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Les5 091411-mahendra-trivedi-final(2)

  1. 1. 1Living Energy Secrets Teleseminar Season 5Bridging the Gap for Ultimate HealingMahendra Kumar Trivedi, Debra Poneman and Debra ThompsonPrepare Yourself for MiraclesDebraThompson: Welcome, everyone. This is Deb Thompson with Living Energy SecretsTeleseminar, and we are in Season 5, and that’s just so exciting – been at thisfor over two years now. And of course, I am glad to welcome everyone who islistening on the call, who is on the webcast and, of course, all of the replaylisteners.So, without further ado, I am going to go ahead and introduce Guruji MahendraTrivedi, and then we’re going to have a little bit of an intro from Debra Poneman,who is the founding President of the Trivedi Foundation, who’s got a few thingsthat she’d like to say today.So Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, his abilities go far beyond healing and into therealm of real transformation. And I know you’ve all had a chance to read some ofthe amazing things that are there in his bio, and as I had just been talking aboutjust a little bit before we started in, he is in a realm of energy work that mostpeople are not at and that most people don’t really get to.He really has very special gifts and abilities that we are grateful that he is usingfor the best in the world. Anywhere that he is needed, anywhere that people areinterested in having him bring his energy transmissions, he is very grateful andthankful to be able to do that because this is his mission.Mr. Trivedi’s energy transmissions have been the subject of over 4,000 scientificstudies at leading research institutes on six continents. These in-person or long-distance energy transmissions have brought about physical and psychologicalhealth improvements in tens of thousands of individuals such as those withchronic pain, debilitating arthritis, as many of you are aware of, food sensitivities,chronic symptoms, syndromes, even I know he’s talked about before infertilityissues, and we’re gonna hear a little bit about that because we’re gonna betalking about some of the things that he’s affected, even into things psychological– low self-esteem, depression.And just from listening to Dr. Trivedi’s voice during his talks, people from all overthe world have reported feeling profound effects, including waves of greathappiness and peace. And I can imagine that that’s wonderful. But also with ustoday from the Trivedi Foundation is Debra Poneman.Debra, who is a best-selling author, transformational leader in her own right, andfounder of “Yes to Success” seminars has been working with the TrivediFoundation for the past – oh, I guess three years now. And Mr. Trivedi hasasked that we begin today’s interview by speaking with Debra for just a fewminutes so that she can share a little bit about Mr. Trivedi and about thefoundation and about how she came to be working with Guruji Trivedi.
  2. 2. 2So with that, Debra, welcome so much to Living Energy Secrets.DebraPoneman: Thank you, and I would just like to defer to Mr. Trivedi for a second. I know helikes to just greet the people before we start our conversation.Debra: Well, thank you!Poneman: Guruji, would you like to say “hello”?MahendraKumarTrivedi: Yeah, Debra, thank you very much. I came here to this country in 2009 in themonth of March, and with the grace of God, I met Debra Poneman and herhusband, Mr. Fred Poneman. And since that time, they are our advisors.[Laughter]Poneman: Guruji’s laughing because I advise him too much.Guruji: And they are teaching me several areas regarding their culture in the Westernworld, and Debra’s my English teacher. So when I came to this country, myEnglish was very poor. Still it is not quite satisfactory. But yes, I have now theability to convey the message to the world and to understand what they wantedto speak, what they wanted to say.I think that, yes, we are enjoying a journey of consciousness, of transformation,how we can help in a very appreciative manner to the world and to the people.And today I am here on this call, so thank you very much all the participants, andhopefully you will enjoy very much this call, lots of new information.Most of the time you will see something beyond your imagination. What I amdoing that is beyond the understanding of so many Nobel Prize winner scientists,right. I’ve met very top scientists on this planet, and we will talk about all thesethings – that I’m very practical man, very skeptical since my childhood.Still, I am very skeptical. That is in my character. That’s into my genes. So ‘til Iwill be here on this planet, I will be skeptical. So I’m handing over this phone tomy advisor and English teacher, yeah, Ms. Debra Poneman. So please,welcome, and you keep [inaudible]. [Laughter]Debra: Thank you. And I want to tell you how much that I personally appreciate that youhave gone to all the trouble to learn English – and I know that you’re evenlearning some other things – to be able to give all of this information and to be ahelp to people that are in the English-speaking world. That is an amazing thing,because most English speakers don’t speak other languages.Poneman: Yeah.Debra: So thank you.
