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Ideas and moodboards

  1. 1. Mind-Map In general, I would want to feature large, bold lettering throughout all of my ‘Irn-Bru’ media products as it would hold the attention of the primary target audience, as well as make the products as a whole, a lot more easier to read and comprehend. I would put my font in a colour that would make it stand out, so that it would be eye-catching and the consumer would feel more obliged to read it. The colour scheme for my products may vary to that of the original ‘IrnBru’ colour code utilising orange and blue as their signature colours. I may decide to make the traditional colours of the company brighter in tone so that they catch the attention of the audience, or I may use a different set of colours that will pander to a set audience, e.g. young women may respond to the colour purple, as it is associated with feminism and is generally stereotyped to be linked to this particular gender. My 5 ideas For my web banner, I want to use a bold font that will catch the attention of the viewer, so that they will focus on it, as opposed to switching to another webpage after becoming bored of viewing the sit in which I will display my web advertisement on. The text could either be sourced from Dafont, or be a standard, sanserif font, possibly in ‘Impact’, as ironically, I believe that this particular font makes a profound impact upon the consumer, as it is bold in nature and is likely to draw in the attention of the primary target audience of ‘Irn-Bru’, being young, athletic males in general. I would like to keep with the imagery theme presented by ‘Irn-Bru’ where they use black and white photographs for their print advertisements which I believe to be very effective due to the fact that it contrasts with the witty message that is also included upon the poster. In a way, there is an established sense of juxtaposition sown through the campaign, which works significantly as you have professionalism balanced out with light-heartedness. The theme of one of my advertisements, possibly the print one, will be centered around ‘offcolour’ humour, as ‘Irn-Bru’ have commonly utilised this specific element within their work and I wish to carry this on in order to stay true to the stated theme. I want the content posed by my products to be unique with a witty slogan, therefore, I will make sure to follow in the footsteps of the ethos that has been outlined by ‘Irn-Bru’, as I believe that pun-based content works efficiently in response to the needs of the primary target audience being young males, who will appreciate the humour posed by the campaign.
  2. 2. Moodboard – Humorous, Witty Design (1)
  3. 3. Moodboard – Packaging Design Ideas (2) Adobe Myungjo Std M Felix Titling
  4. 4. Moodboard – Differentiating Colour Scheme – Female Audience (3)
  5. 5. Moodboard- Black and White Colour Scheme (4) Freestyle Script Lucida Handwriting Vladimir Script Bradley Hand ITC
  6. 6. Moodboard – Web Banner Design (5) Impact Adobe Heiti Std R Arial Black Adobe Gothic Std B Broadway