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Over the past two decades, email has emerged as one of the most affordable and efficient ways to facilitate business communication. However, email systems can be a breeding ground for technical disaster. Viruses, file corruption, incessant spam, and other threats are on the rise and have the potential to cause serious damage to your company’s email communications. There is a solution: today’s powerful email security software systems are designed to protect your business from Internet threats.

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Top 10 Email Security Vendor Report

  1. 1. Download Full Report Top 10 Email Security Solution Providers Revealed – 2009 Profiles of the Leading Solution Providers Find the best email security solution for your company.
  2. 2. About Email Security Software Download Full Report Over the past two decades, email has emerged as one of the most affordable and efficient ways to facilitate business communication. In a world where global operations are the “norm”, and many companies are setting up remote, geographically-dispersed offices, email is the most widely used Internet application, and has become vital to keeping employees, customers, and business partners connected. But, email systems are a breeding ground for technical disaster. Viruses created by malicious hackers, electronic files that have been unknowingly corrupted, spam that can clog up mail servers and delay delivery of time-sensitive information, and other threats are on the rise and have the potential to cause tremendous damage. For example, experts estimate that the infamous MyDoom virus of 2004 infected as many as 1 in 12 email messages. That’s why many companies are turning to email security solutions, to keep email communications fully protected and prevent damage to mission-critical infrastructure. What is an Email Security Solution? Email security solutions combine technology tools with comprehensive services to preserve the integrity of email communications. Through protection, detection, and control, they help companies dynamically identify and prevent viruses, spam, and other risks. By governing both inbound and outbound correspondence, email security solutions help minimize threats and provide maximum safeguards. Key Benefits for Your Company Organizations can derive significant benefits from the use of an email security solution, including: * Improved business continuity. Viruses, spam, and other problems can halt vital operations, resulting in wasted time and money. Email security solutions help to eliminate these risks, so companies can prevent related delays and loss of productivity. 2 © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  3. 3. About Email Security Software Download Full Report * Enhanced information confidentiality. Product plans, customer data, and financial information require the utmost protection, as a security breach could have devastating effects. With an email security solution, stringent measures are used to secure the distribution of this highly sensitive information at all times. * Increased regulatory compliance. Email correspondence is subject to various privacy laws and information sharing guidelines such as HIPAA and SOX. Email security software helps minimize legal exposure, and ensure enterprise-wide compliance with these regulations. * Improved network performance. Email security solutions prevent the receipt of corrupted files, viruses, and spam that can slow down network performance and negatively impact the availability and use of email and other business applications. Does My Company Need an Email Security Solution? The prevalence of spam and malicious emails continues to grow. Additionally, hackers and other cyber criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated. No organization is immune to these risks, whether you have 10 or 10,0000 employees, or whether your email servers manage high volumes or small quantities of emails. So, regardless of its size, industry, or structure, every single company needs to protect its communications and related processes and architecture with an email security solution. Common Email Security Solution Features Most email security solutions provide end-to-end protection in the following key areas: Spam Filters Spam can be very disruptive to an organization, decreasing efficiency and taking up valuable space on email servers. Most email security solutions provide spam filtering, which automatically detects spam, based on pre-defined criteria. These capabilities vary in strength from one email security solution to another, and use a variety of identification techniques, including keyword or key phrase monitoring, large image detection, or the measurement of the ratio of graphics to text. Offending emails are either moved to a separate folder, or instantly deleted from the server, and the sender’s email address may be blocked from sending any future correspondence. © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  4. 4. About Email Security Software Download Full Report Anti-Virus Protection Many emails contain attachments in various formats, and, there may be instances where those attachments have been unknowingly corrupted by viruses, particularly if the sender does not have an email security solution. Email security solutions are designed to scan all incoming and outgoing attachments, and will block the distribution or receipt of those that are infected. Some of the more advanced email security solutions will even automatically clean any corrupted files it detects. Content and Image Control Large images embedded in emails, or content that is graphics-rich, can clog email servers and slow down vital communications. Additionally, incoming or outgoing emails that contain offensive language or pictures can diminish employee morale and ruin a company’s reputation. Many email security solutions solve these problems by providing comprehensive content and image control. For example, they will flag emails that include inappropriate content, or that contain images greater than a pre-specified size. Data Encryption Every company maintains private and proprietary information. And while that information must often be distributed via email as part of standard business operations, appropriate measures need to be put into place to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. By encrypting data before it is transmitted from the email server, email security solutions help protect sensitive information from security breaches. What to Look for When Choosing an Email Security Solution While you will find many similarities between the many email security solutions available today, there are two key distinguishing features to look for when conducting your evaluations: Automatic Updates Hackers are constantly at work, and new viruses emerge all the time. The email security solution you choose must have automatic update capabilities so your company, and its email communications, are fully protected from all the latest and greatest risks. 