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Xtenza Solutions Inc. latest 2013 Company Profile.

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Xtenza new profile 2013

  1. 1. www.xtenzasolutions.com© 2013 Xtenza Solutions, IncXtenza Company Profile
  2. 2. www.xtenzasolutions.com© 2013 Xtenza Solutions, IncXtenza Company ProfileAbout Xtenza SolutionsXtenza was founded in 2000 by a team of engineers and managers with over 80 years of combinedexperience in real world of design, manufacturing and purchasing.Xtenza Solutions is a software development company specializing in business applications for theextended enterprise with offices in USA, Malaysia and Development center in India. We are AdvanceDevelopment Partner and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) with IBM. Xtenza just moved its headoffice from New York to South Carolina to a bigger facility to provide a committed service andsupport for our growing client base.Our company is committed to provide collaborative out of the box web enabled solutions toautomate the complete business processes by collaborating within the enterprise and also with theextended enterprise consisting of external trading partners like suppliers, logistics providers, dealersand finance agents. We offer solutions, which address business areas of: Supplier Relationship Management (Supply Side) Supply Chain Management (Supply Side) Demand Chain Management (Demand Side) Customer Relationship Management (Demand Side) New Product Introduction (NPI) Manufacturing Execution Solutions (MES) Intelligent Dashboard and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) solutionXtenza Solutions Inc.,225 South Herlong Ave, Suite 230A,Rock Hill, SC, 29732, USA.P: 904-868-4607 | E-mail: info@xtenzasolutions.comwww.xtenzasolutions.com
  3. 3. www.xtenzasolutions.com© 2013 Xtenza Solutions, IncXtenza Company ProfileSupply Side Products:eProcuremate is a collaborative e-Procurement solution, which allows buyerorganizations, its suppliers and trading partners to collaborate in the supply chain planning andfulfillment of both direct materials and MRO items. eProcuremate goes beyond conventional e-Procurement solution and enables organizations to achieve a higher level of collaborative commercethrough a virtual private marketplace, enabling better supplier relationship management.Check out our eProcuremate site: www.eprocuremate.comeAuctionmate is a Reverse Auction product aimed for the auctioneer to get the lowest bidfor items to be purchased from suppliers. A Reverse Auction can be conceptualized as the exactopposite of a forward auction. In a reverse auction, the buyer gets the lowest possible price for theitem to be purchased and the sellers outbid each other by bidding lesser than the others.Check out our eAuctionmate site: www.eauctionmate.neteContractmate is a Web based collaborative Contract Management solution. Companiescan create standard templates with key contract parameters for various types of contracts such asPurchase Contract, Sales Contract, and Services Contract with their Suppliers, Customers and ServiceProviders and upload the contract documents. Companies can setup their own workflow approvalprocess to review and approve the contracts and keep track of the status of the contracts. Alertscan be set up based on Contract expiry dates, Quantity, Pricing conditions.Check out our eContractmate site: www.econtractmate.com
  4. 4. www.xtenzasolutions.com© 2013 Xtenza Solutions, IncXtenza Company ProfileeMediamate would cater to all media houses that do scheduling of programs andadvertisement. Schedule the programs months in advance and track changes in programs, schedule,and reports, Track implications of changes in FPC at the traffic level and reconcile difference withease of drag and drop. Get weekly cost and program schedules at a glance and a variety ofcancellation options to deal with last minute changes.Contact us for further details.eLogixmate is an e-Logistics solution for logistics providers to improve the communicationand efficiency between logistics providers, buyers, suppliers, shipping agents, clearing agents,warehouse agents and delivery agents. It automates the complete fulfillment process from picking upthe goods from suppliers all the way to delivering the goods to end customers. It tracks eachincoming and outgoing shipment and provides accurate status of each shipment to the right partnerat the right time for right action. It can also facilitate c-commerce collaboratively between logisticsproviders and their customers.Contact us for further details.NPI360 is a New Product Introduction solution which aims at automating the designprocesses of an enterprise from conceptualization to release-to-market (RTM) by collaboratingbetween external design houses, certification houses and testing houses. The applicationenables design reviews including prototype change notices (PCN) and engineering change notices(ECN) during production stage.Contact us for further details.
