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  • 1. FOUNDER’S PROFILE: Few men in history have made as dramatic acontribution to their country’s economic fortunes as did the founder of Reliance,Sh. Dhirubhai H Ambani. Fewer still have left behind a legacy that is moreenduring and timeless. As with all great pioneers, there is more than one uniqueway of describing the true genius of Dhirubhai: The corporate visionary, theunmatched strategist, the proud patriot, the leader of men, the architect of India’scapital markets, and the champion of shareholder interest. . But the role Dhirubhai cherished most was perhapsthat of India’s greatest wealth creator. In one lifetime, he built, starting from theproverbial scratch, India’s largest private sector enterprise. When Dhirubhaiembarked on his first business venture, he had a seed capital of barely US$ 300(around Rs 14,000). Over the next three and a half decades, he converted thisfledgling enterprise into an Rs 60,000 crore colossus-an achievement whichearned Reliance a place on the global Fortune 500 list, the first ever Indian privatecompany to do so. Dhirubhai is widely regarded as the father of India’scapital markets. In 1977, when Reliance Textile Industries Limited first wentpublic, the Indian stock market was a place patronized by a small club of eliteinvestors which dabbled in a handful of stocks . Undaunted, Dhirubhai managedto convince a large number of first-time retail investors to participate in the 1
  • 2. unfolding Reliance story and put their hard-earned money in the Reliance TextileIPO, promising them, in exchange for their trust, substantial return on theirinvestments. It was to be the start of one of great stories of mutual respect andreciprocal gain in the Indian markets. Under Dhirubhai’s extraordinary vision andleadership, Reliance scripted one of the greatest growth stories in corporate historyanywhere in the world, and went on to become India’s largest private sectorenterprise.CHAIRMAN’S PROFILE: 2
  • 3. Regarded as one of the foremost corporate leaders of contemporaryIndia, Anil Dhirubhai Ambani is the Chairman of all listed Group companies,namely: Reliance Communications, Reliance Capital, Reliance Energy andReliance Natural Resources Limited. He is also Chairman of the Board of Governors of DhirubhaiAmbani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Gandhi Nagar,Gujarat. Till recently, he also held the post of Vice Chairman and ManagingDirector in Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), India’s largest private sectorenterprise. Anil D Ambani joined Reliance in 1983 as Co-Chief ExecutiveOfficer, and was centrally involved in every aspect of the company’s managementover the next 22 years. He is credited with having pioneered a number of path-breakingfinancial innovations in the Indian capital markets. He spearheaded the country’sfirst forays into the overseas capital markets with international public offerings ofglobal depositary receipts, convertibles and bonds. Starting in 1991, he directedReliance Industries in its efforts to raise over US$ 2 billion. He also steered the100-year Yankee bond issue for the company in January 1997. 3
  • 4. He is a member of :Wharton Board of Overseers, The Wharton School, USA.Central Advisory Committee, Central Electricity Regulatory Commission.Board of Governors, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.Board of Governors Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.In June 2004, he was elected for a six-year term as an independent member of theRajya Sabha, Upper House of India’s Parliament a position he chose to resignvoluntarily on March 25, 2006.Awards and AchievementsConferred the ‘CEO of the Year 2004’ in the Platts Global Energy Awards.Rated as one of ‘India’s Most Admired CEOs’ for the sixth consecutive year in theBusiness Barons – TNS Mode opinion poll, 2004Conferred ‘The Entrepreneur of the Decade Award’ by the Bombay ManagementAssociation, October 2002.Awarded the First Wharton Indian Alumni Award by the Wharton India EconomicForum (WIEF) in recognition of his contribution to the establishment of Relianceas a global leader in many of its business areas, December 2001.Selected by Asia week magazine for its list of ‘Leaders of the Millennium in Businessand Finance’ and was introduced as the only ‘new hero’ in Business and Finance fromIndia, June 1999.About the Organisation: Reliance – ADA Group is one of the fastest growing diversified groups in the country. Withbusinesses growing at a breathtaking pace across all verticals, one of the critical challengesof the Group would be to recruit, develop and retain competent manpower in the years tocome. 4
  • 5. Reliance HR Services Pvt Ltd was formed in 1st Oct 2007 under the guidance of Mr.AmitavaK Ghosh (Head - RHRS) to give end to end Contract staffing solutions for Anil DhirubhaiAmbani Group of Companies (ADAG).Currently we are operating in 13 Circles across Indiahaving a work force of more than 20 thousand employees .Services Provided By Reliance HR Services  Sourcing of Candidates  On boarding the candidates  Pay roll management of employees  Employee Engagement  Statutory and Compliance  Exit Formalities  PF withdrawal / Transfer  Full & Final SettlementVISION OF OUR COMPANY:“Enriching Organization, Globally, Through Innovative HR Solutions”CORE VALUES OF OUR COMPANY: • Integrity • Dignity • Passion 5
  • 6. • Team Work • Quality Orientation • Growth for all stake holdersProducts and Designation: 6
  • 7. Business Products Role BBCC TSE Field Sales Associate BBFSA TL BBSA Sales Associate Corporate Sales Executive BBSE Customer Relationship Executive Sales Executive CCRM Customer Care Associate-Mobile Business CSD GEN MIS COORDINATOR ZOP CSD-Customer Care GEN MIS COORDINATOR CWG Sales Associate Sales Executive Field Sales Associate RCL DST-PP Tele Caller TL DST-PP (DATA-CARD) DATA CARD FOS Marketing GEN Customer Care Associate-Mobile Business FAB Executive PCO GEN Zonal Sales Executive FAB Executive FAB LEAD PCO-FAB FAB Officer Field Sales Associate Customer Care Associate-Mobile Business Shared Services GEN OE Sales Associate Wimax Sales Executive Executive-After Sales FAB Executive BIG TV DTH Office Installer Sales Executive BMS Officer NICSI NICSI Shift Engineer Technician Sales Promotion OfficerBig Music Sales Executive Associate Manager Business Analyst C3 Executive Commercial Executive Customer Care Associate-Broad Band 7