4 © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  5. 5. About Email Security Software Download Full Report Scalability Mergers, acquisitions, corporate growth, and spikes in business activity can all impact the number of email users on your system, as well as the volume of email correspondence you send and receive. Be sure the solution you choose can easily scale to meet your needs as your organization, and its email activity, expands. Top Email Security Software Vendors You have many options when choosing an email security software vendor. To make it a bit easier, we’ve featured some of the leading email security solutions in this paper. Review these vendors, and you’ll be well on the way to finding the right email security software package for your business. © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  6. 6. Download Full Report | | 0-989-0 HigHligHts * Founded by pioneers in Internet messaging - with technical staff from Hotmail, eGroups, ListBot and Yahoo! * Offers a free trial. * Backed by the strength of Cisco Systems. * Recognized by Red Herring as a Top 10 Private Security Companies to watch. SC Magazine “Best Buy” award in its anti-spam group test. oWNErShip: HEAdquArtErS: EMaiL SECuriTY proDuCTS: Private San Bruno, California (Acquired by Cisco * IronPort C0 BuSiNESS MoDEL: Systems in 2007) * IronPort C00 On-Premise (appliance- * IronPort C300D FouNDED: based) * IronPort C100 2002, California * IronPort X100 CuSToMEr FoCuS: Suite of solutions for small to large enterprises. Focus on government agencies, educational institutions, ISPs, value-added resellers, healthcare organizations, and financial services companies. SELECT CuSToMErS: CNN, Microsoft, Nasdaq, Paypal, Dell, JetBlue, Johns Hopkins University. priCE: Not published. Offers a “try before you buy” 30-day evaluation of its fully functional anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-spyware appliance. © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  7. 7. about ironport Download Full Report Founded in 2002 by a team of leading-edge Internet pioneers, IronPort Systems has established its reputation by helping its customers build and maintain an ironclad system for communicating through a variety of mediums. The company makes network appliances and software applications for the messaging infrastructure. The company’s IronPort’s Intelligent Messaging Gateway appliances monitor and manage messaging and email flow and enforce corporate email policies. IronPort also provides an email certification system that helps companies avoid spam. IronPort products and technology solutions are used predominately by government agencies at the state and federal level, educational institutions, ISPs, value-added resellers, healthcare organizations, and companies in the financial services area. Customers have included CNN, Microsoft, Nasdaq, and Paypal. IronPort’s achievements in the Internet security arena have steadily attracted worldwide attention—so much so that in early 2007 the company agreed to be acquired by Cisco for $830 million. IronPort’s key strengths include: * IronPort Systems was founded in 2000 by pioneers in Internet messaging. With technical staff from companies such as Hotmail, eGroups, ListBot, and Yahoo!, IronPort’s mission is to revolutionize Internet messaging. * The IronPort email security appliances are recognized as the most sophisticated systems available today. Currently in production at eight of the ten largest ISPs and more than 20 percent of the world’s largest enterprises, these systems have a proven record of unmatched security and reliability. * By reducing the downtime associated with spam, viruses and a wide variety of other threats, IronPort’s email security appliances facilitate the administration of corporate mail systems and reduce the burden on technical staff. IronPort’s email security appliances support and protect your email systems—not only from today’s threats, but from those certain to evolve in the future. * The company has developed the strongest network of partnerships in the industry. This combination of proprietary technology and best-of-breed partnerships gives 7 © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  8. 8. about ironport Download Full Report IronPort the capability to deliver on its vision of Total Messaging Security as quickly and efficiently as possible. * IronPort has been successful because of its laser focus on unique technologies such as SenderBase and AsyncOS. SenderBase is the world’s first and largest email traffic monitoring service. SenderBase collects data from more than 100,000 ISPs, universities, and corporations around the world. * SenderBase measures more than 110 different parameters for any email server on the Internet. This massive database receives more than 5 billion queries per day, with real- time data streaming in from every continent and network providers large and small. Aligned with a powerhouse like Cisco, IronPort Systems continues to build on its world-class presence as the leading email and Web security products provider for organizations ranging from small businesses to the Global 2000. 8 © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  9. 9. Download Full Report | | 1-800-228-1 HigHligHts * TrendLabs service framework provides round-the-clock coverage to customers around the world. * Offers security for the network infrastructure and individual computers. * Solutions for home office, small businesses, medium sized organizations and enterprises. * Free trial available. oWNErShip: HEAdquArtErS: EMaiL SECuriTY proDuCTS: Public (NASDAQ: TMICY) Tokyo, Japan * InterScan Messaging Hosted FouNDED: BuSiNESS MoDEL: Security 1988, California Hosted * OfficeScan * Client Server Messaging Security * Web Security Suites * ScanMail * NeatSuite * ServerProtect CuSToMEr FoCuS: Solutions for companies of all sizes; from home offices to enterprises. priCE: Not published. 9 © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  10. 