  3. 3. 3Guruji: Yeah, thank you very much. And I’m announcing Debra, please.Poneman: Well, Deb, would you like me to just say a little bit about how I came to beworking with Mr. Trivedi?Debra: Absolutely! I would love to know that because I know it was an interestingbackground. Talk about skeptical.Poneman: Yes, well, I love to tell this story because I – not being a skeptical kind of aperson – many decades ago I actually became a teacher of the TranscendentalMeditation Program. I spent many, many, many years with Maharishi MaheshYogi teaching TM around the country and with him around the world.And since that time, which was the early ‘70s, I became very fascinated withspiritual masters and with the whole world of healing and people who hadabilities that were beyond the normal everyday abilities that most human beingshave.But because I had spent so many decades at the feet of some of the greatestmasters – not only Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, but many, many others – I felt verysettled and satisfied in my own personal spiritual journey. And when my dearfriends, Chris and Janet Atwood, New York Times best-selling authors of ThePassion Test, when they called me – Janet has been one of my best friends alsofor decades.She called and said, “There’s this man who has come to the U.S. and his nameis Guruji, and he has some extraordinary abilities,” and my first reaction was,“Thanks, but no thanks, because I have – I feel like I have met all of the greatestgurujis on the planet.”And you know “guruji” simply means – “guru” is teacher, and “ji” is a sign ofrespect. So it just even uplifts, enhances and says an even greater – a greatteacher, a divine teacher, a respected teacher. So I said, “I’ve met so manygurujis, and I’m really not interested in meeting another person named guruji.”And then Chris Atwood said to my husband and myself, “Well, this gentleman isdifferent because he has gone into the scientific laboratory and verified that he isnot some” – you know, there’s so many people in India on every corner. Theysay they do blessings, they do healings, they do transformation, but becausethey have the long robes and the long hair, people line up and then they feel likethey’ve gotten something. But really, could it be verified objectively in a scientificlaboratory? And the answer is probably not.And yet, this gentleman was not willing to use his abilities for one more personuntil he could be separated from those people on every street corner and havehis abilities verified. Not that he needed to have his abilities verified; it was soobvious, but these people who were lining up, they were lining up for everybody.And the most amazing part is that research was done on six continents, on someof the finest research institutes in the world. And not only did they find that Mr.Trivedi has the ability to transform the health of humans and animals and plants
  4. 4. 4and to affect viruses and bacteria, but even inanimate objects like metal,ceramics, polymers on the atomic level.So when we saw that research, and when he was gracious enough to allow us tohave some of our friends receive one of his energy transmissions – or we alsocall them “blessings” because they’re so much more than healings because it’stotal transformation, not just on the physical level, but people experiencechanges in their relationships and their spiritual life and their finances.So it’s not just a healing like for some headache or something like that, althoughthose tend to go away. But it’s so much more. But anyway, so the bottom line isthat he was gracious enough to allow me to have some people come over andreceive these energy transmissions or blessings, and I had never, ever in all ofthese years that I have seen – you don’t know how many healers and energyworkers I’ve come in contact with – I’d never seen results like this, and that wasenough for me.I just said, “Okay, I am committing myself to furthering the ability for Mr. Trivedi toreach as many people as possible.” And not only is he reaching humans, butreally changing the face of agriculture and for animals and in so many differentarenas of life. So it’s just been a real honor. And yes, it has been almost – it’sgoing to be three years in April, so – and it’s been an absolute honor to work forthe foundation.Debra: Wow! That’s wonderful. Thank you for all that background information. But wetalked a little bit before about how it is possible with human beings to account fora lot of changes because of what they believe inside about themselves and abouttheir body and their situation.And so there is this tendency to say, “Oh, well, you know, people yeah, theymight have felt something. Yeah, that might have happened, but it might havehappened with anybody who had done this,” like you said. But we talked aboutthat is not the case with plants, animals and inanimate objects. What of thestudies was really impressive to you as far as this is not the placebo effect?Poneman: Well, there have been so many, like for example – I think actually one of thestudies that was the most impressive to me personally was when Mr. Trivedi,also called Guruji, blessed land. He blessed 106 acres of land where severalmonths later 9,000 cashew saplings were planted on this land that he hadblessed, and when these cashew saplings came to be grown trees and started tobear fruit, not only was the fruit more nutritious – the cashews more nutritious –not only were they more abundant – instead of 3 or 4 in a clump, there were 10,12, 14 in a clump – but also these cashews were – they were resistant to fungus,bacteria. There was no need for pesticides or fungicides or bactericides orfertilizers or organic or inorganic chemicals.I mean, I don’t know if you know this, but the cashews that you eat from thegrocery store have been sprayed seven times during the fruiting season just sothey won’t have bacteria and fungus. Yet, one blessing of the land – now can weaccount for this being the placebo effect? It can’t be. And it wasn’t even that heblessed the trees; he blessed the land where the trees were then planted.
  5. 5. 5And what’s more – and this is very exciting for humans – is that it was forsubsequent generations there was still a greater yield and a higher nutritionalvalue, and the cashews are still generations later resistant to pest attacks andfungus and bacteria.And just extrapolate for yourself, I have seen people whose immunity has soremarkably increased, and you can see that again with – and I’ll just say oneother area of research that was extremely impressive to me was when Gurujiblessed long-distance – you have to follow this – long-distance he blessed waterthat was then given to chickens on a chicken farm.They divided these chickens into the control group and to the group that drankthe blessed water. So he blesses the water; he’s in the U.S., blesses the waterin India, and the chickens who drank the treated water had higher weight gain,less foot intake. The meat was not only 15 percent increased, but the EEF,which is the measure of profitability from these chickens, over a 10 percentincrease.But one of the things that was amazing, one of the problems with poultry farmingis that the excrement is so highly odiferous that it’s really – it’s horrible. I used tolive in Iowa, so I know. I would know!Debra: We’re in chicken farming country. Yes, we know.Poneman: You are, too.Debra: Yes!Poneman: And almost negligible odor. Now, this is from these chickens. The otherchickens, I think it was like over 20 rounds of drugs and antibiotics to keep themfrom getting disease and to increase the weight and the edible meat. Ourchickens just drank the water and ate just normal food. So again, did thechickens know that they’re drinking blessed water? No, so that’s why we canrule out the placebo effect.Debra: And I’m not discounting that at all, and I know you’re not, because that – whenthe placebo effect really does work for people, that is total proof that their mindand their belief system and their energy is very powerful, and they can affect theirown bodies and their own lives. So I’m not against that, but at least as far aswhat we’re talking about, we’re talking about the difference between the energythat Guruji has versus what some other people might say that they’re able towork with.Poneman: Right, exactly. And if somebody gets better from believing that they’re going toget better, you know, more power to them. What is great about the blessingsthat people receivedfrom Guruji is they could be skeptical, and they will stillreceive the benefits. That’s the beauty, one of the beauties of what he does.Debra: That’s good. Well, just before we talk to Guruji directly, I just wanted to ask aquestion that we had been asked by some of our listeners and some otherpeople that we had been talking about Mr. Trivedi with, is they had said that they
  6. 6. 6had looked for some of his studies to be in the different journals, and I know thatyou and I had talked about that, because there are so many, and they couldn’tfind them in the journals. Could you address that?Poneman: Yes, well, you know, the best thing to do would be to go onto our websitebecause we have all of the scientific research, and we have the links to thedifferent research that was done. So on our website, especially under our“Scientific Research” tab, we have the research done not only on Mr. Trivedi’sunique physiology, but also on human wellness, on genetics, on science,microbiology, agriculture – it’s all there and all over the links.Debra: And is it rather – do you find it from a professional standpoint – and I know thatGuruji also is a mechanical engineer. He has an exceptional amount of sciencetraining himself. Is it becoming difficult, do you think, to get some of these resultsactually printed in the regular journals?Poneman: Oh, I think I’m gonna let Guruji… (Laughs).Debra: Okay. Well, good. Then excellent! Is there anything else that you had to say tous?Poneman: No. Well, I’ll be here the whole time, so anytime you want to ask me anything, I’llbe here. But as you mentioned in the introduction, even though on this callGuruji is not going to be giving the people an energy transmission or blessing,but just from hearing his voice people have reported that they feel like energy intheir physiology. And people have even reported spontaneous results just fromhearing his voice. So I think people are probably saying, “Okay, Debra, that’senough from you. Let’s hear from Guruji now.”Debra: You’re right. You’re right about that. So let’s go ahead. And Guruji, are you stillwith us?Guruji: Yeah.Debra: Excellent! Thank you for sitting so patiently listening to us ladies talk about you.Guruji: (Laughs)Debra: Well, I would really love to hear a little bit from you, Guruji, because we havebrand new listeners to Living Energy Secrets. We have a lot of different thingsthat we have been working on, and so there are people who have probably neverheard you speak before. So if you could just give us a little bit – I know that yourealized that you had these abilities from your youth, and just a little bit of thehigh points of how you came to do what you’re doing today.Guruji: Oh, very nice. Thank you very much.Debra: Thank you.Guruji: So thank you very much all the listeners who are here. I’m just giving you thejourney of the master, right? Okay?
