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2 Magma Introduction
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2 Magma Introduction


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Published in: Technology

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  • Open Version Web Content Management - Web Site Management integrated with the Template Service, providing site structure management, site navigation and consistent presentation and page components across all pages. Collaboration Tools - Adding basic integration with various collaboration tools and the ability align workflow and content events around calendars and calendar events. Wiki - Build a Wiki on top of the Alfresco repository emulating the MediaWiki (Wikipedia) mark-up language Image Management - Add simple image management providing the capture of images using a Windows/TWAIN interface, OCR and full-text search of the content. Because of the tools being used, this application will be GPL and managed as a separate project. Scripting - Provide mechanism to allow extensions to be created in scripting languages such as PHP, Perl, Groovy and JavaScript. This provides a callback to the script and the ability for the script to call Alfresco. Extended Portlet Architecture - Simplify the ability to take Alfresco's UI components and JSF parts and reuse them in JSF and JSP pages. Personalization - Add the ability to change the look and feel of Alfresco with different layouts and skins and to allow the user to change which components are visible in different spaces. Extended Workflow Capabilities - Continue to enhance the core workflow capabilities for more case management Extended Rules - Add more rules to test content conditions and more actions to perform on content Content Stores - More types of content stores support greater clustering capability, replication, scalability and storage in the database for certain types of content.
  • Enterprise Version All of the above plus Extended Federated Search - Basic federated search of Alfresco system plus the ability to search non-Alfresco repositories. BPEL Integration - Using the Alfresco Web Services interface, integrate the Alfresco repository with an open source BPEL engine along with workflow templates for common business processes. Currently investigating JBoss jBPM, Apache Agila, ActiveBPEL and FiveSight PXE engines. Master-Master Replication – The ability to provide bi-directional replication of metadata and content between two or more machines. This allows better remote access to content and provide more scalable access to the repository through load balancing. Retrieved from " http:// "
  • Transcript

    • 1. Module 1 : Introduction to Alfresco
    • 2. Course Objectives
      • Understanding of all key concepts and features relevant for end users and administrators
        • Alfresco Enterprise Version
      • Proficiency with using Web Client for content management
      • Introduction to customizing Alfresco for your particular needs
      • Acquire fundamentals necessary to drill down and learn more
        • Wikis
        • Forums
    • 3. Course Modules
      • Introduction to Alfresco
      • Getting Started with Alfresco
      • Document Management
      • User Management
      • Security Management
      • Customizing User Interface
    • 4. Module 1 : Introduction to Alfresco
    • 5. Introduction to Alfresco
      • Alfresco Overview
      • Architecture Overview
      • Alfresco Products
      • Key Features
      • Road Map
      • Demo
    • 6. Alfresco Company Background
      • Founded by a team that has been building Enterprise Content Management Systems for 15 years
      • Open Source and Commercial visible source
        • Low-cost and widely available, but professional
      • Core development team based in UK
        • Contributors around the world
    • 7. What is Alfresco
      • Centralized repository of content
        • Documents
        • Business objects
      • Services for managing and transforming content
      • Web-based client application
      • Microsoft Windows integration
      • Programmatic interfaces
    • 8. Alfresco architecture
      • Enterprise grade
        • High performance
        • Robust
        • Scalable
      • Extensible
        • Pluggable modules
        • Numerous public interfaces
        • Customizable content types and aspects
      • Open
        • Source code
        • Standards
        • Application Programmer Interfaces
    • 9. Alfresco Architecture - Detail
    • 10. Two editions
      • Open Source / Community Network
        • Comprehensive feature set
      • Enterprise Network
        • Adds distributed high availability,
        • Clustering, and
        • Single sign-on support
    • 11. Key Features
      • Smart Spaces
      • Desktop File Access
      • Auditable Content
      • Workflow
      • Categories
      • Advanced Search
      • Administration
    • 12. Key Features (Release 1.2)
      • Administration – LDAP Support, Document Level Permissions exposed in web client, Upgrade Administration, Export/Import Permission support, Guest Access
      • Standards Support – JSR 170 Level 2, RSS
      • Customization – Web Services Starter-Kit
      • Content Contribution – CIFS URL to access web client
      • Team Collaboration – Forums/Threaded Discussions on a document or a space
      • Advanced Search – Multiple Category and Object Type support. Saved Searches.
      • Other – JBoss portal 2.2 and Firefox 1.5 support
    • 13. Administration
      • LDAP Support
      • Document Level Permissions – Expose the ability of the server to support document level permissions through the web client interface
      • Upgrade Administration – The ability to externalize customizations and enable automatic migration
      • Export/Import – Support permissions
      • Guest Access – Allow access to public areas with no username or password
    • 14. Standards Support
      • JSR 170 Support
        • Write Support
        • Locking
        • XML Import
        • Versioning
        • JCR SQL- like query language
      • Web Services Starter- kit
        • JAVA,PHP, .Net Remote Access support
      • RSS
        • Template - driven
    • 15. Customization
      • Web Services Start-Kit – Simple jar file for easy-to-use Web Service development. Extension of Web Services API to support Rules, Actions, Access Control and Administration
    • 16. Content Contribution
      • CIFS – Access to URL for advanced functionality in web client. Access to extended attributes and other actions
    • 17. Advanced Search
      • Support for more Advanced Searches – Multiple category and object type support. Searches can be saved
    • 18. Team Collaboration
      • Forum Support – Nested discussions available on a document or a space available as a drop-down menu
    • 19. Road Map
      • Open Version
        • Web Content Management
        • Collaboration Tools
        • Wiki
        • Image Management
        • Scripting
        • Extended Portlet Architecture
        • Personalization
        • Extended Workflow Capabilities
        • Extended Rules
        • Content Stores
    • 20. Road Map
      • Enterprise Version
        • Extended Federated Search
        • BPEL Integration
        • Master-Master Replication
    • 21. Summary
      • Alfresco Overview
      • Architecture Overview
      • Alfresco Products
      • Key Features
      • Road Map
      • Demo