10. about Trend Micro Download Full Report Trend Micro is a world leader in network antivirus and Internet content security software and services. Since its inception in 1988, the company has been on the leading edge of secure content and threat management, developing and delivering a range of flexible and customizable Internet security solutions to address the ever-changing threats on the Web. With headquarters in Tokyo and operations in more than 30 countries, Trend Micro’s award-winning solutions and proven applications are sold through corporate and value- added resellers and service providers worldwide. The company is a top-tier provider of desktop and network antivirus, anti-spam, and anti-spyware software, along with Internet security software, used to protect file and e-mail servers, Internet gateways, and PCs. Trend Micro provides outsourced managed security services, primarily to Internet service providers and telecommunications firms. The company sells its software through systems integrators, resellers, and manufacturers, and its customers come from a variety of fields, including financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing, and consumer goods. Trend Micro’s proven integrated email security strategy leverages the most effective types of protection at the most effective points in the network. Through the use of streamlined threat management technology and end-user email content monitoring and filtering, Trend Micro helps organizations deploy the right mix of products and technologies to effectively and efficiently migrate the business risks arising from messaging-related threats. Trend Micro’s key security strengths include: * Comprehensive and scalable threat detection and management software solutions cover the full lifecycle business needs of small to mid-sized companies, and large corporate enterprises. * Through its TrendLabs service framework, the company’s global network of threat research and product service and support centers, Trend Micro offers continuous 10 © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  11. 11. about Trend Micro Download Full Report round-the-clock coverage to customers around the world. * By delivering deep integration with the network infrastructure and new technologies, including next-generation IP filtering, network content inspection, and network access control, Trend Micro’s full spectrum of products secure both the network infrastructure and individual computers. * With more than 800 engineers, researchers, and support personnel in 1 dedicated service centers around the globe, Trend Micro offers the capability to monitor potential security threats and mount rapid responses to major security incidents and urgent support requests. * Trend Micro’s InterScan Messaging Hosted Security package guards against malware and targeted spyware attacks sent by email, while providing anti-spam and anti-phishing protection. Their comprehensive, hosted service offers added security and bandwidth by keeping threats completely off the network. Trend Micro’s layered enterprise messaging security can be purchased as a standard service, which includes filtering inbound traffic for email threats with simplified management; pre-set protection defaults, choice of spam action, and updates and tuning by Trend Micro. Additional threat management features can be purchased that includes filtering inbound and outbound email traffic and offers further granularity in user access and control. 11 © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  12. 12. Download Full Report | | 1-888-584-3150 HigHligHts * Used by 35,000 businesses worldwide. * 99.999% availability and 24x7 award-winning support. * On-demand service saves on hardware and maintenance. * Backed by Google. oWNErShip: HEAdquArtErS: EMaiL SECuriTY proDuCTS: Public (NASDAQ: GOOG) San Carlos, California * Postini Email Security (PES) FouNDED: BuSiNESS MoDEL: for Enterprise 1999, California Hosted * Postini Email Security SP (Acquired by Google, 2007) CuSToMEr FoCuS: Small to mid-sized businesses. Focus on the commercial and retail sectors. SELECT CuSToMErS: AMSouth Bank, Business Objects, Hormel Foods Corporation, Johnson Controls priCE: Activation Fee: Standard Edition (SE) - $100.00 Enterprise Edition (EE) - $10.00 Postini Email Security (PES): PES I Accounts (SEI) - $49.50 (up to 50 users) PES II Accounts (SEII) - $64.95 (up to 75 users) PES III Accounts (SEIII) - $79.95 (up to 100 users) PESIV Accounts (SEIV) - $99.95 (up to 150 users) Postini Email Security – (over 150 users) – not published – contact Postini for pricing. 12 © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  13. 13. about postini Download Full Report Postini, a wholly owned subsidiary of Google Inc., is considered a global leader in on- demand Communication Security and Compliance solutions. With a customer base that consists of more than 35,000 businesses and 10 million users worldwide, the company delivers full spectrum message security, archiving, encryption, and policy enforcement applications and solutions. This security suite of tools can be used to protect a company’s email, instant messaging, and other web-based communications. Postini’s founding vision is to bring to market technology solutions that address enterprise messaging problems in a different way. The company’s on-demand offering is designed to liberate small to mid-sized businesses in the commercial and retail sectors from the burdens associated with traditional on-premise email security solutions. With Postini, an enterprise is protected against increasingly malicious internet-based attacks, and compliance is ensured for government, industry, and internal mandates. The bottom-line benefits to SMBs: the ability to re-establish increased productivity for users. Postini’s team of researchers and analysts process over 1 billion messages per day, giving them an impressive, real-time pool of intelligence on what’s happening on the Internet, who the “bad guys” are, and what they are doing, today. This enables the company to stay ahead of the latest hacker tactics and to proactively protect their customers from even the most advanced attacks. Using Postini, companies benefit from the network effect of their intelligence gathering, making operations more safe and more productive. Postini invented the software as a service (SaaS) approach to providing communications security and compliance, and holds two fundamental patents in the space, with more patents pending. Postini’s patented “stateless” architecture and redundant global data centers are backed by certifications such as SAS 70 Type II, WebTrust, and the Department of Commerce/ UE Safe Harbor. This provides organizations with the ultimate trusted backbone. The Postini Message Center is available in 14 languages, with service and support available 24x7 worldwide, and proven 99.999% reliability. 1 © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  14. 14. about postini Download Full Report As an on-demand service, there is no software or hardware to buy, install, maintain, or upgrade. Administrators use standard web browsers to manage the system, and users seamlessly continue to use their existing email, IM, and web software. This delivery model helps Postini customers save as much as 90% compared to hardware or software solutions. Postini is consistently rated as the top message security vendor in independent magazine, test lab, and analyst reviews. Postini processes more messages each day than all other managed security service providers combined, so customers can be assured their organization is secure, compliant, and productive. . 