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  • As a part of my AS Media Studies, I have create a opening sequence that would appeal to my target audience. I decided to do Preliminary Task before Starting my Main Takes, this will allow me to see what I am capable of and what area I need to improve so that when I make my final opening sequence I can get the thing right at first go. For my Main task I had to create a opening sequence that appeals to my target audience. After lots of planning and filming I was able to produce my opening sequence. I have got feedback form my target audience. As its just me who is making this opening sequence – I played all the major roles The genre I have chose is Teen Comedy. I didn’t not just chose this my self, I had done a survey where I went out and my target audience about what is their favourite genre. Before I can start planning for my opening sequence, I had decided to do research on teen movies like: 21 Jump Street, Mean Girls and American pie.
  • At this stage I had started working on the music, I was also working on other things such as making bumper.
  • This includes: credits, the film title, Location hint, an introduction to the characters, information regarding the mood and tone, information about the genre, questions that the viewer finds exciting and Fast Paced Editing .
  • The title of the film appears at the very end, just before all the credits are displayed, enhancing its effect and highlighting its importance.I decided to call the opening sequence ‘The Teen Break’ as my original idea of ‘The Summer Break’ was giving away too much of the storyline to the audience.I used this convention as it is a memorable title to the audience and allows them to think imaginatively about what the film is about.
  • Mostly all the characters in the class room are all dressed in stereotypical teenage clothing. This is a realistic picture of the teens, allowing the audience to relate to the characters that they see. However the teacher and the A* student are both dressed smartly showing that they are different from other. My opening represents all the character an average teenager and Umar (A* Student)as an different teenager, who is focused on his studies, this also allows the audience to relate to them differently.
  • There are three films I hard researched on : 21 Jump street, American Pie 2 and Mean Girls. There reason why I chose this film to research on is because they all have same genre as my opening sequence so I can look at it this films and get the idea of how my opening sequence should look like.
  • My opening sequence relates to this films because my opening scene begins with music as it does in this film and music are also quit similar. This film begins with the Crain shot of collage campuses which is also quit similarly my opening sequence starts of with three person shot of 3 students in school. However my opening sequence does not display the credits as it does in this film.
  • Opening sequence:In the beginning of the extract we see school bus and school setting are being used, this is to set audience in a teen environment this also proved again by the use of steady-cam shot of Schmidt walking into collage, with hip pop song by Eminem going on in the background. That non-diegetic sound plays a major role in introduction of main character; in give a big hint about personality of that character to audience that what is he like and what kind of thing he might be doing in this movie later on. Later he is shown asking a girl out on prom, and girl turns down his request and he is laughed by another group of people. This is one of the typical a teen convention, two different type of people/group with complete different statue in the collage, one might be well known and also well known for bad thing and other might be not so well know. Slow paced editing is also used during the start of the movie which then quickly turns into fast paced editing, this used to represent typical teenager life and it shows that teenager life is fast.
