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Setting Your Business Goals For 2014 and Beyond
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Setting Your Business Goals For 2014 and Beyond


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Do you know where your business is headed in 2014? Are you planing to expand your product/ service offerings; explore new marketing channels; host a major event or hire new employees? No matter what …

Do you know where your business is headed in 2014? Are you planing to expand your product/ service offerings; explore new marketing channels; host a major event or hire new employees? No matter what you plans, it’s important to establish a documented list of goals to not only to focus your team on a clear set of priorities, but also, set expectations so you don’t get distracted by the flavor of the month. With a document list of goals you are 47% more likely to complete your plans. Let me show you how to plan for 2014 and beyond.

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  • 1. ! Setting Your Business Goals For 2014 and Beyond Live Session ! Date: Jan 22, 2014 ! Time: 11am PT/ 2pm ET
  • 2. Why every Veg Professional needs goals for their business ❖ Pioneers; Establishing New Markets; Alternative To Status Quo! ❖ Future Fundraising: Document your business’ growth story! ❖ Bootstrap Approach Relies On Repeat Success & Avoid Similar Mistakes! ❖ Goal Setting Increases Business Success Rates
  • 3. The impact goal setting can have on your business • Once Consistent Vision! • Delegate Task & Projects! • Leverage Your Team’s Creativity! • Productive Team Meetings! • Avoid Distractions! • Evaluate New Ideas Against Goals! • Track Resource Allocation! • Prevent Common Mistakes! • Identify Success Stories - Rinse/Repeat
  • 4. Goal Setting Process Monitor Monthly ❖ Team Meetings Create Milestones ❖ Metrics To Track Build Goal Tracker ❖ Tool To Manage Set Timelines ❖ Start & End Dates Develop Action Plans ❖ To Do List Identify Goals ❖ Brainstorming
  • 5. The Planning Process ❖ Clear Visibility! ❖ 1 Goal Per Quarter! ❖ 90 Day Action Plan ❖ 3 Month! ❖ 6 Month! ❖ 12 Month ! ❖ Monthly Milestones ❖ 3 Year Planning! ❖ Building Blocks! ❖ Quarterly Milestones Newbie Average Advanced 2 Hours 4 Hours 6-8 Hours
  • 6. The process to set goals for a small business Growth Customer Community Profit Customer Experience! Product Options! Repeat Customers Expansion! New Target Markets! % Donations! Sponsor Events! Sample Giveaways Add’l Revenue Options! Expense Management! Average # Of Goals Per Year : 3-4 Newbies; 4 to 6 Everyone Else
  • 7. The difference between good & bad goals History/ Database! Benchmark! Swag It Boring or Feel Like Large Projects! No End In Sight! Unobtainable - Requires Luck! Personal Project (not relevant) Achievable & Inspiring Impact On Your Business Includes A Metric/ Number! Motivation (Hard Times)! Fix Issues/ Pain ! Internal/External Influence Measurable Change! External Impact! Swag It
  • 8. How to translate goals into action 5 Action Steps Needed To Completed Each Goal Achievement! (Why) Goal! (What) Timeline! Start/Stop Milestone Action Steps! (How) Work with more clients 20% Increase In Client Consults Per Month March 31 30 inquires or form sign ups per month - Build Target List! - Contact Previous Clients Move sales from retail store to online to increase profits Increase Average # Of Daily Website Sales To 20 Per Day! October 31st (Before Black Friday) Increase in website traffic by 40% - Monitor Traffic and Conversation ! - Shopping Cart Reminder Recurring Revenue Source Establish an online training program generates $500/mo Ongoing Program - Aug 30th Pilot Program ! (30 Participants)! May - June - Identify Most Common Questions! - ID Target Customers Support Local Non- Profits & Organizations Donate $500 To Local Animal Shelter per Quarter First Donation - April 15th Generate 5% Additional Income Each Month - Determine Income Source! - Choose Org
  • 9. Tools For Tracking Goals Task/ Action Item Status Progress Notes Not Started 0 On Schedule 50% Delayed 75% Complete 100%
  • 10. Tools For Tracking Goals Progress Tracking
  • 11. Tools For Tracking Goals Task Tracking Track To Do’s! Discussions! Embed File! Shared Documents! Calendar View