14 © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  15. 15. Download Full Report | | 1-800-937-8118 HigHligHts * Appliance-based messaging products deliver a complete email infrastructure. * 99.999% reliable appliances. * Hardened OS (MOS) that has never been hacked. * Award-winning solutions recognized by Security Products Guide “Hot Companies 2007” “Global Product Excellence in SecureEmail Customer Trust Award”. oWNErShip: HEAdquArtErS: EMaiL SECuriTY proDuCTS: Private Sunnyvale, California RazorGate Email and FouNDED: BuSiNESS MoDEL: Messaging Security Appliance 1997, California On-Premise (appliance- * Rapid Anti-Spam based) * Rapid Anti-Virus * MailHurdle CuSToMEr FoCuS: Enterprises. Focus on higher education, health care, and Internet service providers. SELECT CuSToMErS: Temple University, Illinois Tool Works, DirecTV, Cal Poly, British Telecom priCE: Not published. 1 © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  16. 16. about Mirapoint Download Full Report Founded in 1997, Mirapoint is a market leader in appliance-based solutions for secure message networks in enterprise, service provider, and education organizations, with more than 11 million mailboxes served and secured worldwide. Mirapoint makes network appliances designed to route, store, and process incoming and outgoing e-mail for viruses, spam, and user access policies. Combining messaging and server software with hardware, the company’s messaging tools are designed to work with a variety of mail formats and to integrate with existing email applications, wireless devices, and Web-based systems. Mirapoint solutions power the message networks for over 800 customers worldwide, including some of the largest service providers and mobile operators, as well as enterprises, education, and government institutions. Customers use Mirapoint appliances, including the Message Server mail appliance and the RazorGate mail security appliance, to build the messaging infrastructure that intelligently serves, secures and manages email. Key strengths of Mirapoint’s email security solutions include: * Mirapoint’s RazorGate messaging security solution is billed as the only email security appliance on the market today to deliver true appliance features such as proven 99.999% uptime, a hardened OS (MOS) that has never been hacked, lights out management, hot swappable drives, and the ability to rebuild the unit locally. * As an integrated feature of its RazorGate product, Mirapoint’s MailHurdle connection management technology provides a unique and innovative filtering approach that blocks up to 80% of threats at the network edge before a network bandwidth, storage, processor, and administration resources are wasted. * Using a localized reputation-based blocking policy, MailHurdle gives customers the ability to let business partners in based on their knowledge of their reputation. This is a unique technique that lets customers set reputation locally and not risk having emails blocked from partners while keeping other known bad users from sending email through the network. 1 © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  17. 17. about Mirapoint Download Full Report * RazorGate’s RAPID Anti-Spam technology continuously utilizes information collected on a global basis from network probes to identify and block email spam outbreaks in real-time. RAPID Anti-Spam is equally effective against spam, fraud, phishing and malware. * Anti-Virus technology is applied through RazorGate’s RAPID Anti-Virus, which adds an additional layer of real-time protection. This Zero Hour Virus Protection uses information collected on a global basis from a network of over 0 million probes to address emerging threats. RAPID Anti-Virus helps customers identify viruses within minutes of an outbreak without stopping the flow of SMTP traffic while scanning occurs, which reduces latency of messages into the network. As part of its total commitment to providing a complete strategy for email, Mirapoint in June of 2007 announced its Comprehensive Mobile Access Plan, its strategy to ensure that enterprise mobility receives the same level of security and reliability that Mirapoint offers in the company’s email and collaboration. Mirapoint offers the total package in appliance-based email security. Its email server, archiving and security appliances offer carrier-class, 99.999 percent uptime reliability and the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). The company’s Message Server is currently the industry’s only dedicated appliance that integrates email routing, storage, access and management. Plus, Mirapoint’s RazorGate email security appliances provide multi-layered protection at the network edge to block hackers, spam, and virus threats, with spam and virus catch-rates upwards of 98 percent. Mirapoint’s Messaging Reporter delivers a holistic view of spam, virus, and email trends across the messaging network. And finally, the Mirapoint Directory Server serves as the backbone to the messaging infrastructure, providing a foundation for storing and managing message routing information, user profiles, and access privileges. When combining all elements of its solution offering, Mirapoint appliances deliver a secure messaging infrastructure to enterprises worldwide. 17 © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  18. 18. Download Full Report | | 1-800-745-6054 HigHligHts * Pay-as-you-go pricing reduces start-up costs and maximizes flexibility. * Leading IT provider with 3,500 engineers dedicated to security solutions. * Named one of IT Week’s Top 50 Technology Innovators (2006) * Facilities in 40 countries for 24x7 coverage and global support. oWNErShip: HEAdquArtErS: EMaiL SECuriTY proDuCTS: Public (NASDAQ (GS): Cupertino, California SYMC) * Endpoint Protection BuSiNESS MoDEL: * Brightmail AntiSpam FouNDED: Hosted and On-Premise * Hosted Mail Security 1982, California * Information Foundation * Mail Security * IM Manager * Premium AntiSpam CuSToMEr FoCuS: Offers a full range of security solutions for customers of all sizes. Does business with 99 percent of the companies listed on the 2007 Fortune 1000 list. Strong presence in the electrical power industry, financial services, oil and gas industry, the public sector, and the telecommunications sector. SELECT CuSToMErS: American Systems, Fulton County, Georgia, Novacoast, Inc., Mitera Hospital. priCE: Symantec Hosted Mail Security Subscription includes Basic 12 Month Support. Prices start at $41.40 per user. Contact Symantec for detailed pricing models and further information on product activation, online access, and upgrades. 18 © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  19. 