  5. 5. www.xtenzasolutions.com© 2013 Xtenza Solutions, IncXtenza Company ProfileDemand Side Products:eDistimate is an e-Distribution solution which provides an enterprise, the functionalitiesrequired to complete the complex collaborative distribution processes with their distributors,dealers, stockiest and retailers. Using eDistimate, enterprises can automate their distribution ofgoods and services without disrupting their existing distributor relationship by seamlessly workingwith their existing processes and practices, and achieve visibility of inventory across the entiredemand chain.Contact us for further details.eSalesmate is a Sales Force management Solution which helps you manages yourgeographically dispersed sales team and sales pipeline. It provides effective tools to focus on theright deals so your sales team closes business faster. With increased productivity, lower sales costand streamlined sales operation, the company can expect increased revenue with immediatepayback.Contact us for further details.Business Intelligence:eDecisionmate is a web based Business Intelligence application with customizableReporting/ Dashboard solution. eDecisionmate can be easily configured by the user to create customreports from multiple databases. User can specify the server name or the IP address to pull data fromtables in multiple disparate applications and database using intelligent connectors, which can bepresented as a unified report in user-defined formats. The reports can be downloaded in ASCII orExcel formats with graphical reports for later use. The user can also customize the dash board withvarious Reports, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Status of key business Indicators (such as PurchaseOrders, Invoices, Shipping documents etc.), Links and tasks etc. for ready viewing and easy access ofinformation.Contact us for further details.
  6. 6. www.xtenzasolutions.com© 2013 Xtenza Solutions, IncXtenza Company ProfileOur ClienteleAPPLIED MATERIALS, USA (FMECA solution)Industry – Semi-conductor manufacturerApplied Materials is the world leader in the manufacture of Semi-conductor manufacturing machineswith revenue of USD 8 billion. We have implemented a complete web based FMECA solution tomanage Failure Mode, Effect and Criticality Analysis of the Semi-Conductor manufacturing machines.We have also implemented Lotus Notes Business application for Failure Tracking for AppliedMaterials.Austrian Technology &Services (eLogixmate)Industry – Printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturerAT&S is the largest PCB manufacturer in Europe head quartered in Austria. We have implementedour e-logistics the solution to automate the outbound logistics and track the shipments the outgoingshipments. We have integrated our eLogixmate solution with the back end SAP 4.0B system.Larsen &Toubro (eProcuremate)Industry – Engineering and ElectronicsLarsen & Toubro is a F500 Engineering company. We have implemented the e-procurement solutionto automate the RFQ, Quotation, Purchase Order, Invoice, Shipping, Receiving and Payment process.About 300 + vendors of L&T would login to eProcuremate and conduct business via our application.Our solutions are integrated with their back end SAP 4.6C.
  7. 7. www.xtenzasolutions.com© 2013 Xtenza Solutions, IncXtenza Company ProfileH&R Johnson, Bombay (eProcuremate and eAuctionmate)Industry – Tiles ManufacturerWe have implemented the e-procurement solution to automate the RFQ, Quotation, Purchase Order,Sub-contracting, Invoice, Shipping, Receiving, Payment process etc. In addition all oversea vendors,shipping agents are also integrated thru this application to manage the imports. All vendors andshipping agents would login to eProcuremate and conduct business via our application. Our solutionsare integrated with their back end SAP 4.6b.Larsen &Toubro, Mysore (eSalesmate)Industry – Engineering and ElectronicsWe have implemented e-Sales solution to automate the entire tender management process.Prospecting the tenders with various customers, tracking the tender status, order fulfillmentincluding demand and forecast management, tracking of status of production, inspection andacceptance, payment collection status and late delivery clauses can be managed using eSalesmate .All L&T branches, HO, factory and marketing are using this solution to manage the tender process.This solution is integrated with L&T’s SAP 4.6c back end system.L&T Komatsu (eProcuremate)Industry – Manufacturer of Earth Moving EquipmentsWe have implemented a complete extended enterprise e-procurement solution to integrateL&TKomatsu’s vendors and Logistics partners with their back end Oracle Apps ERP.
  8. 8. www.xtenzasolutions.com© 2013 Xtenza Solutions, IncXtenza Company ProfileLarsen &Toubro (MES)Industry – Engineering and ElectronicsWe have implemented a collaborative Manufacturing Execution solution (MES) to integrate L&T’sshop floor with their SAP to automate the business process from Order entry to FGI, provide realtime tracking of the manufacturing process and WIP at various stages and capture critical data suchas Calibration data and inspection data for outgoing products.Eicher Motors (eProcuremate)Industry – Auto ManufacturerWe have implemented a complete e-procurement solution to integrate Eicher’s supplier base andlogistics partners to automate the entire procurement process from “Purchase Request- RFQQuotation-Invoicing-Shipping-Receiving-NCR-Reconciliation of PO”. This process will be automatedfor various purchase activities such as Capital Investment Justification and procurement, DirectMaterial procurement, Service procurement, Indent-based procurement etc.Hindustan Zinc (CRM, eAuctionmate and SRM)Industry – Zinc Metal ManufacturerWe have implemented a complete CRM solution for Order Management, Pricing Management,Customer invoice integrated SRM solution for complete eProcurement, Vendor Management, Orderfulfillment and eAuction solution for both forward and reverse auction with SAP at the back end.