  7. 7. 7Debra: Mm-hmm.Guruji: Yeah [inaudible]. I was born in a very poor family in the central part of India. SoI’m the eldest one – oldest one in the family. After me one brother; after him twomore sisters. So this is the family structure. My father, he was a great teacher,and my mother, housewife. Lacked no education.And after six years of age, I found like there’s no chemistry between me and restof five members – three brothers and sisters and two parents. So there was nochemistry between me and rest of the people.So you can understand that if somebody is living in a house where there’s nochemistry always, all the time I was feeling that just my parents, they have stolenme from somewhere else. That was the situation all the time.And at the age of six, I started enjoying plants. Plants as a state are very difficultto define within 40 minutes, it takes more time. But definitely, I can feel like if Ican just answer like what is the difference between $1,000.00 and $1 million?Then you can understand, right? If no one tells a lot of [inaudible] what.Deepest state of meditation. People, they’re going to the meditation and then allgoing – then over there they reach to the state where there are no thoughts-thoughtlessness, speechless. That is called the deepest state of meditation.And trance is at least billion times higher than this state, and this state accordingto neurophysiology is very close to impossible phenomenon that you pass thestate of meditation. Anyhow, when I was 12 years of age, and my position,ideas, attitude very different from the people of 12 years of age of children – boysand girls.I was very comfortable, very natural, very comfortable with the people more than45 years of age, and I was not enjoying the childishness like immature talks –very mature talk, sensible. Right? No wasting of time. Everything should bepractical.I don’t like hypotheses, useless ideas. Right? If you do anything in your life, ifyou do meditation or yoga or any kind of effect or art or painting, whatever, ordance or music, that art that you’re doing this must have the ability to bring thehappiness in your life. If that art or you’re doing this is not competent, it’s notable to bring the happiness in your life, it’s bogus – useless from my point ofview.You may enjoy [inaudible] art which is not useful. But I never did in my life, amnot doing, will not do, and I don’t teach anybody. Right? To do that kind ofaction. So anyhow, then I did my bachelor’s degree in engineering, and then Istarted doing job here and there because I was from a poor family background.My parents did not have lots of money like for business or any of that things, so Ihad no option to go and search for a job. To get the job, it was very easy for me,right, because my intelligence was very high. I was born with photographicmemory.
  8. 8. 8But no job was able to give me the satisfaction. Just within a day, I was comingone time to the conclusion that this is not for me. I’m not born for this purpose.So what is for me? That was the biggest confusion. What is for me? I don’tknow what’s for me, but this is not my future.So I was in job for two months, jobless for another six months, again with adifferent job for three months, again jobless for another six, seven months – thatkind of situation. Then in India, people just said, “Okay, now I think you are aloneor single all the time, so that’s why you are not stable like.”Give him more responsibilities for the Indian society – that culture, they say,“Okay, you allow him – you just force him to marry a girl, then she is aresponsibility.” Oh, my goodness! I have my wife and nearly after two years Ihave unborn child, so now I am a father. I am not a single slacky boy going hereand there. I must behave like a father, like a husband and more responsible.Then he’s not going to leave the jobs all the time. He will be –Debra: He will just need to do that.Guruji: -- in some stable job.Debra: Right.Guruji: I did my marriage. Very good relationship with my wife. So I enjoyed thatmarried relationship. I enjoyed sex and everything, but again dissatisfaction inthe life. It’s so important for the human’s life, the satisfaction in your life. Andthat satisfaction I was missing. Again, I was searching the truth, the reality, whatis my life purpose?And in 1995, when I was sleeping in a trancelike state, I was gifted with thispower. My gift was little different from so many [inaudible] and other people.Their description is that they were sleeping and suddenly the house was full ofsome kind of unique smell, which they cannot describe.The house was, their room, the bedroom was full of white light which they cannotdescribe, and that light started condensing and converted into some deity orangel. And that deity or angel told them that, “Yes, now I’m going on vacation oron honeymoon; please you take care of the world.” Right? This never happenedin my life, and this is one won’t happen. I’m not going to come into this journey.Right?Debra: Right.Guruji: I don’t like these type of ideas. I’m very skeptical. If some deity will come in thenight or some angel will come in the night, say, “I’m going on vacation orhoneymoon, so you take care of this job,” I will not accept that.I don’t like the dreams like during day or night. I don’t like any angel to disturbmy sleep in the night. If you are really an angel from any planet, you comeduring daytime; we will enjoy lunch and dinner or maybe sex, right. That’s it.Very practical, no-nonsense – I’m very skeptical. [Laughing - Inaudible]
  9. 9. 9Debra: Yep, there you go.Guruji: So that was my journey, like in the state of my super-consciousness. I issue thetransformation, like this is the time for my action, my calling, and I have to be outof sentiments from family and friends and all of that things because I have to takecare of a big responsibility on this planet.I have to play my role decided by the creator, God, universe, universal energy.And I have to do my job. I followed that same, and after that all the time I’mgetting this information in my conscious brain – super-consciousness – state ofthe super-consciousness like, “Yeah, what is next?“What is the future of this planet? What is the future of the countries? What ismy future? What is my role? What is the role of others?” This type ofinformation. I’m not getting some kind of information that some deity’s comingand telling me something in the ears and all those things. Might be true forothers, but not for me. This is my…I’m going through all these things. So I started blessing the people in India. Wedon’t use that term “energy transmission” because it is very disrespectful term inthat country. This is the most appropriate term in the arena of science like. Theydon’t like the blessing and all these things and deities and angels.They are very skeptical people. They like just energy transmission. Everythingis energy. The smallest known particle in this universe is atom, and they learnedwhat is atom. It is a form of energy. So they just differentiate or they justdescribe the whole universe – it is composed of energy and mass.And mass is also energy; that’s a very simple thing. So I started doing theblessing on the people, and I got their feedback, and they reported that after thisblessing their life transformed at every level.At the level of physical body, mental, emotional, psychological, sexual, and finallythey feel connected with the universe or the god of their understanding –whoever, whatever. But then in 2000, I started thinking that what I’m doing, whatother people, they are doing? Then I found that just in one country like Indiathere are millions and millions of the spiritual masters and religious masters.What they are doing?They are trying to transform the life of the humans for better purposes or higherpurposes with the help of blessing. And this blessing, according to them, itcomes through deities, angels and God. Right?Debra: Right.Guruji: I met several other people who were claiming that they are the top healers onthis planet. And there are different models of healings: Reiki, Tai Chi, Qigong,healing with the help of crystals and dance and music, transfer effects, andcosmic healing and energy healing and maybe hundreds of other ideas. Right?Debra: Right.
