The concept of branding
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The concept of branding



branding and its component.

branding and its component.



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The concept of branding The concept of branding Presentation Transcript

  • The concept of brandingConcept of branding
  • Forms of Branding A corporate brand represents the entire company or organization For example, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Kraft or Microsoft
  • Forms of Branding A product brand represents a specific product of a company or organization For example, Diet Vanilla Coke, Big Mac, or Windows.
  • Components of a brand name 1. Includes all of the combined impressions and experiences associated with a particular company or product. For example, McDonalds makes the customer think about quick food, low prices, and consistent service.
  • Components of a brand name 2. Brand identity consists of a spoken name and corresponding design, logo, or symbol For example, Coca-Cola and the Coke “swirl” or Nike and the Nike “Swoosh”
  • Components of a brand name 3. Brand image is the consumer’s belief about the company and/or its goods or services. Quality, price and value may affect a brand’s image.
  • Components of a brand name 4. Brand equity is the perception of added value a product has as a result of its brand name. A highly recognizable brand has a high level of brand equity. Is an intangible perception or memory.
  • Benefits of brand equity • Include: 1. Brand name recognition or awareness 2. Customer loyalty 3. Perceived quality 4. Strong emotional or mental associations
  • Forms of trademarks Trademark: • Word, phrase, symbol, or design that identifies and distinguishes the company from others
  • Forms of trademarks Trademark ™ or Service mark SM: • Used by company to claim rights/ownership to a trademark or service mark • May be used by company after registering TM or SM with the controller general of patents Designs & trademark(
  • Elements that make a brand successful  Easy to pronounce and free from negative connotations for eg: TIDE  Short and easy to remember and recognize for eg: NIKE  Consistent with the image of the product for eg: Fedex, NIRMA.