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Building a Referral Brand
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Building a Referral Brand


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Building a Employee Referral Brand is like any other Brand building exercise. Think it is easy because employees are a captive audience ? Think again. Some simple thoughts to help.

Building a Employee Referral Brand is like any other Brand building exercise. Think it is easy because employees are a captive audience ? Think again. Some simple thoughts to help.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Building a Referral Brand
  • 2. Why do you need Employee Referrals ?
    • Increased Referrals
    • Indicates Happy Employees
    • A better cultural fit of new joinees
    • ‘ Reward’ and ‘Recognition’
    • Sense of pride in building workforce
    • Increased Referrals
    • Lesser time on sourcing for recruitment
    • Lesser ‘selling’ of opportunity required
    • Better ‘leads’ to ‘conversion’ ratio
    • Optimized cost of sourcing
  • 3. LET’S START
  • 4. Understand the elements
  • 5. Ask?
    • Promotions/Communication
    • Are your employees aware of the program ?
    • Does you program/communication drive to Action?
    • Are you communicating clearly and completely in the nest possible manner ?
    • Employee
    • Are your employees aware of the program and the need to refer ?
    • Have you understood your employees’ priorities ?
    • Have you gained their faith and trust?
    • Are your employees sufficiently happy, satisfied and motivated to refer more employees ?
    • Requirement
    • Are you clear on what to ask for ?
    • Are you clear on whom you wish to hire?
    • Are you sure of when to ask your employees?
    • Are you able to express your requirement in the best possible manner?
    • System
    • Is your recruitment/referral system user friendly?
    • Does your system allow easy retrieval for both employee, candidate and recruiter?
    • Does your system provide relevant status reports easily ?
    • Recruitment
    • Are your recruiters aware of the program/process?
    • Are your recruiters geared to provide feedback?
    • Are your recruiters motivated enough to focus on referrals?
    • Is there a discipline to drive proper requirement expression, processing and feedback?
  • 6. Roles they play Customer, Indirect Stakeholder Owner, Beneficiary, Stakeholder, Driver Key Critical, Enabler Critical, Enabler Promotions/Communication Requirement Employee Recruitment System
  • 7. TG Motivation
    • Pride?
          • Will your employees feel a sense of pride to refer candidates to your brand? Can you wait for this ?
    • Money?
          • Does monetary motivate employees to refer ? How much is enough ?
    • Faith?
          • Have users been delivered the faith through feedback, rewards? If user experience is not good, then what will make a difference?
    • Need?
          • Do your employees know your hiring plans well in advance ? Are they equipped to match your hiring patterns?
  • 8. Remember
    • Your employees are not staffing consultants
    • They have their own work to do too
    • They can make a choice
    • Your referral program is a ‘experiential product’
    • One bad experience will be marketed faster than many good experiences
  • 10. STICK TO THE BASICS Keep it Simple Simple program Simple system (as easy as the internet) Simple communication (keep it short, simple) Simple requirements (Keep it clear, specific)
  • 11. Simple Have a Referral portal . Employees should be able to view opportunities, refer, share information with their networks, view status of their referral. Name you portal the same as the program Name your Program. Have regular email communication. Maintain the Brand consistently. Remember brands take time to be built Interact. In a people dependent process, people interaction is the best way to improve experience Feedback. Ensure proper and complete feedback is provided Time. Give employees enough time. Process in time. Feedback in time. Benefits on time What’s on the menu? Give clear and specific requirements. Give requirements that can be referred to
  • 12. Build Your referral brand Portal Communication -Periodic Emails -Recruiter meets Recruiters - Response mechanism -Talk to employees -Referral cards(hand out visiting card sized cards to employees they meet) -Attend employee meets -information -Requirements -Reports Events -Create a referral fest -Make it a 360 degree campaign -Have it every year -Make employees a part of it Story -Build a story -have the story in all your communication -Carry the story forward System -Integrate with your referral portal -keep improving
    • Employee Referral programs and Brands are long term plans