Vincent - ICT Consultant


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Vincent - ICT Consultant

  1. 1. Difficult to find the right profile in the crowd?
  2. 2. Still wondering how to differentiate one profile to another ?
  3. 3. It’s time to introduce Vincent
  4. 4. Until recently Vincent was Private Banking Wealth Management Data Management Vincent Eggen R&D Manager Odyssey - Financial Technology Espace Kirchberg-Eolis 26-28 rue Edward Steichen L-2540 Luxembourg T. +352 42 60 80 1 F. +352 42 91 92 Direct Line: +352 42 60 80 4431
  5. 5. Now he’s Freelancing
  6. 6. What can Vincent do for you ?
  7. 7. Project & Program Management
  8. 8. Application Design and Development
  9. 9. Software Process Improvement
  10. 10. Application Lifecycle Management
  11. 11. Lean IT Industrialization Governance & Strategy
  12. 12. Agile Practices Evangelist
  13. 13. Vincent has got some experience in scaling good practices across organizations…
  14. 14. So he talks about it !
  15. 15. Vincent has got labels too ! Agile Practices Agile Unified Process Application Lifecylce Management AS400 Ant BI Budget Management Business Process Management C# C++ CCPM Change Management Change Synergy Citrix CMMi CMS Coaching Communication Configuration Management Confluence Content Management Continuous Integration Creativity CRM Cruise Control CVS Dashboarding Discipline Document Management DotNet Eclipse English Enterprise 2.0 DB2/400 Excel Extreme Programming FDD French German HTML IID Integration ITIL V3.0 J2EE Java Javascript Jboss Jira Just-in-time Requirements Knowledge Management Lean Software Development Lean Thinking Linux Management 2.0 Maven Measurements and Metrics Middleware MySQL Office Offshoring Open Sources Oracle Organization Management Pair Programming Pascal People Management Perforce Perl PHP Planning Game PMBoK Powerpoint Presentation Prince2 Project Management Python Remedy Reporting Requirements Management Resource Management RUP SCRUM Scrum Meeting Six Sigma SOA Soap Software Architecture Software Design SQL Subversion SVN Sybase Team Leading Team Spirit Team Working Test Driven Development Training UML Unix Use Case Value Stream Analysis Visionary Visual Basic Visual Studio Web 2.0 WebLogic WebSphere Wiki Win32 Word Workflow Management XML XP
  16. 16. But Vincent is more than just his skills…
  17. 17. He’s a 2.0 manager… Champion Clear Vision new ideas Honest & Open Facilitate and build Market consensus intelligence Build responsive and awareness capacity Cross Functional Encourage glossaries & cross Use social software referencing Pilot Projects Scenario to built response capability
  18. 18. …driven by a strong 2.0 culture Local & global Common & Everyone in Unique are blurring Shared Strategic Information Smart people are anywhere and can be Open lines of contacted anytime communication up & down Constantly changing Advance cultural memes scouting No boundary between Enabled & online and offline life supported by RSS, Wikis, blogs, databases and advanced search
  19. 19. Vincent simply knows how to help you to make it Better Quicker Cheaper
  20. 20. Still having some doubts ?
  21. 21. Let’s others talk about “…I have always been amazed by his capability to clearly express his point Vincent… of view and take the time to present concepts he wanted to implement…he is also able to listen and adapt his mind.…” “…His experience in software “…he proved not only that he development management masters various the domains, is “…Vincent is one of the most and particularly on how to have able to bring new approaches knowledgeable people I have an efficient team and to live, but also that he is able been in contact with…a great processes organization…” to listen, be flexible and provide teacher who is able to make it the guidance and coaching for simple for people not in the a large IT R&D group…” party…easy going and always ready to give a hand…” “…Working in Vincent’s team was both exiting and “…while supervising accurately challenging as he was creative the work being done, he gives with ideas and rigorous with his you independence enough to “…What can you say more ?…” expectations…” fulfill your tasks which leads to a higher productivity and team motivation…”
  22. 22. Sounds good… Does Vincent have some education ?
  23. 23. Of course… Master in Computer Sciences Bachelor in Economics
  24. 24. Got your interest ?
  25. 25. Let’s work together !
  26. 26. Find Vincent on
  27. 27. Credits This presentation look’n’feel and structure is strongly inspired from Billy Cripe’s great visual resume: The crowd: The white duck: Fun Vincent photos from Photofunia: Paragliding: ALM chart: Stones tower: Digital head: Digital runner: Plant in hand: Graduations: