Next Gen for Self-Service Solutions: Managed Services


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These slides are from a October 8, 2009 Webcast Presentation hosted by VDC Research Group and sponsored by the Self-Service & Kiosk Association.

Presentation Overview: Interest in self-service solutions – especially a broad range of kiosk configurations - continues to grow in most regional markets. Self-service is now a high priority item on marketing, operations, and IT investment agendas.

However, when it comes to funding self-service solution deployment, many operations managers are challenged - not only by the CFO’s capital conservation mandates - but also by the CIO’s need to manage traditional IT acquisition and licensing requirements. The answer to that challenge is increasingly: managed services.

During this webcast, VDC Research and executives from NCR and MaxBox Digital Retail will discuss the opportunity for managed services deployment for self-service solutions.

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Next Gen for Self-Service Solutions: Managed Services

  1. 1. Managed Services: The Next Gen. for Self-Service Solutions Webcast Presentation – October 8, 2009
  2. 2. Recording Available These slides are from a webcast presented on 10/8/09 10/8/09. A full audio recording is available for download at:
  3. 3. Thank You Our Association Sponsor
  4. 4. How is Self-Service Defined? Delivered? • Self-Service, defined: The capacity for an employee, customer, partner or supplier to execute transactions – informational or commercial – without assistance from the organization that they are transacting with. • Self-Service delivery platforms:  Self-Service Kiosks Self Service  Self-Checkout Solutions  Personal Shopping Solutions • Self Service delivery environments:  Traditional: retail, hospitality  Emerging: health care services, others 3 –  2009 VDC Research Group, Inc.
  5. 5. How Big is The Self Service Solution Market? Total Self-Service Spend Segmented by NA SS Spending Segmented By Technical Segment Product or Service Segmentation 2008 Total Market: $2.9B 2008 = $2.9 Billion Services 27% Hardware $5,000 41% Millions of $4,000 Dollars Software $3,000 32% M $2,000 2013 Total Market: $5.6B $1,000 2013 $0 2012 2011 2010 Services il Hardware ta y Re 2009 30% li t 35% e it a ar 2008 sp C th Ho al He Software 35% 3 –  2009 VDC Research Group, Inc.
  6. 6. Why Managed Service in Self Service Markets? • Managed services migration offers deployers a number of g g y benefits, including  Capital requirement reduction or elimination through new acquisition models  Higher performance and lower liability through 3rd-party SLAs  Si lifi d IT lif Simplified lifecycle management requirements – obsolescence, i t l t i t b l integration ti • Market dynamics are playing a role  Elevated status of Self-Service in C-level priorities p  Experience of CIOs with Managed Services in back-office applications  Pressure on every segment of the value chain to unlock markets • C t i managed services offerings may enable some Certain d i ff i bl deployers to create new lines of business by bringing operational capabilities through their MSP partners that they would not otherwise be able to offer 5 –  2009 VDC Research Group, Inc.
  7. 7. What Is Managed Service For Self-Service? SaaS • Device/ equipment management • Line-of-business applications • Database/ data management Leasing/ Outsourcing Financing Services Hybrid Deployments • S ft Software • Bundled hardware 6 – VDC Research Group, Inc.
  8. 8. Next Gen for Self-Service Solutions: Managed Services NCR Who is Top of Mind What is Considerations NCR Issues I Managed Services M dS i Leading the industry in next generation global technology solutions for superior consumer interactions NCR Confidential 7
  9. 9. NCR Overview global The Multi Factor… Multi-Industry, Multi-Channel, Multi-Vendor broad service portfolio Retail and Financial Travel and Healthcare Entertainment Hospitality Services Gaming scalable service infrastructure i f t t predictive service #1 i Self- in S lf #1 i in 8 out of 10 t f #1 i Patient in P ti t #2 delivery Checkout Financial Self- airlines use Self-Service DVD Kiosk Source: RBR Service NCR Travel Operator Across #1 in POS Source: Source: Frost Self-Service North America Software Nielsen Report 5 of Top 6 Excellence #1 in Retail 19 of Top 20 Award Winner Services Best Healthcare Source: Gartner Deployment 17 of Top 20 Source: KioskCom Self-Service Expo Top 10 Support Services Provider – Gartner p pp Top 15 Global Outsourced Service Provider - IAOP NCR Confidential 8
  10. 10. What’s on the mind of business leaders? Top of Mind Issues  Innovate and differentiate  Improve customer interaction  Focus on core competency  Accelerate ROI  Ensure high availability  Manage risk  Reduce cost and improve profitability NCR Confidential 9
  11. 11. What is Managed Services? • Maintain and optimize estate availability Maintain • Deploy and manage new capability self-service • lf i Maintain network compliance k l channel • Full suite of supporting services • Managed refresh of base • Consistent IT and operational spend Predictable • Single HW, SW, Services invoice expenses • Flexible coverage w/o spikes in cost GDP % IT Spend IT Spend GDP % • Improve efficiency Optimize • Reduce labor cost balance • Need to preserve cash sheet • Improve financials • Quickly deploy NCR Confidential 10
