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  • 1. Try these tasty tips for toning that tummy!The bulge stops here. Doing 200 crunches a day is not enough to give you a washboardstomach - you also need to eat the right foods that will burn through stubborn fat andpromote lean, mean muscle growth. Protein-rich foods play a particularly important role inhelping your body to build muscle and stop storing fat, and you should make sure that everymeal or snack includes a dose of this magic nutrient while also sticking to a balanced, varieddiet.Here is our list of foods that will give your natural fat burners a turbo-boost and give youtight, toned, to-die-for abs.EggsA veritable protein-powerhouse, eggs make the perfect breakfast or post-workout meal asthey stop lean muscle from being broken down, while their high level of vitamin B12 has theopposite effect on fat cells (B vitamins also give you energy, so youll feel super pumpedwhen doing sit-ups).If you are worried about your cholesterol, you can cut out the egg yolks and still benefitfrom the high-protein content in the whites. For ultra-convenience, we love liquid egg whitesafter weve pounded our stomachs in the gym.Lean meatPower to the protein! Meats like turkey and beef are full of the stuff, which makes themadept at building muscle and strengthening the immune system, but you need to make sureyou buy as good a quality meat as you can afford (go free-range or organic) and always lookfor the leanest cuts of beef, such as rump, topside or fillet.Beef is also full of those fat-destroying B vitamins, which is an added bonus.Mackerel and other oily fishDont be fooled into thinking these delicious fish, which are full of omega-3 fatty acids, willmake you put on weight rather then lose it.They might contain significant levels of fat, but these are indisputably healthy fats thatwork with the high levels of protein to increase muscle mass and stop your body fromstoring fat on your waist.
  • 2. They also protect your immune system, so you can keep exercising without feeling run downor ill. You should aim to eat three portions of oily fish a week.NutsYou werent expecting that, were you? Nuts have a reputation for being eye-wateringly highin fat - but in fact they are another source of good fats and nuts such as almonds andBrazils are the perfect snack to carry around with you.If you feel hungry during the day, eat a handful of nuts to fight cravings and prevent muscleloss (other snacks such as chocolate, crisps and biscuits contain dreaded trans-fats - theworst possible for your waistline).Olive oilIt goes without saying that you should be cooking with olive oil rather than other,unhealthier fats such as butter or vegetable oil. Olive oil actually encourages your body toburn fat and reduces your cholesterol, which means your heart benefits too.Just one ounce of olive oil contains almost 90% of your daily recommended amount ofmonounsaturated fat. If you are hard enough, down a shot of olive oil once a day - yourstomach will thank you for it.BeansMost beans (and were talking about the likes of kidney, lima, fava and edamame ratherthan canned baked beans, which can be high in sugar) are full to the brim with protein, aswell as dietary fibre (good for your digestive system) and iron.To get the full benefits - make sure you cook them thoroughly, as this makes it easier foryour system to properly break down the proteins essential for keeping your muscles tonedand your waistline slim. Legumes, such as lentils, are another great source of protein andvitamins.Whole grainsYour body still needs carbohydrates (every meal should include a fine balance of protein,carbs and fat) so dont cut them out of your diet altogether.
  • 3. If you want a flat stomach, then you need to stop eating processed carbs like white bread,pasta and white rice. Instead, swap them for fibre-rich, unprocessed whole grains, includingwholegrain bread, pasta, rice and cereals to stop your body from storing fat.Low fat dairyAs most of you are probably already aware, cheese is the enemy of our waistlines. But itdoesnt have to be. You should still eat cheese and other dairy products such as milk andyoghurt, but make sure you switch to a low-fat variety.As well as strengthening bones, low-fat dairy products are thought to help you rip throughfat reserves. Research carried out at Purdue University found that those who consumedthree cups of low-fat milk a day gained less weight over two years compared to those onlow-calcium diets.Peanut butterAnother reason why protein is so fantastic at burning fat is that the body requires moreenergy to process it than it does carbs and fat, so you burn more calories in the process. Aswell as being tastier than David Beckham in a pair of swim shorts, peanut butter isessentially liquid protein, and its a top choice for a pre-workout breakfast.Leafy vegetablesLow in calories and fat (obviously), green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale and lettuceare packed with fat-burning fibre as well as an endless list of vitamins and minerals.Fibre (just like protein) has the added benefit of making you feel full, so they are a greatway to bulk up your diet and keep you from craving carbs or sweet snacks - which are theenemy of your stomach.10 brain-boosting super foodsDoes your brain need a boost after a long, hard morning in the office?Do you need to focus your mind after going that little bit too far when out on the town lastnight?
