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Reported Speech Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The Reported Speech
  • 2. Monday, 23rd February You look so tired! I’m exhausted! I need a holiday.
  • 3. In these sentences you are reporting what Susan said. Susan said she was exhausted. She needed a holiday. Saturday, 28th February
  • 4. There are some differences between the direct speech (what Susan said) and what Kate later told Mr.Brown. Can you find them?
  • 5. DIRECT ? I she am was need needed
  • 6. reported speech To report a statement you need a reporting verb: say (something), tell (someone) and ask (questions ). When we want to repeat what someone said we use
  • 7. Now see what to do when you report interrogative sentences : “ Do you like travelling?” She asked me if I liked travelling. “ Where is London?” She asked me where London was .
  • 8. Reported Questions:
    • In reported questions, the subject of the question comes before the verb , just as it does in affirmative sentences.
    • We use if or whether in reported yes/no questions.
    • We keep the wh-word in wh-questions.
  • 9. Changes Conditional He said he would go to school. Future “ I will go to school.” Past Continuous He said he was going to school. Present Continuous “ I am going to school.” Past Simple He said he went to school. Present Simple “ I go to school.” Reported Speech Direct Speech
  • 10. Other Changes then that day the day before the following day before there that those now today yesterday tomorrow ago here this these Reported Speech Direct Speech
  • 11. Pronouns he / she they I / we him / her them me / us his / her their my / our I we you me us you my our your Reported Speech Direct Speech
  • 12. Report the following sentences: 1- “I need some sugar to bake this cake.” Mum said ----------------------------------- SOLUTION 1- Mum said she needed some sugar to bake that cake .
  • 13. Report the following sentences: 2- “Do you like this colour?” The shop assistant asked me ------------------- SOLUTION 2- The shop assistant asked me if I liked that colour.
  • 14. Report the following sentences: 3- “My brother will be at home tomorrow.” Ann said------------------------------------ SOLUTION 3- Ann said her brother would be at home the following day .
  • 15. Report the following sentences: 5- “Where are you?” He asked me -------------------------------- SOLUTION 5- He asked me where I was.