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VEDICSOFT is an award-winning IT Solutions company specializing in Business Intelligence. During the past 11 years in business, we have built more than 300 happy customers nationwide. Some of our …

VEDICSOFT is an award-winning IT Solutions company specializing in Business Intelligence. During the past 11 years in business, we have built more than 300 happy customers nationwide. Some of our customers are listed in fortune 500. We earn repeat business through superior service quality, high accountability and guaranteed delivery. By providing best BI practices by industry’s best, VEDICSOFT has steadily helped customers get 360 degree business insight leaving no stone unturned. Many of our clients rely on us to exclusively source their contract positions.

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  • 1. BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY IN THE U.S. & INDIA JUNE - 2011 SILICONINDIA.COMPUBLISHED SINCE 1997siliconindiaIn My Opinion: Satbir Khanuja, DataSphere VC Talk: Parag Dhol, Inventus Capital Partners Company Spotlight: Beyond CodesBhat DittakaviVenkat Yerubandi
  • 2. siliconindia|3|J u n e 2 0 1 106Contents June 201116Cover StoryBy Hari AnilVEDICSOFTCreatingDelivering Happiness[In My Opinion]Building a Winning Culture ina High Growth EnvironmnentBy Satbir Khanuja, DataSphere[Infocus][VC Chakra]Sourcebits raises $10 Million inSeries A FundingHara closes Series C with $25MillionMobileIron raises $20 Million inSeries D FundingClaritics raises $1.5 Million inSeries A Funding[CEO Spotlight]Cleantech: A bright Opportunity-SustainOrganized Cyber War is the trendin security Landscape[VC Talk]NewEntrepreneursshouldbetonasin-glehorseByParagDhol,InventusCapitalPartners[Company Spotlight]BeyondCodes: Making Sales HappenBy Vimali Swamy[Technology]Technology helps Fuel Small Busi-ness LendingBy Rohit Arora, Biz2CreditEvolving Landscape of SoftwareTestingByAnuradhaBiswas,PrakatSolutionsBuilding Trust in the CloudBy Pravin Kothari, CipherCloud[Business]Strategic Outsourcing: Partneringglobally to leverage sustainableshared value in IT and ManagedServicesBy Aparna ChalluInfinite Computer Solutions081214222426283034363840[Management]Successful Leadership Fun-damentals in Global Econ-omyBySatyamPriyadarshy,SustainableStar[Technology]Platforms on the cloud: Theultimate weapons of massdisruptionBy Ashish Bhagwat, OrangeScape[Business]Migration Order of the day!By Murali Kokalu, HCL Technolo-gies[Feature]It’s tough to ignore the mul-ticultural consumers any-moreBy Jaya Smitha Menon[Business]Capturing the full potentialof the enterpriseBy Nimesh Shah, CSC[SI 20 Profile]324446Satbir KhanujaVenkat YerubandiBhat Dittakavi
  • 3. PublisherHarvi SacharEditor-in-ChiefPradeep ShankarManaging EditorChristo JacobDeputy EditorJaya Smitha MenonEditorial StaffHariAnilVimali SwamySr.Visualizer Dipin DasSubscription Manager P MagendranMMaaiilliinngg AAddddrreessssSiliconIndia Inc44790 S. Grimmer BlvdSuite 202,Fremont, CA 94538T:510.440.8249, F:510.440.8276siliconindiaJune 2011, volume 14-06 (ISSN 1091-9503)Published monthly by siliconindia, Inc.siliconindia’s circulation is audited and certifiedby BPA International. siliconindia is available throughmainstreamretailoutletssuchasBarnes&Noble,Borders,andTowerRecords.ItisalsoavailableatethnicAsianIndianstoresinmajor Indian hot spots across the U.S.The magazine is also dis-tributed at major trade shows and conferences, including Comdex, InternetWorldandPCExpo.Copyright © 2009 siliconindia, Inc.All rights reserved. Reproductionin whole or part of any text,photography or illustrations without writ-ten permission from the publisher is prohibited.The publisher assumesno responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts, photographs or illustra-tions.Views and opinions expressed in this publication are not neces-sarily those of the magazine and accordingly, no liability is assumed bythe publisher thereof.siliconindiaTo subscribe to siliconindiaVisit or send email tosubscription@siliconindia.comJUNE - 2011EditorialIs it Return of Dot Com Bust?It is raining sequels in Hollywood this year! Having expe-rienced a successful run of the first installment of themovies, production houses are investing heavily with noholds barred in bringing out the sequels. But I do not thinkany internet entrepreneur would love to experience the se-quels of bust of the late 90s, which was fueled bygreed-backed investment in over-hyped pre-IPO start-ups,largely created through the highly connected, private eq-uity/ad agency machine that thrives so well in New York.Today, watching the Indian commercials by the e-commercecompanies do not trigger in me any excitement about thehockey stick growth that they project but rather generates aconcern whether it is the return of another dot com bubble.Five years back, you may not have seen an internet startupadvertisement on TV in India. Today most of the e-commercecompanies like SnapDeal,, arespending millions on ads and are in a rat race to woo newusers online. The spending which we see in branding is theoutcome of the investors’ push in terms of quick expansionplans. Of course, they do have enough money raised in fund-ing from the investors. This May alone, we witnessed in-vestors funding over $40 million in Indian e-commerce siteslike,,, RedBus.inand more.A couple of years back, if a startup was trying to raise ven-ture capital and promising an IPO in just a few years, theywere considered unrealistic. But today it is possible and in-vestors are betting high. Recent reports of high valuations ofhot private companies such as the social networking site Face-book — valued at $50 billion in January — and online couponsite Groupon — valued at $15 billion to $20 billion in April— combined with LinkedIns $9 billion entry into the market,itself notes the transition happening in the internet space. Butare they betting bit steep, which really has to be given secondthought.Please do share your thoughts with us.Christo JacobManaging
