Celebrations in English Speaking Countries


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A sequence of the most common celebrations in English speaking countries.

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Celebrations in English Speaking Countries

  1. 1. New Year’s DayNew Year’s day has beencelebrated since 4241 B.C. TheEgyptians had a celebration for thebirth of the New Year during theNile floods in July. In 46 B.C., whenthe Julian Calendar wasestablished, the Romans Learn about moreproclaimed 1st January as the New about New year’s.Year’s Day. How do people in http://www.history.cEnglish speaking countries om/topics/new-celebrate it? years
  2. 2. Saint Valentine’s DaySaint Valentine’s Dayoriginated from the Romanfestivities in honour of the godessJuno, called Lupercalia. Lateron, this festivity was related to Get moretwo catholic priests called information aboutValentine who were martyrs of Saint Valentine’sRoman executions. It is Day.celebrated on 14th February. http://www.history.What do people do on this com/topics/valentindate? es-day
  3. 3. Saint Patrick’s DaySaint Patrick’s Day is observed on17th March. Saint Patrick is thePatron Saint of Ireland and it isbelieved that he died on 17th Marchbetween the years 461 and 493. It issaid that he used a clover torepresent the Holly Trinity. This Find out about Saintcelebration started in Ireland and in Patrick’s Day.1737 Irish people living in the USA http://www.history.cobegan to celebrate it in Boston. m/topics/st-patricks-What does the celebration dayconsist of? Do they have a symbolto identify it?
  4. 4. EasterEaster commemorates Christ’sResurrection and Ascension intoheaven. Its date of celebrationvaries according to the vernalequinox. There are differentcustoms and traditions to Find somecelebrate this date. What information aboutcustoms and traditions are Easter.there in places like England http://www.history.and the USA? com/topics/history- of-easter
  5. 5. April Fool’s DayApril Fool’s Day is observed on1st April. It originated from theRoman festival of Hilaria and theMedival Festival of Fools. It iscelebrated in many countriesaround the world. How doEnglish people celebrate it? Investigate about April Fool’s Day. http://projectbritain .com/year/aprilfools .html
  6. 6. Mother’s DayMother’s Day is observed to honormothers, maternal bonds and theinfluence of mothers in society. Thedate varies depending on thecountry where it is celebrated. InCanada and the USA is observed onthe second Sunday of May. This date Learn aboutoriginated from the Greek cult to Mother’s Day.Cybele and the Roman festival of http://projectbritHilaria. How is it celebrated? ain.com/easter/What does this date derive from mothers.htmin the USA?
  7. 7. Memorial DayMemorial Day is celebrated inthe USA on the last Monday ofMay. It is a date for honoring allAmericans who died defendingtheir country in any of the wars inwhich the USA was involved. Itoriginated after the American Find out aboutCivil War to commerate the Memorial Day.Union soldiers who had died in http://www.history.cothis war. What do American m/topics/memorial-people do on this date? day-history
  8. 8. Father’s DayFather’s Day is observed to honorfathers, paternal bonds and theinfluence of fathers in society. Thedate varies depending on thecountry where it is celebrated. InCanada, the USA and the UK is Get moreobserved on the third Sunday of information aboutJune and in Australia and New Father’s Day.Zealand on the first Sunday of http://www.theholidSeptember. This celebration ayspot.com/fathersdcomplements Mother’s Day. How ay/around_the_worlis it celebrated? d.htm
  9. 9. Independence DayIndependence Day or 4th Julyis celebrated in the USA tocommerate the adoption of theDeclaration of Independence onJuly 4th, 1776, declaringindependence from the United Learn aboutKingdom. What do Americans Independence Day.do on July 4th? What customs http://www.usa.gov/and traditions do they have? Topics/Independenc e_Day.shtml
  10. 10. Labor DayLabor Day is observed to honorthe workers on the first Mondayof September in the USA. Inother countries it is celebratedon 1st May. Why does the USAhave a different date for this Investigate aboutcelebration? What customs Labor Day.and traditions do they have http://www.history.cfor this date? om/topics/labor-day
  11. 11. Columbus DayColumbus Day is celebrated inthe USA to commemorate thearrival of Christopher Columbusto America on 12th October, 1492.What celebrations are there inthe USA? Get more information about Columbus Day. http://www.history.com /topics/columbus-day
  12. 12. HalloweenHalloween is observed inEngland and the USA on thenight of October 31st, when it wasbelieved that the spirits of thedead appeared. What do Englishand American people do tocelebrate it? Recover more information about Halloween. http://www.history. com/topics/hallowe en
  13. 13. Guy Fawkes NightGuy Fawkes Night is celebratedin Britain on November 5th. Itcommemorates the night whenGuy Fawkes tried to blow upParliament in London in 1605.What do British people do on Learn more aboutthis day? Guy Fawkes. http://www.ltscotland. org.uk/resources/g/gu yfawkesnight.asp
  14. 14. ThanksgivingThanksgiving is observed onthe second Monday of Octoberin Canada and on the fourthThursday of November in theUSA. It is celebrated to thankGod for the harvest. How do Find more informationAmerican and Canadian about Thanksgiving.people celebrate it? http://www.history.com/t opics/thanksgiving
  15. 15. ChristmasChristmas is celebrated on25th December and itcommemorates the birth ofChrist. What customs andtraditions do people inEnglish speaking countries Find out abouthave to celebrate it? Christmas. http://www.history. com/topics/christm as