Taking Control of the CEM Conversation
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Taking Control of the CEM Conversation

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This presentation was delivered to the 5th Customer Experience Management Conference 2012, by Peter Harris, EVP and Managing Director of Vision Critical Australia. ...

This presentation was delivered to the 5th Customer Experience Management Conference 2012, by Peter Harris, EVP and Managing Director of Vision Critical Australia.

In it, Peter showcases how it is possible to 'have your cake and eat it' by bringing all elements of Customer Relationship Managerment into one platform.

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  • 1. Technology is increasing fasterthan consumers/ increasinglevels of complexity
  • 2. Market andTechnology factors are the two most visible forces:The empowered customer is now in control of thebusiness relationshipDelivering customer value is paramount — and anorganisation’s behaviour is as important as theproducts and services it provides.The pressure to be accountable to the business isnot just a symptom of hard times, but a permanentshift that requires new approaches, tools and skills.
  • 3. In 2012 your organisation needs to move faster if you are to keep up with technology and your customers biggest THE 4 issues facing CMOs
  • 4. 1 2 3 4Explosion Social Proliferation Shifting of data Media of consumer channel/devices demographics
  • 5. Customer Experience Matters“We only have two sources of competitiveadvantage – the ability to learn more aboutour customers faster than the competitionand the ability to turn that learning intoaction faster than the competition” Jack Welch, Former Chairman & CEO General Electric
  • 6. Faster, Cheaper & High Quality• Quality triangle is not a law of nature• It is possible to simultaneously improve speed, cost and quality
  • 8. There is an increasing need to measure To truly take control of the customer satisfaction conversation organisations need to experience … HAVE ALL 3 How to be GOOD,…and at the same time decreasing budgets available FAST and CHEAPER Leveraging technology to achieve total customer experience
  • 9. SO WHAT ABOUT Customer Experience? Continuous Moving fromEngaging Updated customer big data to bigreporting continuously feedback insight
  • 10. Capture DataHow do tools and Provide Comprehensivetechnologies facilitate View of the Customermeeting thosechallenges? Streamline Processes Automate Non-Consultative Tasks Help Drive Insights and Action
  • 11. Customer Experience MeasurementIs different than most consumer research: 1. You have a finite sample 2. They are already buying from you 3. You need better surveys 4. More engaging 5. You need repeat purchase of the survey 6. You need faster flagging and action of issues 7. You can’t wait 1-3 months for reporting
  • 12. Capture and understand vital customer feedback, then put it in the hands of those who can use it to guide your business successVision CriticalCustomer ExperienceManagementis a centralised solution that provides easilypersonalised, actionable, real-time insight intocustomer behaviours and attitudes to enableimproved performance across the organisation.
  • 14. Visually Engaging Alternative toTraditional Survey Questions
  • 15. Case studies
  • 16. Case: Example Project – Coldwell Banker• Interview any contacts who completed a sale or purchase of a property using Coldwell Banker agent and provided email address• Weekly sample file/transaction processing and deployment• Weekly process and update of users and permissions• Online Survey• Online reporting rolled out to CB admin, company owners, office managers and real estate agents• Used for marketing and potentially performance evaluation
  • 17. Case: Example project – Boehringer Ingelheim • Accurately drive respondent pharmacy identification (over 55,000 pharmacies in the United States) by creating a custom Google Maps interface, which allowed respondents to search by zip and select their pharmacy with extreme precision • Robust survey design, capturing all key pharmacy interactions and touchpoints Store A Store B Store C Store Store E Store F D • Intuitive and dynamic online reporting Store Store Store J G system with visual charts and graphs Store I H Note: Screenshots have been cleaned to respect client confidentiality
  • 18. Case: Example Project – John Deere Dealer Satisfaction • Quality (forgot to ask overall satisfaction last year on their own) • Efficiency/Distribution – Offline reporting took up 2-3 FTEs annually. Want to report globally in an efficient fashion • Global in scope, interviewing John Deere dealers. • Ongoing services and online reporting. • Hierarchy structure by geography (countries, regions, corporate) 22
  • 19. • Using technology FAST doesn’t have to mean higher cost or lower quality• Specifying Deliverables/Reporting at the start and repeating this allows fast, good quality reporting• Spend $ upfront to save money over time• Produce an engaging useable product