  • 4. Then why not try the brain-boosting super foods that are guaranteed to stimulate yourstruggling synapses!Oily fishOily fish such as salmon, sardines and mackerel are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which areessential for increasing brain function and improving cognitive strength and alertness.BlueberriesBerries are rich in antioxidants and are thought to help build healthy connections betweenbrain cells. Blueberries are widely considered to be one of the healthiest foods around -these sweet little bursts of goodness are also rich in fibre, which helps improve yourcardiovascular system as well as your brain.Dark chocolateIts true - chocolate can be good for you! Dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa) has plenty ofbrain-boosting compounds, is rich in antioxidants and has just the right amount of caffeineto keep you alert. It also sends your serotonin skyrocketing, so you can stay happy duringthose long, boring days in the office.CurryThis fiery staple of Indian and Thai cuisine often contains potent spices that are known toreduce inflammation. On top of this, animal studies have shown that curcumin - currysactive ingredient - is effective at clearing away proteins called amyloid plaques, which cancause serious brain problems.BroccoliFormer U.S. president George W. Bush may have been vocal in his hatred of this much-maligned foodstuff, but it is known to increase brain power. Broccoli and other greenvegetables such as kale, cabbage and brussels sprouts are filled with antioxidants likevitamin C, as well as brain-protecting plant compounds called carotenoids.SeedsSeeds such as pumpkin seeds contain lots of brilliant mind-boosting minerals like zinc andmagnesium.
  • 5. Wholegrain foodsEating a diet rich in whole grain foods is proven to increase cognitive function. One recentstudy found that women who increased their intake of folic acid, vitamin B12 and vitamin B6(all of which are found in whole grains) were significantly better at recalling information thanthose who did not.AvocadoAvocado is rich in Vitamin E - an important antioxidant for maintaining a healthy brain.Green and black teaA fresh-brewed cup of tea is a rich source of catechines (antioxidants), which are great forboosting your brain. However, tea does of course contain caffeine, so avoid drinking morethan two to three cups a day.WaterStaying hydrated is vital as every cell in your body needs water to thrive. Studies show thatpeople who are well hydrated score significantly better in tests of brainpower, comparedwith those who arent drinking enough.21 expert diet tipsThe best in the business reveal what you should know about losing weight...Whats the difference between a healthy diet and a dangerous one, a workable one and onethat sees you secretly stuffing your face with chocolate cake just two days after you promisednot to. Tried and tested expert advice, thats what. So, in honour of that little black dressyouve been dying to fit into, we asked 6 diet and nutrition experts for their top tips on
  • 6. getting rid of those extra kilos. And no, theres no carb-hating or mealmissing involved...Cheenu Prashar, Consultant Dietician, Max Healthcare1. I never skip breakfast as it can leave one hungry, tired and looking for less healthy foodlater in the day. I begin my day with high-fibre, low-fat breakfast of porridge, muesli, oats,wholewheat bread, and sprouts.2. Another reason not to miss brekky: it takes care of indigestion, which occurs when youskip a meal or overeat. A light lemony drink after meals also aids in better digestion.3. I look for ways to walk and move around every minutes during the day. Taking the stairsmore often and parking farther away from your destination, going and grabbing a glass ofwater on my own, are simple ways to stay active.Kiran Sawhney, nutritionist1. Consistence, dedication and strong willpower in following a fitness regime is what works.We are disciplined for a bit, and then tend to binge, which ruins the entire rhythm. Buildyour willpower by achieving small missions every day.2. Adopt a variety of fitness regimes, on different days. If you do kickboxing one day, trypilates, walking, swimming and aerobics on other days of the week so you dont get bored.3. Cardio is very important as it tones up your system. Exercise is a great way to cut flab, butyou must get a personal trainer, who will teach you the right techniques to aid weight loss.They may be expensive, but they are worth it.Reeta Shankar, dietician1. Should start their day with protein so that there is no extra insulin in the system. I have eggwhite, milk and sprouts or cottage cheese, oats and bran, so that my body gets the rightcomplex carbs.2. The aim is to stay full for as long as possible, so mix some moong dal into your flour. It isquite filling and will cut your craving for big meals or snacking.3. Dinner should always be light, so try grilled chicken or just a soup. Veggies are idealtheyre light on the system and natural. Eat as much as you like.Shikha Sharma, dietician1. I think skipping alcohol is one of the best way to stay fit and healthy. Alcohol has emptycalories and no nutritional benefit. It also stimulates appetite and interferes with your sleep.A loss-loss, really.2. Instead of a sugary treat, which you may want to indulge in after a meal, try a fruit instead.Fruits satisfy a sweet tooth in the same way cake might, but its much healthier.3. Liquid food is a great way to lose weight. Soups and juices give you instant energy withoutthe carbs, plus they nourish the body. However, a liquid diet doesnt work for everybody, soconsult your doctor before starting one.Ishi Khosla, dietician1. I typically avoid sugar in my drinks, or restrict it to a small spoon in my morning tea. Sugaris empty, fattening calories, so large quantities are best avoided. To cut your intake, watchout for the worst offenders: drinks and baked goods.