  • 4. Cover StoryVEDICSOFTCreatingDelivering HappinessVEDICSOFT at a GlanceFounded : 1999Headquarters : Iselin, New JerseyOther Offices : Hyderabad, IndiaHeadcount : 400 plusCore Businesses : Business Intelligence, Data WarehousingBusiness Analytics, Master Data ManagementContent ManagementCustomers :100 plusWebsite : www.vedicsoft.comBy Hari Anil
  • 5. he nightmares of the great recession areall in the past and now the world seemsto be a very fair place for technologyprofessionals. The job market is bloom-ing, many companies offering very at-tractive salary packages for prospective employeeswhich, in some case, even includes joining bonus. Butwhy are the companies only concentrating on the salaryand bonus part? Is money only the factor when it comesto selecting jobs? There is a small, still very vital partcalled ‘happiness.’ One should be happy with what heis doing. A happy, comfortable employee will surely betwice, if not more, creative and productive than an em-ployee who is just trying to finish his probation periodand jump. ‘Creating Happiness and Delivering Happi-ness,’ a company that has this in their core value, thatgives priority to its employees, and has managers whoare ready to help their juniors in every ways possible,let it be work related, personal or even financial, seemsto be a great place to work in, doesn’t it? It sure does!And that is what VEDICSOFT is literally.Founded in 1999 by Bhat Dittakavi and VenkatYerubandi and headquartered in Iselin, New Jersey,VEDICSOFT is an IT Solutions company specializingin Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing.At a time when most startups in IT Services were justfollowing the age old business model and focusing onthe vertical offerings, Dittakavi and Yerubandi decidedthat their company should have a core technology thatthey specialize in and offer it across the verticals theywould operate in. As experts in the fields of BusinessIntelligence their choice was obvious. Today, over adecade later, despite the highs and lows of the industry,the company is cruising on a steady pace with a lot ofhappy employees and customers as well.Making businesses intelligentHaving all the data from different departments of theorganization in easily understandable format at theright time makes a world of difference. But to get thisis not an easy task; different departments in the samecompany will be using different systems that work ondifferent platforms, languages and databases. To takeall these data from all these heterogeneous systemsthen integrate them and generate a meaningful BI re-port that can be easily understood is the key. This pre-cisely is the forte of VEDICSOFT.Until a little over a decade ago Extraction Trans-formation and Loading (ETL) in was done manuallythrough unique data scripting or database program-ming. In the late 90s there were several companies whoTBhat Dittakavi
  • 6. were looking for a unique technology,something that could automate ETLtools and BI tools, the demand forthese tools were overwhelming. Then,in the early 2000s a new tools camethat automated ETL. The founderssaw the demand for similar solutionsand with their expertise in the same,they decided to take this opportunityand create a niche and thereby en-abled them to supplement their prod-ucts across the industry. “As we arenot limited to a particular vertical andare focused on the horizontal instead,a financial recession in any particularvertical won’t affect us very badly. Infact we were not really affected by therecent financial recession,” saysYerubandi.Delving further into the kind oftechnology expertise they bring totheir clients, the founders exemplify arecent work done for one of theirPharmacy clients. The client, whichfocused on Delivering on-line adjudi-cation software to the Pharmacy Ben-efit Management (PBM) industryneeded to deploy a reporting portal todeliver real time pharmaceutical salesinformation to its customers and endusers. Specific requirements includeddeveloping a solution that allowsusers to pull up metrics based on var-ious types of pharmaceutical sales re-lated reports through an interface,which was interactive, intuitive, andcustomizable. Lastly, the source ofthis portal was a large data warehouseand responses were required to be inreal time. The system they already hadin place was outsourced to a softwarecompany, which managed the portaland developed reports as required onan ad-hoc basis. This process wascumbersome, inflexible and resultedin high overall total cost of ownership(TCO) for the client. Moreover, thesystem had very limited support fordata analysis that was required to ex-tract business decision information.The client approached VEDICSOFTto design a system, which