  10. 10. 10Guruji: But they are healers. That second category. The last category: transformationleaders who talks about the consciousness, who deliver their discourses, whoteach to eat the organic food, sleep early, wake up early, get more oxygen, doregular exercise, go in the gym, go for walking, jumping and all these things, andlaughing – there are laughter class also. They deliver their discourse, and theyinspire that people to listen their ideas, their hypothesis, right?And then I found that what all these different people, they are doing. Theirobjective is very close to each other, very similar. How we can transform the lifeof the human? They suggest meditation. They suggest yoga. They suggestother things. If there’s any confusion, they are good counselors. Right? Butultimately, all of them, their common objective, like they are not self-centeredpeople. Their consciousness much higher than any average person on thisplanet are these three leaders.And the objectives came that somehow we needed to transform the life of thehumans. Right? But because I’m very skeptical, I started thinking that what I’mdoing, I’m also doing the same. But I’m using some unknown energy whichtransmits through my thoughts on this globe from one corner to another. I startedthinking with a question mark, “If this energy is real, why it is limited to humans?”If this energy has the ability to transform the life of the human, this energy musthave the ability to transform the life of plants and trees and bacteria and virusesand fungi and all types of animals. And definitely it should do more [inaudible]and should make more efficient all matters and ceramics and polymers andchemicals and pharmaceutical drugs.Debra: Yes, it’s all energy.Guruji: So I started thinking, “Oh, my goodness! I should go into the science.” Who willjustify that this energy is there? First of all, I need a justification for myself – thatthis energy is real or it is part of the placebo effect.If I’m going to do any experiment on human, it is part a placebo effect. If I showany miracle, part of placebo effect. So I should show that impact in the area ofagriculture. So we met several vice chancellors in [inaudible] universities.I did this energy transmission blessing hundreds of acres of land, thousands oftrees at a time, all types of crops like fruits and nuts and vegetables and grains,and then finally we did the experiment in the laboratory in the microbiologysection to see the effect of this energy on bacteria, viruses, fungi and the viruseslike HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Herpes virus done in a laboratory that’svery strict controlled conditions. And that laboratory is actually detailed byAmerican Association of Pathologists to the most authentic and very difficultaccreditation on this planet. Right?You know, like how they have just two handful labs which have this type ofaccreditation. So we did hundreds and hundreds of experiments over there, andwe found that this energy has the ability to kill all these viruses, right, up to 99.81percent. We didn’t defeat [inaudible], right. Then we did lots of experiments onanimals, and then finally I entered into the cancer cells, so I blessed the cancer
  11. 11. 11cells, endometrium and prostate, and we converted cancerous cells intononcancerous cells.Then we did more than 3,000 experiments on metals and ceramics and polymersand at minus 270 degrees Celsius temperature, and plus side 100, 200, 500 – upto 1,000 degrees Celsius temperature so that we can prove the authenticity ofthis energy – that it is not just you cool or you heat up very high and this energydisappears.This energy has permanent changes and permanent transformation. It has nomeaning if you heat the item or if you cool it. And this energy, in some ways wecan say we’ve found that this energy has the ability to change the structure of theatom. This is beyond the understanding of current science.Debra: I would think so!Guruji: Yeah, yeah. Finally, in 2009, I came to America, and based on over 4,000experiments we got 6 publications on this planet. S there’s four publications thatare in the U.S., and one publication that is in the U.K., and the last publicationthat is in India.And we are joining, we are attending the conferences. Like on 26thofSeptember, 2011, I’m going to Hawaii to present a paper. So I’m one of thepresenters, one of the speakers over there. I’m presenting my research on amango project in India.Debra: Oh! What conference is this, so people would know?Guruji: It’s agriculture – international – it’s some kind of international conference relatedto agriculture and [inaudible]. I do not have – except idea like three or fourmonths back, science department, they figured they’d send that research to themand they were highly excited, and they gave us this opportunity. So I’m goingover there. Scientists from all over the world, they are coming over there.Debra: Excellent!Guruji: Yeah. All six publications, they are available on our website. If you get onepublication on this planet, means your hypothesis or your experiment or yourresearch or your whatever, the technology has been accepted by theInternational Community of Scientists. Right? You have not to do twenty…Debra: Excellent! Which publication?Guruji: Okay. On the website you just click the publication section. You will get sixpapers that have been published. So one paper has been published in theBannister Journal. Right? Bannister is U.S., and three is bulletin on materialscience that this energy has the ability to change the structure of the atom andthat is related on diamond and graphite and coal and maybe some morematerials, but definitely these materials, right.