  • 7. 2. Not having big meals at night is a perfect way to cut calories. Towards the end of the day,your metabolism slows down, so stick to small portions and light foods.3. Fill up your plate with veggies instead of starchy stuff, which will make you feel awfully fulland add calories. If possible, make yourself an organic meal its light, and great for yourbody.Rachna Sethi, nutritionist1. Increase your fibre intake by eating whole foods and grains instead of processed foods.Avoid white rice and refined cereals.2. Substitute junk food with homemade, healthy snacks. You can make burgers or pizzas athome, which will not have trans fatty acids. You can also attempt continental styleidlisinstead of sambhar, have it with green veggies.3. Add soyabean to your diet and have it at least once in a week as it helps strengthen thebones. You can boil soya, make it into a paste and add it in your meals, or just have soya milk(especially great for those who want to keep fit the right way, without skipping meals orstarving). Soya has many nutrients, as does tofu, which you stock at home.Kajal Pandya, nutritionist, Vedanta, MediCity1. Have lots of fruits and salads, as they have antioxidants and minerals which boost yourbody, plus they are low in fat and calories. They also eliminate wastes quickly and helpreduce cravings for sweets.2. Drink lots of waterit removes toxins and helps cushion your joints. Studies have alsoproven that a low consumption of water allows more fat to be deposited instead of beingmetabolized into energy.3. Scientists have discovered that stress could make you gain weight. Relaxation is the key tomany health problems, so indulge in daily meditation.Want to reduce your belly fat? Eat apples,green peas and beansWashington, June 28 (ANI): Are you tired of having belly fat? Now, eat two small apples, onecup of green peas and one-half cup of pinto beans and exercise vigorously for 30 minutes,two to four times a week.cording to the researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, vegetables, fruit and beanscontain more soluble fiber and will help reduce visceral fat, or belly fat, around themidsection.They found that for every 10-gram increase in soluble fiber eaten per day, visceral fat wasreduced by 3.7 percent over five years. In addition, increased moderate activity resulted in a7.4 percent decrease in the rate of visceral fat accumulation over the same time period.
  • 8. "We know that a higher rate of visceral fat is associated with high blood pressure, diabetesand fatty liver disease," said Kristen Hairston, assistant professor of internal medicine atWake Forest Baptist and lead researcher on the study."Our study found that making a few simple changes can have a big health impact," he added.The researchers examined whether lifestyle factors, such as diet and frequency of exercise,were associated with a five-year change in abdominal fat of African Americans and HispanicAmericans.At the beginning of the study, which involved 1,114 people, the participants were given aphysical exam, an extensive questionnaire on lifestyle issues, and a CT scan. Five years later,the exact same process was repeated.The researchers found that increased soluble fiber intake was associated with a decreasedrate of accumulated visceral fat, but not subcutaneous fat."There is mounting evidence that eating more soluble fiber and increasing exercise reducesvisceral or belly fat, although we still dont know how it works," said Hairston.The results are published in the June 16 online issue of the journal Obesity. (ANI)60 ways to look young (and feel great)Beauty is what health and happiness look like on the outside, Good Housekeeping toldreaders in 1916.Our advice has changed little since because weve always extolled the fundamentals: Theright diet, exercise and spirit promote long life - and keep you looking and feeling young. (Ofcourse, a fabulous haircut, lipstick, and the right pair of jeans cant hurt, either.)
