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Facebook best practises by Greenpeace
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Facebook best practises by Greenpeace


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Facebook best practises, common beliefs and educated guesses. Typed in February 2013, out of date very soon. By the Digital Marketing Manager of Greenpeace Nordic in Finland.

Facebook best practises, common beliefs and educated guesses. Typed in February 2013, out of date very soon. By the Digital Marketing Manager of Greenpeace Nordic in Finland.

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  • 1. FACEBOOK best practices, common beliefs and educated guesses PS. Typed around 14/2/2013, out of date very soon. by Veera Juvonen Digital Marketing Manager of Greenpeace Nordic in Finland Twitter: veerajuvonen veera.juvonen@greenpeace.orgMonday, February 18, 13
  • 2. This is a campaign-specific Facebook page, run by the campaigner. Look. How. Popular. It. is. (20 000+ isn’t half bad in Finland), February 18, 13
  • 3. I bet Finland is the only Greenpeace office with 18 Facebook admins, publishing up to 5 status updates a day., February 18, 13
  • 4. It sometimes resembles giving your drunk friend a chance to post on YOUR private Facebook account on your behalf. Yeah, this is an example of hijacking a status update. It’s something naughty in Finnish.Monday, February 18, 13
  • 5. The most successful Greenpeace office online is Argentina with 1,1 million fans. They have one Social Media Manager posting, 3 times a week., February 18, 13
  • 6. The ever-popular comparison between neighbours Greenpeace Sweden whooped our ass, but at least we can race Denmark!Monday, February 18, 13
  • 7. But, as one* wise slidesharer said... *Thanks for the quote Tara Hunt at, February 18, 13
  • 8. Converse!Monday, February 18, 13
  • 9. Who are you talking with? It’s alright, the girl in the pic works for Greenpeace. And we can call that tofu. Women and men aged 25-34Monday, February 18, 13
  • 10. Honey, we need to talk • REPLY If you’d ask a question on some company’s or organization’s Facebook Page and didn’t get a reply, you wouldn’t bother to write there ever again, would you? Only maybe to vent your frustrations? • ASK You are having a conversation with someone, not being interviewed.Monday, February 18, 13
  • 11. ...and talk • THANK Someone just paid you a compliment. It’s okay to LIKE it. Maybe you’d like to even pay back one? Mention the persons name by typing @nameMonday, February 18, 13
  • 12. No talking behind someone’s back • Want some naughty companies to step up their game? Mention their brand typing @their facebook page, and they’ll see what is being discussed of Volkswagen still accepts dialogue, but some companies have disabled tagging them in our wall. their Facebook page in posts. They don’t want to know.Monday, February 18, 13
  • 13. Some stuff to avoid • LIKING YOUR OWN STUFF Dude. If you say something, and then give it a thumbs up, it’s rather vain, right? Please change your identity if you want to like or comment as an individual. Here’s how:Monday, February 18, 13
  • 14. More stuff to avoid • BEING SARCASTIC It works between friends, rarely with people who are just getting to know you. It NEVER really works when doing customer service. Rather kill the complaints with kindness.Monday, February 18, 13
  • 15. THEORY of a perfect Facebook status updateMonday, February 18, 13
  • 16. THE PERFECT FACEBOOK UPDATE: IMAGE The intelligence on this slide is provided by Salesforce. Thanks Jenny! the-perfect-facebook-post-by-jennydburnhamMonday, February 18, 13
  • 17. PRACTISE of a perfect Facebook status updateMonday, February 18, 13
  • 18. This random page has 7 000+ people liking it, but the image has been shared 25 000+ times. Quadrupling is nice... Success factors: A photo with text in it, funny, timely (horse-meat found in Findus groceries), and fluffy animals, all in one!Monday, February 18, 13
  • 19. Paying for it when you can’t get it for free • Advertising in Facebook: • Facebook sidebar ads suck • page posts rock x46 harder • and the hardest rock is played on mobile devises. Stats from 2013 Feb 13th, official explanations available at, February 18, 13
  • 20. Our most popular post But we paid too much (82 eur) for it... and got comments in random Asian languages and in Hebrew. Not exactly our target audience.Monday, February 18, 13
  • 21. Long story short • Post big images with text. Add a shortened link. Fluffy animals still rule. • DO: Discuss. Ask. Reply. Thank. • DON’T: like your own stuff or be sarcastic. PS. to see how we are performing.Monday, February 18, 13 Greenpeace green #66CC00