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  1. 1. Shelter - Campaign Poster Fonts: Colour Scheme: The colour scheme is effective, as red and white are used as the primary colours. Red connotes danger, which highlights the perilous situation in which the subject of the advert is in, which significantly contrasts with the white text, which connotes purity and innocence, which could represent the child in the advertisement. Images: The font is san serif and is a general, universally used font. It is easy to read, which will make it appeal to a teenage audience. The font is in bold and has been enlarged on purpose so that is attracts the eye of the viewer, so they are drawn in to the advert. It is also in lowercase letters, apart from the word ‘Britain’, which is emphasised, mayb e for patriotic reasons. In this particular campaign, only one main image is used, which makes the consumer focus on it primarily. The image is at eye level, which connotes a sense of equality between the subject and the viewer. It is also dark in tone, which adds to the solemn nature of the advert and with using a child, it makes the advert seem more emotive. Copy and Overall Tone: The overall tone of the campaign poster is rather sombre, as it is representing homelessness in the UK and it wants the consumer to sympathise for the people who are involved in this situation. The copy itself is formal, as it uses a statistic to back up its relevance and it is also very simplistic in the way it is written and is abrupt, not longwinded, which will also attract the eye of the viewer.
  2. 2. Centrepoint - Campaign Website Fonts: The font is clear and readable and therefore appeals to most ages. The headings are highlighted so that the eye of the viewer is drawn to them instantly. There is a contrast between white and black, with black fonts being more prominent, as it stands out clearly from the white background. Images: Several images are used on this webpage, the centralised one being the the focal point of the whole page, where it has been shot in black and white to make it appear gloomy and connote sadness related to the subject in the picture. The image uses a blurred focus technique, where the subject is highlighted on purpose so that the consumer will focus on them specifically. The images are symmetrical, as they are posed and professional, however, they still have an impact upon the consumer. Colour Scheme: The colour scheme is fairly similar to that of ‘Shelter’, however, a green tone is also included, possibly to highlight the ‘Donate’ section and draw people’s attention to it specifically. The red again connotes danger and peril, whilst green is associated with spring/summer, a new beginning, if you donate to this charity, you are initially aiding the start of someone new life. It is a form of symbolism. Copy and Overall Tone: The copy is relatively straightforward to read and understand, simplistic forms of text suitable for most ages. The tone is sympathetic overall, it is trying to encourage the consumer to donate to the charity.
  3. 3. SASH – Charity logo/Sticker Fonts: Colour Scheme: The colour scheme is simplistic, which means that it will appeal to a wide range of people of all different ages. The colour green connotes peace, safety, calmness and it is also inviting, which makes it more eye-catching to the audience. The colour white represents peace also, so there is a significant link between these two colours, which is why they go well together. Images: For this particular logo/sticker, the font is helvetica, which is useful, as it makes the text universally recognizable as well as being clear to read. It is bold and initially catches the eye of the consumer. Also, the bright colour of green is used to attract the attention of the audience. There are no specific images in this logo, there is only one autoshape that is meant to represent a house, which is relevant because they are trying to house the homeless. Copy and Overall Tone: The overall tone of the charity logo/sticker is that it is bright and cheery, as opposed to using red as a colour, as the organisation had used that in the past and it wasn’t very successful as red connotes danger and they were trying to promote the direct opposite of that. The text is abrupt and gets the message across, which makes it very clear.
  4. 4. Comparing the pieces of promotional materials • Shelter – appropriate colour scheme, reflects that of Centrepoint, bright colours are used to attract the eye of the viewer (16-24). • SASH logo uses green colour, very simplistic, which contrasts with that of Shelter, but that is a national charity, promoted more, more awareness, bigger charity, more money, same as Centrepoint, promoted by Prince William. • Imagery on centrepoint and shelter are similar, very emotive, staged, trying to get donations. A text or donate section appears, need to fund the charity, clever marketing techniques, statistics, “40p” and “1 in 7”. Use children in order to get the audience to donate, they sympathise.
  5. 5. Homeless questionnaires – results • My findings showed that homelessness in general had bad stereotypes, in the media, it is seen as a negative thing linked to drugs, alcohol etc, which is why my results may have turned out like that. Its not always the case, but in general, homelessness is seen in a negative light. • Also, most of my results said that shelter was the main charity in which they had heard of, which is interesting as it is the most promoted homeless charity, national, whilst SASH is local.
  6. 6. Colour Scheme Images of homelessness campaigns IMPACT FONT!!
  7. 7. Cooper Std Black Goudy Stout Rockwell Extra Bold Tw Cen MT Condensed Extra Bold Arial Black Elephant Broadway Graphs associated with homelessness
  9. 9. Copy Drafts “Change 4 Change”. “Donate Now to save a homeless persons life, thank you”! “Please text 8008 to donate and help save an innocent child from homelessness”. “I‟m Hungry… for help”. “Homelessness affects 2 families every month”. “What would you do if someone you cared about became homeless”? “1/4 people are homeless in the UK, are you going to stand by and watch this happen”? “We need change…in society”. “Our pockets may be poor, but so is your attitude”. “Think twice before you fail to „spare any change‟ for a homeless person, they are in desperate need for food. So, has the penny finally dropped?