  • Opening sequence anylises‘Mean Girls’ is a Teen Drama that has a very successful opening sequence. The opening of the film introduces and establishes the main character, their background and the setting. The main character, Cady Heron, has moved to the USA from Africa and is experiencing her first day at an American high school, which does not go to plan; she is almost hit by a bus, spills coffee over a teacher and is threatened by another student.The costume of the main character depicted in the mise-en-scene suggests her naivety and self-consciousness because she is very covered up, quite plain and casual looking. She is wearing very little or no make-up and has her hair tied up, suggesting she does not want to stand out and is happy as she is. These contrasts to the appearance of one of the other characters introduce: Janice. Janice is dressed in all black clothing with lots of black, gothic make-up; this represents her rebellious and outsider attitude. This introduction of the main characters is successful because it conveys a lot about the characters personality without them even having to speak.A variety of different shots are used throughout the sequence to create different effects. The first few opening shots are point-of-view shots from through Cady’s eyes; she is looking up at her parents who are being very patronising about her ‘first day at school’, so it is assumed she is very young. This means from the very opening of the film, the audience are given the impression Cady is young and naive. Before Cady enters school, close-ups of her are used to clearly portray her nervous expression to the audience, to show her emotions without the need for speech. Another point-of-view shot is used when Cady is looking to find her seat – this is used to make the audience empathise with Cady as she nervously tries to find a spare chair. The editing techniques used add to the connection that the audience feel between them and the main character. Freeze frames are used to create the effect that a photo is being taken; this is used to make the audience feel as though they are witness to a memorable moment of the Cady’s. There is also one use of a slow motion shot to convey the confusion and anxiety of Cady as she is walking up to the school door. Straight cuts are used for continuity.A non-diagetic use of a voice-over has been used from Cady’s point of view to briefly explain to the audience her background story. The colloquial tone of voice makes the audience feel as though they already know the main character, making the connection between the audience and the film more successful. Soft piano music at the very start has a sinister tone to imply the black comedy content, with a hint of African sounding percussion to display an aspect of the plot. A soundtrack has been used to set the tone at the high school. Pop songs plays as Cady walks in to school that has lyrics that reflect how Cady feels the characters around her are feeling. The use of a pop song also reflects the implied music taste of the characters and of the general time period.
  • One of the main conventions of teen comedies is that they are set in or around a school, All the film I had researched had a school setting and that’s how I found that characters in the film are student and this film is aimed at teenagers so by me using this convention to do the same thing. Teen film often use real life problem so that their audience can relate to it. Real life problems might include thing like: bullying, fight, group of student. Fast Pace Editing. My opening sequence has to be fast and scenes should be shot which stops audience from loosing interest. It is used in most of the film. Music is what often sets the tone of my opening sequence. I also have decided to usethis convention as it is very typical and general in teen comedy films.Bright lighting sets a mood of the scene.
  • I had represent teenagers in my opening sequence as careless. They are also shown to be disrespectful to elderly people such as teacher, there was scene in my opening sequence where a girl says to a teacher “Shut up”, you normally don’t see a student talking to a teacher like this. My opening sequence represents male as you usually see in the films and female as not intelligent. My extract represents Asian group as smart, rich and they do not have any stereotype that you normal in films.
  • ShamitJonah Hill is a leading character in 21 Jump Street. I studied this social group of teenagers and how they are represented in films. I learned from the character of Jonah is that he is represented as failure and is not famous in school. In the opening sequence he is shown getting bullied by other and we also see asking girl out to prom and he was rejected. This shows that he does not have many friends but he is a bad guy. We first see this character walking in collage, Similarly in my opening scene You see three character walking in school.
  • I chose 15-25 age of our target audience because I was going to be making a opening sequence and as I am teenager and I like teen comedy therefore I think my target audience would be similar to my age. I have chose both male and female character for my opening so that I can attract Male as well as Female to see my film. I just didn’t not decided by my self, I did a survey. 5
  • Before it was 15+F word
  • I started my research by firstly doing a survey on which genera does my Target audience like. As you can see that 91% of people chose Teen comedy therefore I decided to make a opening sequence which the genre of teen comedy.