19. About Symantec Download Full Report Founded in 1982 in Cupertino, California, Symantec has established itself as a world- class information security organization, and is recognized as one of the world’s top three providers of web-based threat protection tools and solutions. With 17,500 employees and facilities in 40 countries, Symantec remains at the front of the technology curve in researching, developing, and implementing solutions that address the security, systems management, and storage needs for consumers, small businesses, and enterprises. With over 300 issued US patents in infosec and related technologies, Symantec has a number of security operations centers and security response labs around the world, providing 24x7 security expertise to its constantly expanding customer base. Symantec’s primary manufacturing facility is located in Dublin, Ireland, and the company has more than 2,000 support professionals globally in 29 centers, providing support in 10 languages. The company helps customers protect their infrastructure, information and interactions by delivering software and services that address risks to security, availability, compliance and performance, and their track record is impressive. Symantec was named one of IT Week’s Top 50 Technology Innovators (December 2006); the organization tied for 16th place on Baseline Magazine’s 50 Fastest-Growing Software Companies (September 2006), and it’s ranked 515 on the 2007 Fortune 1,000 list. Key strengths include: * Symantec replaces costly capital investments with pay-as-you-go subscriptions that maximize flexibility, and benefit from the expertise and economies of scale of a leading IT provider. * At research and development facilities around the world, more than 3,500 Symantec engineers are building solutions to help individuals and enterprises assure the security, availability, and integrity of their information—staying one step ahead of cyber criminals. * Symantec’s pay-as-you-go, subscription-based Hosted Mail Security protects your email infrastructure from spam, viruses, and other unwanted content without requiring on-site hardware, software, or ongoing maintenance. 19 © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  20. 20. About Symantec Download Full Report * Hosted by Symantec, the solution features award-winning Brightmail AntiSpam and Symantec AntiVirus technologies, flexible quarantine management, graphical reporting and protections against directory harvest attacks and other email-borne threats. * The company’s proven enterprise-wide email security solution stops 97 percent of all spam messages, and boasts an industry-leading 99.9999 percent accuracy rate against false positives. The technology requires no additional hardware or software, allows administrators to customize mail policies by user or group, and utilizes a secure Web-based console to provide central management of all domains, policies, reports and quarantines. * Messaging Security solutions ensure that critical IT systems, and the information assets they contain, are protected from risks such as viruses, spam, and data leakage. Powerful filtering capabilities block unwanted content from entering your network, and ensure sensitive information is not transferred inappropriately. Symantec’s award-winning security solutions enable organizations to evaluate, protect, and effectively remediate both managed and unmanaged systems as they connect to corporate assets. Integrated solutions include antivirus, anti-spam, anti-spyware, firewall, intrusion prevention, and network access control technologies. Client machines, servers, and mobile devices are all protected by Symantec’s leading-edge prevention tools and applications. Symantec provides a full range of services to assist its broad base of customers in assessing, architecting, implementing, supporting, and maintaining their security, storage, and infrastructure software solutions. The company’s global services organization also provides enterprise and small to mid-sized businesses with maintenance and technical support, consulting, and education services. Symantec does business with 99 percent of the companies listed on the 2007 Fortune 1000 list. The company has a particularly strong presence in the electrical power industry, financial services, oil and gas industry, the public sector, and the telecommunications sector. 20 © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  21. 21. Download Full Report | | 1-800-379-4944 HigHligHts * Reputation as the “gold standard” in enterprise firewall technology. * Granted 80 patents for systems architecture, cryptography, electronic mail filtering and security control systems. * Positioned by Gartner in the Leader’s Quadrant for Secure Web Gateway Magic Quadrant. * SC Magazine rates IronMail the “Best Buy” for email content filtering oWNErShip: HEAdquArtErS: EMaiL SECuriTY proDuCTS: Public (NASDAQ: SCUR) San Jose, California Enterprise Messaging Gateway FouNDED: BuSiNESS MoDEL: Portfolio 1984, California On-Premise (appliance- * IronMail Email Security based) Appliances * IronIM Instant Messaging Security Appliance * IronNet Policy/Compliance Security Appliance * Edge Perimeter Email Security Appliances CuSToMEr FoCuS: Enterprises with large and sensitive networks. Focus on banking, financial services. health care, telecommunications, federal and local governments. SELECT CuSToMErS: Automatic Data Processing (ADP), Mellon Bank, Navy Federal Credit Union, Penn State University, RCB Bank, Rutgers University. priCE: Not published. 21 © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  22. 22. about Secure Computing Download Full Report Headquartered in San Jose, California, Secure Computing delivers a comprehensive set of solutions that help customers protect their critical Web, email and network assets. Secure Computing’s customers operate some of the largest and most sensitive networks and applications in the world. They include the majority of the Dow Jones Global 50 and a large number of organizations in the Fortune 1000, as well as banking, financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing, public utilities, schools, and federal and local governments. The company has built its reputation on a strong commitment mitigate the risk exposure of its expanding base of customers, and protect their information assets from a multitude of threats, including identity theft, intruders, legal liability, security compromises, hackers, malicious software, and viruses. Secure Computing is an acknowledged global market leader in Messaging Gateway Security. Their portfolio of high throughput and easy-to-manage security appliances “blocks the bad while guarding the good,” providing maximum system availability and unmatched inbound and outbound security across multiple messaging protocols including email, instant messaging, and Webmail. Secure Computing’s solution set leverages TrustedSource, the world’s leading reputation service, which analyzes over 110 billion messages a month to proactively uncover spam, phishing attacks, DDoS, viruses, zombies, and Trojans. This combination of global intelligence plus local knowledge provides clean, efficient communications, eliminating numerous risks from data leakage, compliance violations, and messaging-borne malware. The company’s key strengths include: * Secure Computing has long been regarded as the “gold standard” in enterprise firewall technology. Their award-winning products protect some of the most mission-critical networks and applications in the world. 