  12. 12. 12And another three, they are based on the effect of this energy on infectiousbacteria, the bacteria who are harmful. So the harmful bacteria for the humanhealth. So there are three more publications, right, on ability for bacterias to feelthe impact of this energy. And one –Debra: And when you did the energy transmission on these bacteria, were you changingthem or eliminating them?Guruji: Yeah. This happens. Both. That depends on the intention. Like, how I amhelping the science, it will feel like in the 19thcentury, like the first antibiotics thatcame into the market, and after 20–40 years, the antibiotics were not effectiveand were not useful.So the science and scientists, they came up with the second generationantibiotics, and then after 20 years that was useless and they came up with thethird generation antibiotics, after some time fourth generation antibiotics and fifthgeneration antibiotics.So now for most of the infectious disease nowadays the doctors, they are usingthe fifth generation antibiotics. And even the last several bacteria which youcannot kill in the humans body with the help of this fifth generation antibiotic,which is very powerful chemicals, and those bacteria now they are in thecategory of “super-bugs.”So science has nothing to do. Science has nothing to do because bacteria isgetting more and more resistant, more and more powerful, more and morepowerful every year. So the sciences have started hitting the last wall becausefifth generation antibiotic drug is very powerful and the patients and the peoplewho are taking these antibiotics for 10–15 days clearly, due to the side effects,they struggle for another 3–6 months period of time. It’s a very big [inaudible] ina human’s life.Life is very short on this planet. Right? So how I help the science, I bless thosebacteria, very powerful, fifth generation of the bacteria who are responding justfor this fifth generation, and they became very mild. They started responding forvery mild drugs like we were using 40 years back.Yeah. So I’m giving the idea to the science like years in future we can come upwith the energy medicine so a small amount of chemicals and more amount ofthis energy and the combination of both and we can kill the bacteria in thehuman’s body. So we are doing that kind of research.We did that, and we are committed. We are doing in future also. So that is thewhole science of it, but when I came over here, I did lots of research in Americaalso with one of the institutes in the U.S. The scientists, they give me in oneplate the six samples of brain cancerous cells, another six samples of healthybrain cells and covered by a glass cover.And I blessed from a little distance away from that, and the scientists, they foundthat the energy was able to kill the cancerous cells and the energy was able toboost the life of the healthy cells.
  13. 13. 13So the scientists, they showed us a report after three months of investigationresearch, and they are talking like this is a kind of holograph. This the energywith intelligence.Debra: A hologram – okay.Guruji: All the energy known to the science – that heat energy, [inaudible] energy, lightenergy, optical energy, electrical energy, mechanical or magnetic energy,electromagnetic energy, all these energies; they are very powerful, butunfortunately they do not have intelligence. The energy I’m using, this energyhas intelligence.It knows how to behave with the cancer cells and how to behave with the healthycells. So difference on the intention. Like in India, I did the impact on the cancercells, and they were converted into healthy cells. Here the scientists, their desirewas you need to kill the cancer cells and give life to the healthy cells.We needed to prove that this energy has intelligence also. So depends on theneed of the science and scientists, and this energy does that job. That’s whywhen I bless the people with the help of this energy transmission, I give theinstructions to the people, “Please close your eyes. Start your prayer to the godof your understanding, and whatever you need from your god, you need torequest and most of the time you will get it.” And that is the beauty of thisenergy: people, they are getting it.We don’t teach that this is the god; you need it to follow me. No, you have tofollow your inner guidance system. You have to follow your inner voice. Youhave to follow your heart. You should not follow anybody else, including myself.Follow yourself.So I started thinking that, why the people on this planet, they are unhappy; theyare under sadness – why? They are struggling with lots of diseases, physicaland mental and emotional and psychological. They have lots of problems interms of sexual relationship or the problems related to menstrual cycle disorders,problems related to orgasm, problems related to not reaching on the climax,problems related to relationship – I ask why?So I came on the conclusion that if the people when they wake up in the morning– the majority of the people on this planet – one of things: their sleep is notrestful, or the energy is very low.They are mentally confused. They don’t know what to do, what not to do. Theyhave fear from the future. They are under stress, anxiety, depression, sadness,hopelessness. All these smallest of problems. And all these problems together,they are giving them very, very miserable life. What are the reasons? Medicineand other things, they are good, but not a perfect solution.So what – why we need to take the medicine? Why it is necessary for us? Isthere anyway we are without medicine we can enjoy a good life? So I came onthe final conclusion that the problem that people – they don’t know what is theirlife purpose.
  14. 14. 14Why we are here on this planet? What I have to do; what I have not to do? Thatis the only biggest problem. Who will tell me that what is my future path? Whichdirection I have to go?What job I have to choose? What business I have to choose? Why I am notsuccessful? Why I’m getting lots of hurdles? Why I’m not enjoying my work?Whatever! All this. Who will tell me what is my future? I have people, they go tothe healers and counselors and clairvoyants and spiritual masters andtransformational leaders, and mostly people they go more, they are moreconfused. If they go less, they are less confused. Right?This is my observation. So the coming conclusion that I’m giving the analogy likeyou have a car, and the car has a GPS inner guidance system. And somehow ifyou don’t know how to operate that GPS, or if GPS is not functioning, now youare going – you are traveling, right? You are doing one journey from one placeto another. Might be 200 miles, 500 miles, 1,000 miles – whatever. Now you aredirectionless. Which direction I have to go? You know the destination, but youdon’t know the direction.So they drive the car north or south or east or west – god knows. So verydifficult. That time, what are you doing? You are pulling your car towards gasstation and trying to get the information. Sometimes you get the rightinformation; sometimes you get confused. And suppose they have given theinstruction, “Okay, you go on the freeway and drive 12 miles. Then some exit willcome.” So and so 32B, suppose.Now lots of exits they are coming. All the time you are under stress, “Why shouldonly this exit? Oh, my goodness! I lost it! I missed it!” And again, you aretaking U-turn and going and how to come on the freeway and how to again getthe 32B exit.The journey is full of stress, anxiety, might be depression, high, high level offrustration and tiredness. On the contrary, if your GPS is functioning properlyand you know how to operate that GPS, how to get the information about thefuture path, then the journey is so easy.You will get that information from GPS: “Turn your car right, go on this freeway.You have to go 80 miles on the freeway. Okay, now your exit 32B is coming.After one mile, again you will get the information that it is half-miles away, andagain you will get the information it is 200 feet away. Pull your car towards right.Take left side or right side –” all information. The journey is without stress,anxiety, depression, irritation, frustration – no nonsense. Journey is full ofpleasure and joy.So the question in your life, who taught, who decided like for the beautiful journey– the stress, the journey – the driver needs that GPS in the car? No man.Maybe ABC. Whoever his name. I don’t care. So if the man has that ability tothink that how we can make the journey from start to end full of joy andhappiness and pleasure for me, right, why not God? Who created all of us? Weare the creation, and creation without creator is not possible. So the creator isGod. I have not seen the God, creator, but I said, “That is the creator.”