  • Used Facebbook to do tis Other one done in school
  • I had 2 feedback I did this as an text/ paper
  • What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?A film distributor is responsible for releasing films to the public either theatrically or for home viewing (DVD, Video-On-Demand, downloads). If my opening sequence were to be distributed by a big production company, I believe they would be very interested because of the target audience as teenagers are one of the most preferable audiences at this time because they are the most influenced by brands and trends to gain social status. Therefore I think a production company as large as Columbia Pictures, Universal and Paramount Pictures would find that releasing the film to the public would be as successful as Mean Girlbecause of the extremely accessible target audience.  Columbia and Universal and paramount are one of the UK’s top 5 distributor so they can easily distribute my film. Columbia Pictures distributed 21 Jump Street to its audience. These movie got a wide audience internationally because of the distributors who are known around the world. American pie which is distributed by universal and Mean Girls distributed by Paramount Pictures, all this film distributed by this three companies are likely to make lots of profit at box office that this can only be done if you get your target audience right. My film would be realised internationally in cinema, DVD and online this is so that my target audience can watch it the way they prefer and as this will be easily available more people would watch it. As this will be releasing everywhere at the same time therefore this would prevent piracy. Why not other distributers, because they are not financially strong to back up my film if something goes wrong. And also because might not distribute my film properly maybe, then are not as powerful companies such as universal
  • During the coursework, I used different range of technologies to help me get the best opening sequence possible. I used iMac to do all my research. The IOS operating system made it easy and efficient for me to use. Before I was not quit use to MACs but then slowly I become very use to it and learn many new things. As I was already familiar with iMovie and it is a simple programme to use, there wasn’t a lot to learn, therefore I decided to use FCP to edit my final opening sequence. I thing using FCP had given more professional look to my opening sequence whereas iMovie wouldn’t be able to do that as every mac user has it. I also used FCP to make a bumper and title for my opening sequence. I used Panasonic Handy-cam to film my film opening. I used this because it was the camera of the highest quality that I was able to get hold of. I think that it was a great choice and did a fantastic job in producing a high quality film opening. It was also very easy to use and I had noproblems with using it, it also fitted the tripod well and simply. Plus it was very light weight which made it easy to carry around. To make all of the shots steady and stable I used a tripod. It was very helpful as we could film everything without having to worry about having shaky clips. I learnt how to change the length of the extendable legs, and changed it to suit the angle that we wanted to compose. When I wanted to construct a low angle, we would make the back leg on the tripod smaller than the other two. Usinggarageband was the biggest challenge for me. I am not good with music and I had never used garageband or any other software used to make music. I got my main music for my opening from a website that has copy right free music but I still didn’t give up on garageband.
  • I didn’t not do much planning for my PT task however I did create synopsis, Story Board and script which made my filming process smooth and easy. It aslo saved me lot of time as I knew how exactly to film because of story board.
  • Evaluation - Vedant Desai

    1. 1. EvaluationBy Vedant desai
    2. 2. TaskMy rolesPreliminary TaskMain TaskGenreResearchIntroduction
    3. 3. Preliminary TaskPlanningFilmingEditingRough CutFeedbackFinal CutTimelineMain TaskResearchPlanningFilmingEditingRough Cut 1FeedbackEditingRough Cut 2FeedbackEditingFinal cut
    4. 4. Planning scheduleplanning Schedule SummaryFirst week in February Target audience surveyDo research on that particular chosen generaDo research on teen films – how they make their openingsequenceTry to think of story for main taskLocation research – based on story ideaSecond week in February2013List down convention I will be using in my opening sequenceDecide a genera for my main taskThird week in February 2013 List down convention I will be using in my opening sequenceGet rough cut of scriptDo a quick castingMake story boardForth week in February 2013 Get equipment readySpeak to someone if need to for using the locationGet my characters ready
    5. 5. Shooting scheduleShooting Schedule Time Location Summary4th March 2013 08:00 - 08:50 AM Sixth form Time lapse ofstudent walking inschool5th March 2013 08:00 - 08:50 AM Sixth form Time lapse of watch9th March 2013 11:00 – 01:00 PM Sixth form Taking all the mainshots10th March 2013 11:00 – 12:00 AM Sixth form Taking all the closeup and any missingshots
    6. 6. Post-Production Scheduleplanning Schedule SummaryLast two week March Edit video – rough cutFeedback – from target audienceEdit video – get final cut readyDo other thing that needs to be finishedFinish everything by 31 of march
    7. 7. My opening sequence ‘The Teen Break’ does notchallenge real media products as I have included thetypical conventions that you would see in a teencomedy.In what ways does your media productuse, develop or challenge forms andconventions of real media products?
    8. 8. Title of the opening sequence
    9. 9. Setting/LocationMy opening sequence has two main locations, Schooland Street. I decided this location because this arecommon convention of teen comedy. This also helpme construct storyline.