  • 9. Heres the ultimate clock-resetting guide - beauty how-to and health must-do.Mind your brainThese strategies will help keep you sharp-witted(and healthy, too!) throughout your lifeDrink upYour coffee, that is. Swedish and Finnish researchers found that moderate consumption ofcoffee (3-5 small cups a day) cuts the risk of dementia by 65 percent.Get movingMiddle-aged women and men who exercise 5-6 times a week (brisk walking is okay) are farless likely to develop mild cognitive impairment later in life.Check your numbersHigh cholesterol in your 40s can up your chances of developing Alzheimers later in life,researchers reported at a 2008 meeting of the American Academy of Neurology.Also Keep an eye onYour high-density lipoprotein (HDL). Low levels are linked to memory loss and dementia, aUniversity College, London, study of 3,673 participants found.Watch your weightObesity can increase the dementia risk by 80 percent, a Johns Hopkins, US, study found.Most dangerous: fat around your middle.
  • 10. Be a groupiePayoffs from having a circle of friends or people you see regularly at a club or othergathering:Lower blood pressureDelayed memory lossReduced risk of recurrent stroke and even the common coldSave your skinChoose the right products but follow through with some mustdos as well... Your chest is thin-skinned, making it susceptible to sun damage. to renew it, gently exfoliate regularly with aface scrub. Wear a hat that has at least a three-inch brim in order to shade your face. or carrya parasol. on cold days, give your face extra protection with a super-rich thick moisturiser.Use sunscreen with a minimum spf of 15 - no matter where you live or what your skin colour,use every day, whether its winter or summer. and dont forget the after-sun face wash.Keep an eye on your visionDark green leafy vegetables are prime sources of both lutein and zeaxanthin,plant pigments that protect your eyes from uv damage. make lettuce salads - and make surespinach is on the menu, too.Happy birthday!Celebrating one of these milestones? Gift yourself new cosmetics and a new look. Movebeyond the bare essentials.Dont hold back - treat yourself to...AT 30 tinted moisturisers, loose body powders and shimmers.AT 40 lengthening mascara, eyelid primer.AT 50 rosy blush, glowy foundation.AT 60 shimmery shadow, hydrating lipstick.Dress code7 fashion tricks that will make you look younger-instantly
  • 11. 1. Try the new black - Its actually black and white; the combination makes you look sophisticated but still playful. 2. Experiment with a new trend - It updates your look and gives you a more youthful vibe. 3. Learn the power of shapewear - They can give you a sleeker line by invisibly smoothing the areas that bulge out a bit. A more supportive bra adds lift - and subtracts years. 4. Show some leg - Who said that once youre 40, hems should be below the knee? At the knee or just above is most flattering. 5. Skip the Mommy jeans - A dark wash, lower waist, and slimmer-cut jeans will give you the impression of legs you had in high school. 6. Go casual - A T-shirt under your jacket instead of a buttondown shirt, for example, can make you look younger. 7. Keep it in proportion - A slim pant, paired with a longer tunic, will take away years (and conceal extra pounds). Go fish For omega-3-rich sources. The fatty acids in these cold-water fish fight inflammation (precursor to heart disease, arthritis, diabetes) and boost mood. Best high-in-fat:• Salmon (canned is fine)• Mackerel• Sardines• Pomfret• Rohu If you cant find these fish, or your tastes are more turf than surf, then take fish oil supplements containing 500mg of EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid). Seven Seas Seacod and Maxepa are locally available brands. While you can get omega-3s from plant sources, theyre in a form that dont give you similar protection. Love lessons A study conducted at Columbia and Yale Universities found that elderly women who named their husbands as their primary confidants had a reduced risk of dying over the next six years. Bonus: Their husbands lived longer, too.The give- and-take of couple-dom may help keep the neurons firing, say Scandinavian researchers whose study of 1,400 men and women found that people who live
  • 12. alone at mid-life are twice as likely to develop cognitive impairment later in lifeas against those who are paired up.A hand upPure lemon juice is one of the finest things for the hands, Good Housekeepingreported in 1897, foreshadowing todays fruit-acid craze. While citric acidremains a great slougher, here are two more smooth moves: To avoid chapping,always dry hands thoroughly and follow with a hand cream. Keep gloves in yourkitchen and bathrooms, to protect your hands whenever youre washing orcleaning.Build a better memoryOur ability to commit new information to memory - and then retrieve it whenwe need it - slows down over the years.To minimise the decline:Practise paying attention Forcing yourself to observe and recall the details ofyour day - which tie did your husband wear? Did the supermarket cashier haveher hair up or brushed back - sharpens your memory, even if you never need theinformation.Watch TV, or unwind in whatever way works for you - a long walk, a chat with agirl friend. Stress hormones (cortisol) may interfere with encoding andretrieving information; as you age, chronic elevated cortisol levels are linked tomemory impairment.Do crossword puzzles, or learn a new instrument or language. Mentallychallenging activities build fresh connections in your brain, creating "cognitivereserves" that may protect memory later in life.Shine onThe price of a head of good hair is never ending vigilance, warned GoodHousekeeping in 1910. Today, thanks to new techniques and products, you candrop your guard but keep your looks.1. Gray hair, which can be coarse, needs extra conditioning. Try hair productswhich soften hair. Hot oil treatments are still your best bet.2. Hair becomes drier as you age; keep it healthy-looking with frequent trimsand deep-conditioning.