would pro-vide flexibility, reliability, high per-formance and business decisionsupport capabilities.VEDICSOFT’s team was sentthere to study and address the issuesfaced by the client. After listeningto and understanding the needsof the clients, they provided acustomizable and extensiveinterface that can processmillions of rows of data inreal-time and generate re-ports meeting theperformance re-quirements ofthe client. Fur-thermore, a user can interact with a re-port dynamically to perform decisionsupport system specific analysis. Thesolution which was built using JavaPlatform Enterprise Edition and theStruts framework, and the overall ar-chitec-Bhat Dittakavi and Venkat Yerubandi were working asconsultants in SAP in the late 90s when they saw the op-portunity opening up in the Business Intelligence technol-ogy sector. Being friends from childhood they had severalthings in common, of which the lack of fear to take on riskwas one. So they decided to utilize this opportunity andstart a company. It was a time when many Indians in theU.S. were changing their Indian names to more Americannames and trying to embrace and adapt the new culture.Bhat Dittakavi and Venkat Yerubandi, on contrary to thistrend, decided to establish their Indian identity and hencewanted a name for their company that establishes the ‘In-dianism’. With this idea they went back to the roots, whichis the Vedas, and decided on a name that revolves aroundit, ‘VEDICSOFT’.Both Dittakavi and Yerubandi had previously workedas ERP consultants for fortune companies. They were ac-tive in design and implementation of process models forinfrastructure, management and operations. Their othercredits include highly successful strategic and manage-rial experience in all the departments including Sales,Marketing, Project outsourcing, BPO, Accounting, Legal,Operations and Human Resources. They have contributedactively for non-profit organizations: Sofkin - a supportorganization for kids in need, Sankara Eye Foundation –a foundation aiming to eliminate curable blindness inIndia, North South Foundation – a non-profit organiza-tion that conducts scholarship programs and educationalcontests both in India and the U.S., and VTSeva (Volun-teer Together for Service) - a non-profit organization withprime objectives of Care and Education for Blind, CancerAwareness in Women and Environment Protection forsaving Earth.VEDICSOFT:TheOriginVenkat Yerubandi
  • 7. ture was multi layered, consisting ofa web tier, a database tier, and a re-porting tier. Core database serviceswere being provided by Oracle and atrimmed down, de-normalized Post-greSQL, Informatica, SAP BusinessObjects instance was extracted out ofthis core database for fast access inorder to increase performance of thereports. The interface supported richfeatures and content switching andhelped the client to bring down theirtotal cost of ownership by almost 50percent.This is the age of outsourcing;where companies are outsourcingeverything they can possibly out-source in order to decrease the opera-tional cost. It is a known fact that evenwhen outsourcing, companies trusttheir work with onshore companiesrather than offshore companies. Whilemost of VEDICSOFT’s counterpartshave their entire backend includingresearch and development in India,they stand different with only their ad-ministrative work being done out ofIndia. The company believes in beingnear their customers and deliberatelykeeps its core operations and R&D onshore, close to where their customersare. Of the 400 employees of the com-pany, 300 are based out of the U.S.headquarters and 100 out of India.Even though Dittakavi andYerubandi had over 10 years of expe-rience in Business Intelligence, theirlack of entrepreneurial backgroundmade everything from management todelivery of services to meeting the ex-pectations of the customers a chal-lenge for them. “Thankfully we werequick learners and we started learning,developing and adapting from dayone,” says Dittakavi. During theprocess of learning it didn’t take themmuch time to realize the importanceof employee development and happi-ness. “Initially it was just about us;can we do better than each other. Butsoon we realized it is not about us butabout the team and the teamwork,”says Yerubandi. This realization stoodas the corner stone for the company inits development so far.Happy EmployeesA complete employee focused com-pany; VEDICSOFT is a strong be-liever of transparency, family values,culture of leadership, and happiness.With all of these values put together,VedicSoft is a company that is trans-parent towards both its employees andcustomers, which considers and treatsits employees as family, with leaderswho can lead the company from theforefront, and gives much importanceto its employee’s happiness. The com-pany considers employees as theirmost prized possession. They knowvery well the value of employee hap-piness and its importance in the longrun for the company. “The objectiveis to make the employees happy inwhat they are willing to do, what theywant to do, and align that with whatthe company wants. By doing this weget the best from our employees,”says Yerubandi. VEDICSOFT enter-tains a culture where any employee’sissue or challenges when brought intothe consideration of their seniors willbe considered with utmost sensitivityand will be made sure that they get anamicable practical