Importance of soil investigation process


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Importance of soil investigation process

  1. 1.
  2. 2.  For any construction the soil that it’s built on is of great importance. Ifthe foundation is not set on solid ground it can have disastrous impact on the building. Soil investigation is the integral part of foundation design.
  3. 3.  Soil has a variety of properties which will differ from place to place. The ground is split into different layers which will have different composition with the area of the proposed structure. If the soil is rich in clay, then clay as the ability to shrink and expand with moisture.
  4. 4.  Many soil investigating company in Chennai gather information from available records such as maps and published documents proofs, from studying aerial photographs, from site inspection, from company records. Usingthe gathered information a conclusion is formed on the quality of the soil.
  5. 5.  Various ground investigations process such as drilling boreholes, trial pits, penetration tests and lab tests are done. And the soil investigating company in Chennai involved in testing process will prepare factual report. The report will include area of problems and might require additional testing.
  6. 6.  Building Roads Building Construction Railway tracks Airport Construction Agriculture
  7. 7.  Type of soil – If clay soil will it react to moisture change and can swell when exposed to water and shrink when it dries.. Silt will lose strength when wet. Trees- can draw moisture from the clay soil causing shrinkage near the footings. If there are many trees nearby they may in time interfere with the foundation of the building.
  8. 8.  Rock Boulders – If large boulders have to be removed then large voids will have to be filled. SteeperSlopes - Can be dangerous for the foundation as slipping might occur. WaterTable – The depth will determine if there will be excavation issues.
  9. 9.  Basicallyall the technologies utilized in soil investigation is used in India. There are several labs that have the appropriate equipment to analyze the soil. This helps in reducing human error. These equipments help in finding the various components of the soil being tested. It can also be used in measuring the swelling index of the soil.
  10. 10.  Weat Velciti, soil investigating company in Chennai the mentioned standards and procedures are followed. We handle large projects in construction of buildings, road, bridges, Highway Consultants etc.