An Introduction to Multisite - WordCamp Phoenix


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These are the slides from my presentation 'an introduction to WordPress multisite' from WordCamp Phoenix

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An Introduction to Multisite - WordCamp Phoenix

  1. 1. Hello, I am NOTLisa Sabin-Wilson• Lisa wasn’t feeling well and had to cancel• They asked me to take her place• I am not a natural blonde• I’ll do my best to fill her shoes
  2. 2. http://about-me/John HawkinsCo-founder ofWe’re a WordPress development teamI write plugins, build sites, answer emailsI’m a WordCamp Junkie (29 & counting)I live just outside of Vegas You can reach me at:No, I don’t know Wayne Newton john@9seeds.comIf you come to Vegas, visit the Pinball Hall of Fame. Twitter - @vegasgeek
  3. 3. The what and the why.• Multisite is built in to the same WordPress software you are already using• Enables you to run multiple websites from one installation of WordPress• Install themes and plugins once, use them across all sites in your network• runs on multisite
  4. 4. Who is using Multisite?
  5. 5. Who is using Multisite?• Businesses • Multiple branches or departments that have a need for their own site • Theme developers who want to show demos of each theme
  6. 6. Who is using Multisite?• Businesses • If you own or operate several websites, multisite• People who run can save you time and multiple websites resources.
  7. 7. Who is using Multisite?• Businesses • Easily set up an online• People who run community for a niche multiple websites interest group, sports• Community managers league, etc. • Multiple blogs from multiple users, forums, member profiles and more.
  8. 8. Who is using Multisite?• Businesses • Create a sub site for• People who run each client with their multiple websites theme, plugins, data &• Community managers settings• Developers • Great for returning clients who need periodic tweaks
  9. 9. Some Examples 17,000+ sites for small businesses
  10. 10. Some Examples 60+ blogs covering a wide range of topics
  11. 11. Some Examples Kinda big- 460k bloggers, 840k new posts, 1m comments a day
  12. 12. Things to consider…• Hosting – Shared vs Dedicated• Support• Plugins / Features• Spam / Splogs• Update, update, update• URL Structure
  13. 13. URL StructureSubdirectory Subdomain Requires no additional - Requires wildcard DNS configuration - Search engines see this- Search engines see this content as a separate site content as part of the main with separate listings site. * Domain mapping is also an option
  14. 14. Setting up Multisite• Edit wp-config.php You’ll have a new ‘Network Setup’ link in your dashboard.
  15. 15. Setting up Multisite
  16. 16. Setting up Multisite
  17. 17. Your new network
  18. 18. Network Admin Panel
  19. 19. Network Settings
  20. 20. Add a new network site
  21. 21. Edit a network siteEnable themes Site by site control • Archive, delete, or mark a site as spam or mature • Set amount of space for uploads • Much, much more
  22. 22. Users / Admins / Super Admins
  23. 23. You control the plugins
  24. 24. Speaking of plugins *If Lisa was here, she’d also mention bbPress.
  25. 25. BuddyPress• Main site becomes central hub.• Subsites provide content, content, content• Users can friend each other, leave comments, create groups / forums… if you let them, of course.
  26. 26. BuddyPressCommunity Activity
  27. 27. BuddyPress
  28. 28. Gravity Forms• Very powerful and versatile plugin• Use it to create a customized sign up form• Connect it to Paypal to charge for signups
  29. 29. Resources• Setting up Multisite –• Domain mapping tutorial – multisite-domain-mapping-tutorial/••
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