    10. 10. Costumes
    11. 11. Verities of shot usedFull HD Camera – Handy camEnsure lightUse of trip-pod to stabilize the shotShots are displayed clearlyCamera
    12. 12. Research on films that has similar generaWhat does my opening sequencerelater to ?
    13. 13. What does my opening sequencerelater to ?Opening scene
    14. 14. What does my opening sequencerelater to ?Opening scene
    15. 15. What does my opening sequencerelater to ?Opening scene
    16. 16. There are few convention that I have used in myopening sequence:School settingFast Pace EditingRock / fast beat musicBright lightingTeen Comedy Convention I used
    17. 17. I decided not to use this convention:Voiceover: based on the script of my openingsequence, there was no need of voice over in my openingsequence. Even though this is convention of teen films butits not that important.Slow music: this does not fit in my chosen genera. Slowmusic are often used in horror movies to builttension, which is not something my opening sequence has.Convention I did not use
    18. 18. TeenagersMale and FemaleAsianWhat Social Groups Does MyOpening Sequence Represent?
    19. 19. My opening sequence has a common stereotype of “ASIANTEEN”.Stereotypes:Very IntelligentFormal ClothingSubvert Stereotypes:Stingy With MoneyNerdFemale – Intelligent (Scores higher)Formal ClothingVery athleticStereotypes
    20. 20. 21 Jump StreetOne of the maincharacter: Schmidt(Jonah Hill)Social Group I studied
    21. 21. 15-25Girls and BoysMainly studentsPeople who enjoyTeen Comedy, TeenDrama, Teen Horror.Target Audience
    22. 22. 12A certifiedDiscrimination: language or behaviour must not be endorsed by thework as a wholeDrugs: might contain use of illegal substancesHorror: Moderate physical threat may be permitted, provideddisturbing sequences.Imitable behaviour: Dangerous behaviour (for example, hanging,suicide and self-harming)Language: Moderate language can be used and this includesoffensive words but not frequentlySex: only contains what is suitable for young teenagersTheme: Mature themes, but there must be suitable for youngteenagersViolence: Moderate violence is allowed but should not dwell ondetailAge Rating
    23. 23. Clothing – Hoody, JeansAge – TeenagersLocation – schoolTables and chairMis – en – scene to attract audience
    24. 24. Word presswww.theaeproduction.wordpress.comFacebookwww.facebook.com/theaeprofuctionYouTubehttp://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPfSGP4X2-SGtBhF0TJ5ypgUse of Social Networking to attractaudience
    25. 25. What type of TV show/Films do you watch?What was the last thing you watched?What are your all time favourite genera?If you were given a choice of teen comedy and teendrama, which one would you chose?Why did you choose that?What type of location do they use?What type of character do you see?What type of music do that use?Survey Questions
    26. 26. Survey result91%9%Teen ComedyTeen Drams83%17%Hip Hop RockVideo 1Video 2
    27. 27. Survey Result57%19%24%School Home Club37%18%22%23%FunnyStupidDiff fromothersWild
    28. 28. VideoI did a survey in which I showed a video which had 3music I think were good to go with my openingsequence.Music Survey0% 0%100%0%Music 1Music 2Music 3NoneMusic 111%Music 28%Music 377%None4%
    29. 29. VideoRough Filming – Main Task
    30. 30. PT – Feedback
    31. 31. Video 1Video 2Main Task - Feedback
    32. 32. Research and planning – Main Task
    33. 33. What kind of media institution mightdistribute your media product and why?
    34. 34. MacFinal Cut Pro X and iMovieHandy-camGarage bandSlid ShareScribeTechnology Used
    35. 35. VideoPreliminary Task
    36. 36. SynopsisStory BoardScriptPreliminary Task
    37. 37. More planningMore ResearchContinues feedbackMore rough cutsClear understanding/use of shotsClear soundKeeping audience engageProgress from PT
    38. 38. Rough Cut 1Rough Cut 2Rough Cut 3Final CutMain Task