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Life Style2 0 Group18


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LifeStyle: Sports, Healthcare and Travel @web2.0

LifeStyle: Sports, Healthcare and Travel @web2.0

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Lifestyle @web2.0
    • Submitted by:
      • Anuj Pratap Yadav 09BM8066
      • Sourabh Agarwal 09BM8076
      • Ved Pal 09BM8077
  • 2. WEB 2.0
    • Web 2.0 is a collection of services that allow, among many things, greater community participation, content syndication, advancements in Web-based user interfaces, and a new breed of Web services that create an entirely new application platform.
  • 3. Advantages over web1.0
    • Users can have interaction amongst themselves.
    • Can discuss their opinions with famous personalities.
    • Can present their views about anything.
    • Can easily get in touch with other people having same preferences.
    • Can contribute by live feedbacks and discussions.
  • 4. Sports @web2.0
  • 5. Nature of Services
    • These websites provide latest news by pulling in content from sources around the web for the major sports including cricket, football, baseball, basketball, and hockey.
    • Members of the community can rate the articles and provide their commentary.
    • These provides the traditional message boards throughout the site and social networking features like friends, user profiles, private messaging, blogging, groups, scores and videos.
    • User can also submit stories and they can vote to determine which stories come to the front page.
  • 6. Some Key players
    • Fan Nation:
    • It is the biggest social sports site around
    • It aggregates news itself by pulling in content from sources around the web for the major sports including football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. News is broken down into three types.
    • The most prominent type is the “Truth & Rumours” section, the sports world’s gossip column where you can also get the standard news.
  • 7. ctd…
    • Members of the Fan Nation community can rate the articles and provide their commentary.
    • Members can also track their favourite teams (Team Tracker) and players (Player Tracker) and have the news relating to those topics delivered to them automatically.
    • Fan Nation provides the traditional message boards throughout the site and some newer social networking features like friends, user profiles, private messaging, blogging, and groups.
  • 8.
    • BallHype :
    • It provides the capability for user submitted stories to be added into the mix.
    • Members of BallHype vote stories up or down by “Hyping” them, which determine which stories, make the front page. Members can also take part in a discussion by leaving comments. 
    • When viewing a user’s profile you can see all of their submissions, comments and voting activity and they provide a ranking system for the top users.  
  • 9. ctd…
    • In addition to news and social networking, BallHype incorporates game scores and picking into the site, you can get all the latest scores and try to predict the outcome of games.
    • Members can comment on the game itself too from the scoreboard, which is a cool feature, though doesn’t appear to be used much.
  • 10.
    • Yardbarker’s :
    • This website provides the latest articles, rumours, videos, discussions, scores, standings and more.
    • Yard barker is completely user-driven.
    • All content is submitted by members and then voted on and discussed to find the most interesting news.
    • As a member you can submit and rate news, get scores, make friends,
    • Yardbarker does have some professional athletes writing their official blogs on YardBarker.
  • 11. Indian Player
    • :
    • This website is a purely cricket oriented.
    • This websites provides latest news, articles, videos and opinions by experts of the game.
    • The user can submitted their stories or any cricketing facts which they want to share.
    • It provides the platform to discuss the various ongoing cricket tournaments.
    • Users can vote, play games, do blogging.
  • 12. FOOD @WEB2.0
    • Guides to various Eating outlets at a city you are residing at.
    • Interactive Websites to teach cooking.
    • Users can post their own videos depicting their own recipes.
    • List available based on Type and Quality and prices too.
  • 13. History of Evolution
    • Websites featuring online restaurant menus have been on the Internet for nearly a decade. In recent years, however, more and more restaurants outside of large metropolitan areas have been able to feature their menus online as a result of this trend.
    • Online ordering has been a current trend in the industry.
  • 14. Principal players
  • 15.
  • 16.
    • Currently has information about the restaurants in USA,UK and Canada.
    • Places are sorted based on states and provinces.
    • For each area all the information about the Quality of food ,names of the best restaurants ,special features of food available.
    • Also the price information about the restaurant is provided and hence we can choose accordingly.
  • 17. WEB2.0 features in
    • Users can add a restaurant in an area that has not been added previously.
    • Users can also rate a restaurant based on quality ,food ,prices etc.
    • The names of the top contributors are acknowledged.
    • Special features search such as romantic dinner and late night parties can be input as well as searched for.
    • Can be connected through social networking websites such as Facebook.
  • 18.
  • 19. Features
    • Can be accessed by users from across the globe. Users need to sign in with a user name and password.
    • Users can view the videos of dishes being cooked and at the same time upload videos the dishes that they prepare.
    • One can prepare one’s own playlists, define one’s own group and also make a social profile.
  • 20. Look and Taste
  • 21.
  • 22. food blog and community)
  • 23. Indian players
  • 24.
    •   Daawat  - Site dedicated to food.
    • Indian Grocery Stores  - A collection of over 2000 Indian Grocery Stores.
    • HULCHUL  -An entertaining site with lots of food and drink info.
    •   Authentic Indian receipes  -"A large collection of Indian recipes, food facts, glossary of cooking terms, and more. An excellent homepage of authentic home food and a site for food lovers."
  • 25. Gourmet India
  • 26. Travel @web2.0
  • 27. Nature of Services
    • Where to go
    • How to go
    • When to buy
    • Where to stay
    • … and for how much???
  • 28. Evolution of Travel2.0
    • Why do people travel
      • Leisure Travel-Romans
      • Business Travel-Industrial Revolution
      • Educational Tourism-Exchange of Knowledge
      • Ecotourism-Explore Nature
      • Dark Tourism-Dark Places
    • How to satisfy evolving needs and requirements?
  • 29.
    • Don’t sell anything, but has special tools to understand customer needs and displays best results accordingly
    • Users can send updates regarding different destinations on Kayak Traveller
    • Uses social networking to showcase different travelling trends around the globe
  • 30.
    • Boo is a new type of travel site that puts everything you need in one place: A fully inclusive search and comparison engine, informative reviews and direct links to supplier sites.
    • All boo's reviews are written by people like you, boo users who share your interest. It's "collective wisdom" by boo!
    • ‘Travel advice from people like you…’
  • 31.
    • Price predictions and Rate indicators
    • Bing Travel Community have groups of people sharing common interests
    • Users can share their experiences on Bing Travel Blog
  • 32.
    • Gadling is the world's biggest travel blog, written and edited by passionate travelers and writer
    • It features photo galleries uploaded by users
    • It is best place to search for travel tips from local people of a particular place
  • 33. Upcoming Player
    • Why it can be a major threat:
    • uses Google to power your search
    • All trusted travel sites and blogs included in the index
    • Target customer base is budget travelers
    • If not satisfied with the results, you search on web using the same window
  • 34. Indian Players
    • Official Website of Ministry of Tourism GOI
    • Provides deep insight regarding travelling in India
    • One place solution for all needs of a traveler
  • 35.  
  • 36. India Travel Blogs
  • 37. Business Model
    • Create large focused niche travel community
    • Sell services to different groups/communities
    • Sell relevant data to interested firms
    • Get a revenue share from transactions
    • Sell advertisements
    • Sell premium memberships
    • Always give something valuable for free…