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  • There are brands that you just by everyday, every week. Same brand. It’s not exciting, it is a very normal activity for you. It is not a brand actually. It is just a bland.By the way there are some brandsthat;Inspire passionInspire devotionGenerate loyalty beyond the reasonIn fact you know some of these brands. For example mine are Apple, Starbucks, Ikea, Nutella, Google, GS.
  • These are the brands that people talk about.These are the brands that people will stay up all night for.These are the brands that people never give up.These are the brands that would cause riots if they were taken off the market.These are the brands that create a kind of madness. The madness we call it LOVE.
  • An example of fall in love with a brand.
  • Lovemarks theory is based on a simple premise: human beings are powered by emotion, not by reason. This is the essence of the Lovemarks argument. If you want people to take action —whether for something momentous, like voting for a president, or seemingly mundane, like buying one brand of facial tissues over another— you need to appeal to their emotions.Neurologist Donald Calne perhaps said it best: “The essential difference between emotion and reason is that emotion leads to action while reason leads to conclusions.”
  • How can we create the kind of appeal that makes people feel inspired or laugh or cry? First, we must realize that brands don’t just get it by asking. They start by giving love, demonstrating that they love the people who buy them. This big change comes when brands STOP THINKING about their customers as “them” and start thinking about “us”
  • When marketers make this change, they start rewarding their customers every day with brand experiences that have special resonance in three key areas which I called them the secrets of Lovemarks.On the basis of intuition and long-term experience, Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy were identified within Saatchi & Saatchi as the most important influences on consumers.Factor analysis has since validated the combined power of Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy. And our work with consumers has confirmed that there are no other factors that drive the emotions of Love so directly.
  • Mystery demands:Great stories that connect with the emotions.Strong links between the past, present and future.A way to tap into dreams.Association with powerful myths and icons.And finally, the Inspiration to be and to do more.
  • Apple and Steve has a amazing story. There are a lot of books, documentations, movies about Steve and his Apple story.
  • Sensuality is another aspects of EMOTIONAL ENGAGEMENT that too many brands IGNORE.
  • These are not the easy questions, but the most brands find answers.In this slide you see that we have smell and taste. If you are not in ‘food’ or ‘perfume’ business it sounds interesting for your company. Most marketers don’t immediately think that TASTE or SMELL are RELEVANT. But these are almost %100 guaranteed ways to stretch your brain about your brand.
  • EXAMPLE: Have you ever heard Hollister? It is a READY WEAR company located in USA. Almost at any mall in USA people can smell Hollister at a slightly shorter distance. Many of customers like that smell and they recognize it everytime. Moreover, this odor is on sale at :) As you see that Hollister gets sensuality.
  • Intimacy in other words connectivity. It is beautiful thing close to human hearth. It is developing closeness and trust relating on a personal level. Shareholders is important for a company. But when the company decide to focus on its shareholders, not its customers that won’t be a surprise that the company L O S T . You have to talk and listen, give to get your customers. Develop closeness & trust relating on a personal level. Try to avoid commodification . Caution! Intimacy can be contentious because its personal.
  • How do you know when you have gotten there? Marketers need to know where the lovemarks stand in the beginning? and how well they are doing along the way to building a Lovemark.To help them, Kevin Roberts created the “Love/Respect Axis.”This axis allows companies to measure how much consumers respect their brands versus how much they love them. ?
  • Passionate:Customers can smell a fake. If you’re not in Love with your business, they won’t be either.Involve: Involve them in everything, and make your own commitment to change. Be creative.Celebrate:If you want loyalty, you have to be consistent. Change is fine, but both partners must be willing participants.Find, Tell & Retell Great Stories:
  • Lovemarks presentation veli_bahceci

    1. 1. LOVEMARKS Veli Bahceci @velibahceci - 
    2. 2. Content  What’s Lovemarks?  Lovemarks Theory  What makes Lovemarks Stand out [Secrets Of Lovemarks]    Mystery Sensuality Intimacy  Love/Respect Axis  Brands vs. Lovemarks  Principle Of Creating Lovemarks  References
    3. 3. What’s Lovemarks?  Brands that;  Inspire passion  Inspire devotion  Generate loyalty beyond the reason
    4. 4. Effects Of Lovemarks  People talk about  Stay up all night for  People never give up  Cause riots if they gone  Create madness
    5. 5. This Is The Future Beyond Brands 
    6. 6. Ahhhh, I'm home You can watch this video in the next slide >
    7. 7. Lovemarks Theory Human beings are powered by emotion, not by reason. “The essential difference between emotion and reason is that emotion leads to action while reason leads to conclusions.” -Donald Calne, Neurologist
    8. 8. Emotions Leads To Action You can watch this video in the next slide >
    9. 9. How Can We Create Appeal?  Don’t just get it by asking  Give love  Stop thinking ‘THEM’  Start thinking ‘US’
    10. 10. Secrets Of Lovemarks  Mystery  Sensuality  Intimacy
    11. 11. Mystery  Great stories  Past, present and future  Taps into dreams  Myths and icons  Inspiration
    12. 12. Examples  Apple & SJ  Starbucks
    13. 13. Sensuality  Sound  Sight  Smell  Touch  Taste
    14. 14. Ask Yourself  What does our brand;  Smell like,  Taste like,  Look like,  Sound like,  And feel like?
    15. 15. Example
    16. 16. Intimacy  Connectivity  Developing closeness & trust  Caution! Intimacy can be contentious because its personal.
    17. 17. Example: Not Much Intimacy You can watch this video in the next slide >
    18. 18. Love And Respect Axis
    19. 19. The Great Brand Journey  It’s coming to an END.
    20. 20. Brands VS. Lovemarks Brands Information Recognized by Consumers Generic Presents a Narrative The promise of quality Symbolic Lovemarks Relationship Loved by people Personal Creates a Love story The touch of sensuality Iconic
    21. 21. Brands VS. Lovemarks Brands Lovemarks Defined Infused Statement Defined Attributes Values Professional Advertising Agency Story Wrapped in Mystery Spirit Passionately Creative Ideas company
    22. 22. Principles Of Creating Lovemarks  Be passionate!  If you don’t love your business they won’t either  Involve Customers  Be committed to change  Celebrate Loyalty  They must be full participants  Find, Tell & Retell Great Stories  This opens up new feelings, meanings & connections  Accept Responsibility
    23. 23. Jonathan Ive & Apple You can watch this video in the next slide >
    24. 24. Veli Bahceci | 2013 @velibahceci -
    25. 25. References  Compete. Win. Learn. The Un-Conference: 360° of Brand Strategy for a Changing World Featuring John Sculley October 17-18, 2013 in Miami Beach, Florida    