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  • 1. Homeless Charity Campaign Images Font Style Layout Colour Scheme Copy Neutral colours such as cream, grey, light blue and light green, because they are rather dull, which reflects the tone of the sombre homelessness campaign. They are less eye-catching but are more welcoming and connote peace and serenity which is what I am trying to convey. A general sans serif font will be utilised as it appeals to most ages and is a universal font. Possibly ‘Arial’ will be used, as this is also a font that is readable and clear and is used on many existing advertising campaigns due to its simplistic nature. The size of the font can also be taken into account, as the title and slogan would have to be considerably bold and of a high size for them to catch the attention of the consumer. The less important text would be put in a smaller font, as once the attention had been caught of the viewer, they would be more obliged to read the smaller font. There will be a prominent, high image:text ratio, as the audience may become weary of a lot of text, which will discourage them from viewing the product and also their eye will not be drawn to the product, if there is not a main image featured that will catch their attention. I would like to feature one main image that would attract the attention of the primary audience, (16-24) who are more likely to respond to images, as opposed to text. I may source the image from either a stock photo website or Google images. I might take my own images for this project, but I would have to overview the situation first. I would take several images even though it is likely that I would only use one for each of my final products. I would not edit my pictures greatly, as I want to present a realistic image of what the charity is trying to promote; and if I did that, then it would be deemed as false and unrepresentative of the ethos of the charity. The copy for my products is going to appeal to the primary target audience (16-24) therefore, it may feature colloquial terms and be abrupt, with a catchy title and slogan, as opposed to having an extended amount of text that would bore the audience and discourage them from reading any further. Task 5