22 © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  23. 23. about Secure Computing Download Full Report * As network environments have evolved in parallel with the growth of the Internet, Secure Computing has added extensive capabilities in the areas of Web and messaging application security, inbound and outbound email monitoring and protection, as well as identity and access management. * Secure Computing addresses the fundamental issues of application security with a new approach that is embodied in its Enterprise Messaging Gateway Security portfolio, a comprehensive suite of innovative, layered security solutions to stop inbound and outbound messaging threats in an integrated, best-of-breed, and technologically superior appliance. * Messaging Gateway Security is one of four solution families offered by Secure Computing. Together with Network Gateway Security, Web Gateway Security, and the company’s Identity and Access Management suite, your organization can be protected from today’s and tomorrow’s threats. * Secure Computing’s proven, total solution set leverages global intelligence, integrated in their TrustedSource technology, which delivers real-time web and messaging reputation scoring, and an award winning portfolio of email, Web, and application firewall security solutions that provide anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-phishing, anti- malware, and anti-spyware prevention and protection gathered from a worldwide network of thousands of sensors. * The combination of the company’s easy-to-manage appliances with sophisticated centralized intelligence provides clean, efficient communications, eliminating both inbound and outbound risks. Secure Computing’ Corporation has been granted a total of 80 patents issued or pending in the United States. These patents cover systems architecture, cryptography, electronic mail filtering, and security control systems. 2 © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  24. 24. Download Full Report| | 1-877-814-7900 HigHligHts * 13 years of security history with large enterprises and government agencies. * Partnerships with tech leaders 3Com, Cisco, F5 Networks, Sun and others. * Consolidated security for email, IM and Web. * Offers security for the most demanding networks. * Award-winning company and solutions. SC Magazine Best of 2006, Email Filtering, Red Herring 100 Finalist, Info Security Hot Company Award oWNErShip: HEAdquArtErS: EMaiL SECuriTY proDuCTS: Private Toronto, Canada (main US office: Irving, BorderWare Email Security FouNDED: Texas) Gateway 1994, Toronto, Canada BuSiNESS MoDEL: On-Premise CuSToMEr FoCuS: The company’s enterprise solutions are used by customers in the services, financial and insurance, government and international agencies, education, healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, retail, and food and beverage industries. SELECT CuSToMErS: Verizon, TELUS, NATO, US Department of Defense, University of California at Berkeley, Toyota, Time Inc. priCE: Not published. 24 © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  25. 25. about BorderWare Download Full Report BorderWare is considered a benchmark provider of messaging security, privacy and compliance solutions for enterprises of all sizes and governments worldwide, with over 8,000 customers across countries, and 00 channel partners. The company’s success is reflected in its strong customer base, along with its strong leadership position in the messaging security industry and its broad and deep expertise across several industries. BorderWare has a proven track record of combining professional service delivery, customer support and strategic partnerships to help organizations mitigate the risks associated with today’s converging threat landscape. The company has developed dynamic, innovative affiliations with some of the industry’s most prominent companies in Internet infrastructure, security and messaging, including Cisco Systems, F5 Networks, Sun Microsystems, FaceTime Communications, RSA Security, Research In Motion (RIM), Symantec and Kaspersky Labs. The BorderWare Security Platform provides the architectural baseline to power the BorderWare Email Security Gateway, BorderWare IM Security Gateway, and BorderWare Web Security Gateway. BorderWare SteelGate Firewall+VPN, SIPassure VoIP/SIP Security Gateway and the award-winning MXtreme Mail Firewall that has evolved to become the BorderWare Email Security Gateway -- protect mission-critical network resources in the most sensitive environments. Borderware strengths include: * BorderWare Email Security Gateway is a robust, appliance-based email security, privacy and compliance solution that protects against email threats and effectively and efficiently controls outbound information to protect against malicious attacks and enforce compliance regulations. * The company’s technology approach to email security integrates a multi-layered response to threat prevention, delivering advanced anti-spam, anti-virus, image spam protection and a threat prevention engine within a hosted platform. 2 © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  26. 26. about BorderWare Download Full Report * BorderWare Email Security Gateway provides a comprehensive package featuring granular policies, attachment scanning, encryption capabilities, and industry compliance toolkits, which gives customers the ability to control outbound information and protect against regulatory compliance and corporate violations, theft and leakage of confidential information or intellectual property. * BorderWare Technologies’ email security solution set is built on the BorderWare Security Platform, a secure, scalable, and affordable infrastructure that eliminates removes the need to deploy different devices to protect against each messaging application. * With BorderWare’s Email Security Gateway, customers benefit from the lowest false positive rate, zero hour protection, proactive threat protection with real-time defenses, encryption, increased email throughput, and ongoing assurance that no email message is ever lost. BorderWare is a private company, headquartered in Toronto, Canada with sales and support offices in London, Australia, Singapore, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Dubai, Dallas, New York, Seattle and Chicago. BorderWare’s products are sold through a worldwide channel of over 00 resellers. 2 © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  27. 