solution in time. Atestimony to this is the fact that it wasawarded ‘Best Place to Work in NewJersey’ in 2011 by NJBIZ in its LargeEmployer Category.The company maintains a culturewhere the employee employer differ-ence is not there and the whole em-ployee community of the company islike a closely knit family. Employeesget personal and professional atten-tion whenever they need it. Apartfrom this there are informal gather-ings, Friday lunches, summer outingand winter gatherings to improve theemployee relation. The company uti-lizes the summer outings and the win-ter gatherings as an opportunity to getto know their employee’s families bet-ter. The company celebrates not onlybirthdays, wedding anniversaries andother special occasions but also thework anniversaries of each and everyemployee. Unlike most organizationswhere management throws a farewellparty at the end of someones employ-ment and recall the great qualities ofthat employee at VEDICSOFT, theteam does not wait till it is too late toremind an employee of his/her greatqualities. The company routinely cel-ebrates work anniversaries of eachand every employee. On the day ofanniversary, all team members assem-ble or join over telephone to talkabout that employees positive contri-butions and greatest qualities. “Thisprogram became so popular that mostemployees eagerly look forward tothis day. Some even secretly con-fessed that each anniversary celebra-tion motivates them enough toreaffirm themselves to the companyfor another year!” says Yerubandi.VEDICSOFT gives much empha-sis in training and developing theiremployees. The company alwaysmade sure that it brought in expertsfrom the BI field to provide servicesto their customers and then let theseexperts bring in other experts. Thisword-of-mouth attracted a lot of goodWe are not limited to a particular verticaland are focused on the horizontalinstead, making us impervious to theaffects of financial recession.siliconindia|19|J u n e 2 0 1 1
  • 8. siliconindia|20|J u n e 2 0 1 1talent in the niche field to the com-pany. “Our core values along with ourtechnology played a major role inhelping us retain talent even in thistime of major attrition,” says Dit-takavi. The company’s focus on nur-turing its employees is a reflection ofsome of the managers who hold keypositions in the organization. For ex-ample, eight years ago, Sonia Minhasjoined the administrative office ofVEDICSOFT (New Jersey) as a re-ceptionist cum office administrator.Today, she is the Vice President ofOperations overseeing most key de-partments within VEDICSOFT. Inthat process, she was also rankedamong “Finest CFOs in New Jersey"by NJBIZ for years 2009 and 2010and “50 top business women in NewJersey" by NJBIZ for year 2010. Sim-ilarly, an office boy in the administra-tive office of VEDICSOFT (India) hasbeen mentored as a Network Admin-istrator over three years. Many devel-opers have been mentored intoArchitects and Project Managers withgreat care and nurturing. At VEDIC-SOFT, it is not just a job, it is a career.Even during the recent recession,while other companies were concen-trating on letting employee go, themanagement concentrated on lettingemployees grow for they believe thatultimately it is when you let your em-ployees grow, the business grows.“VEDICSOFT has a very friendlywork environment, whether itsweekly potluck, celebrating birthdayswith a delicious cake or providingflexible work hours to employees sothey can attend to personal mattersmakes working with VEDICSOFT farmore pleasurable,” says Sam Vaghela,an employee in VEDICSOFT since2005. “It is very translucent and hasan open door policy. Every day work-ing with VEDICSOFT is a unique ex-perience within its self,” says NishaJayswal, another employee ofVEDICSOFT. The list of happy em-ployees does not start and end withVaghela and Nisha. This culture hashelped the company to put a check toVEDICSOFT:A great place to work at!Transparency is one of the core valuesof the company & it is exercised acrossthe board from the CEO to a Jr. Execu-tive. Management doors are alwaysopen to every employee toexpress/share their concerns. The com-pany also gives every employee theopportunity to grow along with thecompany. All the employees are partof the Revenue Generating Modelwhich makes VEDICSOFT standunique.Neelima Janyavula,Senior Manager - Business Development................................................................We have a monthly General BodyMeetings; this is a unique approach atVEDICSOFT and is definitely a uniqueexperience for the employees. Thesemeetings are very good platforms forthe employees to come out with theirsuggestions, issues, concerns and oth-ers, and the management invites sug-gestions from everybody in thesemeetings on“how to take the com-pany to next level”.Vijaykumar GudapatiDirector of Operations - India................................................................Family culture, servant leadership,knowledge sharing at every level of hi-erarchy, no crucial decisions withoutprior consultation and discussionswith employees, these are among themany factors that keep employeesglued to VEDICSOFT.Appu GaddamanuguManager - Business DevelopmentVEDICSOFT New Jersey TeamWhile most of IT services companies havethe back end and research anddevelopment activities in India,Vedicsoft stands different with only theiradministrative work being doneout of India.
