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Military Mobility Solutions: ‘Good Enough’ as a Procurement Philosophy
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Military Mobility Solutions: ‘Good Enough’ as a Procurement Philosophy


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During this QuickCast, David Krebs, Vice President of the Mobile & Wireless practice, discusses the mobile solutions opportunities in today’s military.

During this QuickCast, David Krebs, Vice President of the Mobile & Wireless practice, discusses the mobile solutions opportunities in today’s military.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • VDC Research Group (VDC) provides exceptionally detailed direct-contact primary market research and consulting services to many of the world's largest technology suppliers, innovative start-ups and leading investors.
  • The firm is organized around six practices, each with its own focused area of coverage, but all committed to the firm’s core philosophy.
  • This philosophy is applied in our syndicated research and in the wide variety of other services we provide to meet our clients specific tactical and strategic decision support needs. All of our services are built on a foundation of highly skilled professionals applying robust methodologies to VDC’s large and continuously refreshed datasets.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Mobile & Wireless Practice David Krebs – Vice President Eric Klein – Senior Analyst Balca Korkut – Analyst WEBCAST Military Mobility SolutionsSEPTEMBER 2011 ‘Good Enough’ as a Procurement Philosophy © 2011 VDC Research Webcast Mobile &
    • 2. Recording Available A full audio recording is available for download at: © 2011 VDC Research Webcast Mobile &
    • 3. About Us Market Intelligence for Technology Vendors & Investors  Direct-Contact Primary Market Research  Deeply Segmented Data  Expert Insights  Validated Results Consulting Services for Your Most Critical Business Decisions  Research-Based Consulting  Transparent Tools & Methodology o Highly Customized Survey Guides & Output Templates o Sophisticated Market Estimate & Forecast Models o Detailed, Flexible Stakeholder Maps & Profiles o Industry Development Scenarios o Market Opportunity Fit Screening, Rating & Ranking © 2011 VDC Research Webcast Mobile &
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    • 6. Today’s Speaker David Krebs Vice President David has more than ten years experience covering the markets for enterprise and government mobility solutions, wireless data communication technologies and automatic data-capture research and consulting. David focuses on identifying the key drivers and enablers in the adoption of mobile and wireless solutions among mobile workers in the extended enterprise. David’s consulting and strategic advisory experience is far reaching and includes technology and market opportunity assessments, technology penetration and adoption enablers, partner profiling and development, new product development and M&A due diligence support. David has extensive primary market research management and execution experience to support market sizing and forecasting, total cost of ownership (TCO), comparative product performance evaluation, competitive benchmarking and end user requirements analysis. David is a graduate of Boston University (BSBA).For complimentary insights and marketing data: © 2011 VDC Research Webcast Mobile & Wireless
    • 7. Today’s Topics Mobile Solutions Opportunities in Today’s Military Military Mobility Initiatives & Opportunities © 2011 VDC Research Webcast Mobile &
    • 8. Military Sector Opportunity  Many national defense budgets set to contract in 2012. o US DoD Base budget expected to increase by 4.2% in 2012 whereas the overseas contingency operations (OCO) budget is set to decline by over 40%. Combined the US DoD budget is projected to decline by 5.3%.  Military looking to consolidate and standardize mobile computing and communications solutions. Key initiatives include: o Aligning with future force objective architecture o Reduce complexity o Simplify applications o Extend reach of commander and staff o Reduce cost of ownership o Reduce individual training o Standardize on mobile client platforms  Vendors with offerings specifically targeted at mission sectors such as unmanned vehicles or specific roles such as forwarding targeting appear poised for increasing success.  Many existing national government opportunities are struggling to balance solution requirements with continued budget cuts (and also time to market pressures).  New technologies that bridge COTS smartphone technologies and military needs are becoming more key.  Technologies that bridge mobile devices to military networks, including those that offer network capabilities on ad-hoc tactical networks are promising and offer good opportunities for vendors in this space. © 2011 VDC Research Webcast Mobile &
    • 9. Federal Military Mobile Application TrendsApplications becoming more complex and multi-functional Leading Mobility Applications  Major application demand for highly mobile is for situational awareness (SA) with collaboration.  Specialized applications such as UV 47.8% control, fire control, etc, provide nice Command/Control/ Communications niches for vendors who target them. 31.8% Situational Awareness  Demand for applications for logistics, mobile 29.8% medics, training, maintenance, is constantWorkforce Management but not primary. Update of US military 28.2% logistics solution driving some Logistics new opportunities. 22.1% Asset Management 19.8% Maintenance / Repair / Diagnostics 12.1% Mobile Medics 0% 20% 40% 60% © 2011 VDC Research Webcast Mobile & Wireless
    • 10. New Devices & New Business Uses Shift in mobile form factors supporting enterprise mobility solutions Leading Mobile Form Factors in Use /Under Evaluation Standard 15.7% Notebooks 25.1% Smartphones 25.5% 23.4% Organizations increasingly evaluatingHandheld / PDAs 21.0% emerging form factors 22.8% to support their mobility requirements.Vehicle-Mounted 7.4% Devices 11.5% Slate Tablet 15.4% 7.4% Convertible 6.1% Notebook 3.1% Planned Current © 2011 VDC Research Webcast Mobile & Wireless
    • 11. Smartphone Applications to Span Multiple FunctionsOpportunities from training and administrative functions to in-field tactical applications Training Functions Administrative Functions Operational & Tactical Functions • Classroom response system • Issue and store TDY • GPS / Location and PCS orders • Interactive media instruction • Position, location and • Monitor MEDPROS ID reporting • Institutional training • Schedule appointments • Tactical planning • Organizational training • Store medical records • Operational orders, preparation • Distance learning • Request and approve leave and dissemination • Foreign language education and passes and translations • Collection of biometric data • Alert soldiers of recurring and evidence • Access to doctrine and wikis requirements • Display of tactical sensor • Access to maintenance • Generate electronic sick slips and warning information documents and technical manuals • Records reviews and updates • TiGR and other tactical reporting • Track mandatory training • Two-way translation of speech and text • Calls for fire • Specialized solider apps (e.g. Sniper BulletFlight) © 2011 VDC Research Webcast Mobile &
    • 12. Thank You for Attending this VDC WebcastFor more information please contact: David Krebs – Vice President | 508.653.9000 x136 Eric Klein – Senior Analyst | 508.653.9000 x141 Balca Korkut – Analyst | 508.653.9000 x134 Gerrell Smith – Account Director | 508.653.9000 x130For complimentary insights and marketing data: © 2011 VDC Research Webcast Mobile & Wireless