  • 8. Reliance Capital Reliance Capital is one of India’s leading and fastest growing private sector financialservices companies, and ranks among the top 3 private sector financial services and bankingcompanies, in terms of net worth. The company has interests in asset management and mutual funds, life and generalinsurance, private equity and proprietary investments, stock broking and other activities infinancial services.Reliance Communications Limited The flagship company of the Reliance – ADA Group, RelianceCommunications Limited, is the realization of our founder’s dream of bringingabout a digital revolution that will provide every Indian with affordable means ofcommunication and a ready access to information. The company began operations in 1999 and has over 20 million subscriberstoday. It offers a complete range of integrated telecom services. These includemobile and fixed line telephony, broadband, national and international longdistance services, data services and a wide range of value added services andapplications aimed at enhancing the productivity of enterprises and individuals.Reliance Energy Limited Reliance Energy Limited, incorporated in 1929, is a fully integrated utilityengaged in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. It ranksamong India’s top listed private companies on all major financial parameters,including assets, sales, profits and market capitalization.It is India’s foremost private sector utility with aggregate estimated revenues of Rs9,500 crore (US$ 2.1 billion) and total assets of Rs 10,700 crore (US$ 2.4 billion). Reliance Energy Limited distributes more than 21 billion units of electricityto over 25 million consumers in Mumbai, Delhi, Orissa and Goa, across an area 8
  • 9. that spans 1,24,300 sq. kms. It generates 941 MW of electricity, through its powerstations located in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Goa. The company is currently pursuing several gas, coal, wind and hydro-basedpower generation projects in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh andUttaranchal with aggregate capacity of over 12,500 MW. These projects are atvarious stages of development. Reliance Energy Limited is vigorously participating in emergingopportunities in the areas of trading and transmission of power. It is also engagedin a portfolio of services in the power sector in Engineering, Procurement andConstruction (EPC) through a network of regional offices in India.Reliance Health In a country where healthcare is fast becoming a booming industry,Reliance Health is a focused healthcare services company enabling the provisionof solution to Indians, at affordable prices. The company aims at providingintegrated health services that will compete with the best in the world. It also plansto venture into diversified fields like Insurance Administration, Health careDelivery and Integrated Health, Health Informatics and Information Managementand Consumer Health. Reliance Health aims at revolutionizing healthcare in India by enabling ahealthcare environment that is both affordable and accessible through partnershipswith government and private businesses.Reliance Media & Entertainment As part of the Reliance - ADA Group, Reliance Entertainment isspearheading the Group’s foray into the media and entertainment space. RelianceEntertainment’s core focus is to build significant presence for Reliance in theEntertainment eco-system: across content and distribution platforms. 9
  • 10. The key content initiative are across Movies, Music, Sports, Gaming, Internet & mobile portals, leading to direct opportunities in delivery across the emerging digital distribution platforms: digital cinema, IPTV, DTH and Mobile TV. Reliance ADA Group acquired Adlabs Films Limited in 2005, one of the largest entertainment companies in India, which has interests in film processing, production, exhibition & digital cinema. Reliance Entertainment has made an entry into FM Radio through Adlabs Radio, having won 45 stations in the recent bidding, which will soon be the Radio station with the largest footprint in India. Corporate GovernanceGreat corporations, like individuals, are known for their unwavering commitment toethical values and principles. At Reliance - ADA Group, we remain steadfast in ourresolve to uphold the highest standards of integrity, transparency and governance.For us, corporate governance is not just about adhering to the formal letter of the law,but about embracing the substantive spirit that lies underneath; to move beyond thestatutory obligations.The key aspects of our corporate governance practice are:Monitoring of executive and director compensationProviding autonomy to the BoardImplementing rigorous disclosure and transparency normsMonitoring of executive and director compensationAcross each of the group companies, a Remuneration Committee assesses the overallcompensation structure and policies of the organization and makes recommendations.These form the basis for formulating the company’s executive remunerationframework.The Remuneration Committee consists of non-executive directors, a majority of 10
  • 11. whom are independent. The Chairman of the Committee is an Independent Director.The Remuneration Committee works with full autonomy, and is free of anymanagerial interference. The Committee is also empowered to call upon professionaladvice, both from within and outside the company, in the discharge of their duties.Providing autonomy to the BoardThe Board of Directors of each of the group companies consists of eminentindividuals with diverse experience and expertise. The respective Board acts withautonomy and independence in exercising strategic supervision, discharging itsfiduciary responsibilities, and in ensuring that the management observes the higheststandards of ethics, transparency and disclosure.The Board of Directors reviews all information details and transactions relating tosignificant business decisions, including strategic and regulatory matters. Everymember of the Board, including non-executive directors, has access to all relevantinformation about their respective companies.The Board appoints a number of Committees to focus on well-defined areas ofresponsibility, with a clear mandate to make time-bound recommendations, and,where specified, use the authority vested in them by the Board to take crucialdecisions.Implementing rigorous disclosure and transparency normsEach of the Group companies adheres to all disclosure and transparency normsrelating to corporate governance. We are committed to public disclosure, in a clearand timely manner, of our financial accounts, including both segment andconsolidated accounts, and the level and means of remuneration of our directors andtop executives. We also give out clear information on related- party transactions, ifany, that are undertaken within the group. 11