2011 Retrospective & 2012 Expectations for the Embedded Software & Tools Market


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Although market growth is ratcheting back in some cases following a burst of catch-up, post-recessionary spending, VDC believes that the unrelenting evolution of embedded devices will continue to present opportunities to market vendors through 2012 and beyond. As OEMs are driven to include more sophisticated feature sets and functionality in even tighter time to market windows, they are evaluating an increasingly broad set of Runtime and development solutions. As a result, it will become more critical for OS vendors to strengthen their overall product and service portfolio to maximize their revenue opportunities and navigate the challenges wrought by OEMs' growing interest in open source technologies. During this QuickCast, VDC's Chris Rommel discusses the leading trends that VDC believes will impact the market in 2012 and takes a look back at one of the key cogs within the embedded software industry: the embedded and real-time operating system market.

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  • VDC Research Group (VDC) provides exceptionally detailed direct-contact primary market research and consulting services to many of the world's largest technology suppliers, innovative start-ups and leading investors.
  • The firm is organized around six practices, each with its own focused area of coverage, but all committed to the firm’s core philosophy.
  • This philosophy is applied in our syndicated research and in the wide variety of other services we provide to meet our clients’ specific tactical and strategic decision support needs. All of our services are built on a foundation of highly skilled professionals applying robust methodologies to VDC’s large and continuously refreshed datasets.
  • As I just mentioned, these and other vendors have begun to offer a range of Android-related services and support. These offerings are typically aimed at optimizing the platform for use on non-ARM architectures, which can in turn enable a wider variety of vertical market applications. Similarly, in the tools space, leading vendors have focused on providing tools to enable engineers to port Android to different hardware architectures and to develop and debug the different libraries and additional code necessary to bring Android to new markets.Considering the percentage of Android-based projects built from new designs, as shown here, the opportunity for ISVs to play a valuable role in Androiddevelopment projects, ESPECIALLY those that extend the platform to new device classes, is expected to remain significant.With the help of these independent vendors, VDC expects engineers to develop Android powered products in an array of device classes, including devices that have been widely discussed in the Android community such as microwaves, printers, set-top boxes, and televisions. In addition, multicore designs utilizing a multi-OS setup present additional use cases, with Android providing user-interface functionality alongside an RTOS designated to handle any critical processes.Android may ultimately change the face of the embedded Linux market, as to this point, the surface has only been scratched regarding the long-term potential of the platform, with the strategic direction as defined by Google ultimately likely to have the greatest impact on its future. We believe that Android will eventually have a similar effect on the embedded Linux market that Linux has had on the embedded/real-time operating system market.That is, Android is expected to continue to garner increasing shares of the embedded OS landscape, but its inherent weaknesses will allow traditional embedded Linux to retain its strongholds in a variety of applications where Android is not a viable solution.
  • Allowing for efficient resource partitioningCreating demand for hosted services and real-time, ubiquitous information accessOur research indicates that over 50% of embedded engineers surveyed expect their projects to require some form of web connectivity within the next two years.It is this growing interconnectivity with other devices and support systems that is now forcing engineers and IT developers to take each other’s system requirements and resources into consideration for their designs.There is a clear move toward interconnectivity within the embedded market, with the percentage of engineers expecting their projects in 2 years to include web components 20% higher than current project values. As a result, more embedded engineers are being forced to consider the requirements of the IT developers who are developing the back-end systems to support the data sharing and real-time analytics empowered by next generation devices and cloud services. Although the trend toward ubiquitous connectivity will certainly continue to impact engineers going forward, the potentially more commercially salient impact of web evolution to SSLM tools vendors may be the broadening of potential adopters of SSLM tools to developers and third party organizations focused on building applications for the cloud.Additionally, we have already seen the cloud begin to impact product delivery models for other lifecycle management solutions – namely Testing-as-a-Service – although the model may prove less viable for certain SSLM solutions that do not typically require the same system resources to be run natively on host development platforms as do some testing tools. Nevertheless, there is a growing expectation within end users for this level of ubiquitous and real-time access
  • Now, there is a growing dissonance (and competition) for which supply chain or solution suppliers own the duty of care – and opportunity – to address these challengesThis system evolution, however, that has driven greater interconnectivity has also opened these systems up to more security threats.With a few exceptions, embedded device manufacturers historically did not hold security amongst their highest priorities. Now, however, their growing level of connectivity has put not only their own systems at risk, but also the network of backend systems to which they have been connected.As a result, we believe this shift is further underscoring the need for collaboration between IT and R&D departments.This also brings to light the question as to whose responsibility it is to address these challenges. Clearly, the final liability falls on the head of the OEM or IT department, but responsibility and strategies for addressing the issues can be spread across their own supply chain.We have all seen numerous solution vendors all taking different tacts in approaching this issue – passive firewalls and runtime layers, secure Oss and hypervisors, tools, even chip manufacturers. More and more, however, we believe that enigineering organizations will need to focus on deploying secure applications through secure design.We believe that this shift will necessitate broader industry wide collaboration from solution vendors – of both runtime software and lifecycle management tools, such as SCCM and testing tools.
  • If you have questions about this webcast, our research, or any other topics within the world of embedded software and tools technologies, please do not hesitate to contact us.Thank you for joining us today!
  • 2011 Retrospective & 2012 Expectations for the Embedded Software & Tools Market

