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A draft presentation based on a lot of reading done on the topic of Personal Branding and Online Identity Management. …

A draft presentation based on a lot of reading done on the topic of Personal Branding and Online Identity Management.

Caution: Anything you share on the web will be read !

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  • 1. Personal Branding Draft Presentation 1 What is it ? Why do it? How to do it ?
  • 2. What does a brand do?
  • 3. Want Coffee ?
  • 4. Will any coffee do ? How about now
  • 5. Would you click ?
  • 6. How about now
  • 7. That’s what a brand can do…
    • Makes the product acceptable
    • Creates a positive perception
    • Represents a promise
    • ‘ De-commoditizes’ the product
    • Creates value
  • 8. What about you ?
  • 9.  
  • 10. What is your personal brand ?
  • 11. You have…
    • Name , Designation , Personality , Experience , Knowledge , Friends , Subordinates , Peers , Bosses , Supervisors , Skill , Talent , Thoughts , Ideas , Followers
  • 12. WHO DOESN’T ?
  • 13. Do you have a Personal Brand ?
  • 14. Why do you need it ? Career Known as an Expert Money Value From Peers, Stakeholders, Partners, Teams Opportunity, Employment Other Experts Challengers
  • 15. Do you want a Brand YOU ? Or do you want to be last off the elevator?
  • 16. How do you do it ?
  • 17.
    • Get your BRAND attributes right
    • Choose your TG
    • Choose your PATH
    • Get ONLINE !
    • Stay ONLINE!
    • Stay Honest, Stay Alive !
  • 18. Get your BRAND attributes right
    • ASK
    • WHO am I ?
    • WHY me ?
    • WHY NOT someone else ?
    From No Money Marketing by J Paul
  • 19. List it out Emotional Rational This is important because these are the attributes you will use across the various tools you use From Personal Branding Blog
  • 20. Prepare your Bio
    • Prepare a Bio that outlines your brand attributes with examples that support them
    • This Bio will form the core of your Brand message in any path you choose
    • Mention your areas of interest
  • 21. Who’s your TG ?
    • Identify your audience of interest
    • Understand what interests them
    Ex: For a CEO, the audience would be clients, media, analysts, potential clients and Employees For an employee, the audience would be superiors, colleagues, potential employers
  • 22. Choose your PATH YOU are YOU should be on YOU could also YOU are likely to be A CXO Company Blog, Intranet Blog, Media, Speaker Forums Be on Social Media –Facebook, Twitter Followed, quoted by Bloggers & media A leader Personal blog, Intranet Blog, Speaker Forums, Media Be on Social Media –Facebook, Twitter Followed, Quoted by Bloggers & media Middle Management Personal Blog, Comment on Blogs, Attend forums Be on Social Media –Facebook, LinkedIn Referred to by team members, peers A Professional interacting with external entities Personal Blog, Comment on Blogs, Attend Forums Be on Social Media –Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Followed by people of common interest A Recruitment professional Subscribe to Recruitment blogs, Comment on posts, Attend forums, Network Be on Social Media- Facebook, LinkedIn Followed by candidates
  • 23. Choose your PATH OFFLINE ONLINE
    • Become an expert
    • Be a part of company initiatives
    • Dress up
    • Focus
    • Identify your Idols
    • Identify your benchmarks
    • Web 2.0
    • Social media
    • Presentations
    • Forums
    • Media
    • Represent
  • 25. Today, you GOT to be ONLINE
  • 26. Once you get online remember
    • It doesn't matter who you are, what you say does
    • What you say must be of interest
    • What you say must be original
    • Always RESPOND
  • 27. BUT watch out !
  • 29. Choose with care BRAND YOU Professional networking: Update regularly. Connect with experts in your field of interest. Quality of connections matter. Get recommendations from people who matter. Professional recommendations matter, flattery doesn't. Micro-Blogging: Follow Experts in your filed of interest. Follow others who follow them. Follow friends. Nobody cares if you are sleeping or awake. Tweet matter of interest BLOG: Write on a topic of interest where you can provide your own point of view. Remember there are millions of blogs ! Social networks: Be on the largest social network. Place to connect with friends, partners, clients
  • 30. Be Consistent
  • 31. BE HONEST !
  • 32. Be Honest
    • If you are commenting in favor of your own product/company reveal your relationship
    • Credit sources of information
    • On the Internet, information can be checked and double checked…in seconds.
    • In the DIGITAL REALM, reputation is everything, so take care !
  • 33. REMEMBER
    • If you work for an Organization, you owe them allegiance so do not embarrass them
    • Stay consistent
    • Stay simple
  • 35.
    • Visit other’s Blogs and websites
    • Comment and give feedback on articles
    • Do not get desperate
    • Build a network
    • Do onto others what you would want others do unto you
  • 36. Finally,
  • 37. Google your name If your name appears as a Blog entry or against an article related to your profession or area of interest and not just your LinkedIn and Facebook profile, then you have arrived in the digital realm. If not, keep trying harder I am still trying
  • 38. Happy branding !
  • 39. Acknowledgements
    • All copyrights acknowledged as belonging to respective owners wherever not explicitly mentioned
    • Following resources were part of research done
    • No Money Marketing (Book)
  • 40. My Attempt at a Consistent Online Brand
  • 41. My Start Page & Website
  • 42. My LinkedIN Profile
  • 43. My Hobby Blog
  • 44. My Facebook Profile
  • 45. My twitter
  • 46. My Slideshare
  • 47. My Flickr