  12. 12. Considerations Build the • Customer experience Business •B i Business impact analysis i t l i Case • Environmental estate analysis •Solution expertise, b t practices S l ti ti best ti Determine •Platform leverage Project •Project size/scale/ramp Expertise •Upfront investment •Cap Ex availability / cash flow Asset •Lease/rent/usage based model Ownership •Asset control •Outsource specific services or entire project NCR Confidential 11
  13. 13. Case Studies Service Specific Solution Specific Total Solution Customer Provided: Customer Provided: NCR Provided: • CRM Database • POS Help Desk • Maintenance • Content Development • POS HW Maintenance • POS, Self-service • Back-office NCR PProvided: id d NCR PProvided: id d • M lti Multivendor d • Multi-channel Marketing • Self-service Help Desk • Networking Solution • Self-service HW/SW • Hosted Application Maintenance • Deployment • Secure Server • Incident Management g Infrastructure Customer Owns Asset • Dedicated PS • Incident Reduction NCR Owns Asset Examples: Examples: Examples: • Grocery Hypermarket Grocery, • Hypermarket (customer • Specialty, Online Retail • Travel owned) • Sports Teams • Telco • Bank (NCR owned) NCR Confidential 12
  14. 14. NCR Confidential 13
  15. 15. Next Gen for Self‐Service Solutions: Managed Services MaxBox Digital Retail Ltd Solution provider & digital content aggregator for self‐service kiosks. 2004 – Entered the kiosk industry 2006 – Introduced Digital Retail 2009 – Opened MaxBox Middle East office 2009 O d M B Middl E ffi 2010 – Planned expansion to USA, Caribbean & India Extensive experience in Retail, Leisure, Hospitality, Travel and Government projects
  16. 16. Customer requirements of a managed service? MAINTAIN & ACHIEVE business goals & objectives through a self‐service approach FOCUS internal resources FINANCIAL PLANNING Minimal capital investment Forecasting for internal structures & ROI UTILISE  expertise & infrastructure of external service provider SLAs allow peace of mind
  17. 17. Requirements for deployment KNOWLEDGE ? Clear project requirements with venue & customer intelligence Project background, territories & KPIs Project Initiation  Document TIMELINES Input from third party suppliers & requirements for licensing Project Schedule Software & hardware design & build IMPLEMENTATION PLAN IMPLEMENTATION PLAN Testing requirements & live test venues Test Matrix Installation & training agreements MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENTS MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENTS Monitoring and escalation requirements SLAs Requirement level of kiosk management suite MOVING FORWARD MOVING FORWARD Ongoing, proactive KPI assessment through regular reviews Project Roadmap
  18. 18. Managed service success example Mobile Top‐Up kiosk – Network provider’s retail stores MANAGED SERVICE allowed: FAST provision of self‐service solution without client disruption FAST provision of self service solution without client disruption COMPLETE project control by MaxBox on hardware, software, maintenance, monitoring & reporting. MANAGED SERVICE in‐store: STOPPED top‐up transactions at till points STOPPED t t ti t till i t INTRODUCED card payment transactions SELF‐SERVICE RESULTS FOCUSED staff on high margin sales FOCUSED staff on high margin sales INCREASED revenue by 300% within weeks!! = PROVEN RETURN ON INVESTMENT  FROM A SELF‐SERVICE MANAGED SERVICE
  19. 19. To find out more…. +44 161 942 4600 MaxBox Digital Retail Ltd UK Denzell House, Dunham Road Bowdon, Altrincham. Cheshire WA14 1LA  UNITED KINGDON UNITED KINGDON MaxBox Digital Retail Ltd UK g MaxBox Middle East Abu Dhabi MaxBox Caribbean Jamaica As big as your imagination
  20. 20. 1. Everyone seems to have an understanding of what software- as-a-service (SaaS) is, but what software specifically are i (S S) i b t h t ft ifi ll suppliers supporting? 2. Moreover, h 2 M how would a b dl d (i.e., hardware, software, ld bundled (i h d ft services) offering/method work? Is that an option? 3. How d 3 H does thi bundled offering/method differ from leasing? this b dl d ff i / th d diff f l i ? 19 – VDC Research Group, Inc.
  21. 21. 4. How will managed services work without a previously installed self service technology installed base? lf i t h l i t ll d b ? 5. What effect does the installation environment or existing IT infrastructure have on a managed services deployment i f t t h d i d l t model? Are there limitations for example? 6. How will the relationship between IT infrastructure and 6 H ill th l ti hi b t i f t t d hosted services be managed? 20 – VDC Research Group, Inc.
  22. 22. 7. Will a managed services deployment approach support customized hardware or a software ? t i dh d ft 8. Will migration to a managed services deployment method support my i t ll d base of custom-developed (in-house or t installed b f t d l d (i h 3rd party) software? 21 – VDC Research Group, Inc.
  23. 23. Managed Services Self-Service: Research Objectives • Global geographic coverage • Enterprise-user analysis • Self-service supplier, managed services partner, channel analysis • Self-service solution provider capabilities and position analysis • Definition of managed services offerings for self-service solutions and analysis of currently available offerings offerings. Study Publication Date Founding Sponsorship Period Feb 2010 Through November 8, 2009 22 – VDC Research Group, Inc.
  24. 24. Thank You for Attending this VDC Webcast For more information about VDC Research’s coverage of the global markets for Transaction Automation technologies – including the Managed Services – Self-Service Solutions: 2009 Market Requirements and Opportunity Analysis – please contact: Rory Gardner AutoID & Transaction Automation Practice email: rgardner@vdcresearch com phone: 508-653-9000 ext. 149 web: 23 – VDC Research Group, Inc.