  9. 9. www.xtenzasolutions.com© 2013 Xtenza Solutions, IncXtenza Company ProfileSTERLITE (CRM)Industry –Copper Metal ManufacturingWe have implemented a complete CRM solution for Order Management, Pricing Management, andCustomer invoice integrated with SAP at the back end.Verizon Wireless (eContractmate)Industry – TelecommunicationVerizon Wireless is the most reliable wireless network provider in United States of America. Xtenzahave implemented a customized contract management solution to provide the managementcomplete control over their new and old contracts, cost management, pricing management andapproval management. eContractmate provides visibility and control over the organization’srelationship with its partners and service providers.GMR Group (eProcuremate, eAuctionmate, and eContractmate)Industry – InfrastructureGMR Group is a global infrastructure builder with major interests in airports, energy, highways, andurban construction. We have implemented an integrated system of e-procurement, reverse auctionand contract management in automating the entire process from purchase request to vendormanagement.
  10. 10. www.xtenzasolutions.com© 2013 Xtenza Solutions, IncXtenza Company ProfileBHEL (eAuctionmate as a Service)Industry – Energy and InfrastructureBHEL is the largest engineering and manufacturing enterprise in India in energyrelated/infrastructure sector today. We have implemented a web based auction application whichwas ran by a dedicated Xtenza team in creating and managing forward or reverse; run open or closedauctions which simplifies procurement to increase time efficiency and cost effectiveness.Jaya TV (eMediamate)Industry –TelevisionJaya TV is one of the major Tamil language satellite television channels based in Chennai; theybroadcast to all over the world by partnering up with major satellite service providers in respectiveregions. We have implemented a media scheduling software with contract management andprocurement software build in to ease their broadcasting schedule, advertising schedule, advertisingcost calculation and advertisement billing cycles. Xtenza customized NPI360 to suit the JAYA TVbusiness process of media management to deliver eMediamate.
  11. 11. www.xtenzasolutions.com© 2013 Xtenza Solutions, IncXtenza Company ProfileTATA AIG Life Insurance Company Ltd (eClaim)Industry –InsuranceTata AIG Life Insurance is a premium insurance company in india.AIG insurance is a global company. .We have implemented a customized NPI360 solutions suit their business process of travel andreimbursement system named eClaim. eClaim is a user friendly application and would be able tocommunicate to SAP using the Xtenza’s Connect 360 to process the insurance agent’s travelreimbursement claims.Starflight Enterprises, Maryland, USA. (Dashboard Solutions)Industry – Support ServicesXtenza developed and implemented web based Dashboard application to monitor Starflightsemployees working hours to reduce overtime. Xtenzas dashboard enabled Starflight to track theiremployee’s hours in multiple locations across state of Maryland and cut down unnecessary overtimewhich resulted in instant saving in cost of operations.Aga Khan Mozambique (eProcuremate)Industry –FoundationXtenza implemented customized eprocuremate to this charity organization in Mozambique to tracktheir expenses and at the same time get approvals from traveling management before purchasingany item for their organization.
  12. 12. www.xtenzasolutions.com© 2013 Xtenza Solutions, IncXtenza Company ProfileFL Smidth (eAuctionmate)Industry – Construction, EngineeringFLSmidth is the largest engineering and construction enterprise in India. We have implemented aweb based auction application which is run by a dedicated Xtenza team in creating and managingreverse auctions; run open or closed auctions which simplifies procurement to increase timeefficiency and cost effectiveness.L&T, Chennai (eAuctionmate)Industry – Construction, EngineeringL & T is one of the largest engineering and construction enterprise in the world. We haveimplemented a web based auction application which is run by a dedicated Xtenza team in creatingand managing reverse auctions; run open or closed auctions which simplifies procurement toincrease time efficiency and cost effectiveness.TVS Electronics, Chennai (eAuctionmate)Industry – Auction BasedTVS Electronics is a part of the 100-year-old, US4 Billion dollar worth, TVS Group; Auction India waslaunched in the year 1999 by TVS. www.auctionindia.com is owned and run by M/s TVS-E ServicetecLimited (TVS Electronics). Auction India is Indias first B2B auction site which was upgraded by Xtenzausing eAuctionmate. Auction India can be used by sellers to sell their items to many potentialbuyers. Sellers (Auction Creator) and buyers (Bidder) can be individuals or organizations. Items arecommonly placed at a special site for auction where bidder can continuously bid for the items theyare interested in. Eventually the highest bidder wins the item.