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  • We all love the web and all of us appreciate the influence it had on our social, political and economic lives. This Empowerment through the sharing of knowledge of businesses, people and societies is reflected in the rapid growth of the Internet and the World Wide Web

    4.5 Billion people are now unconnected to the web.
  • There have been many programs and projects that use the mobile phone as a platform for economic development. SMS services.
    As you can see, the literacy remains relatively low. Especially in the rural areas that we are targeting. Therefore Voice based solutions
  • Spice this up
    Relate this to w4ra
  • Spontaneous natural regeneration
  • Chris van Aart will give an update
  • Voices / W4RA talk

    1. 1. VOICES/W4RA Chris van Aart, Hans Akkermans, Victor de Boer, Anna Bon, Francis Dittoh, Christoph Gueret, Nana Baah Gyan, Pieter de Leenheer, Wendelien Tuyp, Onno Wassenaar
    2. 2. Digital Divide Source: ITU Digital Access Index, World's First Global ICT Ranking
    3. 3. Source: African Mobile Factbook (2007) - Africa Telcom News
    4. 4. Voice-based services in a rural African context • Integrate local community radios and mobile ICT for knowledge sharing • Better support and integrate local languages in voice-based services – Development of appropriate speech elements (text-to- speech and Speech recognition) • Develop a free and open source toolbox for local developers. • Investigate self-sustainability – Develop appropriate business models – In collaboration with local communities.
    5. 5. Context: Web For Regreening in Africa (W4RA)
    6. 6. “Non-timber forest products”
    7. 7. “Adapted Living Labs” • Involvement of local communities – trust and ownership • Rapid cycles – Use case gathering – Observation and prototyping – Test, adapt • Context-specific issues – Lack of infrastructure – Illiteracy, ‘small’ language – Local ownership and maintainability – Distance between developer and user
    8. 8. Use Case 1 Onno Wassenaar
    9. 9. RadioMarche Sahel Eco aggregates market info Market info Radio 1 Radio 2 Radio broadcast French Bambara French Bomu
    10. 10. Data management RadioMarche.com
    11. 11. Generate audio communiqué (web foundation) • Audio communiqué generated by concatenating prerecorded phrases – Each radio host uses own voice (!) • Text-to-speech where possible • Currently only for French • Audio quality is an issue
    12. 12. Voice XML <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <vxml version="2.0" lang="en"> <form> <block> <prompt bargein="false"> Welcome to RadioMarche! <audio src=“audio/communique_1_bambara.wav"/> </prompt> </block> </form> </vxml> Voxeo Prophecy VXML browser (open source)
    13. 13. Voice channel: Multiple solutions Netbook running Prophecy SIP over Ethernet Netbook HTTP Officeroute running Asterix Emerginov Netbook running Prophecy + Asterix Bluetooth Mobile phone
    14. 14. Business model integration Onno Wassenaar
    15. 15. What are we interested in? • Data management via voice – Data presentation/UI – Voice-based browsing • Web of Voices – ISWC Outrageous idea • Linked data / microservers – ISWC Outrageous idea • Integration with (development) economy • Methodological:ICT development in rural areas – REFSQ 2012 paper – Sustainability
    16. 16. Mali visit 12 nov
    17. 17. Questions?