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    6. 6. Today’s Speaker Chris Rommel Vice President, Embedded Software & Hardware Chris is responsible for syndicated research and consulting engagements focused on embedded software, hardware, and development solutions. He has worked with wide variety of clients supporting a range of projects including competitive analyses, strategic marketing initiative support, ecosystem development strategies, and vertical market opportunity assessments. Chris’s prior research also includes studies on multicore components and tools, operating systems, software development tools, and software/system lifecycle management tools, among others. Chris holds a B.A. in Business Economics and a B.A. in Public and Private Sector Organization from Brown University.For complimentary insights and marketing data: http://blog.vdcresearch.com/embedded_sw/ © 2011 VDC Research Webcast Embedded Software & Tools vdcresearch.com
    7. 7. Evolution of Embedded Devices Presenting Continued Growth Opportunities Worldwide Embedded /Real-time OS Market  VDC estimates the market for embedded / real-time operating systems was slightly greater than $1.2 billion in 2011, an increase of over 10% from 2009  Unrelenting evolution of embedded device requirements continues to(Millions of Dollars) present opportunities for commercial solutions  Rising competition from open source platforms such as Android has created additional mainstream alternatives to commercial OSs 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Revised © 2011 VDC Research Webcast Embedded Software & Tools vdcresearch.com
    8. 8. Android Recasting Embedded Linux Landscape Engineers expected to develop Android- Android Projects by Design Type (Percent of Respondents) powered products in a wide range of device classes o Microwaves o Printers Revision to an Existing o Set-top boxes Design 23% o Televisions o Others Demand for multi-OS deployments sustaining commercial opportunity New Design Increased need for professional service 77% support has lowered barriers to entry within the competitive landscape © 2011 VDC Research Webcast Embedded Software & Toolsvdcresearch.com
    9. 9. Connectivity Redefining Development Requirements & Service ModelsInclusion of Web Component (e.g., UI, or Web Services) in Current  Over 50% of embedded engineers expect Embedded Project & Expected on a Similar Project in Two Years (Percent of Respondents) their projects to require some form of web connectivity within the next two years 8%  Interconnectivity redefining product delivery 39% models and development considerations  Device and IT system requirements are no 53% longer discrete Yes Current Project Don’t know In Two Years No 20% 51% 29% © 2011 VDC Research Webcast Embedded Software & Tools vdcresearch.com
    10. 10. Security Considerations Threatening Incumbent Dev Solution Sets Factors Driving Security Considerations for Application Security  Historically, security has not been a (Percent of Respondents) paramount concern in most embedded verticals 62%  Now, engineering organizations lookingFor web application security (issues to a wide variety of development and like SQL Injection and XSS) 29% runtime solutions to reduce risk For other security (C/C++ code 50%  Market players are being driven to bases with issues like buffer 49% recast value propositions and develop overflow) broader solutions sets and partnerships 15% For compliance requirements (e.g., PCI, OWASP Top 10, SANS 12% Top 25, Government, Other) 3% For other reasons 9% 9% Not important 24% 0% 25% 50% 75% Enterprise/IT Embedded © 2011 VDC Research Webcast Embedded Software & Toolsvdcresearch.com
    11. 11. 2012 Research ProgramsEmbedded Software & Tools Market Software & System Lifecycle ManagementIntelligence Service Tools Market Intelligence Service Embedded Software Engineering Market o Software & System Modeling Tools Technologies o Automated Test & Verification Tools o Embedded / Real-Time Operating Systems o Requirements Management/Definition & o Android in the Embedded Systems Market Source/Change/Configuration Management Tools o Software Development & Multicore Tools o Agile in Embedded & Enterprise Systems o Virtualization for Mobile & Embedded Systems o Product Lifecycle Management/Application Lifecycle Management Integration o Security Development & Runtime Solutions o Expanded Vendor Profiles VDC TARGET Competitor Maps Embedded System Engineering Survey Data o Software & System Modeling Tools o Operating Systems o Automated Test & Verification Tools o Development Tools o Requirements Management/Definition & Source/ o Processor Architecture Change/Configuration Management Tools o OS/SDT Providers Vertical Markets o Automotive/Rail/Transportation o Industrial Automation o Medical Devices o Military/Aerospace o Mobile Phones © 2011 VDC Research Webcast Embedded Software & Toolsvdcresearch.com
    12. 12. Thank You for Attending this VDC QuickCastFor more information please contact: Christopher Rommel– Vice President crommel@vdcresearch.com | 508.653.9000 x123 Stephen Balacco – Practice Director sbalacco@vdcresearch.com | 508.653.9000 x124 Jared Weiner – Analyst jweiner@vdcresearch.com | 508.653.9000 x143 Bob Perugini – Account Director rperugini@vdcresearch.com | 508.653.9000 x143For complimentary insights and marketing data: http://blog.vdcresearch.com/embedded_sw/ © 2011 VDC Research Webcast Embedded Software & Tools vdcresearch.com