  • 13. A cut aboveAsk your hair stylist for bangs. They look young and fun, and hide foreheadlines.Make waves. Stick-straight hair can look severe (read: older); gentle curlssoften the contours of your face.Short cuts create the illusion of more hair. If you prefer to keep your hair long,add face-framing layers for a subtle lift.A la smart menuProper diet? will tend to ward off diseases, Good Housekeeping said in 1919.Today, research has identified specific foods that can help you stay healthy andhappy:? Berries of all hues are rich in antioxidants. They combat chemicals thatcan cause cell-damage and chronic inflammation. Spinach and other dark leafygreens deliver Vitamin K, which strengthens bones. Red wine containsresveratrol, an antioxidant, inflammation-deterrent, and artery-protector. Curdand other dairy products are a terrific source of bone-building protein andcalcium.In a Japanese study conducted recently, eating 1/4 cup of curd a day led to a 50percent reduction in tooth loss, possibly because of the probiotics in curd.Whole grains can protect against diabetes, heart disease, stroke, colon cancer,and gum disease. Dark chocolate helps keep your arteries functioning well. Buthave no more than 42gm a day. Too much will pack on the heartdamaging kilos.Keeping lips lusciousWhatever your challenge - dryness, shape - there is a solution.Lift droopy corners, apply a basic colour first, then go over the centre of lipswith a slightly deeper shade.Prevent the lipstick from melting away into lines.Use a pencil to line lips before you apply lipstick. Then, avoid too-creamy orglossy formulations, which tend to migrate or melt into those lines.Soften your pout. Gently rub a warm, damp washcloth over your lips to sloughdead skin. Follow with a balm.Whats so funny about thatA University of Maryland, US, research found that laughing can increase bloodflow by 22 percent and may protect against heart problems. It also relievesstress.As the crows(feet) fly
  • 14. In 1931, Good Housekeeping referred to them as those "hateful little lines," andadvised - as a deterrent - avoiding visual strains of all kinds, including lack ofglasses when they are not needed. Besides not smoking, heres how you canminimise the dreaded crinkles:After youve washed your face, pat around your eyes to dry the delicate skin -rubbing stretches it.Even if you have oily skin and dont use a face cream, moisturise around youreyes twice a day. Apply moisturiser with your ring finger; its your weakest oneand thus least likely to cause damage to your eyes, or result in wrinkles.Master your metabolismYoull reverse middle-aged spread - and help keep your body slim and strong foryears to come. Shed pounds slowly Crash dieting leads to greater loss ofmetabolism-boosting muscle. A fast-like diet will drop the average womansmetabolic rate by at least 25 percent.Pump ironAdding weight training to your cardio routine helps you avoid losing the 2.3kgmuscle that otherwise disappear every decade, simply from getting older.Switch it upTrying different routines keeps muscles from getting bored - they have to workin new(challenging) ways.4 Eye-Openers1. Curl your lashes.2. Cover dark undereye circles without telltale chalkiness - apply powderfoundation in a shade that matches your skin tone to the darkened areas, thenpat with a damp sponge.3. Liner trick - choose a creamy eyeliner pencil. Hard pencils can pull at delicateskin.4. Because of its texture, the skin around your eyes looks youngest with just abare minimum of setting powder.