  15. 15. 15Creator might be male, female, combination of both, maybe some animal, maybethe whole universe, maybe the nature, maybe some universal energy – Godknows about the God. I don’t know. But this is my assumption: that withoutcreator that creation cannot exist.Somebody created this universe. Somebody created this planet Earth. There isvery good discipline. Nothing like what the planet does is say, “Okay now forseven days I will not rotate, and I will not take the orbit, and I’m going on avacation or here and there. I’m tired. This is [inaudible].” No nonsense.Universe, every second is working. No vacation; no nonsense! Right?Debra: That’s right.Guruji: Universe knows like yes, this is a journey. Everything disciplined. Everybodyknows their life purpose, and that’s why there’s no tiredness. Similarly, forhumans, human has also been given that GPS system. All humans – they’reborn with that inner guidance like GPS in the car.We have also some kind of GPS in our bodies. That GPS has completeinformation from our birth to death. That GPS has the information: who will beyour soul-mate, what is the best place for you to live, what job or what businesscan give you the success, how you can improve the relationship, who is yourbest partner, who are your well wishers, who are not your well wishers, whom tojoin, whom not to join – complete information.Once you have complete information, there is no confusion, no mental fogginess,nothing – and there’s no tiredness. Then you sleep like a baby for the rest ofyour life. You sleep like a baby. It’s not a big thing. It’s a very naturalphenomenon. Females, you’re in menstrual cycle disorder you all have veryheavy pain and cramps and bloating – all these things – why? There’s someproblem. It’s a very natural phenomenon. It should flow in a very smoothmanner.Debra: So you’re talking about people getting in connection with this GPS. Do yourblessings or your energy transmissions – does that work to raise people’sconsciousness?Guruji: Okay, that I’m coming. Yes, 100 percent. So the whole problems are limited tolife purpose. You are confused. You are going in the wrong direction. If youknow your life purpose, all problems automatically will be solved. Right? Youjust need to get the ability how to listen your inner guidance. What this energydoes, this energy has the ability to connect you between your brain and yourGPS inner guidance system – which I use the term “the soul” or “the spirit.” Youcan use any term, right.Once you are connected, you will start getting the information all the time that,yes, she’s not your soul-mate. She’s not your soul-mate. It is coming. They areon the way. Yes, he is my soul-mate, or she is my soul-mate. This is the job forme. All these things you get better quality, high quality sleep. Your health is verygood. Human has the highest ability of self-healing. Once you are connected,
  16. 16. 16your spirit has the ability to increase, to enhance your self-healing powers, right,so you are free from all this nonsense. So this energy does that job.Finally, after doing good job, and the second time you are, people, they areconnected with the universe, connected with the creator, connected with theirbodies and their souls. Souls of religion. Once you are connected, your spirithas the ability to channel that energy, that life force from somewhere in theuniverse, and you don’t get sickness. You’re already enjoy the happiness on thisplanet.It’s very simple. My message to the people: you don’t need any clairvoyance,any spiritual master, any kind of outside advice. You are born with your master.You are born with your inner guidance system. Nobody knows better than youabout yourself. Right?Debra: Right.Guruji: You are the only master for yourself. You are independent creation of the God,and once you are connected and your life is very smooth.Debra: Now, Marie was asking – and this has to do with what you’re talking about – shesays that people are coming to the blessings, the energy transmissions, withmany, many different issues, just like you’re talking about. They have problemswith their health or problems with their relationships or problems, problems.Everyone’s coming with something different.How is it – and that’s what she’s trying to understand – how is it that theseenergy transmissions affect people at their own level? Is it because theythemselves in themselves are choosing to concentrate on those issues duringthe energy transmission?Guruji: They can focus. They can enjoy their system. But definitely the first of all forthousands of physical disorders and thousands of mental and emotional andpsychological disorders, thousand varieties or sexual disorders, the problem isonly one, and the solution is also only one.The problem: that people, they are disconnected from that inner guidancesystem. That is the only problem, and there’s only one solution: you should get,again, connected. That’s it. Once you are connected, you are not born to enjoythe problems, right.You are born to enjoy the happiness on this planet. Right? It’s like light anddarkness. What is the definition of darkness? That is the absence of light. Youmay ask one million questions related to darkness. I will answer all the time thatit is the absence of light.And only one solution: the darkness does not exist. Only one solution: throughthe light, darkness will run away. So the varieties of darkness in your life whichyou suffer in the form of physical disorder, mental disorder, emotional andpsychological disorder and sexual disorders, financial problems, relationshipproblems, they are the realities of darkness.