27. Download Full Report | | 1-408-342-5400 HigHligHts * Fast deployment - be running in as little as 15 minutes. * Web user interface. No extensive IT expertise required. * Automatic updates. * No licensing fees. Does not charge per-user, per-port or per-server licensing fees. oWNErShip: HEAdquArtErS: EMaiL SECuriTY proDuCTS: Private Campbell, California * The Barracuda Spam FouNDED: BuSiNESS MoDEL: Firewall 2002, California On-Premise * The Barracuda IM Firewall CuSToMEr FoCuS: Flexible solutions serve small, mid-sized and large enterprises. SELECT CuSToMErS: Caltrans, Highlands Insurance, Lloyd Staffing, Washington State University, ToucanEd, FedEx, Coca-Cola, IBM, NASA. priCE: Not published. 27 © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  28. 28. about Barracuda Download Full Report Since its start in 2002, Barracuda Networks continues to build on its global presence, gaining wide recognition and acclaim from customers, media and industry analysts by offering exceptional customer service, top-notch products and engaging partner programs. Barracuda Networks provides firewalls that protect enterprises from e-mail spam, viruses, and spyware. Barracuda serves small, midsized, and large businesses in industries such as financial services, manufacturing, technology, consumer goods, utilities, and retail. The company also provides professional services such as support, consulting, and implementation. Today, Barracuda Networks reports that more than 50,000 companies, including Coca- Cola, FedEx, Harvard University, IBM, L’Oreal, NASA, and Europcar, are protecting their networks with Barracuda solutions. Barracuda Networks’ suite of network security solutions includes the Barracuda Spam Firewall, Barracuda Web Filter, Barracuda IM Firewall, Barracuda Load Balancer, Barracuda Message Archiver and Barracuda Web Application Controllers. The company’s key strengths include: * Combining its own award-winning technology with powerful open source software, Barracuda Networks solutions deliver easy to use, comprehensive protection against spam, spyware, viruses, and other IT infrastructure threats. * Through its Barracuda Central, an advanced 24/7 security operations center that works to continuously monitor and block the latest Internet threats, Barracuda Networks secures and maintains its position as a network security industry leader. * The Barracuda Spam Firewall is an integrated hardware and software solution designed to protect your email server from spam, virus, spoofing, phishing and spyware attacks. It deploys 12 comprehensive defense layers to deliver industry- leading defense capabilities for any email server within large corporate or small business environments. 28 © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  29. 29. about Barracuda Download Full Report * Compatible with all email servers, the Barracuda Spam Firewall can fit into nearly any corporate or small business environment. It’s used by small organizations with as few as 10 employees and large organizations with as many as 200,000 employees. A single Barracuda Spam Firewall handles up to 0,000 active email users. Multiple units can be clustered together for even greater capacity and high availability. * The Barracuda Spam Firewall is available in six models and supports from 1,000 to 0,000 active users with no per user licensing fees. The Barracuda Spam Firewall can be installed in front of the email server in typically less than five minutes and is automatically updated hourly to block new forms of spam and viruses. The keys to the success of the Barracuda product line are derived from its network solutions that can be up and running in as little as 1 minutes with no extensive IT expertise required, no support phone trees, and no licensing fees. And, every Barracuda Networks solution comes backed by an automatic update mechanism that keeps customers protected against the latest threats. A privately held company with its international headquarters and manufacturing facility based in Campbell, California, Barracuda Networks has offices in eight international locations and distributors in more than 80 countries worldwide. 29 © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  30. 30. Download Full | | 1-408-517-4710 HigHligHts * Rated “Strong Performer” in Forrester’s 2006 Information Leak Prevention Wave report. * Easy configuration and 99.6%+ effectiveness against spam and zero false positives. * Named one of 75 Innovation All-Stars by the California Innovation Corridor. * Hosted and On-Premise solutions available. oWNErShip: HEAdquArtErS: EMaiL SECuriTY proDuCTS: Private Cupertino, California * Proofpoint .0 FouNDED: BuSiNESS MoDEL: 2002, California Hosted and On-Premise (appliance and boxed software) CuSToMEr FoCuS: Leading global enterprises, universities, healthcare organizations, retail chains, and government agencies. SELECT CuSToMErS: Hitachi Data Systems, Kaiser Permanente, HCA, Mary Kay, Pitney Bowes, Outback Steakhouse, U-Haul. priCE: Proofpoint appliance pricing starts at $6,750 plus annual user license fees. Proofpoint modules for anti-spam, anti-virus, secure messaging, data loss prevention, advanced log analysis and multi-protocol policy enforcement are priced separately. The company also offers a free 45-day trial version of its Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway – Virtual Edition. 0 © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  31. 31. about proofpoint Download Full Report Proofpoint helps organizations protect, manage, and control their business-critical enterprise messaging systems. The company delivers its email security solutions to a rapidly growing number of leading global enterprises, universities, healthcare organizations, retail chains, and government agencies—all of whom rely on Proofpoint technology to defend against spam and viruses, comply with email-related regulations and prevent confidential information from leaking via email and other network messaging systems. Since its start in June 2002, Proofpoint has gained accolades from industry analysts and technology experts, and its customer base has grown rapidly to thousands of enterprise, government and university accounts, including a broad range of worldwide market leaders. Proofpoint helps organizations protect, manage, and control their business-critical enterprise messaging systems. The company delivers its email security solutions to a rapidly growing number of leading global enterprises, universities, healthcare organizations, retail chains, and government agencies—all of whom rely on Proofpoint technology to defend against spam and viruses, comply with email-related regulations and prevent confidential information from leaking via email and other network messaging systems. Proofpoint’s software and appliance solutions now process hundreds of millions email messages per day, protecting millions of email inboxes from both inbound and outbound message-borne threats. Key strengths of Proofpoint’s security solutions include: * Proofpoint provides unified email security and data loss prevention solutions for enterprises, universities, government organizations and ISPs to defend against inbound threats such as spam and viruses, prevent leaks of confidential and private information across all protocols, and encrypt sensitive emails. 