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Manuel has been involved in different industries such as Air Cargo, Agro Food, Hospitality or Education. He speaks English, French and Spanish and he has designed and executed marketing &business development plans for different sectors, markets and economic contexts.

He brings on an entrepreneurial spirit, relation building skills and international exposure. He is a professional with strong work ethic and sound business acumen, fully identified with the values of integrity, respect, collaboration, innovation and effectiveness. He earned a bachelor degree in Business Management from the University of Derby and a Master in Business Administration from ESIC. At present he is taking the Sports Marketing Specialist Program at SAWI Lausanne.

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CV Marketing & Business Development Sport Industry J.Manuel Velazquez Balderas

  1. 1. With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts. E. Roosevelt CV J.Manuel Velázquez Balderas -Switzerland- (01-09-2015-to date) After a career break to look after my children, I am at present taking the Sports Marketing Specialist program at SAWI Lausanne. The aim is to carry on my career in a sport related organization, where my skills as marketing, communication and business development professional could be of help to further develop its business, brand awareness and customer satisfaction.
  2. 2. Professional Career C O L L A B O R A T I O N EIG– Spain- (01/04/2006 – 31/10/2012) Sector: Education – Business Schools. EIG delivers business management education via its undergraduate, master and executive education programmes. Position: MK & External Relations Manager. Scope of action: Marketing and Sales. Clients/Markets: Spain, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, USA, Germany, Japan, UAEmirates, Morocco. Main achievement: Best ever results of the company, x10 increase in lead generation +50% increase in sales. Responsibilities: Design and execution of the marketing and communication strategy (on and off-line). Active involvement in operations, analysis of trends, results and improvement measures. Event management and promotion actions. Institution representation and public relations management. Brand management. Agency coordination, media relations and company advertising policy. Community relations and reputation management. Team management and coordination. On the academic side, lecturer in International Marketing. Carranza Hospitality – Spain – (02/03/2004 – 31/03/2006) Sector: Distribution – Hospitality Industry. Founded in 1927, Carranza Hospitality provides consulting services and a full range of products (+25.000) to the hospitality industry. Position: Purchasing Manager. Scope of action: Supply chain. Suppliers/Markets: China, Germany, UK, Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal, France. Main achievement: Stock management + logistics system. Reduction of average stock by 18%, transport costs by 20% while pushing sales up to 12%. Responsibilities: Assessment, selection and approval of new local and foreign suppliers. Distributor brand agreements and new product development. Negotiation of buying prices and conditions. Pricing and promotion. Trade show management. SKU management. Demand planning. Reviewing of the handling and storing systems. Setting up a local and international transport system. Cost reductions and efficiency improvements. Overseeing quality control and incident reporting guidelines. Service coordination and liaison with sales department for 4 branches, 70 staff, sales points and sales teams.
  3. 3. Professional Career I N T E G R I T Y JMVCargo International – Spain - (01/02/2000 – 31/01/2004) Sector: International Trade - Food Industry. International Trade of fresh food products. Position: Founder & Managing Director. Scope of action: Marketing and Sales. Main achievement: Market penetration in Iceland, UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. Responsibilities: Development of the strategy and execution of the business plan. Analysis and selection of international markets. Communication. Client relationship. Trade shows and trade missions. New product development and tailor made solutions. Financial risk management. Pricing policy. After-sales service, logistics and export documentation coordination. Air Logistics Group – United Kingdom- (01/06/1997 - 31/01/2000) Sector: International Trade – Cargo Airlines. AL is a leading general cargo sales and service provider. Working with a well established portfolio of Airline Partners they offer cargo solutions to destinations worldwide. Global network of 81 fully owned offices spanning 48 countries. Position: South America Coordinator. Scope of action: Marketing and Sales. Clients/Markets: Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Germany. Main achievement: Best GSA for the years 1997 and 1999. Responsibilities: Contribution to the strategic planning for the area. Regular and timely reporting on market, sales and competitors. Sales presentations. Following- up on sales leads. Channel incentive programs. Liaison with other carriers and setting up of interline agreements. Supplier negotiations. Development of tailor made service programs. Consignee sales program. Trade show coordination. Coordination of all the staff involved in the operations. After-sales follow- up with clients.
  4. 4. Postgraduate Education SPORTS MARKETING SPECIALIST. SAWI, Academy for Marketing and Communication, Lausanne, Switzerland 2016. MBA: MASTER IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. ESIC, Escuela Superior de Gestión Comercial y Marketing, 2007. INTENSIVE PROGRAM: DIGITAL MARKETING. IAB-Google, 2015 ADVANCED PROGRAM: INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT. EOI, Escuela Organización Industrial, 2003. ADVANCED PROGRAM: BUSINESS START-UP MANAGEMENT. INCYDE, Consejo Superior de Cámaras, 2000. Graduate Education B.A. (Hons) in BUSINESS MANAGEMENT. University of Derby , Derby, United Kingdom 1997. INNOVATION
  5. 5. Languages – IT – Internships LANGUAGES ENGLISH: Full competence in English. 4 years of residence in United Kingdom. Regular use in all positions held. FRENCH: Advanced level, =>C1. SPANISH: Mother tongue IT: Experience in web analysis, social media and MK on- line campaigns, email marketing, SEO and SEM. User of SAP –CRM- and other customized ERPs. Computer literate – MSOffice (Proficient Power Point-Excel-Word) INTERNSHIPS ALONG THE UNIVERSITY STUDIES JULY 1994; Compay: COVIRÁN. Sector: Distribution. Area: Marketing. Task: Efficiency improvements in the labelling system. JULY 1995; Company: MELFOSUR. Sector: Electricity. Area: Sales. Task: Sales. JULY 1996; Company: BARATZ. Sector: Information Technology. Area: Marketing. Task: Market research. E F F E C T I V E N E S S
  6. 6. P A S S I O N People, Nature & Sports. Amateur Footballer, Back Country Skier, Mountaineer, Mountain Biker and Trail Runner. Experience dealing with sport enthusiasts since 1990 as sport instructor. Involved in the organization (as volunteer) of a major sports event such as the FIS Ski World Championship in Sierra Nevada. Committed to the development of people and society through my personal and professional roles. Activities and Interests
  7. 7. Personal Skills At some point my collegues said about myself: Active listening Approachable person Responsible Trustworthy Committed Creative Entrepreneur Hard worker High performance and efficient colleague Strong but flexible and open negotiator Planning and organization Analysis and decision making Positive Leadership Sociability Internationally minded worker. My professional activity took me to visit and work in: UK Ireland Iceland USA Mexico Chile Argentina Switzerland Italy The Netherlands Germany Poland Czech Rep. Slovakia Hungary Portugal Spain Morocco Learning and interacting with all sorts of people from these places. R E S P E C T
  8. 8. Contact Details J. Manuel Velázquez Balderas Chemin du Devin 61 1012 Lausanne Switzerland Born in 1973 – Married - 2 children T: +41 786456111 E: We did it because we did not know it was impossible. G. Montilla "I certify that the statements made by me are true, complete and correct. I also certify that any documentations provided in support of my application are authentic and accurate. I understand that any false or misleading statement or withholding relevant information may provide grounds for the withdrawal of any offer of appointment or the termination of employment."