  17. 17. 17The solution is the light. The light you don’t need from outside. It’s a kind ofjumpstart. I’ll give you another analogy. Like you have one car, you started thatcar for a few minutes or hours, and now your car is absolutely [inaudible]. Thegas tank is full. The air in the tires – whole system is working, but car is notstarting.But you just need somebody to come and give the jumpstart. And I’m going tobe that person. I’m going to be that person who gave you the jumpstart. Youdon’t need that person, so what I’m doing, what this energy is doing, this energyis just connecting. You’re just giving that jumpstart. Once your car will startrunning, you don’t need jumpstart every time. Right?Debra: That’s right. That’s right.Poneman: I just wanted to add something, and that’s one of the things that I love about whatGuruji does. He doesn’t say that people have to come back forever, although wedo have some advanced programs even where people can learn to use a form ofthis energy for their loved ones.Debra: Excellent. That was a question.Poneman: Yes, and I’m in that program. And it’s fantastic, but there’s a place for people tostart. But what I love is that this energy is so powerful that I’ve had people – youknow, Guruji said people pray to the god of their understanding for what theyneed to make themselves happy. And then sometimes when the prayer is overand the blessing or the energy transmission begins, they’re like, “Oh my gosh! Iforgot to pray for my eyesight to improve,” but it doesn’t matter because your soulknows what you need.And what I’ve seen – because I’ve been with Guruji now for almost three years –so many people, they wanna know what they were put on earth to do. What istheir purpose? What is their passion? Why are they here? And this energyreally connects them to their higher self.It connects their heart and their mind and their spirit and their soul. And nextthing they know it becomes clear with absolutely no struggle. And they’re able to– the energy just clears the path for them to be able to realize their dreams andtheir goals.So this one energy – what I’ve seen from my experience is – this one energy itknows what you need to have a glorious life. And it goes to work immediately,and you don’t have to be dependent on Guruji, but if you want to accelerate yourprogress then there are advanced programs to take advantage of.Guruji: Yeah, it’s very important like in any country, like in any advanced country theyhave, for the kids, they have the education like high school and bachelor’sdegree and master’s degree, Ph.D. Ph.D. is a very good education, but for kidsit’s very important that without high school no education is possible. So thesethree blessing programs, they can definitely – for the new people it’s a verydifferent statement, different understanding. This energy is very unique, and a
  18. 18. 18different style. It is really very, very mandatory for most, for all the people, thatyou should go to high school program first of all. Right?Debra: So the first three blessings are like going to high school. Excellent. And that wasone of the other questions that Debra had touched on, is that were there othertechniques or meditations or things that he finds that are beneficial for trainingyourself in raising your consciousness on a regular basis?Poneman: Should I answer that, Guruji?Guruji: Yeah.Poneman: Yeah. Well, again, what I have found – and I’ve been meditating for over 40years. What I and other people who have also been regular meditators havefound is that we were told that meditation is self-sufficient, and I love mymeditation. I do it every day.But I’ll just tell you something; after this blessing, after receiving Guruji’sblessings, the quality of my meditation, the depth of my meditation, the results ofmy meditation have greatly accelerated. So can you do other things to improveyour life? Of course! But what you find from this blessing is everything you do, itenhances that.But in terms of Guruji recommending something to do to enhance theeffectiveness of the blessing, no, nothing is needed. It is self-sufficient. Hedoesn’t tell you to go on a certain diet. He doesn’t tell you to do rituals or dogmaor –Debra: Good.Poneman: – or become a vegetarian, nothing like that. This energy doesn’t need that.Guruji: I think the most important point I would like to speak here, that most of thepeople, I think a very large group, I would like to say more than 80 or 90 percentpeople, they believe in God on this planet. They practice some kind of religion,and what happens they are praying the god of their understanding for thesmallest of all things to achieve. And most of the time they are not achievinganything. All they are achieving is very small thing. What this energy is doing –and that’s why the people, their belief system is very weak nowadays. Right?They believe, but then they are not getting the visions right to their prayer or totheir any kind of ritual or dogma. The belief system is very weak after that. Whatthis energy is doing, it is giving the extent to your belief system.If you believe any religion, like you believe in Jesus or Buddha or Krishna orAllah, whatever; and definitely if you pray from your true heart and you aregetting the help, then definitely your belief in Jesus and Allah and all thesemasters and god, it will really increase a lot, and you will start worshipping.And definitely you will get lots of courage after that; lots of confidence after that.What I’m teaching, you have to pray the god of your understanding. But because
  19. 19. 19your alignment is not there, that message is not going, right. Like you have thelaptop, you have the computer, but Internet is not working; everything is useless.So you want what is Internet; you want that connection between satellite andyour laptop. Once you are connected, you will be able to send your message toanywhere, to anybody, your loved ones on this planet. But that connection isnecessary.That energy is missing, and you are connected with the help of this energy. Sowhat this energy is doing, this energy is giving you that connection. Once youare connected, then definitely you can enjoy your belief system. And that’s whythe blessing, it comes through the god of your understanding.It doesn’t come through my body. It doesn’t come through the god of myunderstanding. It always comes to the god of your understanding. How this iscoming? Why this is coming? I don’t know, right.If you want to enjoy a good life, you should go to this. In the case of why andhow, this is the job of the scientist. If you are not scientist, don’t waste your time.I’m very practical person, right. This energy is giving the natural blueprint toeverybody. What is natural blueprint?Like children. Have you seen any child with lots of anxiety and stress anddepression and sadness and hopelessness? I have not seen it in my whole life.I have visited all six continents, so many countries, and I have not seen anysingle child suffering from anxiety and depression and bipolar disorder and allthese things.No, I’ve not seen it. Now why you and me? We are suffering. There is somekind of disconnection. We have lost that innocence. We have lost thatconnection from our bodies and our souls from the god of our understanding.So I have done this experiment on plants and trees. And so read the history ofagriculture or if you have the grandparents or great-grandparents, you talk tothem that at least 100 years before, our ancestors, they were not using any kindof pesticide and fungicide and chemical fertilizer. Right? Nothing. And the cropwas absolutely organic, lots of taste, high nutritional value.Right? What this energy is doing, this energy is giving them natural blueprint.Something 100 years back that was natural blueprint. So for all of us, we havelost our natural blueprint. When we’re born, nobody was born with all theseproblems. Nobody. Not even a single child. We have lost that connection, andthis energy is giving natural blueprint to bacteria or viruses, to plants and trees, toanimals; why not humans? Right? Where is our question. Why not humans?Yes, this energy has the ability to give you that natural blueprint, like the car notstarting. What that jumpstart is doing? Jumpstart is giving the natural blueprintto the car. The car was working without any foreign support – without outsidesupport. Right?