1 © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  32. 32. about proofpoint Download Full Report * All Proofpoint features—including anti-spam, anti-virus, multi-protocol content security, policy-based encryption and reporting features—are managed centrally from a single administrative GUI and deployed on a unified appliance architecture. Features can be deployed in nearly any configuration, to meet your organization’s unique requirements. * Proofpoint provides the most scalable and flexible deployment model including: hardware appliance, virtual appliance, hosted services and software. * Proofpoint’s products are controlled by a single management and policy console and are powered by Proofpoint MLX technology, an advanced machine learning system developed by Proofpoint scientists and engineers. * Whether your deployment involves a single Proofpoint server or multiple, globally distributed appliances, all policy management and administration tasks are controlled via Proofpoint’s centralized, web-based administration console. * Proofpoint 5 is the industry’s first single-appliance solution for defending against inbound spam and viruses, preventing leaks of confidential and private data, encrypting sensitive information and analyzing messaging infrastructures. Delivering these capabilities on a single platform enables customers to radically reduce costs and complexity while improving the overall effectiveness of their messaging security infrastructures. In 2006, Deloitte named Proofpoint the fastest-growing young technology company in North America. The company was named a “Strong Performer” in Forrester’s 2006 Information Leak Prevention Wave report. Proofpoint’s “impressive” solution offers easy configuration, 99.6%+ effectiveness against spam, zero false positives and a plethora of outbound security features. Proofpoint was named as one of 75 Innovation All-Stars by the California Innovation Corridor, one of California’s initiatives to foster entrepreneurship, innovation and workforce competitiveness. What’s more, advanced technology solutions like the Proofpoint Protection Server have proven extremely successful for industry leaders such as Hitachi Data, Systems, providing highly accurate spam filtering with an absolute minimum of false positives. This high level of accuracy is due to Proofpoint MLX machine learning technology, which classifies incoming email as spam or valid mail based on the analysis of more than 100,000 structural and content attributes of each message. 2 © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  33. 33. Download Full Report | | 1-800-696-1978 HigHligHts * 10+ years of experience * Comprehensive set of security solutions. * Nearly 2,700 customers, including 8/10 US banks. oWNErShip: HEAdquArtErS: EMaiL SECuriTY proDuCTS: Public (NASDAQ: TMWD) Redwood City, California * MailGate FouNDED: BuSiNESS MoDEL: * Secure Messenger 199, California On-Premise * Desktop Messenger CuSToMEr FoCuS: Financial Services, Government, Health Care, Retail, Insurance and other segments. SELECT CuSToMErS: ABN Amro, Bank of America Securities, Catholic Healthcare West, JP Morgan Chase Co., The Regence Group (Blue Cross/Blue Shield), St. Luke’s Episcopal Healthcare System, the US Food and Drug Administration, the US Department of Defense, and the US Navy and Marine Corps. priCE: Not published. © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  34. 34. about Tumbleweed Download Full Report Founded in 1993, Tumbleweed Communications Corporation is trusted by nearly 2,700 enterprise and government customers worldwide for secure Internet communication solutions. Tumbleweed’s essential mission and focus is to provide security solutions for email protection, file transfers, and identity validation that allow organizations to safely conduct business over the Internet. The company provides these security solutions in three comprehensive product suites: MailGate, SecureTransport and Valicert Validation Authority. MailGate, the company’s flagship email security product, provides protection against spam, viruses and attacks, and enables policy-based message filtering, encryption and routing. Tumbleweed’s email and internet communications security solutions are used by a wide and growing array of corporate enterprises in the financial services, Government, healthcare, retail, and insurance sectors. The company’s key strengths include: * The Tumbleweed Email Security family of products is optimized for network defense, email encryption, content filtering, and data integrity. * Using MailGate technology, Tumbleweed customers prevent spam and viruses, block network-level denial-of-service and directory harvest attacks, dynamically encrypt and securely route messages, and achieve regulatory and corporate policy compliance * By filtering inbound email messaging at the Internet gateway with an integrated set of defenses, MailGate’s mature, proven framework delivers the most effective method to make your email stream secure and reliable, while minimizing administration costs. * Tumbleweed’s Internet security products are widely recognized as among the most comprehensive solutions on the market; they’re acclaimed by customers for their easy installation and management, and flexible deployment options. * In response to the growing denial of service attacks on the Web, Tumbleweed’s email authentication and digital signature methodology ensures that email senders and domains can’t be spoofed. 34 © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.
  35. 35. about Tumbleweed Download Full Report Tumbleweed Communications prides itself in helping to provide its customers with “a sense of security in a rough-and-tumble age.” The company’s on-premise software lets businesses filter, monitor, and archive e-mail and messages sent and received by employees, partners, distributors, and suppliers. As an effective front line against cyber threats of all types, the company’s email protection products help safeguard corporate networks from spam and viruses and include functions for protecting and archiving documents sent over public networks. As part of its end-to-end network communications protection platform, Tumbleweed also offers applications for encrypting e-mail and instant messages. The company has also used acquisitions to expand its product offerings, including applications for authentication and file transfer management. © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.