future with be going to ; statements
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future with be going to ; statements






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future with be going to ; statements future with be going to ; statements Presentation Transcript

  • The Future with Be Going To: Statements Vacation Plans 11 Focus on Grammar 1 Part X, Unit 31 By Ruth Luman, Gabriele Steiner, and BJ Wells Copyright © 2006. Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved.
  • Vacation Plans Where can I take you? My husband and I need to go to the airport. We ’re going to take a vacation to China. What are you going to do in China? Oh, we have many plans. We ’re going to have a great time.
  • Vacation Plans My husband is going to see Chinese martial arts. We are going to visit the Great Wall of China. I am going to watch traditional Chinese dancing.
  • Be Going To They are going to take a boat down the Yangtze River next week . I am going to try local Chinese food tomorrow . We can use be going to to talk about the future .
  • Form To form the future with be going to, use am , is , or are + going to + the base form of the verb. Sandy is going to visit museums. I am going to study Chinese. They are going to travel to Beijing. Subject Be Verb going to Base Form Verb + Other Words
  • Practice 1 Look at the chart. Use be + going to + a base form verb to describe the vacation plans of the people below. Example: Mr. Jones ________________ a parade. is going to watch ??? You see famous places Mr. and Mrs. Jones take photographs Mrs. Jones watch a parade Mr. Jones Future Plan Person
  • Negative Statements To make a negative sentence , place not before going to . She is not going to go to the zoo. They are not going to take a bus.
  • Contractions Use contractions in speaking and informal writing. The concert ’s going to start soon. We aren’t going to buy souvenirs.
  • Pronunciation In speaking only, we sometimes pronounce going to as “ gonna .” Never write “ gonna .” We’re gonna be late. gonna Don’t worry. The plane is gonna leave soon. gonna = going to Use “gonna” in conversation only.
  • Practice 2 Work with a partner. Make affirmative and negative statements about your plans. Use contractions.
    • tonight
    • tomorrow
    • this afternoon
    • next week
    • next year
    cook watch TV visit listen study work clean travel play exercise fix stay Example: watch TV / exercise / tonight I’m going to watch TV tonight. I’m not going to exercise.
  • References Copyright © 2006 Pearson Education and its licensors. All rights reserved.