between the Capulets and thefriends or relatives were allowed to experience for everybody. FORCES officers at the closed circuit setup Montagues in R + J To t h e s u r p r i s e a n d a w e o f t h e Going down the second floor there was spectators, the bodies were stretched and the Artemis Hall, which showcased the manipulated into different positions: there fetal systems, embryonic and fetal stages,Rhythm of the Night The masters of entertainment all the awards were given out, it was was even one that looked as if it were and even an exhibit of a preserved body of a woman cut into ninety parts – exactly ceremonies for would not have finally time to invade the dance floor. playing basketball. The first floor was an By Matthew Lim (HS III – Emerald) exhibit that introduced the theme of the how you see a CT scan. In all of the halls, the night were been the same our students were also taught the different Striking ensembles were flaunted sophomores Hanz museum, “God and Man” – the Ancient without a photo Greeks believed that each part of the body diseases that can plague the respectiveand countless Facebook pictures K i e f e r Ta n a n d booth, complete was under the sphere of influence of a systems, and how to prevent them.were taken as the 2011 Junior-Senior Marrian Garcia. with an assortment different deity. As a special treat, the travellingPromenade was held last February 4 at The second floor housed the Heracles exhibition, which was supposed to leave To s t a r t of funny hats and this April, has now been extended untilthe PIQC auditorium. Hall, which contained exhibits of muscles t h e f e s t i v i t i e s , Juniors Andrew Choi and Eugenie Elaine Caw a m u s i n g p r o p s . Sandra confronting Heath in Perception Jack and Kate in Not Over Yet and bones that were found all over the December 4, 2011. So for those who Since this years JS proms theme the juniors and as King and Queen of the Night It came with no body, and our FORCES members were are interested, the museum is located in even taught how to differentiate the bones Neobabylon Building 9 Bayani Road,was “Rhythm of the Night”, the seniors made their grand entrance on surprise to anyone that the line to the AFPOVAI, Taguig City, and they are open Seniors Sean Austin Lim and Jean Liao as of a male and female. Beside that was theauditorium was decorated with the the piano key carpet. Afterward, a photo booth never had less than ten Prince and Princess of the Night Poseidon Hall, which contained exhibits from 10:30 AM until 8:30 PM.different types of musical notes. There traditional turnover ceremony in which people. While some performances (such of preserved parts of thewas even a piano key-like carpet in the seniors passed the key and book respiratory system. At the Any prom night would not be as the Cotillion) were canceled due to end of the hall, there waslieu of the traditional a red carpet. of responsibility to the lower batch complete without a few awards, and the lack of performers, this years prom a preserved body neatly was performed. This was followed this years prom was no exception. was definitely a night to remember. dissected into six equal by the candle lighting ceremony led Seniors Lawrence Chua and Vironica parts. by Student Council President Gillian de Leon were named Lad and Lady The third floor contained the Dionysus Jeremie Pua. Dinner, catered by of the Night while Sean Austin Lim Hall, filled with exhibits Golden Café, immediately followed and Jean Liao were given the titles of of the different parts of the ceremonies. Prince and Princess of the Night. But the digestive system. Also, there was an exhibit As everybody ate, several students in the end, juniors Andrew Choi and of a bisected woman, were selected to perform song and Eugene Elaine Caw were crowned holding out her digestive organs. Next was the The photo booth proved to be dance numbers. Also, the proms King and Queen of the Night. After Seniors Lawrence Chua and Vironica de Leon Hades Hall, devoted to the FORCES outside the Neobabylon Building in Taguig a very popular spot as Lad and Lady of the Night Vivians epiphany in Lifes Greatest Lesson