Brazil wealth segments 2013


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Brazil wealth segments 2013

  1. 1. Wealth Segments Brazil Unlocking the mysteries of the wealthy What international companies competing in high growth markets require in order to successfully target the wealthy is exquisite detail into who these individuals really are – insight into their backgrounds, personal relationships, interests, attitudes and motivators. Up until now this could only be obtained through costly commissioned research projects. Now Ledbury Research, the specialists in understanding High Net Worth individuals, unlock the mysteries of the wealthy with a series of reports on key Wealth Segments in Brazil. Buy these reports online now at
  2. 2. Wealth Segments Brazil Report Highlights Summary This report provides pen portraits of three large and distinct segments of the wealthy population in Brazil. The report has been created for all international companies targeting wealthy individuals in Brazil such as wealth managers and prestige and luxury goods companies. It will be particularly useful to those involved in conceiving or implementing sales, marketing or service strategies. We cover the following Wealth Segments in Brazil: Boom benefactors: These are men who have made their fortunes rapidly, on the back of Brazil’s economic boom. They do not come from wealthy backgrounds, so have generated their wealth solely from the one business that they built themselves. These are typically in construction-related industries, IT and exports. As money is a new phenomenon to them, they focus on using it for indulgence, to show off their status, and to feel a sense of belonging. Discerning dynasts: These are blueblooded individuals who have grown up with and around wealth. They are at the helm of the family business, typically in primary industries such as agriculture or metallurgy. As they have had wealth for generations, luxury is about making their lives easier and more comfortable. They are incredibly low-key, and have a close-knit circle of friends. Ledbury Research 1 Albemarle Street London W1S 4HA United Kingdom +44 (0)20 7078 1900 Independent leaders: This is the youngest wealth segment we profile. Instead of joining the family business, they have branched out on their own in the creative industry. Having worked from the bottom-up and gained enough experience, they are now in charge of their own business. They work hard because making their own money represents independence. They have international mindsets and are well educated and cultured. Buy these reports online now at
  3. 3. Wealth Segments Brazil Contents A typical day Work life Business Role Ways of Working Business Attire Retirement Plans Social life & downtime Friends Hobbies, Sports and Interests Holidays Technology Adoption and Habits The family & home Family Backgrounds Marriage and Children Family Homes Succession Planning Brand preferences Favourite Brands Cars Fashion Watches Jewellery Hotels Drinks Airlines Finances & wealth Financial Attitudes Tax and Giving Investing Views of the Financial Services Industry Media habits Television/satellite Internet Usage Magazines and Newspapers Culture & beliefs Religious and Political Beliefs Women Manners Education “ hey are control freaks, they T want to watch everything.” Cultural commentator on Boom benefactors) ( “ riendship circles are closed. F If you want to be a part of them, you have got to have something to add.” Financial Advisor on Discerning dynasts) ( Ledbury Research 1 Albemarle Street London W1S 4HA United Kingdom +44 (0)20 7078 1900 Buy these reports online now at
  4. 4. Wealth Segments Brazil About these Reports Methodology Reasons to buy These qualitative reports are based on Ledbury Research’s considerable experience interviewing the wealthy population in Brazil as well as in-depth interviews with Wealth Experts. These experts are individuals whose professional lives involve interacting with High Net Worth individuals on a daily basis. Their backgrounds are deliberately various, spanning the worlds of luxury goods, wealth management, high-end property, hotels and restaurants, premium autos, and others. • Understand the key influencers for each segment: their attitudes, beliefs and motivators. • Follow these segments through a typical day from getting up until going to sleep. • See and understand these segments’ approach to spending their wealth, as well as investing and giving it away. • Learn about their families and what kind of personal and business relationships they have. About us Ledbury Research understands you want to make smarter, business-critical decisions on brand strategy, understanding target audiences and how to increase market share with existing and potential clients. Ledbury Research is the leading specialist agency to businesses who want to understand and engage with High Net Worth Individuals. We work consultatively with our clients, giving them the insight and data they need to make decisions and move their brands forward. Successful delivery Our teams take on diverse projects and challenges across global wealth and luxury markets. Our high quality quantitative and qualitative research delivers practical insights you can use to build and sustain success. Discretion, of course, is key – and over the past decade we have become the trusted agency for talking with and understanding the wealthy. Become a client There are many ways for the wealth and luxury industries to access our insight. Ledbury Research 1 Albemarle Street London W1S 4HA United Kingdom Some of our clients subscribe to our web-based services, which gives them access to our regularly updated digest of news, key issues and trends. Others combine this service with indepth published reports. On a bespoke basis we carry out primary and secondary research projects for our core clients. +44 (0)20 7078 1900 Buy these reports online now at