  20. 20. 20Debra: Right. Excellent! Well, thank you so much. And I know that you’re busy. Doyou have time to talk a little bit more, or it is fine with me if we can continue, butDebra, how is your timeline?Guruji: Yeah, I think we can talk for another 10–15 minutes, if you have the questionfrom your callers, from your audience.Debra: Yes. You have answered several of them just by exactly what you had just said:talking about raising that vibration, raising that consciousness, giving them theopportunity to reconnect with that blueprint.It’s kind of like, what the blueprint said that you were supposed to be – what wasyour life purpose? What were your gifts and abilities? What were all thosethings that the blueprint came from? And we’ve kind of got off the blueprint.Things have affected us. We have allowed things to affect us.Or it has happened, like with what you’re talking about with the land. When theystart doing things to the land that was never a part of the blueprint for the land, sothat what you’re doing is energetically reviving and bringing back the energy ofwhat was that original blueprint. Am I correct?Guruji: Yeah, right. You are absolutely correct. Another analogy we can say, like thepeople like you, our ancestors and mostly the transformational leaders, theytaught that there should be the alignment between earth and nature. If we getthat alignment, then nature will start supporting you, will start giving youeverything, be full of richness.Like if you are driving a boat in a river, and if you are driving your boat againstthe flow of the water then it takes lots of energy and lots of time and theaccomplishment is very small. Well, okay, you traveled one mile. But if you startdriving your boat with the flow of the water, then you have to just pay a littleattention how to balance your boat, and you have not to use more energy.Similarly, for all of us, you do some reason fear resisting the nature. We are notpermitting the nature to flow through us. What is the reason, and how we canpermit the nature to flow through us? There should be the alignment at the levelof energy, at the level of vibrations, at the level of the frequency.And everything in this universe is consciousness and energy. So the questionhere like the individual consciousness and universal consciousness, when thesetwo are on the same frequency, you are part of the nature, part of the universe;you can enjoy the gift of the universe, the gift of the nature because you arevibrating with the same frequency.There is resonance, right. People, they know that, yes, we should enjoy thenature, and I have seen some really people who are living in the forest and whogo to the forest and started hugging the trees. Unfortunately, they are confusedpeople and their consciousness really very low.They have no understanding of the science that nowadays hugging the trees isnot a good idea; that is the most dangerous idea because in return you are not
  21. 21. 21getting anything. There is nothing like exchanged. Only the gift you can get thatmillions of bacteria and viruses you can take from those plants and trees, theyhave lots of disease.Nature, to enjoy nature, doesn’t mean go and hug the trees. Please go and hugyour boyfriend, girlfriend, your partner, companion, your spouse. This is the bestidea. There is no exchange of bacteria and viruses. You can enjoy the cleanbody and the spirit and soul and mind and all of the things. Enjoying the naturemeans you need to raise your consciousness at one point where you can startresonating – resonate with the universe.Debra: Okay.Guruji: Individual consciousness – so they start vibrating with the universalconsciousness – that’s it! Now the universe is ready to reward you, to gift you allthe richness, and that is the light of the god, and that way you can kick out thedarkness in your life.Debra: And even that – you’re talking vibration. The vibration of sickness is low. Thevibration of fear is the lowest.Guruji: Yes.Debra: The vibration of love and caring and what you’re saying is very high, right?Guruji: Yeah, definitely.Debra: One of our questions, and we’ll probably end with this one just because I knowthat your time is short, and I thank you so much for giving us extra time, Guruji.And one of our ladies, Gina, was asking – she has had one of the blessingsonline and was just wondering has the foundation or any of your people everstarted any of the experimentation or maybe running a study to find out the realresults of people that have received your transmission over the Internet?Because I know it’s possible for people to have before and after diagnoses fromtheir doctor, because that’s all scientific, and maybe the only thing that they havedone is the three blessings. She was just wondering have you thought aboutstarting into a study of getting results from people that you have had energytransmissions or blessings with on the Internet?Guruji: Yes, in the month of June this year, 2011, for around 500 people we have donethe study that is called the subjective analysis and objective analysis. Subjectiveanalysis like so many things like your quality of sleep, your anxiety, yourdepression, your relationships, your fear from the future, your mind chattering,your calmness, the new confidence or high confidence – all these things – yourfinancial gain, your well being, your happiness, your sadness, everything. That ispart of the subjective analysis that we have done in detail.And the medical team – right, the doctors – the team of the doctors in fact, theyjust yesterday informed me that they are getting very exponential high graph thatthere’s a big change. They found a very, very big change over there, and I’m just
  22. 22. 22looking for the objective analysis. Like the doctors, they took the blood beforethey treat and after 72 hours again they took the blood samples.So they are trying to see the variation, the difference between three days andseveral hormones. They are measuring several hormones. The hormonesrelated to happiness; hormones related to so many disorders. So they justinformed me that we will get tomorrow, but ‘til today and all the time we aregetting the testimony from the people that they were suffering from insomnia of20 years, and now they are enjoying the sleep like the baby.We are getting all the time this type of survey and this type of testimony. Everyweek we are getting hundreds of testimonies – every week.Debra: Oh, I’m excited about that.Guruji: You can see every day on our Facebook the new testimonies, people there areposting that their lives, it’s a life-changing experience, and really first time theyare enjoying their life.And especially females, yes, “Guruji, after this blessing, first time I am enjoyingthe sex. Really, I’m able to reach on climax. I started getting orgasm.” Differenttypes of testimony, right? Everything. Ability to have happiness. Everything hassomething to add in the arena of your happiness. Right? So I think – thank youvery much, all of you.Debra: Fabulous! It’ll be so exciting to get the before and after from the doctors. But Ijust – I thank you so much for being with us today and especially for you offeringextra time, which is always wonderful.Poneman: And we thank you for all the wonderful work that you’re doing.Guruji: Thank you very much, everybody here.Debra: Bye-bye now. Bye-bye, Debra.Have a wonderful rest of your day. This is Deb Thompson, Living Energy Secretsand please, join me on the next call.© Copyright 2011 Living Energy SecretsAll Rights Reserved