Staying Competitive Requires Managing Change


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If you’ve listened to other VDC QuickCasts or keep up on our blog, you have probably heard us talk about the seemingly endless increase in software code size and complexity. Software is accounting for an ever greater portion of system value and its development is consuming more and more of organizations’ time and budget. Companies are facing a crisis of complexity as the growth in software volume and complexity outpaces increases in their development budgets. During today’s QuickCast, VDC’s Andre Girard discusses some of the factors software developers face today and how they influence a few key trends in the software and systems lifecycle management market.

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  • The firm is organized around __________practices, each with its own focused area of coverage, but all committed to the firm’s core philosophy.
  • And that wraps up our discussion for today.I want to take a moment to mention two of our main ongoing research services. Our coverage of the embedded software market includes analysis of the embedded/real-time operating system and development tools markets, and also includes insights and analyses around topics such as multicore, virtualization, and embedded security.Among the key areas of focus within VDC’s software and system lifecycle management (or SSLM) tools research are requirements management & definition and source / change / configuration management tools, both of which are covered in the most recent report published earlier this month as the 3rd volume in the SSLM intelligence service. The SSLM service also includes volumes focused on software and system modeling tools, as well as automated test and verification tools; both of which are available now.So in addition to exploring the trends and preferences of the engineering community as reported through the results to our global software and system development survey, these reports also investigate and analyze the leading suppliers of lifecycle management tools and, for the first three volumes, size and forecast the commercial opportunity for these technologies within both the enterprise and embedded markets.Our first two volumes out of this program, focused on the software and system modeling tool and the automated test and verification tool markets are now available. The upcoming volume in the SSLM service, called Agile in Embedded and Enterprise Systems is now underway and is scheduled to publish in SEPTEMBER.Thank you all for your time listening to our webcast on the requirements management & definition and source / change / configuration management tools market. Please be sure to let us know if you have any questions on this or our any of our other embedded software research.
  • Also, new in 2012 is VDC’s Voice of the Customer series. Our embedded practices will focus on two primary topics: Security & the Internet of Things, and Rich Media & Big Data in Embedded Systems.
  • Thank you for taking the time to be with us here today.If you have any questions about this quickcast or any of our ongoing research, please do not hesitate to contact us.Thanks again and have a great day.
  • Staying Competitive Requires Managing Change

    1. 1. Embedded Software & Tools Practice QuickCast Staying Competitive Requires Managing Change August 2012 A Market Update on Requirements Management/Definition (RM) and Source/Change/Configuration Management (SCCM) Tools By: André Girard – Senior Analyst © 2012 VDC Research QuickCast Embedded Software &
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    6. 6. Today’s Speaker André Girard Senior Analyst, Embedded Software & Tools André brings valuable perspective to the market research and consulting of the Embedded Software and Tools team, having previously worked in both VDC’s Telecom and Embedded Hardware practices as well as gaining important experience at Smarter Grid Consulting. His wide-ranging background includes opportunity sizing and forecasting, market and technology assessments, competitive analysis, strategic marketing assistance, and M&A due diligence support. André holds a B.A. (magna cum laude) in Philosophy and a B.A. (magna cum laude) in Sociology from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.For complimentary insights and marketing data: © 2012 VDC Research QuickCast Embedded Software & Tools
    7. 7. Today’s Agenda Distributed Developers Ease of Use SaaS / Cloud Model Purchase decision 2012 Research Programs Contact Information © 2012 VDC Research QuickCast Embedded Software &
    8. 8. Distributed Workforce Challenging Software Development Location of Engineers Working on Current Project  Budget pressures encourage use of Relative to Respondent international labor markets (Percent of Respondents)  Distributed development teams common in both embedded and Embedded, n = 478 Enterprise, n = 213 enterprise  Correlation between distributed 2% 2% workforce and RM / SCCM tool use 28% 32% 66% 70% Same location Different location Dont know © 2012 VDC Research QuickCast Embedded Software &
    9. 9. KISS - Keep It Simple… Most Important Selection Factor for Current Project (Percent of Respondents) 35% 30.9% 30% 25% 22.9% 20% 16.9% 15.3% 15.9% 15.9% 14.4% 15% 13.4% 11.4% 11.8% 10.9% 8.5% 10% 5.7% 6.1% 5% 0% Criticality to the ROI Impact on quality Impact on time to Suppliers Level of Ease of use success market support and integration with service other tools Requirements Management Tools Source / Change / Configuration Management Tools © 2012 VDC Research QuickCast Embedded Software &
    10. 10. SaaS / Cloud Use Model Increasingly Common Tool Types for Which SaaS or Cloud-based Usage Model Would Be Considered (Percent of Respondents) Requirements management tools Model-based software test tools Static analysis tools Source/change/configuration management tools Dynamic software testing tools Standard language-based modeling tools Proprietary language-based modeling tools 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Enterprise / IT EmbeddedNote: Percentages sum to over 100% due to multiple responses and not all responses options depicted above. © 2012 VDC Research QuickCast Embedded Software & Tools
    11. 11. Tool Purchase Decisions Moving up Organizational Hierarchy Clear trend of growing C-level involvement Organizational Level Change for Tool SSLM tools increasingly viewed as standard part of Purchase Decisions (Percent of Change, 2010 to 2012) development 55.7% 60% Change and requirement management help control overall budget 47.4% 50% More sophisticated SSLM tools impact processes and require buy-in 40% 30% 20% 10% 2.5% 0% -10% -15.3% -20% Requirements SCCM management Engineer or 1st Level Mgr Decision C-Level Decision © 2012 VDC Research QuickCast Embedded Software &
    12. 12. 2012 Research ProgramsDiverse technology coverage with expert analysisStrategic Insights 2012: Embedded Software MarketOpportunities & Forecasts Through 2014 o Track 1: Fast Forward: Insight for Leaders o Track 2: Embedded Software Engineering Technologies o Track 3: Embedded Systems Engineering Survey Data o Track 4: Vertical MarketsSoftware & System Lifecycle Management ToolsOpportunities & Forecast Through 2014 o Software & System Modeling Tools o Automated Test & Verification Tools o Requirements Management / Definition & Source / Change / Configuration Management Tools o Agile in Embedded & Enterprise Systems o Product Lifecycle Management / Application Lifecycle Management Integration o VDC Target Competitor Maps © 2012 VDC Research QuickCast Embedded Software & Tools
    13. 13. 2012 Research Programs (cont’d)New in 2012 – Voice of the CustomerVoice of the Customer: Security & The Internet of ThingsFormulate & Implement a Best-in-Class Security Strategy o Quarterly Report 1: Device Manufacturers & OEMs’ Security Technology Adoption Trends, Budgets & Buying o Quarterly Report 2: Consumer Preferences & Perceptions Analysis o Quarterly Report 3: Internet of Things: Security Considerations for Enterprise IT & ISPs o Quarterly Report 4: Vendor SpotlightsVoice of the Customer: Rich Media & Big Data in Embedded SystemsIdentify Emerging Opportunities From the Next Generation of Embedded Systems o Quarterly Report 1: Rich Media & Data Content – Trends, Drivers & Solutions o Quarterly Report 2: Cloud Services & Analytics Business Opportunities o Quarterly Report 3: OEM Budgets & Spending o Quarterly Report 4: Vendor Spotlights © 2012 VDC Research QuickCast Embedded Software & Tools
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