  • 9. siliconindia|21|J u n e 2 0 1 1their attrition rate, which remains verylow compared to the industry standardwith many employees who joined thecompany in its nascent stage still re-maining with them. “We are very ac-tive in the Small and MediumEnterprise Consortium, in one suchmeeting some CEOs came to us andtold us that, ‘the employees who comeout of VEDICSOFT are the best, andthey are a very hot commodity in themarket’. I consider that comment as acompliment to our culture,” says Dit-takavi.Talking about the employee stan-dards at VEDICSOFT, a spokes per-son from Capegemini says, “I am verypleased with the quality of VEDIC-SOFT consultants and their workethics. Their experience in Data Man-agement has enabled our projectsteam to successfully deliver the re-sults in time. I like the quality of thesubject Matter Experts they provide.”Capgemini is one of VEDICSOFT’smany happy customers. The BusinessIntelligence that VEDICSOFT helpsits customers achieve itself makessure that their customers stays happyand the core values of the companycomes as an add-on to this. The com-pany is proving that happy employeescreate happy customers.Again transparency comes intoplay, “We are not afraid to say no.When a customer wants us to dosomething that we cannot deliver wewould never say yes and give them afalse promise. Sometimes customersask us to be a part of their projectwhich might outside our specializedarena, so we would tell them we arenot experts in that and if you still wantus to do it we will. And we will giveour 100 percent to it,” says Dittakavi.Road AheadFor the past several years the com-pany is seeing a growth rate of 10 –15 percent per year. Even during thegreat recession they stood steady anddid reasonably well. Even though thecompany is growing steadily and hasa successful business plan they have adifferent idea of success. “We don’tmeasure our success in terms of therevenue that we get, rather we meas-ure success through the happiness thatis prevailing in our company, thenumber of leaders we managed to cre-ate among us, and how happy our cus-tomers are with us. Being a $100million or $1 billion company cannotbe counted as the criteria of success ifthe employees and customers are notvery happy,” says Dittakavi. “Ourbasic mantra is ‘You take care of theemployees and the employees willtake care of you’,” adds Yerubandi.Both of them very well know it is allabout the people, a fact that mostCEOs tend to forget. They are ecstaticabout this fact and does everything intheir power to keep their peoplehappy, which in turn add on to thesuccess of the company.VEDICSOFT has a very friendly workenvironment, be it the weekly potluck,celebrating birthdays with a deliciouscake or providing flexible work hoursto employees so they can attend topersonal matters, all these makesworking with VEDICSOFT far morepleasurable.Sam VaghelaManager, Business Development................................................................When I had my first placement, I wasfeeling on top of the world. Being newto industry, the tools provided by thecompany helped me to perform ex-emplarily. The organization and peo-ple gave me great confidence which inturn molded me to be result oriented.The training provided to me made meunderstand that the process is allabout zeal to learn and constantly up-date ourselves with trends in IT.Raju PeethaManager - Marketing................................................................Individuals here are given the reins forcreativity to enthuse and promotepositive change within the organiza-tion. The main difference I find withVEDICSOFT compared to my previousemployer and many of those in thesame platform is that everyone has anopportunity to grow, while manage-ment takes up the duty to inspire pas-sion in all. Being with VEDICSOFT forclose to a decade, I feel the companyand I have grown together simultane-ously.Sonia MinhasVice President- OperationsVEDICSOFT India Teamsi